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(In Asgard, 2 years later)

"Heimdall." Thor declared, walking into the bifrost for the 2nd time that week.

"We meet again, Thor." Heimdall responds with no emotion in his voice. Thor had been doing this ever since he returned from the other realm. Every so often he would appear and demand to see his daughter. Most of the time, Heimdall would reject Thor's request and send him on his way.

"Show me Nora Valkyrie!" Thor demanded while pointing at him, as if Heimdall himself were a magical crystal ball.

"You know that is not how this works, right?" Heimdall exhaled, rather casually.

"Where is she?" Thor completely ignored him. Every once in awhile, Heimdall would simply show him Nora or tell him how she is doing. Today was a day he would rather refuse Thor. Thor took Heimdall's silence as a negative. "I will not take no for an answer!"

"Return another time. I am unable to help you today, sir." Heimdall said, stoic.

"You will show me my daughter." Thor threatened, not so casually anymore. He was tired of the guardian just being able to pick and choose which days he felt like showing him his daughter. It is frustrating enough that Heimdall absolutely refuses to send him back to their realm.

"..Alright. I'll only show you, then." Heimdall went back to sounding casual, and rather reluctant. Did Thor notice the flash of sadness his face expressed? Perhaps not, but Heimdall proceeded to show Thor his daughter's current whereabouts.


The two children had finally made it to Mistral a few months ago. It was a treacherous journey. Long travels and meeting new people; growing to them, only to become…...disappointed and broken. After a year and 3 months of growing and travelling with Raven and her tribe, the two silently vowed to never associate themselves with them ever again. The regret the two felt from their actions in the past made them want to never hear, speak, or even think about it ever again.

Mistral was not how they had originally anticipated. The city itself was full of rather sketchy people and untrustworthy citizens. The refugee center denied them access for there was simply not enough room. The two still preferred to not go to the orphanage. Instead, the opted for living out on their own.

Many would easily ignore (or, not even notice) the two children sleeping on the ground; there were plenty of people living on the streets in Mistral. They looked defeated, cold, pale, skinny, bruised, tired, hungry. Today, they were leaning against a building in an alleyway, but still close enough to the sidewalk for pedestrians to see... if they ever even bothered to look down, that is. Every once in awhile, the children got lucky and a citizen with enough pity would drop them a lien or two. By the end of the day, this would give them enough to split one small meal. Today, however, was considered a good day for them. This was what Nora's father had been watching. Above, thunder could be heard. Thor was angered. He didn't approve of the current predicament his child was in, but no one knew about that. Nora didn't even know.

"Wasn't me this time." Nora mumbled, her eyes still closed and head resting on Ren's shoulder.

"I know." Ren responds, his eyes closed as well. Ever since the discovery of her semblance, they have both somewhat deducted that her power could lead to a stormcloud or two. They haven't exactly discussed it further since neither of them understood it for sure. The two children rubbed the sleep out of their eyes and stood up, grabbed the pity-Lien, and made their way to the edge of the forest.

(Meanwhile in Asgard)

"I can not sit idle while she dies!" Thor stormed. Quite literally, for thunder could be heard all over the realm. Heimdall still refused to send Thor back to Remnant. To him, Thor was like an annoying teen throwing a tantrum.

"The girl knows how to survive, Thor." Heimdall won't say it out loud, but Nora is a lot more like Thor than even Thor realizes.

"She deserves to live peacefully in Asgard." Thor stated.

"You know the exact reason as to why that can not happen. Do you wish for her to suffer the same fate as her mother?" Heimdall tried to reason with him. Thor never spoke of Brunnhilde, for it felt wrong. Yet, Heimdall was able to simply pull out the topic as if nothing had happened.

"Perhaps things will be different." Thor tried.

"At best, she will have her memory removed to become a low-class citizen. Or prisoner. Or even a valkyrie, if Odin really liked her." Heimdall stated, both men knowing that the latter was an extremely slim chance.

"He should give his grand daughter a chance.." Thor trailed off, slightly struggling to compose the right words. He knew there was no arguing with Heimdall.

"Also, if you do bring her back to Asgard," Heimdall began, adding emphasis on the 'back'. "What will you do with her mortal friend? The two have proven to be inseparable."

"She will think nothing of him once she is here." Thor stated, simply. He had slight animosity towards the child ever since he was seen wielding Mjölnir, and now even more spending so much time with his own daughter. Heimdall's face went hard and he stopped showing Thor his daughter.

"Like father like son." Heimdall said, coldly.

"No, I won't force her to forget. She simply will, after a few years. She is but a child."

"That is the most incorrect string of words I have ever heard you put together. Thor, please just exit the bifrost." Heimdall states with a face-palm, growing tired of Thor.

Heimdall could see, he always sees. He knows. The two won't separate without a fight.

(Mistral, Remnant)

Few days later, the main city street was closed off due to open market day. All small businesses came together in a flea-market fashion and decided to sell their products. Citizens always attended to see the many different products the vendors had to sell. It was quite beautiful, really: The lights that hung from lamp post to lamp post, the many different colors and products on each vendor's table. Warm July weather and sun reflecting against all things metal: everyone loved it. The two children couldn't resist themselves, even if they were poor as dirt.

