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Chapter 22

Kasumi ran down the busy hallway as she wiped her tears away. She had been happy these past few days, but everything had just turned sour because of a stupid mistake she'd made. When she made her way over to Hayate's hospital room, she opened the door... only to find that no one was inside.

The young girl's eyes instantly came across a folded note on the bed. She hadn't seen the note when she was in the room earlier this morning. With her curiosity getting the better of her, Kasumi headed over to the bed and decided to read the note. After all, it was probably Hayate who wrote the letter himself. Maybe he had written the note just for her...

Kasumi soon realised that her guess was incorrect. Whilst she read the note, she noticed that it was from Lisa. As soon as she finished reading it, the fortune teller exited the room in order to find Ayane.

Soon enough, Kasumi found Ayane near the hospital cafeteria. The young girl approached her sister with a heavy heart. Unfortunately, her tears appeared once more when Ayane noticed that something was bothering her.

"What's wrong, Kasumi? You can tell me."

"H... Hayabusa and I just had a fight," she sniffled. "I... I confessed my feelings and he... and he... s-said I was being selfish..."

Kasumi silently shook as she uttered that hideous word. She had always hated the word 'selfish' and refused to be associated with the term.

Ayane, however, crossed her arms. Kasumi knew this wasn't a good sign.

"To be honest, I agree with Ryu," she said. "Kasumi... Our brother has amnesia. This isn't the right time to act like Barbie dolls and fall in love. It's just ridiculous."

"I know that now…" Kasumi replied, wiping another lone tear away. "I took a silly chance and now Hayabusa hates me... I'm such an idiot."

Deep inside, Ayane felt bad for her sister. Rejection truly was a terrible thing to experience. "I'll go and talk to him for you."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you can't wait to laugh with him about this," Kasumi grumbled. She then waved the note she held in her hands. "Anyway, Lisa wrote this letter for us. Apparently she wants me to meet her in the room 6B," she sighed. "I'm going to go there to distract myself, so I'll see you later."

"Alright. But we're still going to talk about this later."

Kasumi sighed, clearly annoyed with the whole situation. "There's no point talking about it if everyone believes I'm selfish. I'm sorry for having feelings. Now if you don't mind, I need to go and see Hayate. He's the only one who would understand me."

"Oh please. He would end up killing Ryu."

Kasumi shot one last glare before taking her leave. She didn't want to admit that Ayane was right.

Kasumi wiped a lone tear as she headed up the next flight of stairs. That wasn't the right way to behave towards her sister, but she couldn't control her negative emotions right now. It was hard to nurse a broken heart, and it was all because of her stupid decisions. She knew it was wrong to focus on herself at this drastic time, so she decided to place all her attention towards her amnesiac brother once more.

When Kasumi made her way inside the room 6B, she thought it was odd that no one else was there. She was definitely expecting Hayate and Lisa to be there since the note had said that she was going to run a few tests on him. The fortune teller assumed that she had arrived too late and decided to make her way back to Hayate's room. Hopefully he would be there and have his memories back.

Just as she reached the doorway, someone made their way inside the room and closed the door. Kasumi responded by smiling at the mysterious person. In fact, she was glad to see them since they hadn't spoken in a long time. Little did she know that she was about to take her last breath...

After being informed that Lisa had left Kasumi a note, Hitomi felt the need to inspect Hayate's hospital room in order to see if it was still there. As she ran down the empty corridors with Eliot, the karateka was secretly hoping that the letter would be able to give them some answers. When they finally reached the designated room, Hitomi was glad to see that it was still empty because she didn't want to make Hayate feel distraught.

"Okay, Eliot, you can check the table and the bed, and I'll look through the drawers."

Eliot nodded and headed over to the table in the corner of the room. He seemed to be anxious as he looked through various bouquets of flowers and Get Well Soon cards. After having no luck, Eliot began to search between the sheets and under the bed. He assumed that Kasumi probably misplaced the note since there was no sign of it at the crime scene. He eventually came to a stop when he realised that there was no note in sight.

"There's nothing here, Hitomi. The whole room is spotless."

Hitomi groaned as she finished looking through the drawers. She, too, had no luck with her findings. "I can't find anything either," she replied. "Do you think we should go back to the crime scene and check again?... Maybe we've missed something."

The male detective nodded his head, yet he appeared to be frustrated. "Yeah, I agree. I hate that we have to run all the way back to the sixth floor, though."

"Same here, but at least we're getting some exercise," Hitomi said, trying to make light of the situation. "Hopefully the letter will be there."

