Happy December, FanFiction writers! Since it's the first day of the month that kicks off the holiday season, I thought I'd come up with a new holiday special, and this is what I've come up with for this year!

For this 2016 Christmas special, DK and Diddy decide to take a nice, relaxing, not-so-cold vacation on a dream-like tropical island, and plan to return home in time for the winter holidays. As you might expect in my Donkey Kong Country stories, there will be lots of fun ahead!

This will contain pretty much everything I can dream of putting in a DKxDiddy "family pairing" story. There will be plenty of "uncle/nephew" family love, monkeying around, journeying through unexplored jungles, family cuddling, tickling, some rather "babyish" Kong-flavored nonsense, and so much more!

NOTE: If you don't understand how DK and Diddy are familiar with this "dream-like tropical island" I mentioned above, I advise that you please read chapter 100 of "DK & Diddy: Brotherly Uncle x Nephew Moments" before reading this, unless you'd like a spoiler alert in order!

And so, without further ado, it's time to begin a much-needed Donkey Kong-style holiday!


Island Invitation and Preparations

It was the morning after Thanksgiving on Kongo Bongo. The Kongs had enjoyed a pleasant dinner set up in Cranky's cabin, and, needless to say, the bananas were enjoyable!

Diddy Kong's fourth Enthusia Professional Cup championship was still fresh on everyone's minds. The little monkey had impressively driven his Nissan Xanavi Nismo Skyline GT-R to his third Nürburgring Finale win on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, sealing his fourth Professional Cup title in the process. Diddy became just the fourth driver in Enthusia history to win four titles, joining the three great seven-time champions who still shared the all-time record. It still hadn't sunk in to anyone in the Kong family that Donkey Kong's little nephew and sidekick now ranked fourth on the all-time list of Enthusia champions!

DK was not only proud for his beloved nephew, but also because he finally earned his own championship ring, as Diddy's race engineer, in his first year in that position! DK had never been able to earn a championship in the four years he competed as a driver for Nissan in the nineties, but now he could finally get the credit he had deserved for so long, and the famous duo couldn't wait to share their glory with each other.

The Enthusia Awards Ceremony would be coming up in Tokyo, Japan in just a few weeks, and DK and Diddy were planning to take a nice, relaxing vacation to shake off the stresses of a grueling 21-race season that had spanned from February to November. Some of the Kongs offered to go with them, but DK and Diddy insisted that this should be a "Family Vacation for Two." The other Kongs agreed with their plan. Dixie was saddened at first, but Diddy reassured her that once he and DK returned, he would spend as much time with her as possible after Christmas. After all, training for the 2017 Enthusia season would begin just a few weeks after New Year's.

The duo's plan to begin their vacation was just a few days away. They would start their vacation wherever they planned to go, then attend the Enthusia Awards Ceremony in Tokyo, where Diddy would be expected to make a championship speech. After a few days in Tokyo, they would return to their vacation for another week until Christmastime arrived, after which they would return to Kongo Bongo and spend Christmas with their family. DK felt that this was the perfect way to treat Diddy to a glorious off-season by rewarding him for a job well done after their first season together. He simply couldn't wait to start playing with his beloved nephew in such cuddly and childish ways once their vacation began.

The skies were beautifully blue on this fine Friday morning, although temperatures were a little chilly, indicating that winter was not far away. DK and Diddy were on their living room couch, having just finished their banana-filled breakfast, and were pondering ideas about their upcoming vacation.

"Where do you think we should go, little buddy?" DK asked Diddy.

"I haven't the faintest idea, big buddy," the monkey responded.

"I know it must be hard for you, but I wanted to make it up to you, since you had such a great drive on the Nürburgring!" chuckled DK, making Diddy blush happily, "You're a champion again, and you're one of Enthusia's all-time greats now! You deserve to choose where we should go for our vacation."

"Aww, DK!" said Diddy.

"There are many places out in the world we could go to," continued DK, "It's okay if you don't have a decision right now, but we need to have our plans ready before November is over."

"I know, DK," sighed Diddy, still feeling empty-handed on ideas.

