I may be a little slow with this, but I'm still trying my best to get it done in time for tomorrow! So, since it's Christmas Eve, what better way to get ready for Christmas than to see how the Kong family get ready for their winter holidays!?

From here, it's saying goodbye to tropical paradise, and saying hello to the cold winter as Kongo Bongo enters its next "Tropical Freeze!"



Home for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 20

Light clouds filled the skies over the supernatural tropical island, but that didn't stop the rainforests from looking so gorgeous. It was likely the only place on this ocean that looked anywhere near paradise-like, as Kongo Bongo and many other islands were being filled with snow as Christmas drew nearer and nearer.

Diddy woke up and yawned softly in DK's warm hug, and he looked around their house for a minute. The little monkey was feeling sad that today would be the day they left this house and returned to their home island, Kongo Bongo. He had enjoyed the 2 ½ weeks they had spent here, and he felt that he was going to miss this island dreadfully. Of course, though, he also missed Dixie and the other Kongs, and he especially missed Tiddly. It was going to be hard saying goodbye to this island, but it was also going to be great to be home sweet home with their beloved family. Also, the little monkey could finally take his diaper uniform off after wearing it for several days straight … and so many times during their three-week vacation!

The little monkey looked down at DK, and at that moment the ape woke up and looked into Diddy's eyes with a grin.

"Good morning, little buddy," DK said gently.

"Good morning, big buddy," replied Diddy.

"Feeling better after wearing yourself out last night?" asked DK.

"Yep," said Diddy cutely, "Much more energetic than I was when I fell asleep."

"That's good to hear, little buddy," chuckled DK.

The two Kongs then looked into each others' eyes for a minute as they anticipated today being the day they would go home. On one side, they didn't want to leave this beautiful island, but on the other side, they missed their family and friends, and Christmas was just five days away.

"Well, little buddy, … today's the day," sighed DK.

"Time to say goodbye to this tropical paradise," said Diddy sadly, "I loved it here. I'm gonna be so sad to leave here."

"I know, little buddy," said a comforting DK, "So will I, … but that doesn't mean we won't ever come back. We can return to this island as many times as we wish to, … whenever nothing's going on that needs our attention."

"I wanna thank you so much for bringing me here, DK," said Diddy, "This was the greatest gift you could ever give me after winning the Enthusia championship."

"You're very welcome, Diddy, and I'm glad I could reward you with this wonderful, relaxing vacation," replied DK, "It's been such a nice couple of weeks here."

"I can't believe it's over today," added Diddy.

"Me neither," said DK, "We do have Christmas to look forward to, though. Spending time with family, … the Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights, … and, of course, the wonderful gifts for everyone."

"Hehe! Yeah!" chuckled Diddy adorably as he thought about the many gifts they were likely to receive on Christmas day.

"So, Diddy, ready for one more breakfast in this nice house before we pack things up?" asked DK.

"You have no idea how hungry I am, DK!" answered Diddy, "We barely ate anything for dinner last night."

"Then we're in luck today, my little monkey, cus' today we're having some fruit from the leaf wagon!" said DK playfully.

"Yippee!" shouted Diddy excitedly.

The two Kongs jumped out of bed and ran to the front door. They then opened the door and stepped into the fresh outdoors. The sound of the waterfall right behind the house was just as soothing as ever.

The duo looked to their right and saw their leaf-like wagon with lots of fruit stacked on top of it. Next to it was their ancient Banana Coin that they planned to give Cranky for Christmas.

DK and Diddy jumped over the circular creek, and they gazed at the many fruits on the big leaf.

"Take as many as you like, little Diddy-buddy," encouraged DK.

"I'd love to, big Donkey-buddy!" replied Diddy, and he and his uncle each grabbed several fruits from the leaf and brought them back into the house.

The two primates sat at their table, and DK enjoyed two watermelons, while Diddy had some mangoes and grapes.

"You know what the best part about this food is, Diddy?" DK asked.

"No," said Diddy, "What is it, DK?"

"They'll still be plenty of it the next time we come here!" chuckled DK.

Diddy laughed as he heard those words, and he ate his last few grapes before grabbing his tank top and walking into the bathroom.

The little monkey closed the door and gazed at his diaper outfit one more time. Although he had fun wearing it since DK adored him in it, and also because of the impishness he had gotten from wearing it, he was relieved to finally be taking it off. He was beginning to feel quite hot in his long-sleeved shirt, and he could feel so much sweat within his shirt and diapers.