When the two detectives made their way over to the crime scene once again, Hitomi made sure to lock the door behind them so they could carefully scan the area without any distractions. They both made sure to check every part of the room at a slow pace. Soon enough, Hitomi was starting to give up until her eyes laid on Kasumi's clenched hand again. The karateka couldn't help but facepalm herself when she came to a sudden realisation.

"Eliot... Do you think it's possible that Kasumi held onto the letter as she died?"

"... No..." he admitted. Hitomi couldn't help but notice that Eliot's face was now glowing red with embarrassment. "I've been a detective for two years now. I should've known to check her hands first..."

"That's okay. I'm just glad we figured it out," Hitomi responded. She tried her best to open Kasumi's hand but there was a slight struggle.

"Rigor mortis?" Eliot guessed.

"Yes," Hitomi nodded in response. "It's not that bad, though. Her hand would be much harder to open if she had died sooner."

Hitomi grunted as she attempted to open her former friend's hand. After a few tries, the karateka was glad to see that Kasumi's hand had slightly loosened because now she could see some paper. Eliot was glad to see that Kasumi really did have the note this entire time and tried to help Hitomi unclench the stiff hand even further.

After many more desperate attempts, Hitomi let out a sigh of relief when Kasumi's hand finally opened. She took the note and gently unfolded it, feeling more determined than ever to uncover some information. However, the note wasn't very helpful and her face fell as she finished reading it.

"What's wrong?" Eliot asked. He could tell something wasn't right.

In response, Hitomi handed the note to her partner in silence so he could read it for himself:

"I have moved Hayate to the room 6B because I found something that can cure his amnesia. Meet me at the room when you see this. I want to surprise you.

- Lisa."

Eliot remained silent as he finished reading the note. Hitomi was curious to know what he was thinking since he seemed to be deep in thought. Perhaps they were having the same thoughts about this entire situation.

"What are you thinking, Eliot?..."

"I think this note from Lisa is very suspicious," he answered, "especially the part where she says she wants to 'surprise' Kasumi... I think we should find her and demand some answers."

"Okay, let's go."

It didn't take long for Hitomi and Eliot to find Honoka again. They originally planned to approach her, but they found themselves waiting since she was busy taking some blood from a patient. As soon as she had finished her task, the two detectives demanded her to take them to Lisa. Wanting to avoid personal trouble with the law, Honoka nervously obliged and showed them the way to the staff room.

When they had reached the staff room, Hitomi was surprised to see that it had more of an office setting. There were multiple desks in the large room, as well as some lounge seats and a small kitchen area. Fortunately for the detectives, the area was mostly empty. It was possible that many of the staff were looking after their own patients right now. The karateka was also glad to see that Lisa was seated on the lounge, but she was also concerned for her. The female doctor was currently slouching over her knees as she stared at the floor in silence. Her face had a slight tinge of green to it.

"Hi, Lisa. How are you feeling?" Eliot asked as he sat down next to her.

It took a while for Lisa to respond. "... I'll be okay. I was just shocked to find the body..."

"May I ask why you were shocked?" Hitomi asked. She was definitely suspicious. "Aren't you used to seeing dead bodies, or even operating on patients in the hospital?"

"Yes, but this was totally unexpected," Lisa replied. Her tone hinted annoyance. "Plus, I am human after all. We tend to feel queasy from time to time."

Hitomi wasn't sure whether to believe the doctor or not. It was possible that she was lying since she had done so in the past - her lying about having Tina as a false alibi came to mind. However, she had to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt in order to not appear biased.

"I've... I've never seen anything so violent in my life..." Lisa continued. "It was so gruesome and I can't believe it was Kasumi... That makes me feel even more emotional because we knew each other so well..."

Hitomi knew what Lisa had meant. She had also known Kasumi on a personal level due to the both of them being childhood friends. It was possible that Lisa and Kasumi had become close whilst she was dating Hayate. After all, they had dated for almost two years, so that was plenty of time for the both of them to form a close friendship.

"Lisa, I understand that you're upset right now, but Hitomi and I need to ask you some questions," Eliot said, getting to the point. He opened his notebook and cleared his throat. "Why did you send a letter for Kasumi to meet you at the room 6B?"

Lisa arched an eyebrow at the British man. "What are you talking about? I never sent anyone a letter."

"Well, apparently you did," Hitomi replied, showing Lisa the crumpled letter.

After scanning through the letter, Lisa's eyes widened in surprise. "I didn't write that letter," she argued. "This isn't even my handwriting. Someone is trying to frame me!"