DK lifted his nephew onto his lap and hugged him tightly. The monkey responded by wrapping his arms around the ape's neck so they could nuzzle each others' faces.

"I'm glad I could win the championship with you by my side," said Diddy with one of his cute monkey smiles.

"I'm glad I could help you, little nephew," replied DK, "I'm much happier than ever to be your race engineer."

Diddy's smile grew bigger, and he kissed DK on the lips. The ape kissed the monkey's lips in return.

Just then, there was a knock on the front door. The two Kongs instantly broke off their hug, and Diddy jumped off DK's lap and ran on all fours towards the door. He quickly straightened his red "Nintendo" baseball cap and brushed off his arms and legs so that he could look as neat as he could for their visitor.

Then, the little simian opened the door, and on the porch stood Cranky, which he and DK found not very surprising.

"Still sinking in that championship glory?" the old codger commented.

Diddy simply chuckled.

"Anyways, I thought I'd inform you two that I've found a perfect plan for the vacation you've been planning," said Cranky.

DK and Diddy both widened their eyes with interest.

"Do you remember … two years ago … when you went to that mysterious island with somewhat magical capabilities that I can't understand … and found all those treasures?" asked Cranky.

DK and Diddy both looked at each other with amazement. They vividly remembered that fun-filled adventure from which they brought home so many treasures in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of their first heroic adventure.

"Well, judging from my senses, that island has invited you to enjoy a nice stay there," informed Cranky.

DK and Diddy were both delighted. They had dreamed of going to that mysterious island again ever since they journeyed there two years ago.

Then, a strange thought spiraled in Diddy's head.

"Wait a minute. How could you tell that the island was inviting us?" he questioned his great-grandfather.

"I do know a few legends about that island, but not much since I've never been there," replied Cranky, "I was on a flight with Funky because I had some errands to run outside Kongo Bongo. On our way back, we flew over that island, and a strange light was shining upwards from below. It gave me the sense that it was inviting the both of you to come over for a vacation."

Diddy felt rather dumbfounded. How could one light shining from the mysterious island be telling them that it wanted he and DK to take a vacation there?

"There are way too many unexplained phenomenons about that island," the simian commented.

"Like I said, you've been there once, but I haven't, so I can't really help you much about what hasn't been explained," said Cranky, "Anyways, since your vacation is just a few days away, I greatly consider checking that place out. It just might be the place."

With that, Cranky turned and climbed down the ladder, and he slowly walked back into the jungle.

Diddy closed the door and looked at DK. The two shared smiles as the thought of taking a vacation on their dream island was on the brink of coming true.

"DK, … I think I've finally made up my mind," said Diddy.

DK chuckled, "You wanna go back to that island, little buddy?"

"You bet, big buddy!" replied Diddy eccentrically.

"Alright, then!" said DK, "Let's get our things ready, and we'll take off first thing tomorrow morning!"

"Tomorrow!?" said Diddy as he could hardly contain his excitement any longer from the fact that they were getting a head start on their vacation by a few days, "OH BOY! OH BOY! THIS IS GONNA BE BANANALICIOUS!"

DK laughed at Diddy's made-up word and watched as his nephew jumped around like a toddler for several minutes.

"I'm so happy we're going a few days early!" the monkey shouted happily.

"Better to get a head start and take off as much time as we can so we can really enjoy ourselves … and each other!" said DK happily.

Diddy playfully jumped and wrapped his arms around DK's neck again, and the two hugged each other for several minutes as the ape walked around the living room and rocked his nephew like a baby.

"Ready to start packing our bags, little nephew?" asked DK.

"You bet, big uncle!" replied Diddy.

"Okay, little buddy. Let's start with the food. We're gonna need a lot of it, depending on how long we stay," said DK.

"I agree, big buddy," said Diddy.

DK set Diddy back down on his feet, and the monkey ran on all fours into the kitchen to gather some food for the trip, while DK walked into the bathroom to gather a few additional items.

