Last Time on Christmas Wishes...


"Watch out Samey, get near Topher and you're dead"

"Rodney, she wants you..."


Sammy and Rodney just finished having Sex


"But, Sammy, you'll never hear me say this again, 'I LOVE YO..."

"Man, this is going to be one fun season"

The scene starts with Chris, Chef, and Blaineley wearing coats in the school meat locker room with the contestants from Total Drama Pahkitew Island slowly unfreezing from their "cold nap." Topher was still wrapped around Sammy- who stood frozen waving at her sister; Amy was frozen mouthing the word "you", Rodney was naked, frozen, with blood coming out of his nose, and the others were frozen either hugging or kissing their dates, while those who had no dates just stood frozen in fear.

"Man this is going to be a fun season", said Chris laughing.

"Okay, one: you already said that. Two: you're talking to frozen teenagers, it's creepy.", said Blaineley. "If you're gonna talk about how they are, at least wait until they thaw out."

"Geez", groaned Chris. "You really know how to ruin the fun don't you, Blaineley?" "It's not that creepy, right Chef?"

"Look man, I don't even know why we're here. The last time we had a show, our ratings were low. 'Total Drama All-Stars had low ratings and bad reviews and that was combining the old and the new cast. What makes you think these kids are special? said a shivering Chef.

"Hey come on, Chef. Give me a break from that. I get it, the show sucked but this time it'll be better. We got the survivalist type, the zombie freak type, the evil, annoying, type, and the smart type. There's no way we can get low ratings from this new show. Plus, we got new material, we have twins: an evil and a good one. It's original." said an excited Chris.

"Well, Mr. Know-It-All, in case you've forgotten, we're supposed to find kids that are stereotypes of actual teenagers. I don't know a teen who is that afraid of zombies. Maybe if this was the 1940's, then maybe it could work. It's 2020, Chris, these kids have been frozen for 4 years. It's a new era, I'm not even sure if they can pull this off", said a hopeless and worried Blaineley.

"What do you mean 'we', it's my show. The only reason you're here is to help me drive these kids to the nearest airport after they thaw out. Chef's then gonna fly these kids to Pahkitew Island and then boom, we start the show."

Blaineley then gave Chris a death stare causing him to chuckle nervously.

"Look, guys, in case you may have forgotten, we're in a cold meet locker room, and I'M FREEZING!" Screamed Chef.

The room then shook causing some frozen bodies to fall on the floor and crack.

"Chef, shhhh," whispered Chris. "If these kids crack into pieces, we could get into serious trouble. Like life-in-prison trouble."

Blaineley then looked around and saw that Amy and Scarlett fell. There was a little crack on the head for both of them but nothing too concerning. She then went to pick them up and saw a body lying on the floor. It looked too old to be a teenager and a bit more lifeless than the other frozen teens. She got a closer look and gasped.

She covered her mouth and whispered, "Don." She ran up to Chris and grabbed him by his jacket yelling in a whisper voice, "What did you do!?"

Chris looked confused and then saw what she was talking about. He then remembered that Don legit gave up his own life for Chris to be safe and how he told Chris that he'll see him in heaven. Chris sighed and said, "He fell on the prom king crown and poked his eye out. He then led a dance which caused everyone to be here and accidentally hit the flash freeze lever causing everyone to freeze instantly."

Chris didn't even know what he just said. He smiled nervously hoping Blaineley couldn't see through his lie. He hates himself for almost killing Don, he doesn't want to admit to Blaineley that her best friend died because of him.

She then let a tear out and let go of Chris saying, "He always knew he was going to die doing something he loved."

Chris then let a sigh of relief and then cranked up the thermostat to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Everything was melting at a faster rate, but still slow. A few drops from the ceiling icicles fell and there was water dripping from the body's legs. While Scarlett's left ear was almost thawed out completely.

"Is this it? Really? Who's the principal who paid for this? The temperature really sucks in here." said an annoyed Chris.

Chef and Blaineley looked at him with a "really" face and Chris just said "oh" embarrassedly.

