Domestic Goddess

'You work too hard, dear,' Regina said to Emma as they walked out of the sherrifs station. The day was finally done and all that was left was a quick trip to the supermarket before home. Usually Regina wouldn't want anything to do with the supermarket, once a Queen, always a Queen. But Emma had begged for Regina to come along and pick out some snacks for the cosy night in with Henry. Regina had laughed at the mention of snacks but agreed anyway to maybe do some damage control. On the way to the shop Regina caught Emma yawning, once again confirming that Emma did truly work too hard. They reached the supermarket in minutes but Regina pulled Emma aside just before entering. 'How about you go and wait in the car while I get the shopping. I won't be long.' Emma raised her eyebrows at the mayors suggestion. For some reason thinking of Regina in the supermarket by herself was hillarious and she tried to hide an upcoming smirk. 'I know what you are thinking, but don't mock me, Mrs Mills,' she said to a now smiling Emma and pulled her into a tight hug. 'Tonight, you are going to relax and I will take care of everything.' Emma kissed her beautiful wife and nodded. 'Ok, but don't forget the chips please, or the root beer.' The blonde gave Regina her best puppydog eyes, then pulled out of her wife's embrace and left to go wait in the car.

'Right, let's get this over with,' the mayor thought to herself and walked into the shop. She picked up a basket and looked for the chips that Emma asked for, plus some other things. Waffles and ice cream that Henry loved so much, butter, eggs, root beer and finally, for herself, some chocolate. If everyone was going to eat badly, she might as well give in for one night. As she reached the check out the lady behind the counter gave her a big smile. 'Nice to see you here, Mrs Mayor.' Regina just nodded and tried on a smile herself. 'Having a party?' the lady asked and Regina wondered why she wouldn't just mind her own business. 'No, just taking care of my family.' She handed the lady the money and picked up her bags. 'Good day.' Outside, Regina took a deep breath and started walking. Why anyone liked shopping she would never understand.
When she reached the car and dropped the bags on the backseat Emma just smiled at her warmly. 'You look so domestic, and sexy,' she dared to say and Regina quirked up her eyebrow. 'Thank you, I guess. You're just lucky to have such a fantastic wife.' She winked and started the car.

'Why don't you go and have a shower, and I'll take care of everything,' Regina said as she placed her keys on the counter. She took her wife's jacket and pecked her on the cheek. 'Hurry or I might feel tempted to join you,' she added and Emma gave her a seductive smile. 'That sounds like a plan, babe.' She pulled Regina in her arms and kissed her. 'Henry will be here soon, it might not be good for our son to see all the things I want to do to you..' Regina whispered against the blonde's ear and Emma shivered. With a pout Emma agreed. 'I'll be quick then, I definitely want more of those kisses, and root beer. Did you get the root beer?' Regina shook her head and laughed. 'Of course dear.'

While Emma ran upstairs to get ready, Regina took her coat off and put it away neatly. She knew Emma loved her home baked goods so that's what she would suprise her with. She placed the bags on the kitchen counter and started taking everything out. The chips would be emptied into bowls later, the ice cream needed to go in the freezer and the waffles could be hidden for now. The butter and eggs were left, ready for some baking. From the cupboards she retreived the rest of the needed ingredients and placed them all together in front of her. All that was left was her apron. Now where did she put it..? Time was running out and she needed to get baking so she started without it. Surely she could bake without getting her black dress covered in flour. Before long she had her dough chilling in the fridge. She could still hear the shower running, luckily Emma was a proud water waster so she probably had another half hour or so. Hearing the front door open she turned and walked to the hall where she greeted Henry. He walked towards her for a hug but on seeing her outfit he stopped in his tracks. 'Mom, what the heck has happened to you?' Henry said and tried not to laugh. Regina hadn't noticed her black dress being covered in white stripes. 'First of all, please don't say heck, you are not your mother, and second, I am baking, so don't laugh or you're not getting any cookies young man!' She tried to pat the flour of her dress but it only added handprints to the already stained piece. Henry laughed and quickly moved back as his mom slowly aproached him with arms stretched out. 'Come on then, give me a hug.' Her eyes were shining with mischief and he backed away further until he sprinted around her and up the stairs. 'Sorry mom, maybe later!' Regina returned to the kitchen and took the dough out of the fridge. While she started rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes, Emma came down the stairs and walked up to her wife. 'You ok? I heard you had an accident..' Regina turned around smiled. 'Nothing a change of wardrobe can't fix,' she said and Emma laughed seeing her wife all covered in white. 'White does suit you, babe, even if it's unintentional.' She reached out her head to kiss her wife, but only at a distance. 'I would hug you, but I just got myself sorted you see.' She smiled sheepishly and Regina sighed. 'Not you as well! Henry also didn't want a hug, so strange.. And here I am baking my heart and soul into these cookies. I guess I will just eat them all myself..' Emma's eyes lit up and peeked around Regina. The pieces of leftover dough still on the counter. 'My favourite! You really are the best, babe!' Regina took the tray of cookies and placed them into the oven. While her eyes were averted Emma quickly snatched a few pieces of dough and threw them in her mouth. Of course nothing went past Regina. 'Yes, definitely eating them all by myself tonight..' She winked at the blonde and pecked her on the lips. 'Can I trust you with the oven for a little while? It should only be another 10 minutes and then the cookies need to come out and cool. Please don't eat them before I get back!' Emma smiled at her wife and nodded. 'I shall certainly try my best,' she lied and Regina stuck her tongue out. 'I will know, I counted!'
Quickly Regina headed up the stairs. Emma was wearing sweatpants and a cosy jumper, so maybe she should aim for a similar comfortable outfit. Did she even own any comfortable clothes? Walking into her closet she searched through her drawers, eventually deciding on pjs as those were her only comfortable option. She took them into the bathroom and pulled off her stained dress, placing them in the washing basket. A quick shower and some soft pjs did the trick. Regina felt as comfortable as possible and turned off the light to go downstairs. While she had been away, mother and son had placed the chips in a big bowl, plated up the still warm cookies and opened some of the rootbeers. The tv was already on when Regina walked into the now cosy looking livingroom. How they made it look so inviting, she did not know. The previously cold looking space now looked warm and homely. Emma had definitely made it a home. Henry and Emma already sat on the sofas, both covered in blankets. With one arm outstretched Emma called her wife over and Regina joined them quickly, sitting down next to Emma. The movie started and the lights went off.

Halfway during the movie Regina reached for the cookies and dangled one in front of Emma's mouth. Without hesitation Emma bit into it and Regina let her eyes linger on those soft lips with cookie crumbs all over them. Then, Henry scraped his throat and sat up. 'Is it finished yet?' He rubbed his eyes and yawned. 'This movie is boring. I think I'll go upstairs and read some before bed. Night!' And with that Henry left the room. Emma looked at Regina and snickered. 'Are we actually boring parents now? I thought the chips and ice cream and sodas would do the trick, but I guess we've lost him.' Regina laughed. 'Dear, he's a teenager, stuck with his two moms, watching a film. Books sound like the better option because we are not part of it.' Emma pouted and Regina gazed at her wife's lips again. 'At least..I get to do this now..' Regina whispered and leaned in for a kiss. She still tasted sweet like the cookies. 'I love you, my Swan,' Regina sighed and Emma pulled her wife closer under the blanket. 'I love you too, my domestic goddess.' Before Regina could protest Emma had already pressed her lips against her wife's.