Hello! I'm back with this short fic. I'm editing it because when I re-read it, I noticed awful mistakes, and I wanted to change some things.

Alice's visions limitations remain the same. She cannot see the wolves.

An unexpected change of events.

Chapter 1: Girl power.

After Edward saved her from those beings that tried to hurt her, they were spending more and more time together, they were officially a couple after that dinner that same horrible day. But Bella felt that there was something off, she liked Edward, a lot to be honest. He was kind, and chivalrous and sometimes pretty romantic. But then again, all those qualities weren't enough to soothe her conscience.

Today, they were as usual on her house talking and spending time together. Bella was lost in her thoughts as Edward went on and on with his favourite topic: Religion. It wasn't a topic that was appealing to her, growing up with a mother that changed religions as she changed her underwear did something on her, though she believed in A God, she didn't exactly care nor was especially interested in following a specific religion. She knew about religions but she didn't exactly follow one. She believed in good, in evil and in free will. She respected the ones who followed and believed in any religion, after all, people have faith in what makes them feel better with themselves and the world around them. As always, when Edward spoke of religion, she concentrated her mind on other things and ignored him. It made her feel guilty because he was so kind when she spoke of any of the things she was interested in. The thing was, that Edward was always interested in deep topics such as Religion, the existing of the soul, metaphysics, and honestly, she just wanted to think like a normal teenager. Yes, she liked sometimes to discuss with him about any of those deep topics, it was fun to do it some times, but not always.

Edward's phone rang and brought her back to the earth. He spoke a little too fast for her to understand everything, but she understood enough to know that Alice asked for her and Edward answered her that they were at her house. The few minutes he was on the phone had him frowning. Bella wasn't worried but curious.

"Is everything ok?"

Edward still frowning forced a smile and nodded. "Yes. Alice was panicking a little because she couldn't see us for a few minutes, that's why she called." Bella nodded. She didn't understand very well how Alice's visions worked no matter how many times she asked. She had a feeling that she would never understand.

Edward opened his mouth to say something else but was interrupted by someone knocking impatiently on the front door. Bella looked at the clock and was horrified, her father would be home soon and she hasn't started dinner. Edward read her face and took that as a cue to leave. As they walked to the door, Edward's nose wrinkled, the visitor stank. He said bye to her girlfriend with a kiss on her forehead and got a "see you tomorrow at school" as his answer. Were he been paying attention to her and not her visitor he would have found suspicious that answer. Jared, on the other hand, was trying hard not to let his surprise and disgust show in his face. Sam warned him about the leeches, but one thing is hearing about them and another one is seeing them face to face. Jared waited until the leech was far away on the driveway on his fancy car to turn to Chief Swan's daughter. Once he turned he couldn't face away. He had imprinted on her.

Jared's wolf was purring with happiness, but Jared's human being wasn't that content with it. He smiled despite himself, his wolf was winning this sort of battle, and he knew he should surrender because there was no way he could win.

He stretched his hand out to her. "I'm Jared Cam." He introduced himself.

Bella took his hand and shook it, he was hot in every sense. His temperature was high (though, she didn't know if it was him or her mind comparing everything to Edward's temperature), he was obviously from the Quileute Rez, he had light brown hair, but his eyes were some sort of grey, and were surrounded by long eyelashes that would be the envy of every girl (including herself). "I'm Bella Swan." She smiled finally. He had something in him, something she couldn't pinpoint exactly. She shook her head and focused on the guy standing in front of her.

"Is the Chief home? I've got a message for him."

"No. But he must be arriving sometime soon. You can come in if you want, or give me the message or come another time..."She was nervous. Why was she nervous?

He nodded. "If it's ok with you, I'd like to come in." Bella smiled and stood aside to let him pass. Jared went in looking around, he liked what he saw. Everything was in place, the furniture had some dust in it which made it more welcoming if possible, a few pictures of Bella decorated the living room, pictures of Charlie alone, with Bella, with a huge fish, and with Billy and Harry. It was all in all very warming. Charlie clearly loved his daughter very much, and Bella loved him too because she smiled when she opened the fridge and took the fish out.

"That's a lot of fish you got in there." Jared said surprised.

Bella laughed and Jared's wolf purred with happiness. "It's Charlie's fault. He went fishing with Billy and Harry and came back with fish enough to feed an army. I'm almost running out of recipes to make each dish differently."