The ape grabbed a few bottles of their fruity-scented shampoo and their toothbrushes so they could shower themselves and brush their teeth every morning and night they were away.

Then, feeling that this "vacation for two on a mysterious island" would be the perfect opportunity, and also having a bout of "nostalgia fever" that he hadn't informed his nephew about, DK put a smirk on his face and opened the drawer that contained spare diapers for the both of them that were there solely for emergency purposes, mainly if one of them accidentally drank Cranky's youth potion again. Because the potion was meant for elderly Kongs, whenever DK or Diddy drank the potion it would turn them into babies.

However, to DK, there was another reason why he often pulled Diddy's diapers out of the drawer below the sink …

DK had always admired how adorably cute Diddy looked in diapers. Whenever Diddy's belly had a diaper covering it, and his legs and feet were bare, he was an extremely-adorable looking monkey. Because of that, DK kept Diddy on diapers full-time until the monkey was seven! Nowadays, especially after their 2010 adventure against the Tikis, which involved Diddy riding on DK's back more than half of the time, and since Diddy's piggyback rides on DK brought back warm, fuzzy memories of Diddy's diaper years to both of them since Diddy especially loved riding on DK's back during his diaper years, DK still liked to put diapers on Diddy every now and then, even though Diddy would be greatly embarrassed by the idea since he was now a teenager. However, when DK had those "nostalgia fever" periods, as he called them, Diddy would sometimes find it enjoyable despite how much he had matured since he finally graduated from diapers at seven years of age, mainly because DK found ways to make it enjoyable for Diddy. Of course, sometimes Diddy would turn his back on DK when he wanted to put a diaper on him just for fun, because he didn't want to deal with potential embarrassment from the other Kongs. Needless to say, they only did this when they were alone, and since they were going to be alone for a few weeks straight without anyone to bother them, this vacation felt like the perfect opportunity for Diddy to be on diapers as long as possible without worrying about him being caught with a diaper on by someone other than DK or Tiddly, who was Diddy's pet bird and was fully aware of the whole story of Diddy's diaper years. They both knew that the consequences would be brutal for Diddy; he would likely become laughing stock all over again, and they didn't want that to happen.

DK looked through the bathroom's doorway to make sure that Diddy wasn't there. Sure enough, he wasn't. Assured that it was safe, DK grabbed two of Diddy's diaper packages and cleverly stuffed them into his giant custom-designed multipurpose backpack. He also grabbed two red long-sleeved shirts, both of which were Diddy's size. One of them had sleeves that joined together and looked as if they were knotted like a necktie. This particular shirt was one that Diddy would wear so that his arms became DK's necktie without his hands ever being visible. While wearing this, the monkey always stayed on DK's back in an adorable fashion. DK remembered the many times Diddy wore this shirt during his diaper years whenever he rode in his uncle's back during their early "family" adventures. The ape stuffed both shirts in with the diapers and shampoo, then he zipped up the large pocket containing them, and he sneaked his backpack into his bedroom so that Diddy would have no knowledge of his uncle's plan until after their vacation began.

Diddy, oblivious to what DK was doing, was in the kitchen, gathering up some fruit to put in the food compartment of DK's backpack. He picked fruits of all kinds to ensure that their vacation would have as many variable tastes as possible when lunchtime came everyday! The monkey was still smiling as he anticipated the start of a relaxing vacation with only his uncle by his side.

All of a sudden, he thought about his pet bird, Tiddly. He felt bad that he wasn't going to include his loyal bird friend in their vacation. He knew it would be saddening for Tiddly to not have him around for several weeks. He desperately tried to come up with a way to cheer up his adorable bird.

DK came into the kitchen at that moment and saw the sad look on his nephew's face.

"What's wrong, little buddy?" the ape asked worryingly.

"I feel bad about not bringing Tiddly along," said Diddy sadly.

DK sighed. He felt sorry for Diddy and his bird.

"I know, little buddy," the ape consoled, hugging his nephew around his back.

"He had the same reaction as Dixie when we told everyone that it was just going to be the two of us going away for a while," the monkey explained, "I wish I could do something to cheer him up."

