"What is it Danzo?" Orochimaru asked. It was rare that the leader of Root asked to see him in person. Rarer still after his exit from Konoha it was too risky.

The aged commander shifted on his cane as though to remind all those present that the cane was little more than show and that he was very much still a capable ninja. "I brought you something that might be of use to your research."

A group of root anbu emerged from behind the trees. They carried a roughly human-sized container. Without a noise, they set the container in front of Orochimaru.

Curiosity gripped Orochimaru. He liked secrets, he liked knowing secrets a lot. With a nod, Danzo signaled for Orochimaru to open the container.

The lid opened easily. Inside was a pale redheaded woman that was breathing regularly due to an apparatus attached to her. It looked like Minato's wife, that Uzumaki woman. "Minato is already dead, why would I want revenge on his wife?"

"Kushina along with Minato used their souls to seal the Kyuubi, Minato died, Kushina's body however still lives. And a living body without a soul must have some use." Danzo knew more than he said. It was behind his every word. Danzo knew about his research.

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes at his mutual conspirator. "I'm certain that I could find some uses for it, but what does this gift cost me?"

Danzo could only smile. "Call it a gesture of good faith for your work with the Senju cells."


Years later Orochimaru adored his Uzumaki body. He would almost be sad to leave it once he acquired Sasuke's body. The body would likely still live even after he left it. It truly was a remarkable vessel. He had improved it of course, he took the Uzumaki's natural regeneration to an absurd level such that anything short of a fatal wound would heal quickly.

And then there was the blood. That thick almost ink-like substance that he had coursing through his veins. Uzumaki blood was just a natural binding agent for seals. It was because of this blood that he had been able to create the curse seals as effectively as he did.

The only downside were the chakra chains. Even though he could freely create and dismiss them they failed to heed his command. For years he practiced and researched them. The chains would not heed his call.

And of course, those chakra chains would be rather useful for dealing with the newest Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. The little blond brat was currently charging at him in order to save Sasuke. Admirable really.

"Five-pronged seal!" He channeled his chakra into the tips of his fingers, one for each element and slammed it into the boy's stomach. It'd disrupt the Kyuubi's chakra, the boys as well but without the Kyuubi, the boy was nothing more than a gnat.

To his surprise when Orochimaru made contact with the boy's stomach a blast of feedback hit his arm leaving it slightly numb. Probably nothing more than a bit of the Kyuubi's chakra attempting to return to its former vessel.

He'd look into it later. He had a gift for Sasuke to give after all.


She existed.

But at the same time, she didn't

Kushina could feel that she existed. It was unusual. She was dead before right? No that was wrong. She was supposed to help Naruto tame the Kyuubi. But where was Naruto? Was she dead now? Did her baby die? No… Naruto was her son. And her son wouldn't die until he became Hokage. And hopefully had a bunch of adorable grandbabies.

Did Minato's seal fail? Was she released early? She couldn't feel the Kyuubi. She blinked. Wait blinked? She blinked in confusion and her eyes appeared. She could see now! She looked for her hands and they appeared. Then her legs and the rest of her.

"That is the last time I'm ever getting sealed." She stretched her muscles for the first time ever. Each one ached for the first time. It felt good to exist again. "Now where the frick am I?"

Kushina looked around frantically. And she instantly recognized her location. It was where the Kyuubi was stored inside of her. Or used to be. The massive boulder that the beast was chained to loomed in the distance, or what was left of it. It was more a slightly molten bit of rock and metal. Steam still rose from it.

Seals are weird.

With a puff of air Kushina scratched the back of her head in confusion and continued to look around. "Okay, why the hell am I in here?... I mean heck, darn it." It just didn't make any sense. How much time had passed? Why was she inside of her own seal?

"Alright Kushina, think. You're alive… probably. And you're inside of your own seal. What would Minato do?" Kushina paced back and forth, she had only been in here a couple of times. When the Kyuubi was first sealed inside of her, twice when her life was in danger, once when she had to save her wimp of a husband, and lastly when the beast was released.

She frowned for a moment and then began to take a wide strut as she paced. "Well you see Kushina, first I would look at my notes." Kushina began in Minato's voice. "And then I would consult my notes again. Oh and then I would ask Jiraiya-sensei. And finally, I'd come ask you because you're super awesome and I'm totally in love with you." She snorted again and blew out more hot hair.

