On the morning of Amy's wedding, Mina was sure she was the only nervous wreck. There was no word from Kadeem. And everyone else seemed to be calm. Mina tugged on the pale yellow ruffles of her long darker yellow dress. She sat next to Serena and Darien. Serena wearing a pink dress and Darien matching his shirt with the same color in a combination of his grey suit.

The small wedding took place in Darien and Raye's guest home with central heating to keep the guests warm from the cold winter. The once living room area was cleared out to make room for the chairs and arch for the wedding. Snow-covered the outside grass and windows. It was a small intimate wedding with close family and friends. Less than 30 people.

On the right side of the guest house living room, Zachary stood with chest out and a wide smile on his face wearing a navy blue suit with a white shirt and light blue tie. Maxfield stood beside him as his best man in a typical black and white suit with a light blue tie. Both of the long-haired men pulled their luscious locks back in a neat low ponytail.

On the left stood Raye as the maid of honor in a light blue dress with a matching choker. Her bouquet was water lilies. The guests ranged from Zachary coworkers to their group of friends scattered throughout the area in decorative white seats. Serena's mother was the ordained minister that will be marrying the couple. Serena's dad was the photographer. Michelle began to play soft classical music as Hannah and Helios walked down the aisle with Helios holding the ring and Hannah throwing the flowers. Both were dressed in blue and white. Helios gave rings to Maxfield before sitting with Trista and Hannah.

Then all rose when Michelle began playing the wedding march. Pictures were taken as Amy, in a tea-length gown, walked down the aisle with her mother and father. Mina blinked her eyes to avoid the tears from falling. She left an arm wrap around her waist, she slightly jumped, but calmed when the person whispered in her ear, "It's me."

Mina leaned back against the broad chest as the hold tightened.

Amy slowly walked with her parents down to her forever home. Zachary looked handsome with his hair neat. She stood in front of him as Serena's mom was speaking. The next thing she knew was her dad removing the small veil from her head and kissing her forehead and her mom doing the same thing. The couple decided to have a local wedding since a destination would cost too much even with the money that they made.

Amy handed her bouquet to Raye and held hands with Zachary as Selene gave a small speech on love.

"Do you Zachary Zoisite take Amy Mercury as your lawfully wedded wife?" Selene asked.

Zach nodded. "I do."

"And do you Amy-"

"I do," she said. Everyone laughed as Amy hid her head into Zachary's chest to hide her embarrassment.

"Now by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife," Selene said.

Zachary lifted Amy's head and brought their lips together. Their small crowd yelled and rice was thrown at the couple. Inside the Shields home, a small reception was held. Amy and Zachary greeted their guests. The newlywed couple danced, then others joined. Mina danced with Kadeem and Helios in between their arms. Lita and Max danced with him placing one hand on her growing belly. Or as they recently found out, their Juno. As did Raye with Jaden and Serena and Darien.

The guests got together and lit up the Christmas tree in the Shields home. Helios and Hannah ran around as the guests passed gifts to each other and to the married couple.

Later on that night, Serena and Darien walked along the lake by the gazebo hand in hand. Darien draped coat around Serena.

"I may be a June baby, but I love the winter," Serena said.

"Good to note. Maybe we can a winter wedding like Amy and Zachary."

Serena stared at Darien as he knelt in the snow displaying a gold band with a large heart-shaped pink ring. Serena covered her mouth with her gloved hands.

"Get up, your pants are going to get wet."

"I'm like 200 feet from my house, I won't get up until you say yes."

Serena jumped on him, causing the two to fall on the snow. "Of course!" She grabbed the ring and placed it on it herself.

Darien laughed as she got up and ran to the house to show the girls. He walked slowly behind her. He may or may not have hurt his back when she pushed him down. He didn't even get a kiss out of it.

He found Serena surrounded by the girls and the guys coming up to congratulate him. Serena's dad, Ken, hugged him. Selene kissed his cheek. They knew because well he had gone the week before to ask for permission.

Mina came up to him. Kadeem wrapped his arm around her. "Work overtime," she warned. "She's going to be worse than me."

Darien sighed and he kissed his wallet. "Thanks for the warning."

That night of the wedding, Mina tucked Helios to bed. When she returned to her room with Kadeem taking off his tie. He removed the hair tie from his hair and shook his head.

"Male model vibes?" Mina joked.

"I mean, I could be." he smiled.

Mina rolled her eyes and sat on the bed. She patted on his mattress. They faced each other. Mina held his hand.

"When we broke up, I thought I was pregnant." Kadeem stared at her stomach. "It was a false alarm."

"Mina," he said with an irritated tone.

"Kadeem, listen." He quieted. "When I thought I was pregnant I was excited. Not because I always wanted a baby, but it was the baby that the man I love and I made together. That's when I realized that I do love you Kadeem." Mina then began to sing the chorus of her solo broadway song.

Kadeem interrupted her by kissing her. "Finally," he said after breaking the kiss. "I am never letting you go." He pushed her down and began to kiss her neck.

Mina tried pushing him off. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to make a baby with the woman I love."

"Did you know that attending weddings can cause couples to get engaged sooner or unplanned pregnancies to happen?" Jaden said as he and Raye settled in his new apartment.

Raye glared at him. "What are you implying?"

Jaden shrugged. "Serena and Darien are engaged, Lita is about to give birth in a few months, and who knows what Mina and Kadeem are doing at this moment."

"I don't get the point."

Jaden kissed Raye. "I'm saying that I want to be like Zach or like Max. I want us to be together for a long time. I love you, Raye Shields."

Raye turned her head. "Why?"

"Why what?"

She turned back to face him, but with tears in her eyes. She caressed his face. "Why are you the best thing that has ever happened to me, but I can't commit myself fully to you?"

"Fear? Anxiety? Damaged expectations?"

Raye laughed. "Jay, I love you too, but I don't want to be like everyone else. I don't want a big wedding and I don't want kids until I'm married."

"You think I can wait forever? We are not getting younger."

Raye sighed. "No, you stupid painter. I'm saying let's do something crazy. I'm tired of being the perfect little girl."


"You always wanted to go to Paris right? Let's elope under the Effiel Tower."

Jaden laughed. "Are you asking me to you?"

Raye flipped her hair back. "I'm not your ordinary girl, Moon."

And they all lived Happily Ever After.

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