Jared smiled."My mom makes the best fish in the Rez. I can steal her secret recipe for you." Bella nodded eagerly, still smiling.

"Won't your mom be mad? I wouldn't like you to get in trouble for stealing." She teased.

He chuckled. "Nah. Mom loves me. A bit of charm here and there and I'll get everything I want." Bella laughed harder this time. She realized she had laughed and smiled more times in half an hour than she had with Edward and his family. She liked them a lot and was fond of them, but she wasn't completely happy. She sighed and both Jared and his wolf worried. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah...just thinking. Don't mind me too much." Jared nodded but didn't stop worrying. She was sad and troubled and neither he nor his wolf liked it. He needed to talk to Sam ASAP.

Half an hour later the chief walked into the kitchen smiling slightly when he caught his daughter cooking fish, the second thing or more accurately the second someone he saw was Jared Cam, from the Rez, Billy often spoke highly of him and Sam Uley. "Hey Jared, what brings you here, son?"

Jared stood respectfully and handed the Chief a set of keys that he took out of his pocket. "Billy Black sends this to you sir. He said you left it there last weekend."

Charlie took the keys and hid his smile, these weren't his, that old man knew it. What was he planning?. Though, Charlie smiled and invited Jared to stay and eat.

"I don't want to intrude Chief." He declined eager to leave and talk to Sam and the elders, not that he needed their permission to speak out to his imprint, but he was in need of advice and truth be told he was a little ashamed to talk to his dad right now. He would talk to him after he talks to Bella.

"Nonsense, Bells makes the best fish in Washington." Bella blushed and Jared's wolf whined in need.

"Dad!" she complained with a smile. Charlie shrugged. "Jared you should stay, not that I want to compete with your mom, but this is almost ready and I wouldn't like to eat leftovers tomorrow." Charlie smiled and Jared nodded, eager to know more of the girl the spirits had chosen for him.

At the end of the night, Bella was completely relaxed and had a light in her eyes that Charlie had never seen. She was happy, he realized. God thank for Billy. He hid his smile when he noticed the disappointment in his daughter's face when Jared said he had to leave. He said his goodbye from his spot on the couch and let her said her goodbyes at the door.

"Thanks for bringing Charlie the keys, I don't know what they're for but I'm sure they might be important."

"No problem at all Bella." He said with a smile. He hesitated a little, he wanted to ask her to go to the bonfire two days from now, but he didn't. He needed to ask Billy what the hell was going on, even though he had a pretty good idea.

Bella fought the disappointment she felt. And she didn't understand why. She liked Jared, but she barely knew him, and the same applied the other way. He barely knew her, and he had come to do a favour to Billy. Why did she expect an invitation or something?

Jared waved goodbye and drove away on his bike.

As Bella came back into the house, Charlie turned the tv volume down, and laughed to himself when he saw her daughter. He didn't exactly like the idea of her dating or kissing boys, but he couldn't help but be happy when she was happy, even if he didn't want her dating now or ever. When did she grow up?

"You like him, don't you?"

Bella stared at her dad, and he saw the sadness in there. Why was his little princess so sad?. "I have a boyfriend dad." So that's why.

Charlie shrugged. "You're not married to Edward, you can always break up with him."

Bella realised that Charlie was right, vampire or no vampire, she wasn't committed to Edward in any way. She needed to ask Angela's advice so she called her.

"Hi, Bella!"

"Hey, Angela. I need your help."Bella sighed again and told her friend that she had met someone, and she really liked him and she really wanted to know him better.

"So? What's stopping you?" A minute of silence later Angela got it. "Is it Edward?"

"I like Edward." She defended half-heartedly.

"Bella, you like him but your heart isn't in the relationship. We both know that you are not happy with him. You tried, but it didn't work out, is not a sin to break up with a boyfriend. And from what I hear in your voice you already know what to do, so why not do it?"

Bella knew her friend was right. "So, I'm not a horrible person for liking another boy while I have a boyfriend?" Angela laughed.

"No, Bella. You're human, you make mistakes, you fall in love, why would you be a horrible person for being a typical teenager? Live the life woman, you're seventeen."

