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An unexpected change of events

Chapter 2: Giving it a chance.

Angela found Bella at the lunch line. She was all smiles and blushed cheeks.

"You're cheery." Bella noticed smiling amusedly at her friend's state.

Angela nodded. "Paul asked me out" They had been talking since the bonfire, surprisingly, Angela took the imprint news way better than she had expected. She hadn't freaked out as Bella had. She hadn't spoken with Paul more than a few pleasantries, but Jared spoke highly of his brothers.

"I'm happy for you. Is it a date date?"

Angela frowned confused while grabbing an apple. "What is the difference between a date and a date date?"

Bella shrugged and grabbed a chocolate dessert. "I don't know. Jared and I are going out on Friday, and I don't know if it's a date or a date date."

"I still don't see the difference."

"He said we could be friends until Friday, and then see what happens from then on." She confessed.

They sat at an empty table, just the two of them. They preferred it that way.

Angela started eating but she seemed pensive. She spoke after a few minutes. "I think you're having a friend's date. And I think I'll be having a date date"

Bella thought about it and had to agree.

"Do you like him, though? Jared?" Bella choked on her drink. "I'll take that as a yes."

"I do like him. A lot." Then it was Bella's turn to be giddy and all smiles.

"I say you kiss him on Friday if he doesn't make the move." Bella blushed remembering her desire to kiss him on the beach after he told her he liked her. "Why are you blushing like that? Spill"

"The day of the bonfire we were talking alone way down the beach, and he kept touching my face, or my arms, or taking my hands in his. And I really wanted to kiss him." Bella laughed. Angela squealed lowly on her seat making Bella laugh harder. She enjoyed this part of being a teenager.

"I've never seen you like this before. Well, I don't know you from that long. But you didn't have this giddy expression over Edward." She commented, sad to put a damp on Bella's good humour.

She sighed. "I know. It didn't feel like this." She pondered about it. Bella smiled again. "I've known Jared for over a week, and it's already exciting. I'm so excited for this friend's date or date date or whatever." Angela laughed.

"I feel the same about Paul. He's a little hothead, but I like it." She winked and Bella laughed.




On Friday morning everything was normal, Bella woke up as she always did, had breakfast with Charlie and changed for school with enough time.

The clouds were back and so was the rain, which meant the Cullens would be at school today if they hadn't taken the entire week. That made her nervous, not because she was afraid of them or anything, she was just being paranoid, right? After all, couples break up every day. Once she was ready to leave for school she got inside her truck, but apparently her beloved beast wouldn't cooperate with her normal-as-always-day. She sighed and called Jared, he was the first one she thought of.

"Hey, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call this early?"

"My beast won't start, I know nothing about cars and if I call a tail truck I won't be able to get in time for school."

"Sorry to hear that. Do you want me to pick you up? School starts later today." Bella smiled, every time he wanted to do something for her, he asked her if it was ok with her, it was sweet. She liked him more and more every day, she wasn't in love with him yet, but she could see herself falling hard for him.

"If it's no trouble for you. I'll wait."Lucky for her she still had an hour to get to school. In this past week, she spent one day at Sam's place, and she got to meet the pack as a group. They were pretty laid back guys. Leah was really nice as well, and they both laughed when she welcomed her to the pack. She said they spent a lot of time at their place because Sam was the Alpha and she liked to cook. They ate a lot. Bella thought she was exaggerating.

Three knocks on her window brought her back to earth. She jumped down her truck to greet Jared with a hug. "Thank you for coming" He hugged her back, happy for her outburst. It gave him an excuse to touch her. "I'm not getting you in trouble with school right?"

He shook his head. "They're very relaxed with the senior year. We're about to graduate, so they basically just care that we hand in every assignment." He shrugged.

"That's cool. I would really want to stay here and talk but I'm not a senior and they do care that I show up." He laughed and guided her towards his car.

"Give me your keys. I can look at your truck this afternoon." Bella nodded and dropped the keys on his hands. He had told her he loved cars and wanted to do something with them as a career.

They talked about this and that on the way to her school. When they arrived she still had about half an hour until the bell rang.

"Can I ask you a question?"Bella nodded.

"Why did you call me and not Angela to pick you up?"

"Honestly?" He nodded, despite knowing it was a rhetorical question. "I'm nervous and paranoid. I broke up with Edward last week and haven't seen him since then, I'm just a little nervous about seeing him again knowing what I know now." Sam nodded. Technically, Bella didn't know anything new (apart of the whole wolf-thing), but she was more aware of everything and she was still kind of processing everything, so the Cullens presence made it a little more...strange.

"I don't understand why you would be nervous, but I learned my lesson not long ago not to question a woman."Bella laughed, distracted by that comment.

"That is a story I want to know" Jared shook his head laughing.

"You'll have to ask Leah about it." He unbuckled his seatbelt and grabbed Bella's hands on his. "What can I do to make you feel better?"

She shook her head. "I don't know. I'm just very nervous."

He nodded and leaned towards her, capturing her mouth on his. She was surprised and jumped back instinctively. He frowned feeling dejected. "Did I misread us?"

"God no! You took me by surprise." She shook her head feeling stupid.

"So, If I were to kiss you again..." He left the sentence open and she laughed leaning over and imitating the kiss this time. They kissed chastely for a few minutes, not wanting to make a scene in the school parking lot.

"You do really know how to make a girl forget her nerves." He laughed and pecked her lips. "Does this mean the friend thing is off the table?" She pondered hoping he'd say yes.