"Well, enough about that. Let's talk about the challenges this season's gonna have. The kids will be excited to hear that they're gonna win one million dollars if they do these things", said Chris excitedly.

Both of Scarlett's ears had just thawed out when she heard the prize money and thought about all the weapons she could buy to rule the world with. Amy, however, didn't have her ear thaw out but her forehead. She then began to sweat due to the 100 degrees.

10 minutes later Chris then finished his ideas by saying, "And that's only the 2nd episode, I got the rest of them in my head. I just need the producers to tell me it's okay and boom, we got ourselves an episode. Hopefully, it's not animal cruelty."

He then heard ice crack from behind him. He turned around and saw Amy break free, yelling the word "YOU!" causing the room to shake more and causing more bodies to crack open.

One by one, the Pahkitew Island cast members cracked free. Jasmine cracked free while kissing Shawn, Ella cracked free while giving Dave a little kiss on the lips, a naked Rodney cracked open while falling out of the bed with blood leaking from his nose, and finally, Sammy and Topher cracked open. Sammy was still waving goodbye like before, smiling and naked, and Topher was still kissing her cheek. They then looked at each other confused.

"Ughh, what happened?", said Scarlet.

(Scarlett in her head): If I want that money, I'm a need to play dumb. Well, maybe not Max dumb, but dumb enough to get me through Chris's challenges.

Jasmine then looked up and shook her head. "I don't remember much, mate. Just that everything stopped."

Shawn then jumped into Jasmine's arms out of fear and yelled, "You think the zombies took our brains and caused us to forget what happened!?"

"Well, the days may change but some things don't", said Dave sarcastically. "Speaking of days, what day is it?" said Ella.

Chris, Chef, and Blaineley looked shocked to see that the students were alive and okay. Chris then broke the silence and said, "Hey, relax. You're all safe... for now. You guys just had a 'cold nap'. That's all. Here's what happened last time in the school dance: Amy tried to make Sammy jealous by going out with Topher to the school dance, Sammy you cheated on Topher with Rodney, not cool. Rodney, falling in love with another chick is not okay. Like seriously, dude, you were a punching bag that night. And then you ended up here frozen. I won't go into detail of how it happened but just know that it happened."

Sammy noticed she was naked, gasped, and got under Topher's shirt to cover her body, while Rodney just used his hands to cover himself.

"Wait, you didn't answer Ella's question, what day is it today?" Said Shawn.

Chris then made an annoyed face. "It's January of 2020..."

"2020!" yelled the teens.

The room then shook causing the remainder of the frozen people to fall. From the cast of Total Drama Island to Revenge of the Island, even the lawyers fell.

Everybody groaned and asked, "what happened."

Chris then got even more annoyed. "Great more questions. You see, Chef, this is why I hated my job being principal. Every day is just questions. Everybody just relax. I'll explain everything in a bit, let me just talk to these 14 people first."

The lawyers then looked at each other wondering why they were in a school meat locker room. They then shook their heads and saw a security camera in the corner of the room.

"Now back to what I was saying, It's 2020. And great news: all 14 of you are gonna be in a new season of Total Drama!"

Everyone looked shocked.

Duncan then sighed out of relief, "Thank goodness we're not back. Good luck losers."

"Shut It, Duncan!", yelled Chris. "Look, I really don't want to be interrupted so I'll just make this quick. I originally planned this back in 2014, but due to low ratings from 'All-Stars", I had to push it aside. Producers didn't want to pay for it, so I had to work as a principal to make the money and that was torture. The only fun part was watching Duncan, Heather, and all the other jerks mess with you kids. Anyways, I need new kids for the job and you guys fit in well."

"Topher, you're a guy who wants to be like me"

"Dave, you hate germs. That's all I have to say"

"Amy and Sammy or what your new name will be: Samey. Amy, you love to bully your sister and you think you're the better twin, so you take her achievements and you hate her."

"Samey you're the underdog and you're too scared to stand up to your sister, so you let her bully you."