She was seventeen, but her soul was way older. Her whole life she has been taking care of everyone. her mother wasn't the most responsible person in regards to home activities so she had to take care of that. And with Charlie, even though the responsibilities were less as he was more centred than Reneé, she still

"I know." Another minute of silence. Bella smiled remembering the dinner. She told Angela everything that went on that night, and they were both laughing and sighing like ...well...teenagers. "Thanks, Ang, I really needed someone to say out loud what I was thinking. I'll talk to Edward tomorrow before school starts. I'm so not ready to do this." She lamented.

"I imagine it's not easy. But you can do it Bella. You are a good person, and you don't want to think about liking another guy while you're in a relationship." Bella nodded, her eyes watering. She didn't want to hurt Edward. "I can be close by if it makes you feel better."

"You would do that?" At Angela's affirmation Bella smiled. "Thanks so much. That would be great."

"See you tomorrow then?"

"See you tomorrow, Ang. Bye"

Next morning Bella was pretty nervous waiting for the Cullens to arrive. She was so nervous that she arrived an hour and a half earlier. The Cullens arrived not soon after, and she got off her truck playing with her fingers. She kept thinking that the sooner she could get this done, the sooner that sense of guilt would go. She felt guilty thinking of Jared's smile and grey eyes. He hadn't made any move, but she had spent most of the night analysing his body language and she had the tiny suspicion that he liked her. At least she hoped so. She knew for certain she liked him.

Alice looked sad when she waved at Bella from afar, Bella waved back but stayed put. Somehow she suspected that Alice knew, and felt bad but didn't back down.

Edward walked towards Bella and tried to give her a gentle kiss on the lips, but she turned her face and he got the cheek. He frowned.

"I need to talk to you."She said softly, no need to be rude if she was possibly breaking his heart. Edward nodded and she sighed. "I want to break up." Edward's eyes opened wide in surprise. "I like you Edward, and I'm very fond of you and your family, but I'm not happy. this isn't working, so I'd like to end it." She said as softly as she could. He could see the sincerity in her eyes. He didn't like it but he accepted it.

Edward's eyes were so sad, she felt bad, she never wanted to hurt him. " I respect your decision Bella. I'm sorry I didn't realize you weren't happy with me."

Bella thought she owed him to be honest, completely honest. "I met someone yesterday and it made me think, and I really like him and I would really like to get to know him. I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I really hoped a while ago to be with you forever, but that changed, and I owe to both of us, to be honest with myself."

With those words, Edward's worst fears came to life. She lost her to a human boy. Bella kissed his cheek and went into the school allowing herself a small smile to herself. When she caught sight of Angela she ran to her and told her everything. Angela hugged her in support. She knew that some part of Bella was suffering from that breakup, but a bigger part of her was happier.

The school day passed quickly but by the end of the day, apparently, everyone knew she had broken up with Edward. She cursed under her breath as Mike asked her out, as always she declined politely.




That afternoon Charlie informed Bella through the phone that the Blacks were going to join them for dinner. Bella nodded and decided to make pasta for dinner. It was simple and didn't require too much work. Her mind wasn't exactly on the task.

The Blacks were bigger than life. She had run into Billy as soon as she had arrived in town. Charlie had been so happy that he had invited his best friend for beers and pizza. Bella thought that had been cute. This time, his son Jacob had joined him. She had run into him a few days ago at the beach when she had gone with Mike and his friends. She remembered thinking of him as a scrawny pre-teen, and as a kid covered in mud from their mud pies. It was nice to reconnect with an old friend. And he made her laugh. She really enjoyed his company. The best part of dinner was that he ate a lot, so there were no leftovers. Just as the night before with Jared.

"Hey, there's a bonfire tomorrow at the Rez. My dad and some other old guys tell the stories of the tribe. You should come." It sounded as if he didn't take those stories very seriously. But that meant she could run into Jared. Would it be horrible if she accepted the invitation of one guy hoping to see another? Well, he hadn't exactly invited her to go with him. So, she wasn't doing anything wrong.


The next day Angela and Bella walked into First Beach together, Angela was her wing-girl. She had laughed at the term. Bella had asked her to come for moral support and to not make it seem as if she was coming with Jacob. She was a horrible friend. "That's him" Bella whispered pointing at Jared with her head.

"If everything turns out like you want to, you might end up with a new boyfriend tonight." Angela whispered to Bella.