After one last gaze in the mirror, Diddy detached the uniform diaper tapes from his baseball cap and long-sleeved shirt, and he pulled his uniform diaper down like a Pull-Up before pulling his tail out from the hole in the back of the diaper. Then, he took off his shirt and removed the two other diapers that covered his belly. Finally, he took off his cap and set it next to his tank top.

Diddy suddenly felt much cooler than he was before he took his toddler clothes off, and he stepped into the bathtub and started the shower. Warm water instantly sprinkled onto his fur and gave him soothing sensations as he closed the curtain and relaxed himself. He hadn't felt this relaxed in days.

After a minute, he grabbed a container of banana shampoo and squirted some on his favorite red sponge. He then scrubbed the shampoo all over his body to wash off the sweat and give himself a pleasurable banana scent. Once he had washed his entire body, he rinsed off the shampoo with the water from the shower and continued to relax for a few more minutes.

Eventually, Diddy turned the water off and stepped out of the tub, and he grabbed a red towel and dried himself off. In just a few minutes, the last few drops of water dried off from his fur, and he grabbed his toothbrush and squeezed some mango toothpaste onto it. Then, he wet his toothbrush with sink water and began brushing his teeth to give his mouth a sparkle and some fresh breath. Within a minute, he had brushed every tooth and spit out his toothpaste into the sink before rinsing his toothbrush. Finally, he put on his starred tank top and "Nintendo" cap, and he quickly used the toilet before grabbing his long-sleeved shirt and diapers.

DK was beginning to pack their things into his large backpack when Diddy rejoined him.

"Here, little buddy," said DK, opening a plastic bag, "Just put your diapers in here with the other diapers that you've used and are still in good condition."

"Okay, DK," replied Diddy, and he stuffed his diapers into the bag and tossed his long-sleeved shirt in with the "necktie-sleeve" shirt and suspender diaper in DK's backpack.

"I'm gonna go ahead and take my shower, little buddy," said DK.

"Okay, big buddy," said Diddy, "You want me to strip the bed and deflate the mattress for you?"

"Sure thing, little buddy," said DK with a smile as he walked into the bathroom.

Diddy removed the pillows and blankets from their inflatable mattress and stuffed them all into DK's backpack, then he opened a hole in the mattress, and it slowly began to flatten. At that moment, the monkey heard the shower running, and he spent the next few minutes packing their fruits and other foods into the food compartment of DK's backpack, and soon the kitchen table was empty, as was the refrigerator.

A few minutes later, the shower stopped, and Diddy checked the mattress to make sure it was flat, and he began to fold it so it could fit into DK's backpack.

The big ape emerged from the bathroom, carrying their shampoo containers, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

"I see you've made plenty of progress, little buddy," he commented as he noticed that the kitchen area was empty and the mattress was flattened.

"I could use a little help here, big buddy," said Diddy as he struggled to fold the mattress.

"Okay, Diddy, I'll be right there," replied DK, and he placed their bathroom supplies in the large bag and assisted Diddy in folding the mattress.

With both Kongs folding it, the mattress was stuffed into DK's bag in just a matter of moments, and they looked around and found that they were almost ready to leave.

"I'll check my backpack and make sure I have all of my stuff," said Diddy.

"Alright, little buddy," replied DK.

Diddy looked through his backpack and found that all of his explorer gear was inside, along with his MP3 player and portable speaker. Just looking at those items made Diddy think of how his Gavin Parker "Test Drive Unlimited" music collection fit in so well with the island they vacationed on, and he felt proud to have been able to share his whole collection with DK … and Tiddly.

"Well, little buddy, I guess we have just that ancient Banana Coin, and we'll be outta here," sighed DK.

"What about those other Banana Coins we got a few days ago?" asked a confused Diddy.

"They're already in here," answered DK as he pointed to his backpack.

"Oh," replied Diddy, and he closed his little backpack and placed it on his back.

"Wanna say one more goodbye to this nice house before we go?" asked DK.

Diddy sighed sadly and looked around their house one more time. He still couldn't believe that they were leaving this tropical pleasure to go home for the holidays. He felt as if he would never be ready to leave this wonderful place.

"Well, tropical paradise, … I guess this is … goodbye … for now," the monkey said in a sad voice.

DK gently wrapped an arm around his nephew and opened the front door. The fresh air gently blew into their faces as they stepped into the cloudy outdoors. The ape then quickly ran back in and grabbed his large bag, zipping everything shut, and he stepped back outside and closed the door one last time.

