Sammy was home alone with Amy for the week. It was already December 1st so just went out for presents. Presents for Amy. Amy was the Better twin A.K.A the More loved twin while Sammy was the forgotten twin A.K.A Samey. Will Sammy be loved by her sister, Will Sammy find true love, Will Amy change her evil ways

Find Out on Christmas Wishes. ( Inspired by5everAwesome)

Sammy was home alone Listening to Ain't No Mountain High Enough on her phone while watching the snowflakes fall from her windows. While Amy was on the phone talking to her friend Heather.

Sammy sighed when she heard Amy say "Yea I can go to Zoe's Christmas Party."

The Christmas Party was the last thing Sammy wanted to hear.

Sammy would always get sad when she heard someone talk about the Christmas Party because the Christmas Party was a party to be with your friends and hang out and get under the missal toe and Sammy had ... none of that.

Sammy doesn't have friends a boyfriend heck she never even had a boyfriend because of Amy. Amy would Take any boy that Sammy liked from Hot to Nerdy cute She took them all.

Sammy thought about how she was going to be alone for Christmas... again and let a tear out. Sammy's parents forgot about Sammy and never got her presents. Sammy would be in her room and cry every Christmas until her mom would find out they forget Sammy and get her a cheap present. From Pencil to paper she got that.

Amy then looked at Sammy still looking out the window and said "Hey Samey I'm going to a Party wanna come"?.

Sammy was Surprised Amy never asked her to go out with her. "Really" Said Sammy quietly Smiling. Sammy was So happy that she could hug Amy.

"Yea whats a party with out someone getting humiliated" Amy then laughed evilly. Sammy's smile then Faded only to show a tears coming out of her eyes.

"I should have known"Sammy said to herself looking at the window again. Sammy then heard Amy say "Yea my lame Sister is going to come. What do you mean why who else are we going to humiliate. Okay see you there Heather bye" As Amy hung up she ran to Sammy and told her to wear her cheer leader uniform.

As Sammy changed she went back to see Amy holding a knife. Sammy was scared her heart was pounding faster then the speed of Light.

"Uhh... Amy what... what are you doing with that knife" said Sammy nervously.

"Hm? oh this well its for... hey whats that" Amy said pointing to a wall that had nothing and

... then stabbed Sammy in the Arm.

Sammy wanted to scream but nothing came out

Sammy wanted to cry but no tears came out.

All that came out was ... Blood

Amy looked at Sammy with an evil look and started to move the knife around in her arm. Sammy then let out a scream and collapsed on the floor crying. As she cried blood was flowing out of her arm. Leaving a Blood pool on the floor.

"Geez Samey your a real screamer" said Amy "Come on clean up and get in the car before you spend Christmas Alone again"

Sammy then got up and said "Why Me God ...Why me?... she started to cry.

5 minutes later Sammy arrived at the party

She saw people that went to her school like Zoe Mike, Rodney and Topher and Jasmine.

"Hey Samey bad news Heather's not coming so we can't embarrass you I could take you home but... I'd waste gas coming back here agian so your just going to be here alone." said Amy

Sammy looked at her sister who just left and said "Oh"

Sammy then turned to see a Christmas tree that was covered with beautiful ornaments. And people crowded the area. Sammy got up to see and only saw a girl with red hair with a box. "what's going on"said Sammy

"Everyone here is writing a Christmas Wish After that they put it in this box" The girl with hair shook the box and Sammy heard the sound of bells while she shook it. Sammy then looked up to face the girl confused on what she had heard.

"Oh yea if your wish is going to come true the box shakes making a bell sound so you want to write a Wish?" said the red head.

"Sure it will help me feel better" said Sammy looking for a pencil. The red head looked worried "is everything okay"? she said while handing Sammy parer and pen

"huh oh yea everythings fine what I meant was uhh...I Will finally get a chance to write my wish down" said Sammy trying so hard to smile.

"well... okay then." said the red head leaving still worried.

Sammy looked around to make sure Amy wasn't around and wrote

"I Wish For A Loving Sister"

Sammy let a tear fall on the paper and quickly wiped her tear from her face and gave it to the red head.

"Here's my wish"said Sammy trying to smile

"Thanks maybe It will come true this Christmas" said the red head Smiling.

"Yea maybe" said Sammy doubting her. As the red head put the paper in the box the box

shook and made a bell sound.

"Did it? Did I just hear" said Sammy The red head then turned to Sammy and smiled and walked away.

"Hey Samey were leaving this party sucks" said Amy pulling Sammy's ear out to the door.

5 minutes later thier parents came home early and said"hey Samey ,Amy help us get these presents in the house"

Sammy then grabbed three big presents and walked up to the front door. Amy opened it and then slammed it making Sammy fall and dropping the presents.

Sammy then got up and started to cry she let the tears leave her eyes.

"Maybe one day I'll get my wish but for right now Im just Plain old Samey." said Sammy to her self

Just Samey...