"Oh, Minato." She said in a girly voice. "Just one problem." She paused for dramatic effect. And then she exploded. "I don't have any of those things except for me!"

Doing her best to appear larger Kushina put on her best stupid guy face. "Hehe I'm a pervert, figure it out yourself girly, you're the Uzumaki."

With a smack of her forehead, Kushina dragged her hand down her face as though to reset it back to normal. "Great. I've only been here for like thirty minutes and I'm already talking to myself ya' know!"

Determined to stay quiet for once in her life Kushina sat down cross-legged and attempted to concentrate. "Inner peace," she mumbled. "Inner peace, inner peace."

The list of people that had tried to get kushina to calm down with meditation is a long list filled with names written into history. The list of people that had given up on it was just as long.

A piece of the still molten rock slide down into the water below it causing it to sizzle.

Kushina grew furious and shot to her feet. With a snort, she stomped towards the offending chunk of scenery. The water didn't splash when she stepped on it nor did it move. The rock itself was neither hot nor cold when Kushina approached it. With a deep frown, Kushina examined the mountain of slag.

She felt it as soon as she saw it. A remnant of the Kyuubi's chakra. She had lived with the beast inside her for two decades, she could recognize its hatred anywhere. It was an odd spirally thing that whirled on its own. "Alright you big stupid fox, what did you leave behind?"

With the same lack of self-preservation so common in Uzumaki Kushina simply touched the vile mass of chakra. It hurt. It hurt a lot. With a scream of defiance, she pushed her hand in deeper. She was rewarded for her efforts.

She saw the outside. This was how the Kyuubi knew what was happening. And she knew that something was wrong with her. Something was very wrong.

Her chakra felt suppressed. And there was another chakra inside of her. Where the Kyuubi's was raw fury and hatred this chakra was vile. She tried to call out to her chakra. It moved, slowly. But the intruding chakra reacted and shut it down instantly.

With a growl of annoyance, Kushina focused on other things. She saw through her eyes once again. It was fuzzy and muddled. She could barely make out any shapes or objects. With a tedious motion, she tried to unblur the sight.

She was greeted with sound.

"The first match is Sasuke Uchiha vs."

Kushina lost focus for a moment at that name. Sasuke. That was the name of Mikoto's child right? Did Mikoto take good care of naruto?... Were napkins considered legally binding documents?

Wait was that actually Sasuke? He was fighting now? It sounded official. How long had she been gone?

With a grunt, Kushina forced her arm back into the residue of the Kyuubi's chakra once more. Once again she ignored the pain and focused hard.

What ever was in control of her body was watching with great interest as Sasuke fought another ninja. To Kushina the boy looked just like Itachi, and so much like Mikoto. She resisted the urge to cheer for Sasuke's victory against the boy. That technique was so cool!

She watched as Sasuke grunted in pain and was forced to a knee once he was pronounced the victor. She could feel the glee from whatever was in control of her body.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Some little girl sounded off.

Kushina suddenly felt very old when she watched Kakashi appear in her view. He was a man now. No longer was he that obnoxious little punk. "I'll take care of him, Sakura, and Don't worry I'll be back in time for your match Naruto."

Her maternal instincts kicked into overdrive. Naruto, Naruto was alive. He was a ninja! He was on Sasuke's team. Kakashi was his sensei. She tried to force the eyes to look towards Naruto. She wanted desperately to see him. But her pleas fell on deaf ears. She could only hope that her eyes would eventually flicker towards Naruto even for the briefest of seconds.

Kushina groaned in frustration when that failed to be the case. Her windows into the outside world left. Still, she heard her child's voice a few times. He was loud like she was.

She was about to cut the connection when she appeared in front of Kakashi once again. Sasuke was on the ground, shirtless. She could feel the displeasure of whatever was in control.

"Orochimaru." Kakashi's voice said.

Her connection was broken as Kushina's anger flared and fed into the Kyuubi's violent chakra.

"Orochimaru?" Kushina asked out loud she even startled herself with how much venom she could say that name with. "Orochimaru?"

She needed to vent. Her eyes locked one one of the massive still smoldering stakes that once held the Kyuubi's limbs. She ran up to it and punched. Nothing happened. She punched again. She craved the satisfying sound her her fleshing breaking the material. She needed it.