"This is gonna be one fun season," said Chris laughing sadistically

Blaineley looked at Chef annoyed and sighed, "Does he really have to say this all the time?"

"Yea, we haven't forgotten who we were," Dave said sarcastically.

While Chris was laughing, the lawyers hacked into the security camera and looked through the footage. "That's why we're here..." said one lawyer. He then pulled out a mini pistol from his pocket.

As Chris was laughing, Amy looked at Sammy with a sad look since people still think of her as a bully. So she did something that surprised everyone. She said "no"

Chris then stopped laughing "what?" he said

"You heard me, Mclean. I'm not doing your show."

Chris then got mad, "Why? Amy, come on, you'll be rich and famous for this. Isn't that what you want?"

Amy then walked up to Chris poking him. "If you think I'm a get famous for being mean to my baby sister (points at Sammy), then you're wrong. I'm not that mean jerk anymore. I love my sister more than anything. I don't care if I miss out on being famous. Loving my sister is more important than fame."

Everybody gasped.

"I love you, Sammy. You're my best friend and I'm happy to call you my sister" said Amy running up to Sammy to hug her.

Topher gasped for air when Amy squeezed him

"Fine whatever, who needs you. Samey will do fine all on her own." said an angry Chris.

"Actually Mr. Mclean, I'm not doing your show either. I'm happy to be with my sister and my boyfriend." Sammy then looks at Topher ashamed. "Oh Topher, I'm sorry for sleeping with Rodney. I don't know what happened. He just told me that since Amy was with you, I should cheat to get payback. I... I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

Topher then looked at Sammy. He was still hurt that Sammy cheated but he couldn't stay mad at her forever. "Sammy, you mean the whole world to me and I love you, but it's gonna take a while for me to forget what happened with you and Rodney. But, I forgive you, baby." He then kissed Sammy's forehead and then looked at Chris.

"I'm not doing your show either Chris. Maybe if it was my freshman year, then yea I could of, but I'm not doing it. I got over trying to be like you a long time ago. Money doesn't mean anything to me, only my Sammy."

Chris then got annoyed and said, "Does anyone want to do my show. Anyone?! It doesn't even matter anymore. Gwen? Brick?"

Scarlett looked around hoping someone would say something, but there was nothing.

"Fine! Everyone just get out of here. You all suck," said Chris.

"Wait, I'll do your show" begged Scarlett.

"Sorry Scarlett, I know paying for college is a lot, but you'll be okay. You're a smart girl. And plus who wants to see a show with one contestant" said Blaineley.

Scarlett then kicked Chris's leg and stormed out of the room.

Everyone then proceeded to leave as well.

"Dang it! Those kids are something else," screamed Chris.

"Hey relax, Chris. Why don't we do a show about something else? Like a daycare show or a racing show" said Chef.

"Chef, nobody wants to see that. Like really a baby show? Who's gonna be the daycare teacher? You?" said Chris

Chef then thought about it and said, "Yea, I'm a have my own show called Total DramaRama. I just need toddlers. It's perfect. Oh man, I gotta call the producers." Chef then went running out the door until he was stopped by 3 lawyers holding guns.

"Hold it right there, Chef." said the lawyers in unison. 10 unarmed lawyers then formed a circle around the 3 tv stars.

"You, Blaineley, and Chris are a threat to these kids and to the world. You tortured these kids for years and even killed a poor man" said the lawyer pointing at Don.

"Wait... What!" said an angry Blaineley. "I thought you said..."

"Quiet!" said the lawyer aiming a gun at her face. "You three are sentenced to death and we're gonna take the kids away to a military school so they can learn how to behave. Prepare to die."

Chris then closed his eyes shut while Blaineley was hugging Chef.


Chris then opened his eyes and saw that he hasn't been shot. He then looked at Chef and Blaineley and saw that they were okay. However, both of them looked shocked

"What...?" whispered Chris

He then looked at the lawyer who had a meat locker hook pierced through his chest. The lawyer accidentally shot his other lawyer comrade. The lawyer then dropped his gun and died right in front of Chris.

