Christmas presents

'Kid! Come help me quickly,' Emma shouted up the stairs to her son. The blonde was jogging through the mansion, searching for Reginas' hidden christmas presents. Emma didn't have much patience, and christmas was only a day away. Surely Regina wouldn't mind her having a quick peek.. Henry came down the stairs with a grin. 'You'll never find them, you know. Mom is excellent at hiding things, especially from us.' Emma nodded but continued her search anyway. 'Well, she's gone for another ten minutes so I might as well keep trying,' Emma said while opening some drawers in the sitting room. Henry followed his ma but didn't help. Instead he sat down on the big sofa and turned on the tv. 'Great help you are, kid,' Emma snarked jokingly and Henry stuck out his tongue. 'I know mom, and I know she won't be impressed if she saw the presents unwrapped before Christmas.' Emma sighed and fell down on the sofa next to the boy. 'You might be right. I just don't like surprises.' Henry kept flicking through channels while Emma just blankly stared at the screen until she heard the front door open. 'I'm back,' Regina said cheerfully as she walked into the sitting room. 'What have you been up to?' Emma just greeted her wife but it was Henry who sold her out. 'Ma was searching for her presents.' Emma gave her son an evil glare but he just shrugged and smiled unapologetic. Regina tutted and smiled at her son. 'Did she now. Well well, sherrif, it looks as if you are caught.' Henry quickly hugged his mom and ran out of the room and up the stairs. Regina turned to Emma and laughed. 'Don't you know that I'm an expert, dear. Living with Henry all those years has given me many skills.' Emma nodded at her wife and couldn't help but smile mischievously. 'I'm sorry. I guess I can wait one more night.' Regina knew that was a lie but hugged Emma tightly. 'You are such a kid, and I love that about you. Now go and be good, I could use a glass of wine.' Emma giggled and kissed her wife on the lips. 'Sure thing, your Majesty,' Emma joked and only just avoided getting a play punch to the arm.

As it was christmas eve, they had a wonderful family dinner, just the three of them. Regina had spent hours in the kitchen trying to cook them the perfect meal, while Emma had kept her company and tried her best to help with the cutting and preparing, not that Regina needed her to. Henry had sat at the bar for most of it, watching his moms busying themselves, but also set up the table before dinner was served. When all the pots had been placed on the awaiting table, they sat down and looked over the feast in front of them. Regina filled their glasses with cider, and because it was a special occasion, Henry had some too. 'Merry christmas, another one shared with the family I love.' Regina toasted with her glass held up. Emma and Henry held up theirs too before taking a sip. 'Let's eat before it gets cold!' Emma said while putting her glass down and picking up her plate to start filling it up. 'Yes dear,' Regina smiled and helped serve the food.
After dinner was finished and the table was once again clean, Henry excused himself to his room. 'I wonder if Henry will invite Violet next year, how adorable would that be?' Emma said to Regina, who's eyes popped wide open. 'Maybe he's still a bit too young to think of that dear,' she answered but Emma shook her head. 'They have been together for a while now, and I'm sure in your kingdom they would have been engaged by now, even at this age.' Emma giggled and knew she had a point there. Regina purposely ignored her wife who liked to joke around with her motherly feelings. 'Well, I guess we shall have to wait and see next year,' was all Regina had to say. Emma took Regina's hand and pulled her to the sitting room, sitting them both down on the big, grey loveseat. Emma had the brunettes' legs draped over her own and stroked the soft, tanned skin. 'I don't know what presents you got me, but I do know that every christmas with you, and Henry, is the biggest gift I can ever get.' Regina smiled at her wife and pulled her closer for a kiss. With their arms around each other they sat there enjoying each other for a while. It was getting late but they weren't tired yet. 'I'll go say goodnight to Henry, meet you up there?' Regina said to Emma while getting up. Emma nodded but pulled Regina back onto her. 'With a squeel the Queen landed on her wifes' lap again. 'I love you, Regina,' Emma whispered against the womans' lips and kissed her hard. When Emma let go, Regina kissed her once more. 'I love you too, dear, always.' She got up and started walking. 'See you in 10 minutes?' Regina looked over her shoulder with a seductive smile playing on her lips. Emma shivered and nodded. Regina had left the room and Emma started on switching all the lights off. After walking through the whole bottom floor of the building she took her boots off in the hallway and started up the stairs. Henrys' light was still on so she knocked on the door and waited for him to let her in. After wishing him a good night and hugging him, she left the kids' room and entered the bedroom. Regina was still in the bathroom so Emma started taking her clothes off, getting ready for those corny christmas pjs. As the blonde put her trousers and shirt neatly folded on the chair next to the bed she heard the bathroom door open. 'I guess you can have one early present,' Regina said with her silky regal voice and Emma turned around instantly. Her wife stood there in stockings, satin bodice and a black bow wrapped around her body as if she just won Mrs Sexiest-Woman-On-The-Planet-Award. Emmas' jaw dropped and she forgot all about her pjs, walking over to her Queen. 'I see you got dressed for the occasion too,' Regina joked, looking at Emma's boyshorts and bra. Emma just stood there, still speechless, trying to word her excitement. 'Wow, Gina, you look.. perfect..' Regina blushed only a tiny bit and put her hands on her hips. 'Do you like your christmas present so far?' she purred. Emma nodded and stepped closer, taking in the gorgeous sight. 'Turn for me,' Emma said and the brunette slowly spinned around. As soon as Regina faced Emma again, she got pulled into a warm embrace. Their lips met and slowly, softly they melted together. When they pulled apart for air Emma took Reginas' hand and kissed it softly. 'I'm so lucky, I get to unwrap you tonight, and every other night for the rest of our lives. You are the greatest gift.' Regina cupped Emma's face in her hands and kissed the blonde hungrily. 'And you, Emma, are mine. Now don't you want to unwrap your gift?' Emmas' gaze went from love to desire as she stroked the black bow, tugging at the ends to undo it and it dropped on the floor without a noise. The bodice soon followed and Emma lifted her wife up in her arms, Regina's legs wrapped around the blondes' waist. Their lips met as they reached the bed and Emma placed her Queen back on her feet. 'Why don't you sit, dear,' Regina cooed and Emma obeyed. As she stared at her love, Regina started to take Emmas' bra off. The blonde shivered and helped discarding the piece of underwear. Regina remained on her lap and let her fingers wander down her body. Every second spent looking at her wife made her more excited, more impatient. Eagerly she pulled Regina closer and they fell back on the bed. 'No patience at all,' the Queen smirked. 'Happy christmas to me,' Emma whispered against her wifes' ear.