This may have been some hours overdue, but it's here! I also may have rushed this chapter a little bit due to all the time spent opening presents and having Christmas dinner with my family, but I hope you find this enjoyable!

And so, here's my finale to my 2016 Christmas special, "A Tropical Holiday"!


A Kongo Bongo Christmas

DK and Diddy had a very pleasant first few days back to Kongo Bongo. Every night, the family would gather at Cranky's Cabin to get things ready for the upcoming Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights, a fireworks show that displayed every year on the night of Christmas Eve as a part of Kongo Bongo's Christmas tradition.

Diddy even got to play on his new "Out Run" multi-game arcade cabinet that Ben, Sonic and Tails had built for him as a friendship present rather than an early Christmas present. The little monkey got a chance to play a round of all five games on the machine, and he had a blast with each of them! Of course, Diddy also got to spend plenty of romantic time with Dixie every afternoon after having some fun mornings with DK and Tiddly. This was quite a dramatic change from that tropical vacation, but he was happy to be back home with his family and friends for the winter holidays.

DK spent plenty of time with Candy every afternoon while Diddy went out with Dixie, and the two had such romantic times each day. Like Diddy, the big ape was still registering how dramatically different being home with family had become compared to the vacation with Diddy on that peaceful tropical island, … and how cold it was compared to the always-warm supernatural island.

The morning after they got home, DK and Diddy put the monkey's diapers back into the drawer in the bathroom, and Diddy placed his long-sleeved shirt, outfit diaper and suspender diaper into its secret hiding place in his bedroom: a secluded spot in the closet. He felt very relieved to not be wearing his diapers anymore. He had started to feel like his toddler self for quite a while up until yesterday morning, when he finally got to take his diapers off after having fun reliving his diaper years with DK. He was also relieved that their diaper fun would remain a secret to themselves … and Tiddly, since he had accompanied them during the first two weeks of their vacation. Now, they could go back to living their normal lives, and Diddy could look like his mature, early teenage self again.

It was the night of Christmas Eve, and the entire Kong family was at Cranky's Cabin, getting ready to watch the annual Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights. Nobody felt like they could wait for the big holiday fireworks to begin. Many other people in the world would have thought they were crazy to have fireworks on the night before Christmas every year, but this was a longtime Kongo Bongo tradition, and it always brought the family closer together every year.

DK and Candy had picked a spot near Cranky's front door to watch the fireworks. Both had winter coats on so that they could keep themselves warm. On the other side of the front door sat Diddy and Dixie, both of whom had cute coats on. Tiny, Chunky and Kiddy were a little further away from the front door, while Funky sat inside with Cranky. Lanky was not able to join them because he had to close up his restaurant for Christmas, after which he would watch the fireworks from right outside his restaurant.

At precisely 9:00 PM, the Kongs heard the first firework take off into the sky, and an explosion of colors suddenly appeared way above the canopy.

"Here we go," Dixie whispered to Diddy as the two young lovers held hands.

Sure enough, a few more fireworks hit the sky, and the Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights was officially underway!

DK and Candy held hands with each other romantically, as did Diddy and Dixie, and the first segment of banana yellow and golden fireworks exploded across the skies and created a golden sight for all the Kongs to see. DK and Diddy smiled at each other for a moment during the yellow and golden fireworks segment.

A few minutes later, the second segment began; featuring fireworks that exploded in rainbow colors for several minutes. Every Kong admired the rainbow fireworks as they shot across the skies and sent many bright colors flying. The sight was beautiful that nobody could take their eyes off the sky.

The third segment involved fireworks that exploded into big yellow star shapes and bananas. DK and Diddy loved this part the most, given their obsession with bananas … and the stars on Diddy's tank top. Bananas and stars displayed brightly in the sky for several minutes until the segment ended.

The fourth segment showed fireworks in bright white and silver, possibly to represent the color of snow. In fact, there were even occasional snowflake-shaped fireworks that appeared every now and then, along with large spherical shapes, which could be snowballs.

Then, the fifth and final segment began …

The finale of the festival contained fireworks in red, white and green to represent the colors of Christmas. A few golden fireworks joined in every now and then to represent Kongo Bongo. All that the Kongs could think of saying to each other while watching these particular colors light up the sky was, "Have a happy Kongo Bongo Christmas."

The red, white and green fireworks went faster and continued on for another couple of minutes before the last row of huge, golden fireworks shot up and exploded loudly as gigantic spheres of gold lights lit up the whole island for a few brief seconds.