Ren had his back turned for 2 minutes until he heard an old man yell, "STOP THAT CHILD!"

Ren automatically turned around and saw Nora dash away from the street. He sighed, knowing what she had done...again. He figured now was his chance. He swiped some fruits and ran off in a different direction. Not 20 minutes later did the two meet up by the edge of the city and forest. This had become their usual meet-up spot.

"Look what I got us!" Nora exclaimed excitedly, dangling two braided bracelets in front of his face with one hand and holding chocolates in another. He gave her a blank expression and raised his eyebrow. "Okay, okay...I know: they're both pink..buuut...I like it! It matches your eyes! Maybe you could sorta kinda wear it?" Nora smiled sheepishly at the 11 year old. He was even taller now, having been through a growth spurt or two. "It can be our best friends forever bracelets!" Nora squeaked. Ren was used to her antics by now, having spent nearly every waking moment for the last two years with the girl. "I mean, you don't have to wear it…" Nora continued, shyly looking down at the bracelets in her hand.

As a response to her ramblings, Ren simply extended his wrist. The quiet boy smiled at her reaction.

"Eeeek! Yay!" Nora said excitedly and began tying one of the bracelets around his wrist. When she finished, Ren then took the second bracelet from Nora's hand and began tying it around her wrist for her, without needing to be asked. Their endearing moment was interrupted by her stomach growls. "Uhh..heh.." Nora was suddenly embarrassed; the original objective was to take food. Not jewelry or sweets. Ren shook his head disapprovingly at the cupcakes she also carried with her in her bag. She has become quite proficient in stealing multiple things.

Ren instead handed Nora the mango he had swiped earlier. Luckily, he was extremely sneaky and was often able to share his goods with his younger friend since she often went after things that satisfied her sweet tooth. He wanted to care for her, after all.

The two headed a little deeper into the forest together, where they actually had a spot for themselves to "live." There was a tree with a massive hole in the trunk; this is where Ren and Nora stashed all of their belongings. They have accumulated very few things over the past two years: the book that holds a special place in their hearts, about 3 changes of clothes (luckily), and some blankets (but only 1 pillow). Nora couldn't successfully steal her pillow that time; she had gotten caught, but thankfully the store manager didn't pursue any legal action against the girl. Instead, the duo shared the pillow, sleeping right next to each other. It wasn't weird to them, even though they knew it probably should be.

But they didn't care: survival was their main objective. After all, it really helped with the nightmares.

After finishing half of her mango, Nora had decided to save the rest for her best friend. They never knew when their next meal would come. She offered him a bite, and he gratefully took it.

"I want to go to school." Nora said. Ren coughed on his mango bite, and Nora began patting his back.

"Why, Nora?" Ren asked. This was the first time he spoke that day.

"Well you see I just… the thing is... we, I,.. you.." Nora stammered. She had many points to make, but the order was a mess in her head. Her eyebrows stitched together.

"Nora, remember what I told you?" Ren helped.

He encouraged her to pause and think for a few seconds. He was patient. He watched her face, eyes shut and all, while she was thinking.

He smiled to himself. He was proud of her improvements, even if no one else would notice. Nora is incredibly smart. Like anyone else, however, she struggles in an area or two.

"Umm..Okay, well..One: You want to be a huntsman. Don't they go to school first?" Ren nods 'yes' to her question, "And, two….well, you need to practice..fighting and stuff, and if you're going then I wanna go too! And three, I want to be a teacher but I can't do it if I don't know much..." Nora scratched her chin, ideas flowing through her mind. "I could be a huntress with you! And then I can teach other people how to become huntsmen and huntresses! We can protect people together!" Nora exclaimed excitedly, shooting her fist in the air. Thunder rumbled in the clouds above them. "Oops!" Nora instantly pulled her hand back down, sheepishly. Her cheeks turned pink. She got a bit too excited in planning their future.

She was more open to the idea of becoming a huntress ever since she faced a small beowolf in the forest last year. She defeated it with just a fork and her two fists. She enjoyed the rush it gave her. Ren had to admit, she was extremely strong, even without her semblance. How she was able to handle the small grimm was beyond him. Raven's training was helpful, but neither of them had weapons.

"Can we just talk about how your semblance affects the weather?" Ren asked, almost comically. Staring up at the sky, he was distracted by the thunder.

"Um….not ..always…" Nora says in a low voice, sulking in her spot by the tree. Ren snapped his head in her direction and glared.

"Nora! Not again!" Of course. How else could she have run so fast back at the markets?

"I'm sorry! I just like the feeling!" Nora giggled.

"Please, for the love of dust, stop sticking things in electrical outlets."

"You ruin everything, I swear!" Nora pushed him, though her sentence was not serious at all. "Oh! I'm sorry!" Nora exclaimed as he groaned a bit. She accidentally shocked him again. He was getting used to it by now.

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