"Well, we could take him over to Dixie's. She'd love to take care of him for a while," offered DK.

"I don't think that's a good idea," said Diddy, which shocked DK.

"Why not, little buddy?" asked DK.

"Tiddly and Crabby don't get along with each other very well," explained Diddy.

"Oh, … y-yeah," replied DK.

Although Diddy and Dixie were in such a loving romantic relationship, their pets surprisingly did not like each other, as Crabby would often attack Tiddly and scare him to no end until one of their owners intervened.

"Well, … how about Candy?" said DK.

Candy, DK's girlfriend, had just as much an affection for Tiddly as Dixie did, but still didn't compare to how much Diddy loved his precious pet. He was sure that Candy could do a good job at taking care of Tiddly.

"Maybe, I just might consider that," the monkey answered.

"You should, little buddy. Candy once took care of Tiddly during one of our Enthusia races. I'm sure she'd love to do it again," said DK.

The monkey smiled at his uncle, and the two picked up the fruit Diddy had gathered and stuffed it all into the food compartment of DK's backpack.

Then, while DK went to get some more food out of the kitchen, Diddy ran into his bedroom and saw his little Tiddly looking rather sad. The little bird was sitting on one of Diddy's pillows, which the monkey found adorable but saddening because of the bird's mood.

Diddy sat down on his bed and gently patted his pet bird on the back.

Tiddly looked up at his owner with a sad look on his face, which nearly made Diddy cry. He felt so guilty for not including his pet.

"I'm really sorry I can't include you, my cute little one," the monkey consoled.

Tiddly slowly flew over to Diddy and sat on his lap. The monkey immediately hugged his bird, and he responded by wrapping his wings around his best friend's neck.

The little bird then let out some chirps, which Diddy translated as, "I know you want it to be just the two of you after that long racing season you've been through. I just wish I could go, too."

"I know, little buddy," Diddy responded, "I'm so sorry, Tiddly. You'd have no idea how guilty I feel."

The bird looked up at Diddy and felt sorry for him.

"I wanted to bring you along, but we also wanted it to just be a vacation for two," explained Diddy.

"I know," chirped Tiddly with a sad sigh that triggered a few tears from Diddy's eyes.

DK walked into Diddy's room and found his nephew embracing his bird. He felt sorry for both of them.

"I feel sorry for you, too, Tiddly," said DK.

Tiddly exchanged a sad look with his owner's uncle and continued to hug Diddy.

"DK, … I know you want it to be a vacation for just the two of us, … b-but … -" Diddy said as he tried to choke back some sobs.

DK could sense where Diddy was going with this.

"Are you sure you want it to be just the two of us, little buddy?" the ape asked gently as he sat on the floor in front of his nephew.

Diddy pondered some thoughts. He knew this would be a difficult decision. If he was going to sacrifice his chances of it being just the two of them, the only exception they could make was Diddy's beloved pet. After all, Tiddly was quite as adventurous as they were, and he had gone with them on a few family adventures already.

Finally, the monkey sighed deeply and made his decision …

"DK, … I wanna bring Tiddly with us."

DK's eyes widened with amazement, while Tiddly gasped in excitement. The bird couldn't believe his sudden change in luck as Diddy had developed a change of heart about their "vacation for TWO" idea.

"You really wanna bring your pet with you?" asked DK.

"Yes," answered Diddy, "I think it should be a vacation for three! Two Kongs and a pet!"

Tiddly smiled at Diddy and hugged him tightly. DK smiled at him, too. He felt happy that his nephew could sacrifice their two-some idea just for his pet to not be so lonely and sad.

"I think you made a wise choice, little buddy," said DK happily, "It will be nice to have your cute little bird along."

"Oh, it will!" replied Diddy as he smiled at Tiddly.

"I'm so happy you're bringing me along!" chirped Tiddly excitedly, much to Diddy's happiness.

Still hugging Tiddly, Diddy jumped off his bed and landed on DK's lap, and the three engaged in a group hug that lasted for what felt like ages.