The shot comrade then aimed his gun at Chris but was punched by Chef. Chris then grabbed the gun off the floor and shot the remaining lawyer with a gun.

The 10 lawyers then had their hands in the air.

"If anyone of you doesn't want to end up like your friends, I suggest you run," said Chris.

The lawyers then ran out of the meat locker room.

"Nice going, guys. Thanks for pressing the hook control" said Chris.

"We didn't?" said Blaineley confused. "The hook button is next to the flash freeze lever..."

Blaineley gasped

She then ran to Don lying on the floor and hugged him crying.

"He saved us" cried Blaineley.

Chef then took off his chef hat out of respect.

Chris then walked up to Don and put his hand on his chest and said, "Thank you... friend"

The three then left the meat locker room and went to get flowers to pay respects to Don.

Outside of the School

As everyone went outside, they noticed that it was dark and cold. "So what now", said Courtney. "We're stuck wearing our winter-dance dresses, it's late outside, and I'm freezing."

"Hey relax, babe," said Duncan. "It's only 10:30 P.M," he said looking at his watch. "It's still early. Let's have some fun."

"Yea, he's right Courtney," said Owen. "Let's have a party. I felt like I haven't partied in years."

"Well I'm not gonna party right now," said Dave. "My parents are probably worried. I haven't seen them in 4 years."

"4 years?" said Owen pulling out his phone. "Come on Dave, it's still... 2020?!"

"Oh yea that's right, the original cast and Revenge of the island cast don't know that we've been frozen for years," said Sky

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," said Jo. "You mean to tell us we've been frozen for 4 years? This can not get any weirder."

The Lawyers then stormed out of the school screaming.

"Never mind then," said Jo.

Gwen then said, "Wait, if it's 2020 and we were in school in 2016, then that means..."

"WE GRADUATED" screamed Tyler.

Everyone cheered

Chris, Chef, and Blaineley came out sad only to see the teens cheering.

"What are you guys still doing here? It's late, go home. Your parents are worried sick. They still think you're on the 4-year field trip to space."

"Hold it, Chris," said Leshawna. "It's 2020."

"So what," said Chris

"We graduated. We need our diplomas."

"Or else we'll sue," said Courtney

Chris, annoyed, said, "Fine whatever, but you guys still need to be here to apply for colleges. Now get out of my way, we need flowers"

Everyone cheered

"Oh boy, did you hear that Sammy?!" said Jasmine excitedly "Sammy..?" she said confused. She then looked around and saw that Amy, Sammy, Topher, and Rodney were gone.

The scene then changes to Amy, Sammy, Topher, and Rodney in Topher's car which was surprisingly still in the school parking lot.

They rode for a bit and it was quiet. No music, no radio, no talking, just silence.

Amy then broke the silence, "Rodney, we're done. I don't want you near my sister or me again. If I catch you near us, I'm a call the cops"

"But..." said Rodney

"But what?! You cheated on me and made my sister cheat on Topher. You're a jerk."

Amy then started to look out the window facing away from Rodney crying, whispering, "you stupid jerk"

Topher and Sammy felt bad for Amy but didn't say anything. Rodney then looked out his window disappointed. Oh, mom, I wish you were here to help me. Rodney thought

Topher then drove up to Rodney's farm and dropped him off. Rodney waved goodbye, while Topher gave him the peace sign.

Rodney sighed. He then got a text from Topher saying, "It'll be okay. I'll do the best I can to help you."

Rodney felt like a jerk. His friend is still willing to help him, even though he cheated with his girlfriend. "What did I do to deserve you..." said Rodney. "What did I do..?"

Topher then drove to Amy and Sammy's place. It was still quiet. Sammy then got out of his car saying, "Thank you, Topher... Again, sorry for you know..." She looked down at her feet ashamed, embarrassed to finish the sentence. Topher then said, "Hey, relax... it's okay. You just felt pressured. I still love you..."