But it wasn't happening. Her anger grew and grew. With each failed punch it just compounded on itself. Her anger needed a way out. Fortunately, her mouth still worked. "That snake skinned creepazoid fuck nosed vanilla beaned ass licker! When I get my hands on you Orochimaru I'm going to kick your ass so fucking hard your fucking snake summons will grow ass cheeks because they'll fucking feel it too! You pale face bastard!"

Her words echoed against invisible walls of the seal. Not for the first time did Kushina find herself grateful that the seal was sound proof. The Kyuubi could be a lot louder than she was.

"Okay, Kushina. Think, you're a smart girl." She took a deep long breath. She pretended it helped, but it didn't. "Okay, okay, okay. First things first…. To do list! Right, Sakumo-sensei always said that I needed to prioritize things."

"Okay Item one on the list is getting my body back." Kushina looked around again for a door or a switch that would just let her take control of her body. "Not that easy."

"Okay well, list making failed. What did Jiraiya-sensei say? Oh uh, notice your surroundings so you can use them." A small chunk of Kyuubi's power, even smaller amount of her own chakra, Molten rock designed to hold said Kyuubi that was powered partly by her chakra. Not a lot of useful stuff. "Oh and I'm inside grandma Mito's seal."

Inside a seal.

Kushina blinked as those words. There was an Irony to it, an Uzumaki being sealed inside of anything was just a cruel joke of fate. Though it wasn't all that uncommon either.

"I'm inside a seal!" Kushina shouted happily and quickly ran towards the nearest wall of the seal. "Let's see here, I should be able to access the inner workings of the seal if I can find." Her eyes scanned the non-wall in front of her. It was just blank space that stretched out in all directions, but the seal had a set distance away from the Kyuubi where it just stopped.

Eventually, Kushina found what she was looking for. A small almost invisible seam in the middle of nothing. Even her small fingers had difficulty getting under the almost nonexistent material. Until finally it lifted. With an excited flourish, Kushina ripped off the non-existent veil.

The veil collapsed all around the room, as the pure whiteness fell to the ground black writing began to appear along some nonexistent surface. They pulsed with power each one strengthened by those around it and in turn strengthened by them.

Kushina examined the symbols wide-eyed and with a massive smile. She was a seal! And she was twice the seal master her husband was. He just got all the credit because he somehow figured out how to do that stupid flying thunder god Jutsu. "Pfft who needs to be able to taste what purple smells like when you have all of this?!"

She cracked her knuckles. It was time to get to work. If it was the standard sealing language she'd be able to find a way out in about… twenty… minutes. It wasn't the standard language. "Dammit, grandma Mito! You just had to write it in Nushu script! Stupid old lady language, nobody uses it!"

This would take some time.


Kushina's sense of time inside of the seal was practically nonexistent. She didn't feel hunger or need sleep so it was hard to figure what was happening on the outside when she wasn't plugged into the Kyuubi's chakra.

She learned what Orochimaru was up to. He wanted to destroy Konoha. Something Kushina would not allow. He also wanted Sasuke for some reason. Other than that much of his plan was still a mystery to her.

When Orochimaru slept is when Kushina did most of her work anyways. His chakra was less restrictive on hers during that time. Slowly she had managed to bring in a small feed off her chakra into the seal. Once again she was grateful for how thick her chakra was, absolutely wonderful for dealing with seals.

Her plan was simple, she would use the chakra she had gathered with the remnants of the Kyuubi's chakra, to switch places with Orochimaru once he began to use his chakra into a fight. And hopefully, she wouldn't die! That last part was important.

Once more she stuck her arm into the swirling mass of the Kyuubi's chakra. And was rewarded.


Orochimaru had to admit that the blonde little Kyuubi brat was certainly entertaining. He had that sort of obnoxious natural dramatic flair that Jiraiya had. Still, he was mostly eager for when Sasuke's match would happen. For that was when the real show would start.

He found himself standing up. He found his foot placed on the high railing, he found himself holding his own arm as he flexed his muscles. His mouth moved. "Ya! Naruto! Kick his ass!"

Orochimaru blinked. That was unexpected. What on earth was that? He didn't have the time to worry about it now. He had to do damage control. Sarutobi-sensei was smiling at him. "Ahh forgive me lord Hokage, I uhh don't know what came over me."

Orochimaru took his seat and pretended his little outburst never happened. His old sensei would not let it go that easily. "Oh, I wasn't aware that you knew young Naruto."

"He's very much like my youngest," Orochimaru said quickly. Hiruzen wouldn't have to buy for much longer anyways.


