Chapter 15: Blue

It was bright and early the next day. Bass and Aaron were getting the last of their things ready before they would embark on their journey to Chicago to retrieve the disassembled pendant. Aaron was the first one to walk out of the house, and he felt terrible for leaving Priscilla again.

"Aaron, I promise I will be fine." His wife assured him that she would be okay staying behind. She also mentioned that she would be in good hands since Miles was staying in Texas.

"Has anyone seen Bass?" Aaron asked as he and Priscilla walked towards Gene's house to collect the medicines that he was making for their journey. Everyone but Bass was already gathered at the doctor's house.

"I'm pretty sure I just found him." Miles pointed to a heavily armed Bass who was walking towards the house. No one had to worry about them getting into trouble with a few patriots here and there.

"What?" Bass asked realizing that everyone was staring at him. "If anyone asks we are out looking for Ed Truman." He added causing everyone to laugh even though only Gene and the Matheson clan understood the joke. Bass wasn't going to let that go anytime soon.

"All jokes aside, please be safe out there." The older man said as he handed them some of the medicines he made for both of them. He then gave the rest to Aaron for safekeeping since Bass already had a lot to carry.

"Will do." Aaron replied as he put the remaining medicines in his bag. Before he could ask, the doctor explained what each medicine did and that he had them all labeled.

Everyone was wishing Bass and Aaron well on their trip to Chicago. Rachel however, was sitting on the porch writing something down. She walked over to do the same after she had finished. She was writing down the exact location of the parts of the pendants for Aaron. She also asked him to find something else in that house in her letter. Even though she and Bass were on better terms, she still did not trust him with something tis important. After shaking Bass's hand she made her way over to Aaron.

"Be safe out there Aaron." She tried her best to give him a hug. As she got closer to him she whispered something in his ear. He felt her put something in his pocket. "Read it when you are alone." She muttered as she backed away. She pretended to stumble so it wouldn't be obvious. Miles came to her rescue.

"What was that about?" Bass had asked his partner for the journey. Fortunately Aaron and Rachel were able to come up with something believable quickly.

"I was telling Rachel, hopefully we make it back before this little one arrives." Miles nodded playing along still not knowing what was going on. Miles hoped that they would make it back to Texas before winter came.

"If we move as quick as I want to we will be back soon." Bass stated as he gave Aaron a pat on the shoulder. Miles gave Bass a warning glare. "Don't worry we will move at a reasonable pace." He added causing Aaron to sigh in relief.

"Stop when necessary, but don't stay in one location for long. If you are constantly on the move the chances of running into patriots are lower." Miles suggested hoping Bass would follow this idea. He knew Bass could handle the journey to Chicago at a fast pace, but he also knew that Aaron was not used to that.

"Got it boss." Bass answered back hoping that Miles would stop telling him how to do his job. "Anything else?" Miles rolled his eyes and motioned for him to get going so they would be moving during the day rather than night.

Everyone said their goodbyes and gave their hugs as the two men made their way for the town gate. Connor, Charlie, and Amanda went off to fish like they usually do. Cara and Ava went back to their house, and the doctor went back to his. Miles and Rachel were headed back to their house, and Priscilla was catching up to them after watching the men leave until she could no longer see them.

"I miss him already." Priscilla feared that this would be the last time that she saw her husband. She had lost him once already, and she didn't want it to happen again. Rachel motioned for Miles to go ahead without her. She was going to walk back with Priscilla to her house.

"I know they will make it back. With Aaron's brains and Bass's temper those two will be unstoppable." Rachel reassured the other woman that the men would make it back from their journey.

"Thanks" Priscilla replied as she opened the front door.

"Anytime." Priscilla smiled as she walked inside. "I'm right next door. If you need anything don't hesitate to come over." She added as she made her way back to her house.

"I'm back." The blonde called out as she walked into her home. Miles emerged from the kitchen eating an orange. He held one out to her.

"Want one?" He asked as she took it without hesitating. She began peeling it instantly.

"Thanks." She replied with a mouth full of food causing him to chuckle. Both of them sat in the front room without saying anything for a few seconds. Miles was the one to break the silence. He wanted to know what she was telling Aaron before they left.

"What were you whispering to Aaron before they left?" Miles asked hoping to get an answer. She took a deep breath before speaking.

"Oh, that." She mumbled. "I left him a note asking him to grab Charlie and Danny's baby books, and there were a few more blank books on the same shelf. If I remember right each book is a different shade of blue." She explained that it wasn't anything to do with their plan to confuse the nanites. She just didn't want Bass to shrug it off as unimportant because it wasn't part of the plan. That was why she asked Aaron to find it.

"Why do you want the blank books too?" Miles was still confused. He figured it would be pointless since they couldn't take pictures to put in the book.

"It's the least I can do for our child. I may have had pictures in Charlie and Danny's book, but I also wrote journal entries throughout the first few years starting with the pregnancy." She explained that she wanted all of her children to know how loved they are. She wanted Danny's so that she could at least have some pictures of the child she lost. Miles didn't know what to say. He noticed that she hasn't been crying every time Danny was mentioned or someone brought him up. Just because she stopped breaking down didn't mean that it hurt any less.

Before Miles could ask she grabbed a small notebook off of the small coffee table next to her chair and handed it to him. He opened it to the first page and began reading. He didn't have to say anything. He continued reading and that was when he realized that she began writing this before she told him. All this time he thought she was just writing because it made her feel better.

"You started this journal the moment you realized?" Rachel nodded wiping the tears from her eyes. He realized that she wanted their child to have a book just like his or her siblings did. It may not have pictures, but she wanted this child to know that he or she is loved just as much as their siblings.

"I did." She admitted. "I want all my children to have a little blue book." She added. When Aaron came back she would rewrite everything that was in the notebook into the blue book.