Jared hid his smile, he had been paying attention to both girls from the moment they came into view. Neither of them knew, of course, that he could hear everything clearly. He doubted the girlfriend thing, but tonight he would tell her about the imprint. He didn't get to talk to Sam since the day it happened but got to talk to Billy, the old man knew what he was doing when he sent him to Charlie's house by that hour. He told Jared that the spirits had talked to him telling him about a new imprint phase coming, he knew Sam had already imprinted on Harry's daughter, and Paul was more in love with himself than with the idea of falling for any girl, so Jared was the only one left, how he knew he would imprint on Charlie's daughter? He didn't know exactly but had a feeling it would be her. Jared shook his head in disbelief, but he should be used to this kind of things by now. Billy wasn't on the council because of his age only. He had a connection with the spirits. And truth be told he was so damn happy that Jared had imprinted on his Goddaughter.

Two hours later Jared asked Bella to join him on a walk down the beach.

"She's with me, Cam." Jacob intervened from next to Bella. She subtly rolled her eyes. But Jared caught that action and smiled widely.

"And she can speak for herself. Bella, would you join me?" He extended a hand towards her. Giving her the opportunity to refuse him. It was her choice. It will always be her choice.

Bella agreed happy to think of something else than the stories of the cold ones (cold ones she knew almost too well) and the warrior spirits. The stories were very enlightening, to say the least, and it had her thinking. If the cold ones were real, does that meant that the wolves were too?

"Are you ok?" Jared asked noticing her silence as they walked further and further away from the bonfire place.

Jake hadn't been too happy about that. It wasn't that he had feelings for her, it was more that he wanted to protect her from Sam's gang. Jared was part of it, regardless of how high his father thought of them. And Paul had now monopolised Bella's friend, Angela. He was in the gang too. He couldn't begrudge them their place at the bonfire, because they were a part of the tribe as he were, but he couldn't understand the elders' idolisation of Sam's group.

Bella smiled reassuringly to the handsome guy next to her. " Yes. I was just thinking about the stories. I knew some of them thanks to Jake" She admitted blushing a little. She had made an idiot of herself trying to get information about Edward. That felt like a lifetime ago. "He told me some of it like two weeks ago or something like that, he was trying to scare me. But hearing all of them today, it's amazing how clear you all have them, I mean, how fresh in memory, I really like that. "Jared smiled too, and his wolf was completely content with the chosen one. He didn't like being a wolf at first, but it grew on him. It was exhilarating running in wolf form at high speed. Even the joint mentality came in handy from time to time. He had gotten used to having no privacy at all. How would Bella feel when he eventually tells her about that? The wolves knowing everybody's business.

"Yeah, I like it too." He was eager to take her hand but he didn't want to push her. Bella was thinking something similar. She was all in for girl power and make your own move and stuff, but she suddenly felt shy around him. She wasn't sure she was reading him right. If this walk was any indication as of his feelings, then she could ascertain he liked her as she did him. But on the other hand, she wanted him to make the move and take her hand or kiss her or whatever. When they were far away from the bonfire (far enough to be out of earshot from the wolves) he stopped and motioned her to sit with him in the sand. Bella thanked the high powers for giving her the idea of wearing a black jean. " I want to tell you something. It is important and somehow related to what just Billy and the others told. But I don't want you to freak out until you hear me out completely ok?." Bella's smile faltered. Her mind returning to her previous thought. Were werewolves real as well?

"I don't make any promises but I will try." She said with a small smile.

He took her hand in his and gave a soft squeeze. He liked her a lot. Despite the imprint thing. His human side had immediately liked her. He enjoyed her laughter and he wanted to be the one to make her laugh. She seemed to need that release. He studied the way she blushed seeing their joined hands and he smiled amusedly. " First, I want you to have it very clear that I like you. I liked hanging out with you the other day. And I want to know you better."

Bella was about to answer but noticed how Jared got suddenly tense and frowned. She followed his gaze and recognised Jacob. He was walking in their direction. Bella sighed a little impatient. Was he really that inexperience with social customs? When a girl and a guy leave a place together on mutual agreement, you do not go looking for either of them. They waited until he reached them to acknowledge his presence.

"Hey, Jake." She greeted cordially. He eyed their joined hands and frowned deeper. He was feeling annoyed and jealous.