"I know we'll get a chance to come back here again, big buddy, … but I just can't find it easy to say goodbye at a time like this," said Diddy as his uncle jumped over the circular creek and grabbed the ancient Banana Coin.

"Don't worry, little buddy," replied DK, "Some time next spring, we'll come here for a day or two and relax in this tropical paradise."

"That will be nice," said Diddy cutely with a grin.

The little monkey hopped over the circular creek, and DK walked beside him with the Banana Coin. The duo then took one last look at their small house and the waterfall right behind it, then they ventured into the south jungle.

Half an hour later, the two Kongs arrived at the strip of smooth grass that served as the island's only spot that was capable of serving as a runway for small planes. The two looked both left and right, and saw that Funky's plane hadn't arrived yet.

"I was sure Funky had his plane fixed by now," said Diddy.

"Or maybe we were just early," assumed DK, "What time is it?"

Diddy pulled his watch out of his backpack and looked at the time.

"It's ten o'clock," he said as he put his watch back in his backpack.

"Well, … I guess we can just sit here for a while and have a little drink before Funky arrives," suggested DK.

"I could do with one more juice box," agreed Diddy.

DK opened his backpack and dug out two of their leftover juice boxes of banana juice, and he handed one to Diddy. The two primates poked their straws into their juice boxes and sucked some tasty banana juice into their mouths. Their tongues were delighted to the taste of juicy bananas as they drank their juice.

A few minutes later, they spotted a small plane approaching the island from the south, and it soon became clear that it was Funky's plane.

"He's here!" said Diddy excitedly.

"I guess we weren't up too early this morning," chuckled DK.

In almost no time, Funky turned his plane so that he was aiming for the smooth grass, and his wheels soon touched the ground as he slowed down towards the Kongs.

DK closed his backpack, grabbed the Banana Coin and followed his nephew as they ran towards Funky's plane, and the sun-glassed surfer slowly brought his plane to a stop as the duo approached him.

"Yo, Donkey and Diddy-dudes!" called Funky, waving his hand at the two heroes.

"Hey, Funky!" Diddy called back.

"How was life in tropical paradise?" asked Funky.

"It was filled with so much beauty and peace," answered DK.

"I loved it so much that I didn't wanna leave," added Diddy.

"Well, as much as you'd love to stay a little longer, the other dudes and dudettes all miss you very much," said Funky, "Just wait til' you see Kongo Bongo, especially your tree house!"

Diddy perked up as he heard about their tree house home, and he began picturing how the other Kongs had decorated it for Christmas. He suddenly couldn't wait to see it!

"Climb on board and fasten your seat belts, dudes!" announced Funky, "Hold onto something, though! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!"

Diddy jumped into the middle seat right behind Funky, while DK took the back seat. They then put their seat belts on and gripped their seats on the sides of the plane as Funky pushed the throttle and accelerated the plane until it reached a speed fast enough to lift off the ground.

Once Funky's plane was in the air, DK and Diddy took one last look at the supernatural island they were leaving behind, and they sighed as they made their way with Funky back to Kongo Bongo.

More than forty minutes later, Funky's plane approached Kongo Bongo. DK and Diddy looked at their home island and saw that it was covered with snow. The next "Tropical Freeze" had arrived on the island during the last few days of their vacation, and since they didn't have jackets or coats with them, they were sure they would have a hard time surviving the cold as they made their way back to their tree house.

Cold air started blowing around the Kongs as Kongo Bongo grew nearer, and they folded their arms so that they could stay warm, although this did little to nothing to keep them warm. It would take a miracle for them not to freeze to death without their winter coats.

Soon, Funky's plane descended towards the beach on the west coast of the island, and the wheels touched the sand. The pilot ape slowed his plane down and brought it to a stop right in front of Funky's Flights.

"Well, dudes, welcome to Kongo Bongo's 2016 tropical freeze!" said Funky, and he turned the engines off and jumped off the plane.

DK and Diddy slowly exited the plane, and the big ape immediately grabbed the little monkey and wrapped him tightly in his arms to keep him warm.

"Oh man! It is so cold here!" shouted Diddy as he looked around and saw snow covering the entire jungle.

"Let's get to our tree house quickly, little buddy!" said DK, then he turned to Funky, "Thanks for the lift, Funky!"

"No problem, dudes! Stay warm! It's gonna be cold karma for the next few months!" replied Funky.