All Hitomi and Eliot could do at that moment was share an unsure look with each other. They weren't sure whether to believe Lisa's claims or not. Hitomi could see that Eliot was trying his best to support Lisa, but he seemed to be doubtful at this point.

"I swear it wasn't me!" she continued. "I... I can prove it!"

"Lisa..." Hitomi began, crossing her arms, "you have to admit that it looks suspicious that Hayate's body has been taken from his room, Kasumi is suddenly dead with a letter from you, and you were the one who 'found' the body..."

"I know this situation looks very suspicious, but I swear I'm being framed," the doctor said. "Look... It's true that I took Hayate to another room, but it wasn't 6B. I took him to the seventh floor because that's where we do all our tests."

"Go on..." Eliot urged. He wanted to give Lisa a fair chance to explain herself before coming to any conclusions.

"I took Hayate to the seventh floor because he was starting to regain his memories. We only went there to do some tests - that's it! I have no idea what this letter is talking about, because you can't cure amnesia! Every doctor knows this, so why would I write something that stupid on a piece of paper?!"

"To give Kasumi false hope?..." Honoka guessed. Everyone suddenly looked over at the young nurse. They had completely forgotten that she was there.

Lisa glared at the pink haired teen. "Honoka!"


"... It's fine. I can see why you would think that," Lisa sighed. She then focused her attention on Hitomi and Eliot once more. "This is very weird to me because I never told Kasumi - or anyone else - that I was going to do some tests on Hayate... I only told some of the other doctors in the hallway."

"That wasn't a smart plan," Eliot replied. "Anyone could've heard you talking to those doctors. Was anybody else around at the time?"

"Y-Yes... Now that I remember, a lot of people were around at the time..." Lisa admitted. Hitomi could see that she felt ashamed by her actions. "I can't believe this is happening... I... I don't know what to do."

As Hitomi continued listening to Lisa's side of the story, there was one thing that she couldn't get out of her mind.

"Why would the murderer want to lure Kasumi to 6B?" she asked.

Eliot nodded his head in agreement. "I was thinking the same thing. Why is that room so special?"

"I'm pretty sure it's because that room is always empty," Honoka answered. Hitomi looked confused, so she continued. "Since DOATEC City is a small town, not many people usually go to the hospital. The sixth floor is usually empty."

"Honoka is correct," Lisa agreed. "The murderer must have been lurking around that area and planned the attack after hearing my conversation."

"And there's no way the murder could've happened while Kasumi was alone in Hayate's room because he always has visitors... The murderer wanted to lure her to a quiet place," Eliot concluded.

Hitomi took the letter from Lisa and scanned through it once more. "This note isn't even addressed to anyone... Which means any of Hayate's visitors could've been murdered. Ayane, Ryu, one of the nurses, or even myself... But it was Kasumi."

Eliot then looked at Lisa directly in the eyes. There was something he needed to know. "Do you have any alibis that can confirm your whereabouts during the murder?"

Lisa gulped. "Not really. When I took Hayate to level 7 to do some tests, I couldn't do it because he suddenly fainted. He's my alibi, but he can't exactly help me right now since he's unconscious."

"And how exactly did you find Kasumi's body?" Hitomi questioned. There was something about this situation that didn't seem right to her.

"I was getting to that part... You see, when Hayate fainted, I needed to get him an extra pillow so his head could be at a higher level. There are no patient rooms on the seventh floor, so I needed to collect a pillow from the sixth floor. I went to the room 6B and that's when I found the body."

As Lisa finished explaining her perspective, Hitomi had to admit that it was starting to make sense. Even though Hitomi wanted to believe her, she couldn't determine why someone would want to frame the doctor.

"You two believe me, right?" Lisa asked.

Hitomi and Eliot both shared another look. "I'm not completely sure right now," Hitomi admitted.

"Okay, well, look at the handwriting on the note. You saw me write Hayate's name above his bed, Hitomi. My writing is completely different."

Hitomi thought back to the day when Lisa had leaned over Hayate and wrote his name on the headboard. She had remembered that day very well since Ryu had just arrived back in town. There was also the fact that Hitomi had felt angry about Hayate's growing infatuation with Lisa-

The karateka shook her head in frustration since she had to pay attention to the investigation right now and not her failed romance. She definitely remembered that Lisa's handwriting was cursive. The writing on the letter, however, was written in more of a bubbly fashion.

"I do remember you writing Hayate's name, but do you have any other documents with your handwriting to prove this?" Hitomi asked. "For all I know, you probably faked your handwriting that day."