"Bells, I was leaving, and I think your friend is staying here longer. Do you want a ride home?" Jared remained silent during the exchange. As before, it was her choice.

Bella looked uncomfortable. Angela had been her ride here, and she didn't want to leave now or spoil Angela's time if she had connected with someone. She hesitated. She wanted to stay and keep talking to Jared, but if she stayed she would have to call Charlie and ask him to pick her up. That was not enticing.

Jared felt her apprehension and tugged on her hand to call her attention. She turned to face him. "I can drive you home later if you want." He offered.

She smiled. The first real smile she had given him since dinner two days ago. "I would like that."

"She has a ride now." Jared told Jacob whose annoyance and jealousy were clear on his face.

He stomped away immaturely without saying another word. Bella sighed. There goes her friendship with Jake. They watched him leave. Jared felt annoyed at Jacob for interrupting the moment. They had sort of introduced themselves into a bubble. He regained his composure and with one hand he tilted Bella's face towards him again. "As I said. I like you, Bella. And I want to know you better. But there are some things that you need to know first. Before you make any decision."

She smiled and nodded. Would it be rude if she kissed him now? Girl power and all.

"Here we go" he mumbled to himself. "You heard that we are supposed to descend from a generation of warriors that became wolves in time of need." Bella nodded, it was one of her favourite stories. "We are told that the wolf gene, to put a name on it, is passed from father to son. So, four generations ago, many of the warriors' descendants became wolves for the first time in centuries. Billy's grandfather was one of the wolves. In fact, he was the Alpha. My great-grandfather was there too, and Sam's, Paul's and so on. That generation was the one that made the treaty with the cold ones, the family that didn't feed on humans. That family left but the memory of them prevailed in the Rez, now they have returned and with that, the need of protection for the people of the rez came back too." She knew it! They were real too. "So, what I'm trying to say is that the wolves have returned, not our ancestors, that would be weird, but us, I mean, the descendants of those wolves." Jared sighed frustrated. Why was it so hard to tell her?

"So, you're saying that, because of the cold ones returning, the wolf gene returned too?" She asked to keep her facts straight. Were the Cullens the cause of the wolves return? That was beyond insane, even for the supernatural world. Jared nodded. "So, you're saying that there are men in here that turn into wolves?" Who were the wolves? Was Billy a wolf? He couldn't be in a wheelchair.

Jared shook his head. "Not men. The young ones." He sighed. "Here comes the part that will make you freak out, and I really hope you don't." Bella smiled a little and Jared fought the urge to kiss her, he needed to take it slow, she needed to know about everything and then make a choice, she had a boyfriend, a damn leech boyfriend after all. That made him angry and his wolf too. "Sam, Paul and I, for now, are the only ones who had turned into wolves. We don't phase at the full moon, that's a myth. We just phase when we are too angry to control ourselves. When we control ourselves enough we can phase anytime we desire. So, yes, I'm a werewolf." Bella remained silent, that was a huge piece of information. She couldn't just like a normal human guy. She had to go for crazy supernatural guys. But she couldn't deny the attraction she felt towards him. It was pulling, and stronger every second that passed. His hand had remained on hers the whole time. He was so warm. It was very comfortable in the chilly night of early spring.

"Are you freaking out?" He whispered scared. He really didn't want her to freak out.

"I'm not freaking out." She confessed. "I believe you."

Jared laughed. "You're actually taking it better than I did when I first phased."

Bella looked at him dying to ask. "If it's not rude to ask, how did you phase, or you know...what happened?"

"It's not rude. I don't know exactly why I was getting so mad lately, I was hot, sorry, I am hot." Bella laughed and pushed his shoulder and he laughed at his joke. "As I was saying, it was like I had a fever or something, my dad refused to take me to a hospital, now I know why, and one night I don't know what happened I began shaking and the next thing I knew I was on four legs, everything was bigger, when I tried to speak I did everything but that; I growled, I howled and if you ask dad, he swears I barked too." Bella giggled. "By the time I was calmer, Sam was at my house and with my dad, he tried to explain what was happening to me. Let's see, I spent four days in wolf form until I was calm enough to become myself again. Mom put a dog dish on the yard with food, and another one with water. They had my name engraved! I was so amused by it that it helped me relax. So, mom and dad know and they tried to make it easier on me."