It hurt Topher to say that, he needed time to forgive Sammy. Sammy then gave a small smile and said, "I Love you too, call me or text me soon. Let's do something sometime." Topher nodded and blew her a kiss. Sammy blushed and told him good night while blowing him a kiss.

Sammy then went inside her house quietly trying not to wake up her parents. Amy, however, didn't want to leave. She's still hurt for dumping Rodney. Topher didn't know what to say. He didn't want to tell Amy to leave, so he just asked, "You want me to drive around for a bit?" Amy nodded and said, "Mhm" while looking out the window hugging herself into a little ball.

Topher drove around her block for a bit and stopped in front of her house.

"You feel better?" said Topher. Amy looked at him and said " a little..."

Topher knew that she was lying and sat in the back of his car with her. "Hey, Amy, It's okay. I'm in pain too."

Amy just looked at Topher and hugged him. She was crying onto his tux and she held him tightly.

Topher just hugged her back shushing her and stroking her hair back.

It was like that for a while until Amy stopped crying. She looked up at him and said "Sorry... It's just I don't know what to do. Rodney cheated on me with your girlfriend... my sister."

Topher then sighed, "I know, I know, but Rodney still loves you. He regrets what he did and wants to work things out with you."

"Yea, right. He loves my sister" said Amy. She then kicked the car seat in front of her and started to cry again.

Topher then held her hands and told her, "Hey, it's gonna be okay. I know what he did was wrong, but just give him some space. Don't think about him for a while and see what your heart wants. Whatever you pick, I'll be here supporting you."

Amy wiped the tears coming out of her eyes and said, "You know... back at the dance when you offered me to drink with you. I thought it was sweet. Nobody's ever comforted me like that." She didn't want to tell Topher that she grew a small crush on him because of that. She didn't want him to tell Sammy that.

Topher smiled and said "I'll do anything to make you feel better. You're my girlfriend's sister."

"Right..." Amy said sad knowing that she and Topher would never work out.

Topher saw that Amy was sad and asked, "You okay?"

Amy then took a deep breath and said "Look Topher after you offered me to drink with you, I... I've kinda gotten a teeny tiny crush on you and yea..."

Topher then looked at her. He didn't know what to say. "Amy... I like you, but I'm with your sister. No wait, that came out wrong. I'm taken."

Amy then sighed and said "yea... I know. But thank you for listening..."

I shouldn't have said anything thought Amy.

I hope I didn't let her down too badly thought Topher

There was an awkward silence for a bit. Amy then hugged Topher. "Again, thank you for listening. I hope what I said didn't change our friendship" said Amy

Topher didn't know what to say. He never really hung out with Amy long enough to be her friend so he just went along with it and hugged Amy back saying "Nothing's gonna change anything, Amy. You're a good girl."

The two then looked at each other. Topher stroked Amy's hair back and gave Amy a little pinch on her cheek.

Amy blushed and got a text from Sammy saying "You home yet?" Topher then looked at his watch and saw that it was 11:40 P.M

"You should probably go inside. It's getting late." He said.

Amy then nodded and kissed Topher on the cheek."Let me know when you're home" she said blushing.

Topher touched his cheek and smiled. "I'll let you know soon. Just be careful when walking. There might be ice on the floor."

Amy nodded and got out of Topher's car. She waved goodbye and hugged herself. She took in a deep breath and looked up at the stars.

"What did I do to deserve an amazing friend like Topher," she said blushing

She then got another text from Sammy saying, "Amy? You okay?"

Amy smiled replying with "Yea, just got home."

She smiled and went inside.

The scene then changes to Chris, Chef, Blaineley walking back into the school meat locker room with flowers.

"Can you believe they threatened to sue if they didn't get diplomas? Kids these days, always so aggressive," said Chris

As they turned the light on, they saw that Don wasn't there, only a note on the floor.

"Where's Don..." said Chris.

Chef ran to the note and read it out loud:

Dear Friends,

You were right about me pressing the hook button, I used what little energy I had to save you.

