The Hellspawn and The Amazon

By: StraightedgeEpyon

Shinji wakes up in a dark alley with no memory how he got there and now wearing a bizarre and demonic costume. Now Shinji rises in Tokyo-3 as the New Hellspawn and gains the attention of a certain amazon

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Chapter five

Reaching into the Shadows

(Tokyo airport )

Late at night in Japan, a plane was touching down in Tokyo, inside sat a young Asian woman. She had black hair styled in a short bob.

She wore circular glasses in front of her eyes, perched in front of her button nose. She wore a casual outfit consisting of red slacks, a yellow shirt that read NYU, a burgundy jacket, and black and black shoes.

The woman disembarked along with the rest of the passengers. The woman walked through the airport, carrying her luggage, with a sense of purpose, with a certain type of a focused stride.

'Hard to believe that after all these years, he's finally resurfaced, and in Japan of all places.' the woman thought, walking towards the entrance.

Making her way outside, she took in the night air. Compared to most places she had been to, it was quiet, almost deathly quietly. She hailed a taxi, got in, and directed it straight towards the city.

"So, what brings all the way out here to Tokyo?" the driver asked in Japanese.

"I'm just looking to see an old friend," she replied back in Japanese.

"You might have come here in vain. If your friend was smart, then he would have skipped town."

"Maybe, but I have a feeling he's here somewhere, and I'm going to find him."

'But the question is, is he still the same?' she thought inwardly

(Tokyo-3 Jr high)

You're gonna say no?!" Kensuke asked his friend.

"Yeah, after what happened to Shinji, it's just not worth the risk. Besides, I hear they're not even gonna hold a funeral for him. How messed up is that?" said Toji in a bitter tone.

"But what about your sister? Didn't NERV offer better medical care for her if you piloted?" his friend asked, getting a nod.

"They did, but it's not necessary. She's healed." the jock informed, shocking his friend.

"What? How? " Kensuke asked.

"I don't know. The doctors just found her up and moving around one morning, like she hadn't been hurt at all."

"How? It would've taken months of physical therapy for a normal person to heal from the type of injuries she had. And hers were severe, like she would never walk again severe." said Kensuke

"She told me that she heard someone talking softly to her late at night apologizing for what happened to her, then she felt herself being wrapped up in something red and full of warmth. Next thing she knew, her injuries healed completely. If I can guess, I'd say it's a miracle."

Kensuke took a seat right next to him, flabbergasted by the jock's explanation.

"So I'm gonna tell them no. I got my sister back, and that's all that matters to me. Besides, from the way Shinji described Eva to me, it's not something I'd want to do after all. They didn't give him a choice, but I still have mine."

Unbeknownst to the pair, Rei was listening to their conversation. Although she silently thanked Athena for Suzahara declining to be a pilot. She wondered who or what could have healed his sister.

Rei looked back briefly at the desk Shinji once sat in. It filled her with sadness knowing that he would never sit there again. Pilot Sohryu was again talking to her friend as if nothing happened. Inwardly, she despised the German girl for her, somewhat, indifference to Shinji's death, even though she practically goaded him into attacking the Angel in the first place that day.

The teacher came in and the class did their usual routine. As the teacher droned on about the days before Second Impact, her thoughts drifted to the voice from the previous night.

'Good night, Rei. I wish things could have been different. I wish we could have met under different circumstances. Maybe we could have been friends.'

'Was it really his voice?' Rei wondered.

The class ended, and she was assigned cleanup duty. Glancing outside, her red eyes widened. Down below, underneath the shade of the tree was Shinji Ikari, staring up at her.

"Ikari," she whispered in shock.

"Hey, Ayanami!" said the class rep, getting her attention. "Is something the matter?"

"I…" she started to say, only to see that he was gone from underneath. Could her mind be playing tricks on her? Was it a figment of her imagination?

"Well, Wonder Girl?" asked the Second Child snidely. "Silly me, that name was taken by that other bimbo, guess you'll have to be-"

"Don't, pilot Sohryu! Just don't." Rei suddenly snapped, shocking the entire class.

Without another word, Rei suddenly walked out, not caring about her cleaning assignment. Her thoughts dwelled on the deceased Third Child as she went toward her locker. His voice playing in her head.

"I, too, wish we could've met under different circumstances, Shinji," Rei whispered, using his first name for the first time

(Elsewhere at night)

Days after the robbery in the city, Shinji, AKA, the new Spawn, found himself in the ruins of the Fukuoka Prefecture. A once-thriving area reduced to ruins in the wake of the Second Impact.

The survivors came back to rebuild what was left, turning it into a small-town community with a lack of resources. There had been spots of crime and shady dealings; since law enforcement had been so scarce, they hardly came around here and most of the residents had never heard of Wonder Girl, much less seen her. So it was never known if she ever traveled through this desolate part of the country.

So they basically had zero protection from the low lives, scumbags and crooks that infested the streets that came and took advantage of them at every chance. He was currently watching over a family huddled in a tent near a fire trying to keep warm. His thoughts dwelled upon Rei, and how she had seen him or how she thought she might have seen him.

