She once loved him. Though he was willing to spend much of his time with her, his attention was suddenly seduced by Amora. Everyone knew Thor was just looking for adventure in the end.

Feeling disposable, Brunnhilde did not appreciate Thor's behavior.

After their time together, she now avoids Thor at all costs. However, the day that Thor finally sees her, he notices the roundness of her belly. Not that large yet, but obvious on an otherwise fit woman. Yet, to him, she was still beautiful. Her hair, long and strawberry-blonde. Orange at the tips of her hair, complimenting her blue-green eyes which were wide in… fear?

He simply stands there, watching her in awe. It is extremely frowned upon in Asgard to become pregnant or have intimacies without a proper relationship or ritual. He himself would face trouble for becoming intimate. Thor knew that Brunnhilde was not wed. With this deduction, he then had a feeling.. as though he knew this was his doing.

Above all else, she was a valkyrie. Valkyries live lives of hardship and, more often than not, face life-threatening risks and demands. It is not only rare but also disapproving for valkyries to procreate. Valkyries are the chosen people of Odin, not simply created against his knowledge.

The last time a valkyrie became pregnant, she was exiled by Odin himself, with her memory erased...twice. This was over 600 years ago.

Brunnhilde saw Thor stare at her and she began to run away. She was but halfway through gestation, still capable of running safely albeit a slow pace. Why was she running? She knew that there was no possible way to outrun Thor of all people, especially while pregnant.

She knew too.

"Wait," Thor called out, jogging after her. "Brunnhilde!"

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