"You're such a strong-hearted little monkey, Diddy," commented DK, "I'm glad you could do this for your pet."

"Me, too," said Diddy.

Finally, the three disengaged, and Tiddly flew happily around Diddy's bedroom for several minutes, earning chuckles from both Kongs.

"I'm happy for Tiddly, too," said DK.

"I'm sorry it couldn't be just the two of us, big buddy, but I just didn't have the heart to leave poor Tiddly alone for a few weeks," Diddy apologized.

"It's okay, little buddy," said DK, "I'm sure that with Tiddly along, it'll be even more fun."

Diddy smiled. He felt very proud of himself.

"Come on, little nephew. Let's get some more food ready," said DK.

"Okay, big uncle," chuckled Diddy.

The two Kongs left the room and walked back into the kitchen, while Tiddly continued to fly around the room in celebration of the fact that he was being included after all.

A short while later, the two Kongs had finished packing their food, which included bird food now that Tiddly was going with them. Tiddly's bird food, however, was stuffed in Diddy's backpack instead of DK's.

"Okay, little buddy. We've got the shampoo, we've got our toothpaste, the toothbrushes, and the food," said DK as he formed a mental checklist in his head, "I think we still need to get our bed ready."

"Hehe!" giggled Diddy as he heard the word "bed."

Diddy remembered that they were only bringing one bed with them instead of two, because they had planned from the beginning that they would be sleeping together in cuddly family fashion every single night. DK especially couldn't wait for that to happen.

"Okay, big buddy. You get the bed ready, and I'll get our exploring gear," said Diddy.

The little monkey especially couldn't wait to go exploring aimlessly around the mysterious island with his uncle. Exploring was always a part of Kong life, especially for DK and Diddy, and their dream island was probably filled with many unseen places to explore, some of which they encountered during their adventure there back in 2014.

Within the next hour, DK had stuffed the bed's sheets and its inflatable mattress into his backpack, while Diddy gathered the exploring gear and stored it in his own backpack with Tiddly's bird food.

At long last, after several stressful hours of preparations, everything was ready for their vacation!

However, the two Kongs still decided to wait until tomorrow morning to depart Kongo Bongo, so immediately after they ate their dinner, they spent their final sunset on the island having some last-minute chats with all their Kong relatives and Animal Buddies.

Dixie was quite emotional when Diddy found her on the beach. She was still saddened that she couldn't join them, and Diddy once again felt guilty.

"I'm really sorry I can't bring you along, sweetie," the red-capped monkey said to his girlfriend.

"It's okay, sweetie," replied Dixie, "I understand you want it to just be the two of you."

"At least we still have Christmas," Diddy reassured her, "I promise that after DK and I return, I'll spend as much time with you as I can before Enthusia pre-season training starts up again."

Dixie smiled at her boyfriend and tried her best not to cry.

"I'm really gonna miss you, Dids," she said sadly.

"I'm really gonna miss you, too, Dix, … so, so much," Diddy sniffled, "You're very welcome to attend the Enthusia Awards Ceremony in Tokyo, as are the rest of my family … and yours."

"But won't you and DK be returning to your vacation spot after the ceremony?" Dixie recalled.

"Yeah," sighed Diddy, "But I promise, we're only gonna be gone for a few weeks, sweetie. We'll be back just in time for Christmas."

Dixie looked into Diddy's eyes and admired his handsome face. She could somehow sense how tired Diddy was after such a long season of racing. She could see the tiniest signs of fatigue on his face. It was just like reading him like a book.

"What?" chuckled Diddy as he noticed that Dixie was suddenly giggling.

"You look as if you really need that vacation, sweetie," commented Dixie, "I can tell. That Nürburgring Finale really took a toll on you, didn't it?"

Diddy blushed and let out a forced smile.

"Yeah," he replied, "I guess you could say that. Fifty laps on the Nordschleife can do things to people who aren't mentally prepared for it. I definitely got a lot of muscle stress after lifting the championship trophy."

"But look at you, Dids. You're one of Enthusia's four greatest all-time champions now!"

