5 couples, 10 hearts, 1 story: Loss, Lust, Love.

There was young princess who lived on the moon. The platinum blonde princess was protected by eight guardians, each carrying the name of a planet. These nine females watched over the universe and protected it from evil.

One day, while searching for danger, the princess stumbled upon a planet. It was called Earth. She went to visit the planet for she had never seen it before. Once reaching the ground, she met him. A prince. The prince of the Earth. His name was…

"And this is where you are stuck at?" a male in a gray tailored suit asked. Green eyes glared at scared blue ones. He sat on a light blue lounge chair that sat next to a small dining table.

"I don't know what else to write!" a squeaky voiced female cried out. "I've been stuck like this for two weeks straight. Even Jaden can't help me!" The female placed her hands over her face, crying in desperation.

The male sighed harshly and loudly. "The deadline is a month away. They need pages and illustrations, Serena!"

"I know Zachary!" Serena yelled at her agent. She tugged at her long blonde hair as a habit of her nervousness.

The strawberry blonde male sighed once more and shook his head. Serena wondered at times, how come such a good looking male became an agent. His looks were to die for; at least for some people. He was clearly a man with his nice gray suit on, but if he wore women clothing, anyone couldn't tell.

Meetings with Zachary were the worst for Serena. There was not one meeting where he wasn't yelling or lecturing at her. Yeah, she could be such an airhead sometimes, but she always delivered with her work. Serena Moon was an author to many children's books. She began when she was sixteen in her creative writing class. The teacher loved it so much that she helped Serena publish it. Thus began her life as an author. She graduated from college with a bachelor's in English and been stuck with the job ever since.

Serena has known Zachary since she was eighteen. He was assigned to her after her last agent got fired. The two bicker like siblings, as Zack reminds her of her stupid older brother Jaden or Jay. Zack and Jay met plenty of times and got along perfectly. They hung out a few times. No fair! All Serena gets is a scream or a cry of frustration with Zack. Jerks. The both of them.

"You have two weeks to give me a manuscript or its both of our heads."

Before Serena could respond, her phone rang. She quickly checked it to see if it was someone important. An unknown number showed. Serena swiped the touchscreen to the right to answer.

"Hi, is this Ms. Serena Moon? I'm calling from Elysian Hospital. Your sister, Amara, has been in an accident."

Pale hands reached the air as far as they can. Cracks and other breaking noises came from a petite body. The small person rotated their neck to get rid of all the aches and tension.

"Rough, first twenty-four hours?" A black haired male asked, drinking from a coffee mug,

"Yes. I never knew how much sleep I actually needed." The petite person said.

"Trust me, Amy. It sort of gets better," the male joked.

"Thanks Darien. I appreciate your humor." The short blue-haired female said.

"You've been working here for a month. I'm sure you are used to it by now."

"Not twenty-four and counting. Maybe sixteen and I sleep through the whole weekend," she adjusted her glasses to read the computer screen clearer. "I'll be fine. This is nothing. I stayed up for a week straight to study for all my medical finals."

"And I bet you aced them." Darien joked. Amy laughed.

A nurse entered to call them over for an emergency. The two young doctors quickly went to work. Washing up, getting their gear on, they proceeded in completing the preparation for surgery. In the emergency, a young female, around her mid-twenties, got into a real bad car accident. Her skull was fractured and her left arm was broken. It was a miracle, she lived. The two surgeons got to work fast. The procedure took less than three hours. The female was stabilized. The doctors washed up and went to meet the family of the female.

Darien walked to the waiting room with Amy behind him. There was a female sat holding onto a blond male. The male bared resemblance to the victim. He must be family. The male whispered to the female, she looked up at the two doctors. Gorgeous. Her blue eyes were gorgeous, though they were bloodshot. Her long blonde were placed into two pigtails with two buns at the top of each side.

Darien approached them with caution. He noticed two other people were there. A male with a gray suit and a beautiful female with turquoise hair.

"Michelle?" Amy said. Darien turned to his friend. Amy ran to the woman and hugged her.

The blonde female ran to Amy and this Michelle woman. The male followed. "Excuse me," she asked. Her voice sweet and heavenly. "Are you the doctor that worked on Amara?"