"I can show you!" Lisa pleaded. She then turned to Honoka with determination. "Honoka, go to my desk and grab some of my folders. They contain my handwriting."

Without a peep, Honoka got up and ran all the way to Lisa's desk. Since they were in the staff room, it only took her a few minutes to retrieve the files. Lisa smiled with gratitude as she took the files from Honoka and showed them to the detectives.

"These are some files that I usually write in," she said as she flipped through some pages. "They're not confidential, so I'm allowed to show you both."

"I think I'm starting to believe you," Eliot admitted. He looked over to Hitomi. "What do you think?"

"I agree," Hitomi said with a smile. She turned her attention to Lisa once more. "Do you have any older documents? They might help your case even more."

Lisa sighed with relief. She was happy to know that they were starting to believe her. "Yes, I have some documents from a few years ago. They're on level 7, so we'll have to go there."

As soon as the small group made their way over to the seventh level of the hospital, they were all surprised to find Hayate's unconscious body on the nearby stretcher. Hitomi tried her best not to laugh at Lisa's reaction. The female doctor had clutched her chest and screamed due to being frightened.

"I've had enough surprises for today," she frowned. "I can't believe I forgot to take Hayate back to his room... Honoka, can you please take him back? After that, you can go home. You've done well today."

Honoka's face brightened at the rare compliment. "O-Oh, thank you so much, Lisa! I'll get right on it!"

As soon as Honoka had trailed Hayate and his bed out of the room, Lisa closed the door so she could have a proper conversation with the two detectives. Now that they were alone, Hitomi noticed how the atmosphere was strange. The seventh level was completely dark and barely had any windows. The lights were a neon green colour and it made the karateka feel like she was trapped inside a science lab.

"Is this where you keep your old files?" Hitomi wondered.

"Yes. I keep them here because they're not relevant at this hospital. I only started working here 2 years ago," Lisa answered. "This is basically a second office where patient records are kept. We also do some tests here and we have some helpful computer programs."

Eliot headed over to a stack of files at the corner of the room and began to look through them. After a few minutes, a small smile made its way on his face.

"Did you find anything?" Hitomi asked.

The British man ushered her over and pointed at a random file. "This document is from March 2014 and definitely doesn't match the writing on the fake note."

"Does this mean I'm innocent now?" Lisa asked.

"It helps your case, but you're still a suspect because you've had no alibis for the other murders," Hitomi admitted.

Lisa sighed as she made her way over to the desk. "If only Hayate was awake to prove my innocence..."

Hitomi couldn't help but feel sad as Lisa mentioned Hayate. She didn't want to be the one to tell him that his sister had been brutally murdered. Her stomach churned as she thought back to how close the two siblings were. Kasumi was the most desperate for Hayate to regain his memories and how she was gone.

"Speaking of Hayate, it's going to be terrible when he finds out that Kasumi is dead. He doesn't even have his memories back."

"That's not entirely true," Lisa said as she turned on the computer. "When I saw him this morning, he already knew who Kasumi and Ayane were. He's going to be devastated when he finds out."

"What else did Hayate remember this morning? Was there any information about Tina's death?"

"Come here and I'll show you what I've recorded," Lisa said, patting the chair next to her.

Hitomi made her way next to Lisa and sat down. The doctor was currently logging onto the computer. Hitomi silently watched as she clicked through multiple folders and programs.

"This is what I've recorded about Hayate this morning," Lisa said, pointing at the screen. "As you can see, he's mentioned his family, a distant uncle, his childhood, and Tina's name... I was hoping to do a test on him so I can see if there's a quicker way regain his memories."

Hitomi was glad to see that there was a slight progress with Hayate's memories. However, there was something else on the screen that piqued her interest. "What's that tab down there?"

After seeing what Hitomi was referring to, Lisa nervously closed the laptop and forced a smile. "Oh, that? Th-That's nothing for you to worry about. It's just... It's just another document."

Hitomi immediately looked over to Eliot as Lisa attempted to change the conversation. It was obvious she was hiding something. The German girl assumed it had something to do with the case.

Fortunately for the karateka, Eliot seemed to have the same thoughts and quickly devised a plan to distract her.

"Hey, Lisa, can you help me read this?" he asked, pointing at a random piece of paper. "I have no idea what it says."

Lisa was thankful that the topic of conversation had changed and headed over to the British man. As she did so, Hitomi quickly opened the laptop and clicked on the mysterious tab. Her eyes widened when it was revealed that it was Hayate's private records. Unfortunately, Lisa quickly realised what was going on and made her way back to the computer.