Then, everything fell silent. The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights was over.

The Kongs sitting outside all stood up and walked into Cranky's Cabin to enjoy one last cup of hot chocolate and some bananas.

"That was so beautiful, I could kiss you forever, sweetie," said Dixie to Diddy.

"Oh, sweetie!" said Diddy cutely as he blushed red, "I feel like I could kiss you forever, too."

Dixie blushed, and the two young monkeys kissed each other before each taking a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. They then each took a banana, and the whole family sat down at a table for their final Christmas Eve meal.

Every Kong drank hot chocolate, except for Kiddy, who instead drank banana juice, and everyone got two bananas while Kiddy and Tiny each took one banana instead of two.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen," said Cranky once everyone had eaten their bananas, "I'd say we wrap up tonight with our annual Kongo Bongo Christmas Eve ritual."

The Kongs all fell silent. Diddy removed his baseball cap and Dixie removed her pink beret. Then, Cranky began his speech …

"Let us pray to God and the spirits of those who came before us on Kongo Bongo," the old codger began, "As we enjoy our festive fruits, … may we remember to see your truth clearly. May we feel your love completely. May we give your grace freely. And may we taste the promise of heaven, … as we celebrate the birth of our Savior."

There was a brief silence before Cranky finished …


"Amen," the other Kongs repeated in unison.

Diddy put his cap back on, and Dixie put her beret back over her golden hair.

(A/N: May I just add in right here that I'm not religious. I'm simply adding some Christmas flavor into the Kongs' celebration.)

The Kongs (except Kiddy) tipped their mugs of hot chocolate and each took a pleasant sip from their mugs.

"Merry Christmas," they all said as they tipped their mugs.

"And so may we all have a happy Kongo Bongo Christmas," said DK.

The others nodded in agreement, and within the next few minutes they all finished their hot chocolate.

"Well, I guess we'd better be heading home," said Chunky as he picked up Kiddy.

"Better get my last few presents underneath the tree," added Dixie, "Let's go, Tiny."

Diddy walked over to Dixie and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Merry Christmas, Dix," he whispered to her.

"Merry Christmas, Dids," she replied, and she returned the kiss on Diddy's cheek.

The two lovers hugged each other briefly before they parted ways.

"See you tomorrow, Dixie," called Dixie as she followed her relatives out the door.

"See you tomorrow, Diddy!" Dixie called back, and she soon disappeared into the jungle with her family.

"I think we should all be heading home, little buddy," DK said to Diddy.

"You're right, Donkey-dude!" agreed Funky, "We want this to be a big tropical Christmas! Ha, ha!"

Candy kissed DK on the cheek, which prompted the ape to return the kiss on her cheek.

"Merry Christmas, DK," Candy said seductively.

"Merry Christmas, Candy," replied DK.

"Merry Christmas, Cranky," the four all called to the elder Kong.

"Merry Christmas to you all," responded Cranky with one of his rare grins.

DK, Diddy, Funky and Candy all left Cranky's cabin, and once they ventured into the cold jungle, they went their separate ways as they journeyed back to their homes.

It didn't take long for DK and Diddy to return to their sweet home tree house, which looked so festive and beautiful on the inside and the outside. They thought their friends had done a great job decorating their house for Christmas.

The two Kongs climbed up the ladder, walked across the porch, opened the front door and stepped into the warmth of their living room before closing the door and locking it for the night.

"Well, little buddy, you and I have the rest of the night to ourselves," sighed DK.

"Not quite," replied Diddy as he spotted Tiddly standing adorably on one of the couch arms, "Hey there, lil' guy."

"Hey there, Diddy! Hi, DK!" chirped Tiddly with a smile as the two Kongs removed their coats and joined him, "Did you enjoy the Festival of Lights?"

"Yep!" replied DK, "Always as illuminating as it can be."

"And very colorful!" added Diddy, "Don't forget that!"

The trio all giggled, and DK playfully pulled Diddy onto his lap.

"So, Diddy, … I hear that some people like singing carols at this time of year," chirped Tiddly, "What's your favorite carol?"

"There's only one song I can nominate for that honor," said Diddy, "I like some carols, but this one's a big winner to me. In fact, Ben told me that this is the only Christmas song he ever liked."

"Really?" said Tiddly in astonishment.

"Ben's kind of a Christmas music hater," sighed DK, "But when he heard this one particular song, he fell in love with it immediately."

"He claimed that he thought about me when he heard it!" laughed Diddy.