"We both are," Darien interrupted, secretly wanting to speak to the female.

"How is she?" Michelle looked between Amy and Dairen.

"She's stable." Darien began. "Her skull was fractured and her left arm was broken. We were able to steer her away from any real danger. We hope her recovery would be just as smooth."

"Oh thank you," the young blonde female pleaded. "Can we see her? I'm her sister, I need to see her! I knew racecar driving would kill her!"

"Serena, calm down," The male said. "I'm sorry, doc. She has this nervous habit of being worried for everything. Our sister is a fighter, she'll get through this."

"Yes, Ms. Moon will be fine. But I don't think it would be good to see her now. She just got out of surgery." Amy said. She released the female in front of her. "In about six hours, you all can see her." Amy looked over to the suited male. Her pale cheeks flushed a bit.

"I need the siblings to fill out any forms." Darien stated.

"I'm her wife," Michelle said. Amy gasped. Who was this woman to Amy?

"Uh, of course. Amy, can you please guide Mrs. Moon to the nurses' station."

"Come, Michelle." Amy said.

Darien turned to speak to the siblings once more, especially the blonde girl. She was petite in size and stature. Not the usual type Darien went for. His type were more model tall and built. She was the total opposite and yet, she attracted him more than the other females. The male with the gray suit whispered something into her ear. She nodded and he left. Her brother stayed with her for a bit longer.

"Please pardon my rudeness, I'm doctor Darien Shields. Neurosurgeon." He extended his hand to shake the brother's.

"Jaden Moon, uh, artist, I guess. And this is my sister, Serena." He introduced.

"Pleasure, doctor. Thank you for saving her," she said, holding both of his hands. He ignored the electricity that coursed threw his body as they touched.

"It's my job," he said. Serena. What a beautiful name, just like its owner. Yet why did her name sound so familiar?

A nurse came to interrupt him. He excused himself and followed the nurse. After dealing with a recovering patient, he went to find Amy. She sat in her office again staring at the computer.

"Who was that lady?" he asked sitting on a leather chair in front of her desk.


"The pretty turquoise haired female."

Amy stared at him with sadness. "My sister…well half-sister," she explained before shock could overtake him. "She's my mother first child. Her father had died from cancer when she was one. Our mother met my father two years later and I happened soon after. My father raised her, but she kept her father's last name. When my parents divorced, she left with him. I barely see her. She became a huge violin player in Germany. I didn't know she was a lesbian or even a married one. I'm shocked."

"It's a lot to take in. where is she?"

"She went to see our mother downstairs. She already filled out the paperwork. They been married for a year." Amy scoffed. "She never bothered to tell us. Dad was her witness."

"I'm sorry, Amy." he patted her on the back, comforting her.

She smiled at him as a form of thanks. "Thanks Darien. I can't believe she's married to the famous Amara Moon. When did classical music meet racecar?" Amy laughed. "Her sister in law is Serena Moon, the famous children's author. Super crazy. Right?"

Serena! That's how he knows her name. It's his little sister's favorite author. What are the odds?

"I think we should go home and shower," Jaden suggested. Serena shook her head.

"I want to stay here until she wakes up. You can go and when you come back bring me my laptop please?"

Jaden nodded while sighing at his stubborn sister. "I have to meet a client first, but I'll be back soon," he said. Serena nodded and Jaden hesitantly left his sister.

As the middle child and first born male, Jaden's job was to take care of his younger siblings and be the protector of all of his siblings, which included his older sister as well. Amara. He knew her crazy stunts would one day kill her, but he just prayed it wasn't today. It sucked that he had to meet with a client. This meeting would be his big break. And although he should be there for Serena and Amara, he knew they would kill him if he cancelled this job.

Being a freelance graphic design and artist did not get him many jobs. His full time job was being Serena's illustrator for her books. He got paid well, but not enough that he still had to live with his baby sister. Jaden arrived to his destination. A huge white mansion with tall trees and a garden that Lita, his cousin, Mina's best friend, would die for. He stopped his car in front of the intercom. A deep voice greeted him, he stated his reason for being there and the black gates opened. He drove careful on the gravel floors of the grand home and parked by a shrub, not to close to the entrance.