Bella was laughing with his story. "It is nice that you have them to support you. I really like how your mom kept you fed. "Jared laughed, it was pretty funny now. "I like that you told me, but I have the feeling that it is some sort of secret. So, why tell me?" Jacob had told her something similar. That it was sort of a secret.

Jared opened his eyes wider in surprise. He must keep in mind from now on that she was very observant. "You're right, it is a secret, and there is another story about the wolves that I haven't told you. We don't know exactly when it began or how it did, but we do know that we have something called imprinting, it means something like finding your soul mate. The wolf sees her in the eyes and imprints on her. She becomes everything to the wolf and the man. The wolf will be whatever the imprint wants him to be. A friend, a protector. But in the end, as the wolf and the imprint spend more time together they fall in love with each other. The wolf kind of loves the imprint right away, but the man, or boy, needs to know the girl to love her, he likes her but doesn't love her right away." Bella nodded taking in that information.

"The other day" He continued, " When Billy asked me to come to your house to give the keys to your dad, it was because he knew I would imprint, but didn't know for certain that you would be the girl. Call it wishful thinking, future-seeing, or whatever you want, but he kind of knew or suspected you would be her. So, when your boyfriend left, and I saw your eyes, I imprinted on you. I didn't tell you anything at that moment because, well, your dad was coming soon, and I needed to clear my head and stop panicking. "They both smiled. "And well, I told you now because I wanted to and because I had to. I like you Bella, I liked spending time with you, and helping you cook, or well, I liked that you pretended I did something." Bella laughed. He really wasn't very coordinated in the kitchen. Perhaps it was the nerves he was telling her about, or being at a stranger's kitchen. "I really would like to know you better, but as I said, I am and will be whatever you want. You have a boyfriend, a vampire nonetheless. "Bella stopped laughing and looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights " Yeah, I suspected you knew when you heard about the cold ones. You didn't seem surprised." He shrugged. That might explain why was she so calm about the wolves news.

The imprint story, however beautiful, was a little overwhelming. It was romantic, and mystic and amazing and scary and breathtaking and too much. She felt like she needed a bag to breathe in, or to be alone to finally freak out. How in the hell will she handle being an imprint. She knew what it meant, but what does it really means? Should she say something? Behave some way? What in the hell was she supposed to do?

"I'm freaking out," she whispered, her eyes watering unconsciously.

In an instinctive move to comfort his imprint, Jared took Bella's face between his big hands, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs in a sweet pattern. He tried once more to explain the imprint thing, he remembered how Sam thought of Leah, and how she acted, she knew about the wolves because she was born in it, but he tried anyway to explain it form Sam's point of view. "I don't know what to do. What should I do?"

He released her face and she missed the warmth. "Be yourself. You shouldn't do anything differently just because I imprinted on you" You should break up with the leech, he thought to himself. "You don't have to be different. I know it's a lot to take in. Just be yourself. I meant it when I said I would be whatever you needed me to be."

"I'm confused as hell. I mean, I like you too, I really do. And I would really like to know you better too, and this wolf thing is crazy, but I can handle it, and I want to know more about the legends, and the imprinting but I think that the more info you give me the more confuse I'll be. Just let me process things slowly." She blurted everything out basically without any pause.

"I can work with that". He smiled. Then remembered something, or someone. "What about the leech?"


Jared laughed. "We call the Cullens leeches, don't ask why. I was referring to your boyfriend. What about him? I know you want to work things out, but much to my utter dismay, he is important in this."

"I broke up with him yesterday."She confessed. She looked a little sad about it.

He squeezed her hand in silent comfort. "Sorry. How are you?"

"Surprisingly, after I broke up with him I felt lighter, better, happier. I wasn't exactly happy with him, but I liked him and was fond of him, therefore I was delaying the inevitable. But after I spent dinner with you and dad laughing and joking I realized I needed to be honest, with both of us, him and myself." Jared didn't know what to say. His wolf was utterly happy about the fact that she was single, and theirs, and that he had been the reason she had broken up with the leech.

"I know it is going to sound selfish and it will make me look like a douche, but there's a part of me that's happy that you're not together, but I can see that even if you weren't happy, you're sad for the breakup."