"What is the song?" asked Tiddly.

"It's called 'Wonderful Christmastime'," said Diddy, "It's a 1979 song by Paul McCartney."

Tiddly looked confused.

"You know, … the Beatles?" DK added.

"Never heard of them," chirped Tiddly.

"Oh, that band was around … like … fifty years ago," said Diddy, "They broke up long ago, too. I never really took interest in the Beatles, but Paul McCartney's 'Wonderful Christmastime' really won my heart for the holiday spirit."

"Wanna hear it?" DK asked Tiddly.

Tiddly nodded his head, feeling rather curious as to what the song sounded like.

"Just listen to this synth, and you'll know immediately why I love it!" commented Diddy as he grabbed a CD that contained a small compilation of Christmas songs and slid it into a portable CD player.

The monkey ran into his room and pulled his portable speaker out of his backpack, and he ran back into the living room and plugged the speaker to the CD player. Then, he skipped a few tracks until he came up on "Wonderful Christmastime."

"Here we go," the monkey said as he pushed the 'play' button.

In an instant, a synthesizer started playing through the high-quality portable speaker, and Diddy grinned widely as he listened to it. To him, synthesizers were like music to his ears. This was followed a few seconds later by what sounded like a faint string pad, and some light percussion.

Then, Diddy cleared his throat and began singing along to Paul McCartney's voice …

"The moon is right, the spirit's up.

We're here tonight, and that's enough.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

The party's on, the feelin's here.

That only comes … this time of year.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

The choir of children sing their song."

The synth notes went for a neat-sounding solo for a few seconds before the singing continued …

"Ding, dong, ding, dong, ding, dong, ding.

Ooo. Ooo. Toot.

Toot, toot, toot, toot."

A soft guitar joined in with the next few instrumental seconds.

"We're simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

The word is out … about the town.

To lift a glass. Ah, don't look down.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

The choir of children sing their song.

They practiced all year long.

Ding dong, ding dong.

Ding dong, ding dong.

Ding dong, ding dong, dong, dong, dong, dong.

The party's on, the spirit's up.

We're here tonight, and that's enough.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

We're simply having a wonderful Christmastime."

Diddy started doing a few light dance moves as the next fifteen seconds had no lead vocals in them. He did, however, mumble out the backing vocals he could hear in the background, which contained a, "Christmastime," at the end of the final bridge.

"The moon is right, the spirit's up.

We're here tonight, oh, and that's enough.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime."

Diddy put on one of his monkey smiles and mumbled out the backing vocals of the next few seconds …




The instruments played for another few seconds as the synthesizer played a few fast-paced notes, then the song ended, and Diddy struck a monkey pose to wrap up his performance.

DK clapped his hands to applaud his nephew as he stopped the CD player and ejected the CD.

Tiddly was astounded by the song, and he could easily sense how much Diddy loved it.

"How did you like it, Tiddly?" asked Diddy.

"It sounded so … festive," chirped Tiddly.

"I'm so glad you liked it," chuckled Diddy as he sat down on DK's lap.

"You really do the cutest performances," commented DK, "Your singing and your dances are just so adorable."

"Aw, DK!" giggled Diddy.

Diddy turned around and wrapped his arms around DK's neck, and the ape responded by wrapping his arms around his nephew's back and gently rocking him side-to-side.

"I love you so much, my sweet, little Diddy-buddy," whispered DK.

"I love you so much, too, my sweet, big Donkey-buddy," replied Diddy in a cute whisper, then he turned to his bird, "And I love you so much, my sweet, little Tiddly."

"I love you so much, too, my sweet Diddy," chirped Tiddly, and he flew towards the Kongs.

The trio engaged in a group hug for several minutes as they relaxed and let the heat from the nearby fireplace warm them up.

"It suddenly feels as warm as it was on that tropical island," sighed Diddy.

"It's quite a contrast to the outdoors," said DK, "I just find it hard to believe how fast 2016 has flown by."

"Me, too," said Diddy, "It seems only a few months ago when we started our first Enthusia season together with that win in the Speediapolis 500, yet suddenly here we are; … Professional Cup champions."

"What's next? Will it seem like it's just a matter of days before 2017 Enthusia preseason testing begins?" asked Diddy.

"We'll have a few weeks before that, little buddy," DK reassured his nephew, "There's no need to feel like everything's in such a rush."

Diddy sighed continued to hug his uncle and bird for a few more minutes, then the three disengaged and stood up from the couch.