Those words made Diddy blush heavily. It still hadn't sunk in that he had become a legend of Enthusia lore at such a young age, … and he had done that all in just eight full seasons of competing in the series!

"And since you won with DK in your pit box as your race engineer, you both deserve a very relaxing off-season," added Dixie, "I don't want you to be so sad about leaving the rest of us here. You two should really enjoy yourselves."

Diddy's eyes leaked some tears mixed with happiness and sadness as he kissed his girlfriend's face and stroked her beautiful golden hair. Dixie returned the kiss on Diddy's lips, and the two engaged in a romantic hug.

"We're all gonna miss you, sweetie," said Dixie, "I know it sounds weird since you and DK are away most of the time racing."

"We're both gonna miss you all, too, sweetie," replied Diddy, "I wish I could bring you along to some of my races, but it just seems impossible. As much as the Nissan/Toyota Racing team have great respect for me and the whole Kong family, … and even though they treat me like I'm family to them, … they haven't supported the idea about bringing all of you along to each race. They told me that athletes perform worse than they normally do when in front of their families, … especially racers, ... and that it has been clinically proven."

"Wow," murmured Dixie in astonishment, "I had no idea."

"Yeah," replied Diddy, refusing to let go of Dixie.

"Well, … I just hope you and DK have a great time together and enjoy what your vacation has to offer," said Dixie, choking back some sobs.

"I'm sure it'll be fun," sniffled Diddy as he came close to crying, "I just wish we wouldn't make you feel so left out and lonely without me."

"Please don't worry about me, my love," said Dixie, "I still have my family to spend time with. We all have to get our house ready for the winter holidays, … and I might even have some quality time with Candy. We may always love each other more than anything else, … but we will always have other friends, too, … so that we're never alone."

Diddy smiled at Dixie's words and continued to hug her.

"I love you so much, Dix," he sobbed.

"I love you so much, too, Dids," Dixie replied.

At last, Diddy's floodgates opened, and he started crying while the two embraced each other. His eyes spilled tears down his reddened face and landed on Dixie's neck. Dixie felt sorry for Diddy, thinking that the tears were once again from the guilt of leaving her behind. However, when she saw that the end of Diddy's mouth that she could see was pointing upward, she knew right away that they were happy tears. He was happy to have heard his girlfriend say such heartwarming words, and that she would always love him even though the amount of time they were able to spend together lately had been so small.

"Aww, my sweetie," Dixie consoled her boyfriend.

"Oh, Dixie," wept Diddy.

Dixie kissed Diddy's cheek several times to get him to calm down. Once the monkey composed himself, he looked into his loved one's eyes again.

"We'll all be at the ceremony, … just for you, sweetie," said Dixie cutely.

"Aww, sweetie!" cried Diddy happily in such an adorable high-pitched voice.

"And we'll all be right here on Kongo Bongo when you and your uncle come back from your vacation," added Dixie.

Diddy let more tears pour down his cheeks as he and Dixie hugged each other as tightly as they could. They didn't want this moment to end. Diddy felt as if he was saying "goodbye" to a loved one for a period of what felt like ages, although it would only be for two weeks before the ceremony, then another week after the ceremony before they came home for Christmas.

The two lovers stood on the sand of the beach and let the sound of their breaths drown the sound of the calm waves of the ocean that was just a few yards away. They gazed up at the colorful skies above them from time to time as they hugged each other tightly. Every time they looked at each other, they smiled tearfully.

"We'll all be thinking about you," said Dixie, "I want you both to have a wonderful time. You and DK have such an unbreakable family relationship, and you should take that to full advantage during your vacation. Enjoy yourselves … and each other … as much as you can. You love him so much, and he loves you so much. You two mean so much to each other, … so cherish the family love that you and your uncle have for each other."

Diddy smiled widely and blushed madly.

"We will, sweetie," he said in a cute, quiet voice, "I love him as my uncle just as much as I love you as my beautiful sweetie."

"Aww, Dids," said a blushing Dixie.

Diddy simply kissed Dixie's lips and kept his ever-so-adorable monkey smile plastered on his ever-so-adorable face.

