So, to explain, this is essentially an advent calendar. As a fan fiction. There will be a new chapter every day from now til Christmas, and because Christmas is a time for love, it will follow the Revolutionary Crew™ in their romantic endeavours! Stick with me, it's gonna be fun (if not cheesy and probably a little predictable, but hey, I love cheesy stories!), I promise!

One thing I will mention right at the start is that in chapters 14 and 22 there will be small mentions of domestic abuse, please be aware of that. I will place a trigger warning when that actually comes around, just to be safe. I urge you not to read anything which could make you at all uncomfortable!

Now let's stick a disclaimer right about here: I do not own or make any profit out of Hamilton, but you already knew that because if I did I would not be here writing fluffy festive fanfiction! I am just a person who loves writing!

Happy festive season, everyone! Now, let's open the metaphorical calendar door number 1...

December 1

The winter air held a biting chill, causing a rush of blood to hurry to the cheeks of anyone courageous or foolish enough to brave walking the New York City streets, and when the wind swept between the impossibly tall skyscrapers it brought with it the sharpness of a thousand tiny knives, cutting through any amount of layered jumpers with ease and assaulting passers-by with such abrasive force that their senses were rendered numb within minutes of leaving the shelter of a building.

But within Fraunces' Tavern Cafe, where the coffees served in the renovated former colonial pub were accompanied by abnormally large quantities of hot steam, and the wide, disused old fireplace held four fan heaters turned up to full power, and the light bulbs were never turned off for long enough that they cooled down and stopped producing a warmth of their own, there was not a whisper of the freezing external weather to speak of. Which was just as well, because there was no place for even a hint of coolness as the only patrons of the coffee shop laughed and joked and crammed themselves onto two small couches surrounding a single coffee table, particularly when there was a grand total of seven of them squeezed into that small area. It was a small space, with hardly room enough to breathe, but when they had all chosen that precise table for the express purpose of being able to share the warmth of the heaters between them and remaining close enough to each other that they could still talk, it would have seemed ridiculous to complain about being in such stifling proximity to one another, especially when the huddled formation permitted them to share body heat.

On the rare occasions when the owner of the establishment, George King, reared his physically attractive but metaphorically ugly head, he would dictate that the tightly knit group were not allowed to remain so densely packed onto the sofas. But seeing as he preferred to allow his staff to perform the hard labour needed to run the place while he simply stood aside and reaped the rewards of owning a successful business, the only other employees were more than happy to allow the group to do just as they wanted, on the condition that they were allowed to join the often boisterous conversation when it suited them. And when it didn't, James Madison and Aaron Burr entertained themselves chatting amicably to one another in far more subdued, far less raucous tones than those emitted by the group in the corner by the fireplace.

As Burr approached the group with the fifth round of drinks purchased in that one sitting, Angelica called for his assistance, signalling him with a lofty wave of one finger and silencing Peggy's waterfall of words by pushing the other hand over her mouth, eliciting an indignant shriek. "Burr, you're not completely insane, right? So don't you agree that October is far to early to start putting Christmas decorations up all over the place?"

Aaron smirked, bemused both at Angelica's obvious exasperation as they resurrected an argument the close sisters had evidently had many times before in the past few months, and by the wide eyed, pleading expressions of both of her younger sisters. Angelica was quite correct when she mentioned his lack of insanity, and Burr knew as well as anyone else that it was always futile and sometimes even dangerous to pick a side in the few squabbles the siblings had - not that they would express irritation at one another, but it was inevitable that the one who was brave enough to state their own honest opinion would be assaulted with a plethora of arguments for why their views were wrong. Neatly obfuscating and dancing around the question, he smiled sympathetically to the trio as he insisted, "No comment. But I will point out that December the first is far too late in the year for sisters to come to blows. It's nearly Christmas, after all."

The eldest Schuyler sister exchanged a knowing look with the young man sat opposite her, recognizing from his quizzically raised eyebrow that he was thinking the exact same thing she was: Typical Aaron Burr. Alex is right when he says he stands for nothing.

No matter how vague Burr managed to be, his response was evidently enough to cause the youngest of the sisters to crow, thinking herself victorious, prodding Angelica's ribs and simultaneously embracing Eliza in a one armed hug as she triumphantly declared, "There! Aaron has clearly stated he believes that Christmas is not a time for familial rivalry, which would indicate he holds a mostly hidden but nonetheless present reverence for that magical thing we all call Christmas spirit. And as we all know, the best way to express Christmas spirit is by adorning every surface with decorations, ergo he is siding with Eliza and I!" She grinned, basking in the glow of her deduction and leaning in to the middle sister, who sat on her other side, beaming her radiant smile as she shifted to allow Peggy more comfort and sipped at her eggnog cappuccino.