"Only if it means you're my girlfriend." She nodded and was about to say something else when the bell rang. "Get in there. I'll see you this afternoon." She pecked him on the lips one more time and exit the car smiling.

Angela caught her by her locker. "That's not your car." She commented with a sneaky smile.

"Jared rode me here."

"And you'll ride him tonight." Angela laughed at Bella's scandalised face.

"I am not answering that." They both went different ways and agreed to meet at lunch.

When she entered Bio's classroom she saw Edward sitting on their bench. She inhaled and exhaled trying to calm herself. She sat greeting him politely while taking her phone out to check on her messages. She had one from Jared, it was from this morning after she left the car. She answered him quickly and then put it back on her pocket seeing that Mr. Banner was entering the room. She let herself daydream about how everything would go tonight, she was excited. Especially now that they already kissed.

"The guy that brought you today in his car...was he your boyfriend?" Edward's whispered question caught her off guard.

"He is" She answered simply. He was about to retort when Mr. Banner began with the class.

After the last class, she was finally done with school for the day and was finally able to kidnap Angela, who would help her find the perfect outfit for this night. Bella wasn't too girly and generally didn't fuss over clothes, if she liked them, it fits her and looks good she had it, but she wanted to look good tonight and since Angela had somehow the same style like her, she would be a great help.

After a few hours of trying clothes, they decided that simple but nice was enough, since they wouldn't be going to an elegant restaurant (nor did she wanted to) and they were going to the movies afterwards. So, since simple was the best option they decided that white skinny jeans, a royal blue long-sleeved shirt, her spring jacket and black boots that only cover up to her ankles.

"You look great."Bella smiled."You know, you don't have to keep waiting, I know you like him a lot, and he likes you a lot too. If the time feels right, kiss him" Bella laughed. She had forgotten to tell her friend that they kissed that morning when he drove her to school.

"We kissed this morning." Angela opened her mouth in surprise.

"How could you not tell me that?"

"I forgot" She shrugged.

"All joking aside; everyone can see that you've been happier this last week than you've been since you moved. He seems like a great guy. Who says you have to go to a certain pace. Just because I wasn't a virgin and Paul and I already saw each other naked, doesn't mean you should or shouldn't. Just do what feels right"

"Jared told me I could refuse the imprint, but I don't want to. It's just...and this is completely ridiculous...he is this sweet, funny guy..."

"Bella."Angela interrupted "He is not Edward. He won't make you unhappy. Though I really don't know that family the way you do, it is obvious that you weren't entirely comfortable. Seeing you with Jared, is something completely different. You're natural, he's natural. Your "Relationship" is natural. You're this entirely different person. I like it." Bella thanked her and hugged her.

"I really want everything with him, which is kind of scary and feels a bit fast, but it's also..." She stopped looking for the right word.

"Exhilarating?" Bella nodded. "It is. Wait until you two have sex." Bella laughed. Despite Angela's bluntness, she was right.

Later, Angela left making Bella promise to call her tomorrow and tell her all the dirty secrets.

Bella's phone rang with an incoming text. She ran to it thinking it was Jared but it was from an unknown number.

It's Leah. These three are like old ladies with gossips. They were gossiping all day long. Your hot date is on his way. I want details tomorrow. Have fun!.

Bella laughed and just waited for her hot date to arrive.

The date went awesome. They ate the best sushi they have ever tasted and then went to see a comedy, deciding that a romantic movie for a first date was forcing things too much, even though they had already kissed and decided to pursue a relationship. She didn't regret it, the movie was pretty good. Jared was amused at how much Bella laughed, she found the fun in the littlest things. He laughed too, but Bella was almost crying with laughter. After the movies, Bella wasn't ready for this amazing date to end, so they decided to go for ice cream. There, Bella found out that he could have eaten the entire lemon-pie she had made last week for that bonfire. She considered herself warned for future occasions. It would be fun to cook that amount of food.

"I can't believe you just ate two banana splits and the biggest milkshake they have." Bella said impressed.

Jared shrugged. "I could eat more, but I didn't want to look like a pig. Those milkshakes are heaven."

"Jared, those milkshakes are supposed to be for two people!" she implied impressed.

"Bella you'll get used to us eating everything on our path." he retorted with a mock hurt look on his face.

The whole way back to Bella's house was made in comfortable silence, with their hands joined. Bella had a peaceful smile on her face. Jared and his wolf were on cloud nine. His expectations were being fulfilled, he had taken one step forward today. Leah had him not to force her, to let everything flow naturally, so that's what he did, until she called him this morning. He couldn't say no to her.

Much too soon for his liking he parked on Bella's driveway. They climbed down from the car and stood on the porch. He wanted to kiss her again. Damn! he wanted to do a lot more than that, but those thoughts were to stay on his fantasies until he could make them real. Bella put him out of his misery by standing on her toes and kissing him, deeper than that kiss they'd shared this morning. They kissed for a few minutes, it was a sweet kiss, with a hint of passion, and a bit of something they couldn't put a name on. Angela was right, it did feel right.

Jared had to break the kiss because he started feeling a situation down his pants, he didn't want Bella to notice it, not yet, anyway. But she had noticed but decided not to comment on it. "Do you want to hang out tomorrow at the rez?"

"I would like that. But don't you have to patrol?"

"I have, but it's not all day. I'll call you in the morning when I'm done with my first shift." Bella nodded. Jared turned when he heard in the distance the unmistakable sound of the Chief's cruise. Minutes later Charlie was walking to them. He greeted Jared with a handshake and gave Bella a soft pat on her shoulder telling her not to come in too late. Jared took that as his cue to leave.

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