The two then shared some more romantic kisses for several more minutes before the skies turned a little darker than they were just a moment ago.

"I guess I'd better get going, Dix," sighed Diddy, knowing that DK would be waiting for him back home in their tree house.

"Me, too, Dids," replied Dixie, "By the way, when are you leaving?"

"First thing tomorrow morning," Diddy responded.

Dixie was surprised. She was sure that DK and Diddy wouldn't be leaving until Sunday.

"I thought you were going on Sunday," she said.

"Well, we made a decision on where we're going, and everything's packed up and ready to go, so we're leaving tomorrow morning right after breakfast," explained Diddy.

"I assume Funky will be flying you there?" guessed Dixie.

"Yep," chuckled Diddy, "How else could we get there?"

"You have a point there, sweetie," commented Dixie.

The two young monkeys laughed and kissed each other one more time.

"Well, … if we don't see each other tomorrow morning, … then I guess I'll see you at the ceremony," said Diddy as he turned and began to leave.

"Okay, sweetie. I'll see you then," called Dixie.

"Bye, Dixie! I love you!" Diddy called back as he approached the jungle.

"I love you, too, Diddy! Bye!" Dixie replied before Diddy turned his head back towards the jungle and disappeared from Dixie's sight.

In a matter of minutes, Diddy returned to his tree house home that he shared with DK, and he climbed up the ladder, ran across the porch and opened the front door.

DK was on the couch, awaiting his nephew's return.

"Ah, there you are, little buddy," said DK, "I was getting worried about you."

"Sorry, big buddy. It was hard saying 'goodbye' to Dixie. I didn't want her to feel left out, but she told me to have as wonderful a vacation with you as I could," said Diddy.

"That's very nice of her, little Diddy," replied DK.

"She said for us to cherish our uncle and nephew relationship as much as we could," added Diddy, "She also wished us some very happy family times."

"You have such a wonderful girlfriend, little nephew. I'm proud for you," said DK.

"Aww, DK!" chuckled Diddy, blushing once again.

"Well, little buddy, since it's getting late, we mind as well get some shuteye before we leave tomorrow morning. We're gonna need it," added DK.

"Oh boy!" giggled Diddy excitedly as he felt like he couldn't wait to cuddle with his uncle on the couch for the night.

The monkey instantly jumped with a somersault and landed right in his uncle's arms. DK then wrapped them both in their large couch blanket and covered them up to their necks as Diddy wrapped his arms around DK's neck.

DK gently kissed Diddy's cheeks for several minutes to lull him into sleepiness. Sure enough, after several motherly smooches from his uncle, Diddy yawned and began to close his eyes.

"I love you, little Diddy-buddy," whispered DK.

"I love you, too, big Donkey-buddy," Diddy replied faintly.

"Sweet dreams, my little monkey," added DK.

"Sweet dreams, my big gorilla," chuckled Diddy, earning a giggle from DK.

"Goodnight, Diddy."

"Goodnight, DK."

Before long, the two Kongs were fast asleep on their sofa. The next time the sun rose over Kongo Bongo, they would be on their way to start their vacation, … with Diddy's pet bird coming along for the ride.

Well, their preparations are complete, and our heroes will soon be on their way to their dream island to take a few weeks off!

I feel as if I've greatly embarrassed myself by putting diaper-related stuff in this story, but it's been on my mind for a while now, and I think this will later add to the story's adorableness!

BTW, this "Enthusia" racing thing that has been mentioned multiple times, for those who are not familiar, is based on the 2005 PS2 racing simulator, "Enthusia Professional Racing," made by Konami. I made up a fantasy league based on that game ten years ago, and it has since turned Diddy into one of the 21st Century greats! Additionally, I, myself, also competed in the league ... and won three championships, and I've only just retired from competing in the sport after the final race of 2016.


DK and Diddy say their final goodbyes to their family and journey off with Funky to find the mysterious island that has invited them for a vacation.

Anyways, please review and tell me what you think about it so far, and I'll see you in chapter two! ;)