"Nice work, Peg-Leg," Alexander complimented, nodding in somewhat surprised but nonetheless genuine appreciation of her quick analysis of Burr's ambiguous response. "It's hard to read Burr properly, I struggle with it myself..." He gazed sombrely into the distance for comedic impact, knowing it was worth feeling the beginnings of a glare burning into the back of his neck from the man in question when he heard a collective chuckle of agreement rise from the group, and in particular when he saw as well as felt the boy squeezed up to his side laugh wholeheartedly. At the sound of John Laurens' charming laugh, Alexander couldn't help but drop the pretence of wistfullness and smile, catching the infectious urge to grin from John. He resumed his conversation with Peggy as he complimented, "You're really getting better at justifying your argument and reaching a well reasoned conclusion."

The youngest of the group by a few years beamed, relishing the praise - despite her claims of independence and the way she was occasionally prone to drift away from the group, she couldn't help but adore being recognized for her talents, particularly those she worked so hard to craft.

"That internship with the Washingtons must be paying off," Hercules remarked, referring to how Alex had arranged for her to take a junior position at the law firm he worked at a few months ago. It had been when he had a fleeting crush on Eliza - or was it Angelica? Hercules wondered, before deciding it was irrelevant seeing as both crushes had overlapped one another and lasted for all of three days put together - and he had sought to impress them by finding the youngest Schuyler sister employment at the office, procuring her the opportunity to learn from the Washingtons, two of the greatest lawyers known to any of the group, or indeed the rest of New York.

"That's our Peggy, so full of potential," Eliza affectionately decided, wrapping an arm around her little sister's shoulders and sweetly kissing her cheek, causing the younger girl to groan, whilst the eldest sister only giggled fondly at the pair.

"So full of barely realized interior design skills," Lafayette commented, eyes glowing with excitement as be steered the conversation back towards one of his favourite topics of the festive season, the very thing Angelica had been avidly protesting. "The way you decorate is incredible, I couldn't express my love for it the last time I visited, but it truly deserves the highest praise," he insisted, his voice thick with the vibrations of his heavy accent, which apparently seemed to refuse to fade at all no matter how many years he had lived in America. Rumours had begun to circulate that nowadays he simply donned it through choice, (courtesy of Mulligan, who insisted that his best friend and flatmate lost all traces of his French accent when singing in the shower) however he ardently insisted otherwise.

"Laf, enough of this already," Hercules groaned, tossing his head back as if uttering a prayer to the sky for deliverance from his excessively festive flatmate. "You don't stop talking about tinsel! And don't think I didn't notice you scattered some snowflake sequins in the shop yesterday," he added accusingly, certain that the only person determined enough to force him to catch the infectious thing known as Christmas spirit that they would venture to his family's tailoring business and sprinkle the most subtle of decorations around the place was the very same man who had adorned their shared home with garish paper chains and hauled their old plastic Christmas tree from its box on the second week of November.

Fluttering his impossibly long eyelashes as he feigned innocence, Lafayette only defended sweetly, "My dear Mulligan, I only do these things because I care about you." If he noticed the faintest trace of red colouring the cheeks of his flatmate, he made no indication of it as he continued, "I just want you to join the festivities and have fun, and the best way to make that happen is by forcing Christmas on you through snowflake sequins."

"Au contraire, mon grand French fry!" Laurens disagreed in an intentionally poor French accent (despite the fact that he was in fact fluent), sombrely reciting, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." A collective chuckle arose from the crowd, prompting Laurens to rise to his feet and begin to holler at the top of his voice the first carol to drift into his mind: "SILENT NIGHT, HO-"

It fell to James Madison, approaching with a selection of snacks, to select John's muffin from the tray and pop it into his open mouth, silencing him more efficiently than any amount of complaining would have achieved otherwise. Taking him by the shoulders, the soft spoken man quietly but firmly requested, "Sit down, John," and proceeded to make sure he did just that with a gentle push.