He was greeted by a butler and a little girl with beautiful black hair that a hint purple highlights. Jaden nodded his head to both of them. The butler guided him up the grand stairs that was in the middle of the marble floor. They turned left and entered an office. Each side had tall shelves that were filled with books. There was a desk in between the two bookshelves. A woman sat, typing away at the newest model of her laptop.

The butler interrupted and introduced Jaden. The woman was older and beautiful. Tan skin, long black hair and reddish eyes. Her eyes shined with kindness. A rare trait in most wealthy people. She thanked the servant and blew a kiss to the little girl who beamed when she saw her. They left and she greeted Jaden. The older female asked him to sit in the brown leather seat in front of the desk.

"I'm Trista Pluto, thank you for coming."

"No, thank you for having me. Now what can I do for you? You said something about a portrait?"

Trista giggled. It made her seem younger. "My husband's birthday is coming up and I would like to present him a gift. A portrait of us. He will think it's going to be a regular crazy antic of mine."

Jaden nodded. "Of course. This will be fun and easy."

Trista smiled. "I want it to be special and in the garden area. I'll show you around."

Trista guided Jaden down the grad stairs to a door on his right. The entrance of the garden he assumed, and was right. The plot of land was huge. Another house could be built there. There were rose bushes and lilies and tulips. So many other flowers and plants basked in the sun and large fermented soil. There was a pool at the far end of the garden and a patio deck with lounge chairs and…was that a small bar table? Rich people were great. Trista explained she wanted to have the portrait done by the archway where a wall of yellow roses decorated the area. It was gorgeous. As an artist, Jaden loved this scenery. Such vibrant colors would make his paintings pop. He couldn't wait.

Jaden felt his phone vibrated repeatedly. He checked to see Serena calling him. Damn, he was gone for two hours. Did something happened? He excused himself to Trista and explained the situation to her. She quickly apologized for taking his time and dismissed him. He picked up his call.

"Is she okay?"

"Dr. Mercury said that she still hasn't woken up, but I'm calling because I called mom and her, Sammy and dad are driving over here now. I'm going to call our cousins."

"I'm on my way," he said hurriedly. He thanked the butler and smiled at the small child before leaving. He opened the door and bam! Bumped into someone. "I'm so sorr-" he stopped and gazed at the long haired beauty in front of him. She was short, with black hair and dark violet eyes that could intimidate anyone. And she was gorgeous. Her porcelain skin and heart shaped face made her the epitome of beautiful rich girls.

"Watch it!" she snapped at him. Her attitude needed work. He pardoned himself and hurried back to his car.

"Wow," was all he said as he drove off.

"What!? What do mean? Is she okay?" A female yelled. She stood up from a soft orange love seat. She began cursing at her phone.

A tall male with long white blond hair stared at the tall blond female. The girl hung up and sat back against the love seat once more.

"What happened Mina?" the male asked.

Mina Venus. A famous actress and singer. Her beauty lived up to her name. Her reputation as a heartbreaker preceded her. She was gorgeous with royal blue eyes and hair so yellow, it rivaled the sun. Mina, also, happened to be the cousin of Serena. Many people believed she and Serena were twins due to their physical similarities. The same was said about Amara and Mina's older brother, Andrew. Serena's mother, Selene, and her mother, Aphrodite, were identical twins, which made Andrew and Mina look like siblings to be Moons and vice versa.

"Amara is in the hospital! Artemis, I need to go," Mina cried out.

Artemis was Mina's manager. He was a close friend to her ever since they met in London. Although Artemis was attractive, he was like another big brother to Mina. He scouted her to join his agency, Silver Millennium. He became her agent and manager in a matter of weeks. Due to their excellent teamwork, she became the company's number one money maker.

"I'll escort you, but you should tell the director," he said.

Mina ran out her trailer and stomped towards the person she hated the most. Kadeem Kunzite. Her boss and the director of the movie she was filming, A Lover's Quarrel. A romantic comedy about a man, played by Tiger's eye (weirdest stage name), who falls for two women. Mina played one and another actress, Mimi, played the other. It was hilarious that the famous Kadeem Kunzite would take on this project. He was known for drama, action or horror films, not romantic comedy.