DK carried Diddy into the snow-covered jungle and continued to hold him tightly so that he wouldn't freeze to death.

Within moments, their skin began to turn pale blue, and their fur appeared in a darker shade of brown than normal. Now they wished they had brought their coats with them on their vacation … just for this dreadful moment of coldness.

"S-s-s-so c-c-co-col-cold!" Diddy stuttered as he shivered in DK's arms.

"One moment we're in warm tropical paradise, next moment we're in a cold tropical freeze," commented DK as he steadily guided himself through the jungle.

Diddy was now so cold he could barely move, and he closed his eyes in hope that this would end soon. DK bravely carried on through the cold and kept Diddy as warm as he could.

Eventually, DK found the ever-so-familiar clearing that contained their tree home. However, the house looked nothing like it usually would …

DK and Diddy's tree house had green reefs circling all around, above and below the windows. Christmas lights of many colors surrounded the windows, and a large star was mounted on the center of the rooftop.

"Hey, little buddy, look at our house," whispered DK to Diddy.

The simian opened his eyes and looked up, and he grinned cutely as he saw the many Christmas decorations on the house's exterior.

"Let's head up and see what's inside," said DK, and he kept one arm wrapped around Diddy, holding the Banana Coin, and used his other arm to climb up the ladder to the tree house's porch.

Despite the freezing temperatures, DK managed to get them up to the porch, and he carried Diddy across to the front door, which had a circular reef on it. The ape turned the knob, and the door slowly opened.

"Home sweet home," sighed DK.

"Finally," replied Diddy weakly, the cold having really weakened him to the point of knocking him out.

Suddenly …


DK and Diddy's hearts jumped as Cranky, Dixie, Candy, Lanky, Chunky, Tiny and Tiddly all popped out from nowhere and turned on the many Christmas lights that flooded the living room.

A large Christmas tree had been set up next to the doorway to DK's bedroom, decorated with many colorful lights, ornaments and a Kong star on top. Lights of many colors lined the edges between the walls and the ceiling. Ornaments took up many spaces on the walls in the living room.

DK and Diddy were so utterly astounded by the decorations that they both fell speechless. Everything was so festive that they didn't know what to say.

"Welcome back, DK and Diddy!" said Dixie with a cute giggle.

"Happy Holidays!" added Candy cheerfully.

DK and Diddy looked at each other, still unable to find their words.

"Well, … do you like it?" asked Chunky.

The two heroes looked around the room again and admired the many lights and decorations, then they finally managed to find their voices again.

"Like it?" said Diddy, "I LOVE IT!"

"This whole room looks so beautiful!" added DK, "You all did a fantastic job!"

"We're so glad you love it!" replied Dixie, "How do you like the tree?"

Diddy squirmed out of DK's tight hug and walked over to the Christmas tree. He put on one of his monkey-style expressions of amazement and surprise, which everyone found cute.

"This is the most beautiful Christmas tree I've ever seen in my life," he said in a cute voice, "I really love the Kong-style star on top."

"You've got me to thank for coming up with that!" chirped Tiddly, standing on one of the couch arms.

Diddy turned to his pet bird whom he had not seen in five days, and he ran over to him and pulled him in for a hug.

"Oh, Tiddly! I've missed you so much over the past few days!" the monkey said as he hugged his bird.

"I've missed you so much, too!" replied Tiddly through chirping, "How was the rest of your vacation?"

"DK and I both had a good time," said Diddy as he looked at DK, who grinned at him, "It didn't feel the same without you, but my good ol' uncle always knows how to make things fun on an island of tropical paradise!"

Everyone giggled at those words, and even Diddy couldn't help but chuckle from his own statement.

"We're so glad you're back," said Dixie as she planted a loving kiss on Diddy's cheek, "I really missed you, my handsome sweetie."

"I missed you so much, too, … my beautiful sweetie," replied Diddy, and he returned the kiss on his girlfriend's cheek as he released Tiddly from his arms.

DK walked over to Candy, and the two embraced in a romantic hug.

"I missed you so much," Candy whispered.

"I missed you so much, too," replied DK.

"Would anyone like some hot chocolate?" offered Lanky.

Cranky approached DK and Diddy and noticed their pale skin and darker fur.

"You two look like you've been chilled to the bone," he commented, "I think some hot chocolate is the only cure for that."

"I guess that's what we get for not bringing our coats along," sighed Diddy.

"Don't you worry," said Lanky, "We've got the best hot chocolate a Kong could ask for. Marshmallows included."