Laughing at his friend's expense, Alexander began to lose track of the conversation, unintentionally forgetting to pay attention to the remainder of the group discussing their favourite Christmas movies and instead becoming entranced as he watched Laurens remove the muffin from his mouth, chuckle, and wipe away the crumbs which had fallen onto his chin. The man's captivating hazel eyes danced with humour as they darted from face to face, and the generous smattering of freckles covering his high cheeks and the strong bridge of his nose seemed to move as fluidly as an ocean of stars whenever his animated face shifted into a wide, attractive grin. As brief as his crushes on the eldest Schuyler sisters had been, his affection for one John Laurens seemed to only grow, and he couldn't help but wonder if perhaps this year, his first Christmas in New York City, he might receive the one thing he desired above all else.

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he dismissed it, scolding himself internally for falling prey to such a cliché phrase. I don't need a boyfriend for this to be my best Christmas yet, he decided. I know it will be anyway, with friends like these.

Returning his focus to the group, he noticed that they were deciding to hold a gathering the following day at Mulligan and Lafayette's to watch their favourite Christmas movies. Eliza was addressing him, "You finish at three tomorrow just like Peggy, right, Alexander? So we can start at three thirty."

"Sure, sounds good," Alex agreed, nodding enthusiastically. Despite his aversion to taking breaks from work in favour of indulging in frivolous activities with his friends, the Washingtons had both separately insisted he relax more. George had even requested evidential proof that he did something other than write, hence his eagerness to agree to an event which would undoubtedly provide him with just the opportunity to display that he had some semblance of a social life.

"Burr, Madison, you guys too," Mulligan called over to the baristas, not needing to turn to face them in order for his loud voice to carry all the way to the counter. "Movie marathon at ours tomorrow."

"Bring your favourite festive flick," Lafayette chimed in, clapping with glee from the sheer anticipation.

With a sigh, Aaron apologized, "Sorry, I can't make it, I've got to work." He refused to allow his inner disappointment to show externally, but truthfully he did regret that he couldn't attend with the rest of the group, if only because it deprived him of the chance to see at least one of them bawling over some horrendously cheesy film.

"Ugh. You are the worst, Burr," Lafayette sighed in exasperation - it seemed the occasions when they could corral Burr into joining them and having fun were extremely few and far between.

"I can make it, but Thomas will want to come with me, if that's alright," Madison responded, half expecting to be banned from attending purely based on that statement; they all knew the bitter feud which had raged on between Hamilton and Jefferson almost since the moment the former set foot in the city and had gotten his job with the Washingtons.

Jefferson had worked there for a brief time, but when Alexander arrived and displayed his talent for law, Washington saw no reason to continue hiring an inferior lawyer with an obnoxious personality. Jefferson had been issued a warning, Hamilton had made a snide remark, and Jefferson had gone for him with his ferocious fists flying in addition to his perpetual acid tongue, earning him an immediate dismissal. In the six months since that unfortunate occurrence, he had purchased a disused building and transformed it into a successful bar, yet his lingering animosity towards Hamilton remained.

Alexander still held fast to his loathing for Jefferson, too, and his illiterate groan implied a rejection for Madison if he brought his companion along was just about to come.

But instead it was Peggy who shrugged and decided, "The more the merrier, right?" She shot Alexander a meaningful look as she said so, wordlessly conveying, I know you hate him, but you have to get over this. Alex sighed in disgruntled submission. He was far from delighted, but he had learned to trust the younger woman's judgment in the months since they had been working together almost daily.

Reluctantly, any of those who held reservations had to agree - there was no arguing with the baby of their group, particularly when she was so endearing and charming. So, Angelica declared, "That's it then. Settled. We'll arrive at Laf and Herc's tomorrow at three thirty and watch all of our favourite Christmas movies."

"Sounds like it should be fun!" Elizabeth enthused, her placid features glowing festive satisfaction.

"I guess I can manage to have a good time even with that man there," Hamilton muttered under his breath. Only Laurens seemed to hear him, and he chuckled wholeheartedly and clapped a sympathetic hand on his best friend's shoulder. Revising his opinion, the Caribbean man decided, Actually, I think this will be fun.

And time would soon prove him to be quite right. In fact, within twenty-four days, Alexander Hamilton, along with those he had made his family within the time he had been living in New York City, would discover their best Christmas yet.

A/N: Ahh this is so short and cheesy! I'm just setting it up right now, it's gonna get juicier and longer. Also I assume you vaguely know the characters, so I haven't gone into detailed descriptions of them all. I see them as the OBC, but please feel free to imagine them any way you like!