Well, at least the little energy I thought I had left. If you're reading this, I'm crawling to the nearest hospital to get my eye fixed. Later, I'll get my own show: The Ridonculous Race. It's a racing show like what Chef said (Thanks for the idea, Chef).

Anyways, thank you for the adventures/memories



"Damn you DONNNNNNNNN!" screamed Chris.

"Uh hello, It's late people are sleeping," said Blaineley

"I told you it was a good idea," said Chef. "This is why you should listen to me."

Chris then made a fist and said. "I swear if your baby daycare show is a hit, I'm a lose it."


It's August of 2020 and the twins are at home watching TV. "Right after the Ridonculous Race is a new episode of Total Dramarama right here on..." Amy then turned the TV off.

"I still can't believe Chef got his own show," said Amy.

"Well, he always did have more exciting episodes when it was just him, but I guess him being a daycare teacher is a bit off for a guy like him," said Sammy.

There was then a knock on the door. Sammy and Amy then gave each other a confused look.

Sammy opened the door and saw that it was Topher.

"Hey, babe," said Topher hugging Sammy.

Sammy laughed and kissed Topher's cheek.

"Hey, Topher, I was watching TV with Amy. Wanna join us?"

Topher nodded and whispered, "I think I have a way to get Rodney back with Amy."

Sammy looked shocked and whispered, "Nice. She hasn't been the same since we got unfrozen. I'm not sure if it's cause she misses Rodney, but she hasn't talked about him in a while. She's gotten quiet."

Topher then looked at Amy who was just staring out of her living room window. What could she be thinking of? thought Topher.

"I'll go talk to her," said Topher.

"Alright baby, just be careful when talking to her. I'm not sure if she's sensitive or not," said Sammy

"So... Amy want to go on a walk?" said Sammy

Amy looked at her sister and replied, "No, I'm a be in my room. I'm a take a nap."

Sammy and Topher looked at each other confused. "But it's 2 in the afternoon" Topher whispered to Sammy.

Sammy then thought about her sister and remembered that Amy had a diary in her room.

"Alright... umm.. can we nap all 3 of us together," said Sammy awkwardly.

Amy looked at her sister confused. "Uh... sure, just get a pillow from your room." Amy then went up to her room.

"Alright, I got an idea," said Sammy whispering. "While she falls asleep. I'll get her diary and read what she's thinking about. Poor girl probably misses Rodney. Just give me a signal and I'll sneak into her drawer and get it."

Topher looked at her, "You sure? Why can't we just ask her what's wrong before she sleeps?"

"I tried that, babe. She'll just give bland answers."

The scene changes to the trio in Amy's room. "I only got room for two people in my bed... so one of you will have to sleep on the floor."

"I'll sleep on the floor, It's fine," said Sammy. "Topher's our guest, he should sleep in a cozy bed."

Topher wasn't listening. He was examining Amy's room. Her walls were orange with gold ribbons hanging from paintings. I doubt she could draw like this. Sammy probably did this for her, he thought.

"Topher... Topher... Hellooooo." said Amy. Topher then looked at Amy. "Huh, sorry," he said.

"Get in the bed. You can have the corner" said Amy.

"Uhhhh... okay," said Topher uncomfortably. "So Amy how are you?" said Topher getting in Amy's bed.

"Good" she replied

"Anything happen?" he said trying to get her to talk more


Sammy then gave Topher an "I Told You So" smile.

Topher smiled and laid down. Amy then laid next to him.

This is weird. I'm in the same bed with my girlfriend's sister... he thought.

Sammy didn't mind since she trusted Topher. She was just concentrating on Amy's drawer trying to figure out which drawer she put her diary in.

The last time I saw Amy write in her diary was the night when we were unfrozen. I was walking to my room after getting a glass of water and saw that she was writing something. I asked her if she was okay, and she hid the journal, quickly, saying that she was fine. I just don't remember where... thought Sammy.

"Good night... said, Amy"

Sammy snapped out of her concentration and looked at her sister.