Bella smiled sadly. "When I figured out what he was and confronted him, I thought that we could be forever together, I wanted it, but the more I was with him, the more I suspected that we weren't made to be together. There's a part of me that will always remember him. He was romantic, and sweet with me. He took the break up the best way you can take it when someone breaks your heart, and I hate that I made him suffer, he doesn't deserve it, he is a good person, and has good feelings." But he's not you, she thought. Even after two days of knowing him, she could say that much. She didn't like comparisons, but she had connected more with Jared in two days than with Edward in two weeks. She told him everything she told Angela the night they met when she made the decision to break up with Edward. She felt better letting everything out, and telling Jared everything. He couldn't stop himself when he hugged her. She leaned into the embrace, enjoying the comfort he was silently offering.

He was very opened in his displays of affection. She enjoyed that very much. It made her stomach flutter and it made her smile despite the seriousness of the conversation.

"I know you might not be ready for anything more, but would you consider going on a date with me? Maybe dinner and a movie?" Bella didn't raise her head but nodded.

"I would like that. When?" Why delay anything? She wanted to explore whatever they were feeling.

"Whenever you want. How about next Friday?"

"Next Friday's good." Jared smiled. They stayed like that for a few hours, talking about everything, Jared told her more about his parents and his life, he explained that he, Sam and Paul did something called patrolling, which was walking around the Rez and checking everything was as it should be. They had shifts to patrol. Sam was taking a year off community college to work on the Rez and with the pack. They took turns every few hours, as well as with the night patrols. He told her the three of them were very close, and that they were keeping an eye on Embry and Jacob since they were showing signs of phasing soon. Bella couldn't picture the happy Jacob as an angry boy.

Bella told him about herself, her life with Renee, her summers with Charlie, and making mud pies with Jacob and his sisters. She told him about her plans for college, her plans for life, and told him about her childhood of ballet lessons. They both learned a lot about each other, but it wasn't nearly enough for both of them, only time would ensure that.

Around one a.m, they called it a night and return to the bonfire, realising that the only ones left were Paul and Angela (who were speaking and laughing) and Sam with his girlfriend and imprint Leah. Jared introduced Bella to his brothers and Leah. The girls seemed to like each other which was great. Leah was a nice girl and now she wouldn't be the only girl.

On the way to the car, Jared picked up a yellow flower from the grass and handed it to Bella, smiling cheekily. "It's not a rose, but the offer is the same. Let's be friends until next Friday. Then we will see what happens." He offered.

Bella laughed and took the small flower. If she kissed him right now, they would still be friends. With some benefits, but friends nonetheless. Right? She shook her head. He was making an effort to behave, she could do it too. But damn if she didn't want to kiss him badly.

The weekend went off with the blink of an eye, the same with the week. It was Wednesday and Mr Banner was absent from class, so the students had the hour off. Bella went to the schoolyard to text with Jared and enjoy the sunny day. They had spent many hours texting and some more speaking over the phone. She had to bite her lip to stop a scream when she read the text she got.

Apparently I wasn't the only one to imprint last week. Paul imprinted on Angela, could you believe that? He is virtually unrecognisable. In fact he is demanding to know about her right now. By the way, shouldn't you be in class right now?

Angela told me something about it. She is in art history right now, I was in bio, but my teacher didn't come. Shouldn't you be in class too?

Day off by teacher's meeting. I have patrol in ten minutes. Had to switch with Sam. I'll call you when I'm done here.

Bella opened the book she had taken from her locker and continue reading it to waste some time until next class came. But she couldn't concentrate on her reading, this past three days had been sunny days which meant she haven't seen Edward or any of the Cullen siblings since Friday, and she was a little nervous thinking about their next encounter. She really wished all the happiness for Edward, because he deserved it. The fact that she didn't enjoy the same subjects as often as him, didn't mean that no one would, or that she wouldn't enjoy them more one day as a hobby. She wished for him the perfect woman, someone who enjoys talking about religion and souls and metaphysics, a woman who could teach him not to take himself too seriously. She hoped he finds her, human or vampire.

A lot changed from the original story, but I wanted it to go slower than the first time. I added a lot of things, and corrected my verbal tenses. I am so sorry for the horrors that were written before. I wasn't as experienced with writing in English as I am now.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Stay home and stay safe!