"I guess it's time to get to hit the hay," said DK.

"Okay, big buddy," replied Diddy.

"I love you, little Diddy-buddy," whispered DK, and he planted a family kiss on his nephew's face.

"I love you, too, big Donkey-buddy," chuckled Diddy, and he returned the kiss on his uncle's face.

"Have some sweet Christmas dreams, little nephew," said DK.

"You, too, big uncle," replied Diddy.

"Goodnight, Diddy."

"Goodnight, DK."

"Goodnight, Tiddly," DK said to Diddy's bird as he and the monkey walked into the latter's bedroom.

"Goodnight, DK," chirped Tiddly.

With that, Diddy and Tiddly went into their bedroom, and the monkey gently closed the door. DK then checked the Christmas tree to assure that every present was underneath. Then, he walked into his own bedroom and closed the door.

As the Kongs turned the lights off on that snowy night, they dreamed festive dreams about Christmas.

The next morning, the sun shone over Kongo Bongo, but the temperatures were so cold that none of the snow could be melted.

Diddy woke up in his bed with a grin on his face. He could only anticipate a happy Kongo Bongo Christmas just ahead of him and his whole family. The little monkey sat up and stretched his arms just as Tiddly woke up on his bedside.

"Merry Christmas, Diddy," chirped Tiddly cutely.

"Merry Christmas, Tiddly," replied Diddy adorably.

At that moment, DK opened the door with a bright smile on his face.

"Happy Kongo Bongo Christmas!" the ape shouted playfully.

"Happy Kongo Bongo Christmas!" Diddy and Tiddly replied together.

The monkey excitedly jumped out of bed and sprinted towards his uncle. The two Kongs then hugged each other tightly as DK carried his nephew into the living room with Tiddly following them.

"Let's have some breakfast, and then we can open our presents," said DK.

"Sounds great, big buddy," chuckled Diddy, "How's about some banana cream pie?"

"Good idea, little buddy!" agreed DK, "It's been a while since we had banana cream pie!"

"Awesome!" shouted Diddy excitedly as his uncle carried him into the kitchen.

Diddy squirmed out of his uncle's hug and sat down in a chair at the table, while DK grabbed some banana cream pie from the refrigerator and grabbed two plates. The ape then sliced the pie with a knife and set one slice on each plate.

Diddy licked his lips in anticipation as his uncle sat next to him and set one of the plates in front of him.

"Oh boy!" said Diddy excitedly as DK grabbed two forks and gave one to him.

"Enjoy, little Diddy-buddy!" chuckled DK playfully.

"Oh, I will, big Donkey-buddy!" replied Diddy, and the two poked their forks into their banana cream pie slices and began enjoying their breakfast.

Their tongues were instantly delighted with the taste of banana cream as they ate their slices. It was so good they they didn't want to swallow their bites.

Eventually, the two finished their pie, and DK took the plates and forks and put them in the sink. The pair then took turns in the bathroom, using the toilet and brushing their teeth, and Diddy treated Tiddly to a delightful bird seed breakfast.

The Kongs then sat in front of their Christmas tree and gazed at the many wrapped presents underneath. This was the moment that always jolted their excitement levels every Christmas morning. The thought of opening their presents always put a smile on both of their faces.

"Ready to begin, little Diddy-buddy?" asked DK as Tiddly flew over to them and landed next to Diddy.

"I'm ready, big Donkey-buddy!" replied Diddy excitedly, and they each grabbed one present and opened them.

Among the presents DK received: banana cream pies from Candy, a yellow surfboard from Funky to replace his old one, and a book of wisdom from Cranky. Diddy received a red surfboard from Funky, also to replace his worn out surfboard, a collection of shampoos and cologne from Dixie, and a few awesome video games from DK, among many other presents. Even Tiddly got some bird seed bags from some of the other Kongs!

Of course, the big highlight was when DK and Diddy were down to their more special family gifts for each other.

DK grabbed the present that Diddy got for him, and he looked at the wrapped box for a few seconds before he slowly began to tear the wrapping paper off.

Diddy watched with a smile as he anticipated his uncle's reaction to the gift.

Then, DK pulled the last of the wrapping paper off, and his present was revealed to be a collection of portraits that contained adorable pictures of just DK and Diddy together.

"Aw, these look so good," said DK as he admired the pictures of their family-style adorableness.

"There's a little note in the back," Diddy pointed out.