"Good night, sis, goodnight, babe," said Sammy winking at Topher.

Topher then said goodnight and waited for Amy to fall asleep.

10 minutes passed and he heard a snore. Topher then raised a thumbs up.

Nothing happened.

Topher looked up and saw Sammy fell asleep snoring.

"She's asleep" whispered Amy. Topher then looked at Amy who turned towards him.

"Uhh hi, Amy... shouldn't you be asleep too?"

"Topher, I could be asking you the same question. What's wrong? Am I hogging the blankets?"

"No, no, I... just needed to stretch. Now, why aren't you asleep?"

Amy sighed and sat up. "Topher ever since we've gotten unfrozen, I've been thinking about Rodney. He's a jerk for cheating and I can't believe he would do something like that. Like, am I just not good enough for him?"

Topher then realized that Amy was having low self-esteem and hugged her. "Hey... come on. You're a great and beautiful girl. What Rodney did was unforgivable and that wasn't your fault. You need to know that you're a perfect girl and that he missed out on an amazing girl. He missed out on you Amy."

Amy then hugged Topher and said "Thank you... you always know what to say." Topher smiled and said "I'm always here for you, Amy. Here, there, and everywhere."

Amy then lied down and said, "I've been thinking about you too Topher... ever since you dropped me off from the school after being frozen for years, it made my night special and I... love you for it."

Topher took a deep breath. "Amy, I already told you...I'm taken, I'm sorry."

Amy sighed. "Yea... I know. My sister's really lucky to have you."

"And your sister is lucky to have you, Amy. Now please, let's get some rest."

Topher then lied down.

Amy turned to him and rested her head on his chest. She then kissed Topher's cheek like she did a few months back and closed her eyes.

Topher didn't react to it but thought about Rodney. He hurt Amy, he kissed his girl, and he did his girl. Topher wanted to punch a wall but didn't want to wake up the twins. So he just wrapped his arms around Amy hoping to squeeze his anger out as if she was a stress ball.

Amy looked up at him shocked. Topher embarrassed unwrapped his arms and whispered, "Sorry, sorry, I just got mad when I thought about Rodney, and…"

"No, no, no, you're fine," said Amy cutting him off. "I like it... I feel protected," she said blushing.

Topher then wrapped his arms around Amy again. Amy smiled and kissed his cheek. "Good night" she whispered as she laid her head on his chest.

He felt weird for holding Amy in his arms. He then looked at Sammy hoping that she's awake so she can get Amy's diary, but nope, she was still sleeping.

Topher sighed and started to feel guilty that Amy kissed him. Sammy's in the same room... he thought.

He stared up at the ceiling feeling guilty. She kissed me like 3 times and I've done nothing about it... I really need to tell Amy to calm down with that stuff. I'm with Sammy... Oh, shoot! Sammy doesn't know about it! Do I tell her? Will she be heartbroken if I tell her?

He then looked at Sammy nervously and smiled. He felt happy to know that he was with her, but that went away when he had a flashback of Rodney naked next to her in the Christmas Dance. Topher then started to take deep breaths to calm himself down but that didn't work.

He then thought about getting revenge on Rodney by taking the girl he wants away from him. No, he thought. I'm with Sammy. She doesn't deserve to be hurt. Plus, I'm helping him get back with Amy.

He then thought about Sammy. She apologized for it. She knew what she did, that's why she apologized.

Topher took a deep breath and looked at Amy sleeping in his arms. He didn't want to cheat... he didn't want to hurt Sammy. Even if she hurt him, he couldn't forgive himself if he hurt her.

Topher then started to stroke Amy's hair back and hug her tightly. What do I do? he thought.

What do I do...?

Author's Note: I'm only updating this because I didn't like the ending to it originally. This will be the last story I update. After that, I'm done with writing. I wrote this as a freshman in high school. Now, I'm entering college as a freshman. I don't plan on writing anymore after this story. Sorry that this was long, I tried to finish this in one chapter, but I guess I have more to write. So please write me suggestions for what I should do for the next chapter.