Diddy licked his lips as he thought about marshmallows in hot chocolate, and he led DK into the kitchen.

"Hey, where's Kiddy?" asked Diddy, noticing that Kiddy was not among them.

"Kiddy's right here," answered Dixie.

Kiddy was sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying some banana juice.

"Oh," said Diddy, "Hi, Kiddy."

Kiddy waved at Diddy and continued drinking his banana juice.

The other Kongs all joined them in the kitchen as Lanky poured some hot chocolate into two white mugs and dropped three marshmallows in each mug.

"For you: the best hot chocolate a Kong could ask for!" said Lanky with a grin as he handed the two mugs to DK and Diddy.

"Thanks, Lanky!" the duo said together, and they took a tiny sip of their hot chocolate.

It nearly put a hot spot on their lips, but the chocolate itself was very tasty, especially with marshmallows enhancing the taste.

"Hot … but good," commented Diddy.

"Let's sit down on the couch and get warm, little buddy," said DK, and he led his nephew and Lanky out of the kitchen.

The two heroes sat down on the sofa, and DK turned on the electric fireplace with a nearby remote. Within the fireplace, a fake but realistic-looking fire was generated by light, and within a few moments the living room began to feel warm. The two Kongs looked at each other and noticed that their skin no longer looked so pale from the cold, and their fur also looked normal again.

"Hot chocolate in front of the fireplace works wonders," said Diddy.

"You can say that again," agreed DK.

"So, did you enjoy your vacation?" asked Tiny.

"We sure did," answered DK, "Nothing but relaxing tropical paradise and lots of monkey fun!"

"Yep!" added Diddy, "A vacation that every Kong could dream of taking!"

Tiny chuckled, and Diddy looked around the living room again to admire the many decorations and colorful lights.

Then, he noticed something …

"Hey, … uh, … did my Out Run arcade machine arrive while we were gone?" asked Diddy.

"In fact, it did," answered Dixie, "It's waiting for you in your bedroom, Dids."

Diddy stood up, holding the mug of hot chocolate carefully in his hands, and he walked into his room and found his "OutRun" multi-game cabinet sitting next to his HDTV.

"Wow!" he said as he approached his machine.

It looked just as pretty as it did on the day his three Enthusia teammates presented it to him. He was still astounded by how well Tails had programmed this cabinet with such style.

"I can't wait to give this thing a blast later on," the monkey said to himself.

He then looked behind to see if it was plugged in, and he saw that it was plugged into the same extension cord that contained his HDTV, his Blu-ray player, and his custom-made console that only played the Codemasters F1 games (which Tails had recently helped to reprogram in order to coincide with "F1 2015" and "F1 2016" being released on the eighth-generation consoles).

"I think this winter's gonna be fun!" Diddy said as Dixie suddenly came up behind him.

"Surprise," she said cutely.

"Whoa!" said Diddy, nearly dropping his mug of hot chocolate, "Dixie, you startled me."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you," replied Dixie, "I just wanted to surprise my sweetie with some romance."

With that, she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and planted a big kiss on his left cheek.

Diddy blushed and smiled cutely as his girlfriend's kiss sunk into his flesh.

"You're so sweet, Dix," he whispered cutely just before Dixie broke off the kiss and smiled at him.

"You're so sweet, too, Dids," she replied.

"Are you excited about Christmas?" asked Diddy.

"I sure am," answered Dixie, "Are you excited?"

"Yep!" said Diddy playfully.

"I take it you can't wait to have fun with this machine that Ben, Sonic and Tails made for you," she said.

"True," admitted Diddy, "But I especially can't wait to have wintery fun with you!"

"Oh, Diddy!" said Dixie excitedly, and the two young monkeys hugged each other tightly and blew kisses all over each others' faces for several minutes.

After pampering each other with love for several minutes, the romantic duo disengaged and held hands as they rejoined their families and friends in the living room.

Funky arrived at the house a few minutes later, and it became a full house as the Kongs all gathered before the fireplace and enjoyed some Christmas movies while they drank their hot chocolate. One movie they especially enjoyed watching was "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

DK and Diddy both agreed with each other that this was going to be a big Kongo Bongo Christmas …

Well, folks, ... I've got just one more chapter planned out, and I hope to make it a remarkable Christmas gift to all of you Donkey Kong fans on FanFiction!


Well, ... simply put: A Kongo Bongo Christmas!

See you in the final chapter on Christmas!