Kushina ripped her arm out of the Kyuubi's chakra as soon as the fight had finished. She had seen her son! Her beautiful baby boy was alive and well! And he kicked that Hyuuga punks butt good!

"My son's an awesome ninja! Oh yea! Go Kushina, you're uterus is awesome and totally not related to Minato's sperm!" She couldn't it help it she had to dance and cry. Her child was alive and well. He was a strong ninja and acted just like she did. He looked so much like Minato. And had the same love of orange that she did! He looked happy, hopefully, that meant Jiraiya did an alright job of raising him.

Still, she needed to see him. She needed to talk to him. To hold him. It was time to put her plan into action. She grabbed her chakra chain that had manifested inside the seal and wrapped it around her body. "I really hope this works!"

She knew the risks. But she was an Uzumaki, they ignored those.

She pushed both of her hands into the last spark of the Kyuubi's chakra and slowly stepped into it. She joined it with her own chakra.

With a feral scream of pain that slowly twisted into a howl of rage and finally into a yell of defiance Kushina merged with the beast's chakra, and channeled it through to her chain, into her chakra network. The scripts of the seals began to dull a bright red.

"It's working! It's working!" She began to laugh in glee as the scripts began to grow closer together. The seal was collapsing on itself. And then she would be free. "This is why you never seal a seal master, especially an Uzumaki one!"


Orochimaru could only smile. To see his sensei struggle so hard. It was almost too good. Soon that old man would be dead and Konoha along with it. Finally, he would have his revenge.

Still, he could twist the dagger a bit more just to make the man suffer all the more. "Even somebody like you, who was once hailed as the god of shinobi cannot escape old age, but I have." He slowly peeled away his face.

"It can't be?" Hiruzen could not believe his eyes, more shocking than seeing the first and second Hokage back from the dead. Was the face of Kushina Uzumaki staring right at him? "Kushina?"

"Oh sensei, you wouldn't believe how wonderful her body has been, the Uzumaki truly were a wonderful people, it's a shame that they wiped themselves out." Orochimaru gave a soft chuckle.

"You're no longer human Orochimaru, you've become a demon."

Orochimaru could only laugh. "Then why don't you seal him like one?" He didn't remember saying that. Why did he say that? Something was wrong. His chakra was a mess. He could feel the turmoil.

A chakra chain shot out from his hand and went limp. He tried to recall it, but it wasn't listening. Most unusual. A bit of his slick black hair fell away. And a red strand fell into place.

He would have to finish this quickly.


Kushina smiled as the Seal flipped itself inside out. She was rocketed back into her body and into a direct conflict with Orochimaru. Her chakra chains were still there and still heeded her call alone. They were indestructible chakra constructs once she created one it was with her forever.

She could feel, the air felt good on her skin. She could see. She could hear. But she could not move. Orochimaru was still in direct control.

She watched in horror as Orochimaru continued his assault on Sarutobi. Until the old man appeared using her Jutsu. Her dead demon seal Jutsu. Okay, it was technically Minato's but she helped! Her name was just under his.

With a silent roar, Kushina exerted her strength and forced Orochimaru to stand still as Hiruzen charged at him. "What is going on?" She heard Orochimaru shout.

Hiruzen smiled and was about to answer.

"He's using the dead demon seal you, idiot," Kushina answered for him using her mouth. "Your soul is going to be eaten by the Shinigami." she laughed. As more of Orochimaru's soul was pulled out of her, she could feel her control return.

"Kushina is that you?" Hiruzen asked hopefully.

"Kushina? What?" Her mouth said in Orochimaru's voice.

"Of course it's me, old man. Did you really think I would let this snake bastard stay in control of my body?!" Kushina roared. The limp chakra chain sprang to life. She had so much control now. It flared red with the remnants of the Kyuubi's chakra. It pierced the soul of Orochimaru and wrapped twice around it.

She began to pull it out.

Orochimaru could do little as he felt his being slowly slip away. He couldn't move his mouth anymore. He could barely watch in horror as his soul was slowly forced out of Kushina's body.

Hiruzen smiled when Orochimaru was completely sealed inside of him. "Kushina listen I'm sorry about."

Kushina didn't let the old man talk as she hugged him. "You just gave your life for me old man, Whatever you're apologizing for you've more than made up for it." for a long moment they hugged the old man until his body went limp.

"Now to find Naruto." She stood proud and wiped a tear away.

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