"What do you think you're doing?!" she demanded. "That is private information!"

Hitomi glared at the woman. "Yes, exactly. Why are you looking at Hayate's records?!"

"I... uh... I'm his doctor! It's my job to keep an eye on him!"

"Yes, but not this much..." Hitomi said as she looked through the file history. "According to the history, you've looked at his records at least fifty times these past 3 months."

Concern was written all over Eliot's face as he made his way over to the computer. He looked at Lisa with curiosity. "Fifty times? That's a lot for a professional doctor."

"I... uh..."

Hitomi ignored Lisa's random spouts as she continued to look through the file history. She eventually came across something strange.

"Eliot, look at this..." she said, pointing at the screen. Eliot sat down next to Hitomi and looked at the document. His eyes widened at the revelation.

"This document was viewed at 11:02pm a few weeks ago... That's around the time when Kokoro was murdered."

"Exactly," Hitomi said with a smile. She looked at Lisa. "This is when you claimed to be with Tina... but you were here."

"Y-Yes... Um... I can explain..."

Hitomi arched a brow as Lisa began to mumble to herself. She had never seen her become so flustered before. She decided to look through the file history once more as the doctor continued to explain her actions.

"The file history also matches the night when Gen Fu and Bass were murdered... In fact, these dates match most of the murders..."

"So that means Lisa couldn't possibly be the murderer," Eliot realised. He knew he should be happy since they were one step closer to figuring out their case, but he was confused. "Why didn't you tell us the truth instead of creating false alibis?"

"I, uh-"

"She faked her alibis because stalking Hayate's information for personal reasons is illegal," Hitomi interrupted. "She could have her medical license removed for this."

Lisa looked down at the floor in embarrassment. "Yes, you're right... I've been looking at his records this entire time. But please don't tell anyone! I'm begging you! My whole future could be ruined!"

"Since you're not the murderer, we'll let you go just this once," Eliot warned her. "Can you at least explain why were you looking through his records so much?"

Lisa sighed at the ground in defeat. "Okay, I'll tell you why. I miss Hayate more than I should and I couldn't help but to look at his records. The only reason why I didn't tell you both is because I could potentially lose my job... But I can assure you both that I won't do it anymore."

Hitomi felt bad that Lisa had been feeling heartbroken this entire time. She decided that for once she will go easy on her. After all, the karateka had been biased against her in the past. She felt like this would be a decent way to make it up to her.

"As long as you don't do it for personal reasons anymore, we won't tell anyone," Hitomi assured her with a small smile. "I'm just glad that you're finally innocent."

Lisa mirrored her smile. "Thanks, Hitomi."

Hitomi was glad that she was able to know Lisa on a different level today. In a way, she had learned to be more open-minded towards other people. Their bonding moment, however, was interrupted by a few chuckles from Eliot. They both looked at him with confusion.

"So Lisa isn't a murderer... She's just a crazy ex-stalker-girlfriend."

Lisa rolled her eyes at the British man. "I guess... Anyway, I hope this means we're done for the night. My shift ended two hours ago and I need to go home."

Hitomi checked her wristwatch and noticed that it was 10:50pm. She and Eliot agreed to let Lisa go. They, too, decided to leave the hospital in order to record their findings at the police station. Now all Hitomi needed to do was figure out who wrote that incriminating letter. She was also determined to find out why Rig was at the hospital earlier when he clearly stated that he would be working until midnight.

A/N: We have some more development! Lisa had a bunch of alibis so she's officially innocent. That being said, things don't look too good for Rig right now.



~ Knife: Has the same gold print as two previous knives. Relates to Hayate's shoulder injury and Bass' murder.

~ Note: Kasumi was holding onto it. Revealed to be fake in order to frame Lisa. Contains bubbly handwriting.

~ Tennis ball: Placed next to the Kasumi's head. Relates to the robbery that took place at Helena's mansion. Does the murderer want to be caught?

~ No footprints: Hitomi confirmed that there were no footprints before she entered the room.

~ Head injury: Kasumi was hit with something small and possibly of a cylindric shape. Relates to Kokoro's murder.

~ Hayate's medical record: File history shows that Lisa viewed it several times (sometimes during the previous murders). Because of this, Lisa is no longer a suspect.

~ Rig's appearance: Rig told Hitomi he was working until midnight but she saw him leaving the hospital in a hurry. Why did he lie about his whereabouts?


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