So, this is my first ever short story, very very short I know, but there will be more to follow. I do not own any of the characters but I do own a great imagination. Hope yous enjoy and please be nice, I have not published before. I guess I just want to be more involved in the awesomeness of Oncers!


Christmas sing along
As Regina opened the front door of the mansion she was instantly hit by loud music coming from the kitchen. Apart from Michael Buble's voice she could also hear Emma, singing along and completely off key at that. Knowing that the woman wouldn't have heard her coming home, Regina walked to the kitchen and stared at an unknowing, dancing Emma. It must have been at least a full minute before Emma jumped at the sight of Regina leaning against the kitchen wall. 'Oh don't stop now Dear,' Regina said and smirked at the blushing blonde. Regina started to take her gloves off and placed them on the countertop while Emma turned down the music. 'How long have you been there?' Emma asked, still slightly embarressed. The brunette loved it when Emma blushed. 'Long enough,' she answered and sat down at the bar. 'Long day at the office? You must be in need of coffee.' Emma already started making said coffee as Regina kept following her actions with a quiet gaze. After the hot cup was placed before her she let a deep sigh leave her lips. 'Your singing has definitely made my day, or was it maybe those dance moves..?' Regina said jokingly and Emma let out a chuckle too this time. She winked at the brunette and took her hand. 'Just for you, babe.' Emma leaned in and pecked Regina on the lips before returning to the stove. 'Well, if it was for me, maybe next time choose a better artist to sing along to?' Emma pretended to be hurt and shouted with fake emotion 'not the Buble! He basically IS Christmas!' Regina rolled her eyes but her lips curled into a smile. 'It's a good thing you are so adorable at times, Miss Swan, otherwise you could just spend Christmas at your parents house instead.' Emma threw a teatowel at her wife and they both ended up laughing.

That night, after all the lights had been turned off apart from the bedroom, Emma sat on the bed watching some late night tv while Regina had a shower. She still didn't get why anyone would have a shower before bed, only to have another one when waking the next day. But, if that was what kept Regina so.. well.. amazing, then so be it. As she turned down the loud tv she heard singing coming from the bathroom. The tv got turned off as Emma silently walked over to the door of the bathroom, opening it just a tiny bit to hear Regina's voice.

'So please just fall in love with me, this Christmas...mhhh mhmhmhhh.. this Christmas.. Won't be wrapped under the tree, I want something that lasts forever. So kiss me on this cold December night...'

Emma couldn't contain her laughter as she opened the bathroom door and faced a now annoyed but also caught Regina. 'Well look who's into Buble now..' Emma kept laughing and eventually Regina also cracked a smile. 'Ok. So maybe he's not too bad. But only because it's almost Christmas.' They giggled for a bit longer until Emma turned to leave. 'Where do you think you are going?' Regina called out and extended her arm out towards her love.

'I'm here, I'm yours..'