The crew was on set by secluded building, which was luckily close to the hospital that Amara was in. Kadeem was ordering the camera guy to zoom closer to Tiger's eye and Mimi's kiss scene. Mina stood behind her boss and tapped him twice on his muscular shoulders. Mina hated his guts, but he was gorgeous, as if he were born to a goddess. No human could ever look like he did. He was really tall, taller than her brother, who was over six feet. His deep tanned skin, gray eyes, and platinum colored hair had to be from his goddess mother. The combination was odd, but it fit him so perfectly. Mina still hated him.

He turned around glaring at the person, who touched him. He was such a stickler for people touching him. So uptight.

"What," he said as a statement.

"I need to leave," she told him, crossing her arms over her chest.

He mimicked her actions, but added a smirk. "No way, we have to film you catching Tiger's eye in his apartment with Mimi."

She was getting angry. "It's an emergency," she stated.

He narrowed his eyes. "Unless someone is dying or giving birth, I don't allow no one to leave." Which was true. Kunzite was a hard ass.

Mina was about to curse him out, when she felt a hand cover her mouth. Artemis was the only one that could do that. It was confirmed when Artemis spoke. His polite tone echoing in her ear.

"Her cousin is in the hospital. Terrible accident," his British accent still left Mina in awe.

Kadeem looked at Artemis, then at Mina. His scrutinizing eyes staring into hers to see if she was lying and her manager was taking the fall. He sighed, then said, "Two hours."

Artemis released her and she smiled at Kadeem. "Thank you."

Serena spent at least $300 dollars on coffee and get well presents for herself and Amara. She paced back and forth for the last hour as she waited for Jaden, her parents, Sammy, and Mina to arrive. Michelle kept her company, but she was as quiet as Serena. Both doctors came by with updates, but nothing new. Come on sis, wake up.

"Serena!" She turned to see Mina and her manager, Artemis. The blonde female hugged her lookalike cousin. "Where's everyone? Andrew called me. He wants updates as soon as possible." Mina's brother could not leave his job. He owned an arcade shop. It was hard to close that down or have his teenaged employees to look after the shop.

"Mom, dad, and Sammy are in a taxi. Jaden should be here soon." Just then, the rest of her family left the elevator door. Selene and Ken Moon, the heads of the Moon clan ran to a nurse. Michelle walked up to Selene and the two females hugged tightly. Jaden and Sammy spoke among themselves as they approached Mina, Serena, and Artemis.

"I saw them downstairs," Jaden said then hugged Artemis. He was an adopted cousin to the Moon clan.

After speaking to the nurse, who went to go get the doctors, Selene and Ken went to their second daughter and niece. Selene, finally, broke down in Serena's arms. Amara was the first born. Her baby girl and now she was fighting to wake up. She could be in a coma. And that scared all of them.

Soon, Selene settled down, sitting on a chair with drinking Serena's coffee to calm her nerves. Dr. Shields and Dr. Mercury returned and are shocked to see a bigger group. Ken introduced himself when Serena explained who they were.

"Doctors, please. How's my baby?" Selene asked.

Darien looked at Amy, who nodded. "She's awake," he said. The group sighed or cried with relief. "However, only three can go at a time. I'm sorry."

Serena nodded and thanked the doctors. "Michelle, mom, and dad have to go first." She said.

"I have to go next. I want to see her, but I have to go back to work."

"Go with Selene, Mina. I can go after you," Ken said. Mina hugged her uncle and the three left to the room.

Darien walked up to Serena. "She's fine," he comforted.

Serena smiled. "Thank you for everything. I truly appreciate it. You saved her life. If there's anything I could do…"

"Stop, it's my job. I save lives for a living."

"But Amara could have been brain dead or had so much complications. Does she have amnesia?"

Darien shook his head. "She asked for Michelle, her parents, and her siblings. All by name."

"See, I have to thank you in some way."

"Doctors cannot accept anything from patients or their families," he looked at Serena. She really want to thank him. "But you can do something for my sister."