DK found the note and read it …

"To my sweet, big uncle DK,

Ever since the day you took me in as your roommate, I've had a soft spot for you. Whenever I wake up to you tickling my feet when we sleep together, it brings joy to my heart as I let out my adorable laughs. Your furry hugs and cuddles are always warming to me, and they can always snuggle me into a deep sleep. I will always remember the many things you've taught me as my mentor in heroism, and I will always enjoy the time we have together to ourselves. I especially want to thank you for that tropical vacation. I had such a great time while we were on that island, and I'm especially happy that we got to go together and monkey around in many ways. I hope we can continue our family moments for years to come. I love you so much, my big Donkey-buddy, and I'll always love you as my wonderful fun-loving uncle.

Your adorable nephew,


DK shed a few happy tears as he read the note, and he looked at Diddy, who was smiling cutely.

"You're such a sweet little monkey, Diddy," the ape said gently, and he pulled his nephew in for a tight bear hug, "I love you so much, my little monkey."

"I love you so much, too, my big ape," replied Diddy.

"By the way, wanna see that special Christmas gift I promised you, little buddy?" asked DK.

"Oh boy!" said Diddy excitedly, earning a giggle from his uncle.

The ape released his nephew from his hug, and the simian reached for the present his uncle was giving him.

"As promised, my little cutie, one special family gift from me … to you," said DK.

"Thanks, DK!" said Diddy, and he excitedly tore off the wrapping paper.

The gift was revealed to be a statue of DK and Diddy hugging together while standing side-by-side, made with extremely-detailed and accurate "DK" and "Diddy" figurines. The little monkey's eyes went wide with wonder as he gazed at the figurines.

"Wow," whispered Diddy in amazement, "DK, … where did you find these?"

"I found the two figurines at a Nintendo store, and I put them together to create a cuddly scene," explained DK, "Family cuddles and snuggles for you to gaze at."

"DK, … you're so sweet," said Diddy as he tried not to burst into tears.

"That's not all, little buddy," said DK, and he reached into the box and pulled out another set of DK and Diddy figurines.

This scene showed DK holding Diddy on his lap and hugging him in a family cuddle.

"Oh, my," said Diddy in astonishment as he gazed at the second set, "I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything, little buddy," replied DK, "As long as we're together, … enjoying each others' company, … all we really should do … is cherish our family love with hugs, cuddles, kisses and snuggles."

With that, DK pulled Diddy onto his lap and hugged him tightly, rocking him side-to-side in his arms as he pampered him lovingly with kisses all over his face.

Diddy smiled brightly and burst into tears as his uncle embraced him lovingly.

"I love you so much, my precious little Diddy-monkey," whispered DK, "I love you … so, so much."

Diddy looked into DK's eyes with a teary-eyed smile, and he wrapped his arms around his uncle's neck to return the loving embrace.

Tiddly watched with an emotional smile as the two Kongs embraced in a tight hug and pampered each other with kisses and snuggles.

"I love you so much, too, my furry, big Donkey-ape," Diddy whispered cutely to his uncle, "I love you … so, so much. That was the sweetest Christmas present you've ever given me, … my big uncle."

"I'm so glad, my little nephew," said DK happily, "I'm so happy to be your mentor and fatherly figure, too, … and I'll always be happy to guide you through the next few chapters of your life."

"Thank you so much, DK," cried Diddy.

"You're very welcome, Diddy," replied DK, "Anything just for you, … my sweet, little monkey."

"Aww, DK," said Diddy cutely.

The two Kongs cuddled and snuggled each other for several minutes in front of their Christmas tree, then they relaxed together for a while as they reflected on the great start they had to their offseason from all the Enthusia competition; from the tropical vacation and the Enthusia awards ceremony in Tokyo, to this wonderful Christmas on Kongo Bongo. They could only agree that they were in for a true Kong-style offseason.

"Merry Christmas, DK," said Diddy.

"Merry Christmas, Diddy," replied DK.

From there, the duo were set for a happy Kongo Bongo Christmas, … a happy New Year, and an even happier offseason!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you've enjoyed this Donkey Kong-style Christmas story, even though there wasn't much to the portion on Christmas day. This is my Christmas present to all of you, and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wish to give special thanks to my girlfriend, Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kong, and Peachy-Author for the support that kept me motivated throughout the time I spent writing this story. Thank you both so much, and Merry Christmas! I would also like to thank all of my friends and followers on FanFiction for all the support you've given me for the stories I wrote this year.

With that, I shall now sign off for 2016, ... and I'll see you in 2017!