'She'll probably think it was her eyes playing tricks on her. It's for the best. I don't need her reporting back that I'm still alive, 'cause they'll just force me back into that life.' Shinji thought, watching over the area.

"Like his predecessor before him, the new Hellspawn stands watch over his chosen domain, watching over the displaced innocents that have made this dreary place their refuge from the broken and cold world," M.O.M said sagely.

Shinji moved silently above the rooftops, of course seeing nothing but people going into their makeshift homes for the night. The sound of a van and headlights could be seen and heard coming down the road, and enter into the alleyway. From out of the van six men in dark suits came out.

"Come on, we're on a deadline and the boss wants more subjects for the big boss," the lead man said.

"Yes, sir," the other five said in unison.

Then it began, the men began charging into the alleys, causing the residents to hide in fear. They tossed everything that wasn't nailed down, literally kicking open doors, and began dragging the residents out, one by one. Others tried to run, but ended up getting shot at and killed.


"Ha-ha, like shooting fish in a barrel, boys," cheered one of the men firing a submachine gun, hitting several more people in the back, killing them instantly.

Spawn growled as he hovered above the scene, commanding his chains to snag one of the men with the submachine gun.

"Ugh- Ahh!" the man screamed as he was being hefted and tossed into the air and crashed into a dumpster.

"What the fu—arhhh!" the second man yelled.

"What the hell was that?!" the lead man yelled.

"Someone took out two of our guys!" a third one yelled.

"Who in the hell?" the lead man murmured, cocking his gun. "Spread out! Find the son of bitch, and light him up!"

The remaining four men did as ordered, their guns drawn, aiming high and low, ready to shoot anything that moves, of course in a rundown place, anything that moves is mostly roaches and rats (A/N: I hate roaches).


"What the hell was that?" one man asked, raising his gun.


A flash of red caught one man's vision.



"Hey, hey, calm down, you dumb-Arghh!"

The man didn't even finish his sentence as he was snatched by a set of chains and tossed away like trash.

"Three to go," a deep voice echoed throughout the alley.

"Who's there?" asked the man, now frightened.

"You shouldn't have come here!"


"AHH!" screamed the man as he was suddenly snatched into the air.

"Damn it! There go two more!" said the second man.

"What the hell is going on here?!" said the lead man, backing up into the van.

The sounds of chains echoed loudly throughout the alley, scaring the men even further, causing them to fire blindly into the night.


The remaining pair kept firing until they ran out of bullets.

"You're both out of bullets, and you know what that means," the deep voice said.

The source of the voice and chains descended from the roof, with his red shroud wavering all around mysteriously, and he landed silently behind the pair, bringing the darkness along with him.

They turned around and stared into the eyes of the dark figure's glowing green eyes around the white patterns of the mask.

"You're shit out of luck!" the figure said.

Chains shot out from the figure and ensnared them both, squeezing them really hard and tossing one of them into a concrete wall, hard, while keeping the other, the lead man, in place.

"Argh!" he screamed in pain as he was being strangled, feeling his bones crack under the strain of the chains.

Shinji found himself enjoying this man being in pain a little; he saw how he and the rest of the goons were throwing their weight around, targeting those who couldn't defend themselves here, taking delight in their pain. Now, he was paying them back tenfold. Shinji mentally commanded the chains to release the man as he groaned in pain and coughed up blood, struggling to get up.

"Alright, dirtbag, this is what you're gonna do. Stay alive to give your boss…what's his name?" the figure asked him.

The man coughed up blood while answering, "Takrukane."

"You're going to tell Tarukane to keep his goons out of this area, out of these alleys. As of now, they're out of bounds."

Shinji dragged the bleeding man back to the van and stuffed him in the driver's seat and made the man turn the key and drive off without a word.

The inhabitants emerged out of hiding, seeing the dark-cloaked figure who saved them all. Some of them looked dirty and worse for wear. Others emerged in groups or families and saw what had happened. An older man stepped out from hiding, wearing an old, ripped-up sweater with dirtied slacks cautiously approaching the figure.

"Um…thanks, whoever you are. My name's Taka." he said.

"Shinji," he replied with a side glance.

"Everybody, meet Shinji," he said.

"New warriors often find allies among those tossed away or forgotten by society. For a while, it gives them a sense of security. For this warrior, they would be correct, since he is unlike his predecessor." M.O.M said from the shadows.

The dwellers cautiously approached Shinji, some being a little afraid of him because of his appearance. Shinji, on his part, felt a bit of pride in helping them, because he now felt like one of them, too.

They were tossed away and displaced by the broken world. Just like how he was tossed away by NERV when he was declared dead. Images flashed inside of his mind of his father, Asuka and Misato, speaking negatively of him after his "death". Such thoughts filled the boy with anger and rage for some reason, and a desire to seek them out, especially his father, and torment them a thousand times over, just as he did those men.

'Where did that come from?' thought Shinji.

("Come now, don't think you didn't have those deep desires to hurt them back. After all, they used, abused and hurt you.") a voice echoed in his head.


("It would be so easy, to make them pay for everything they've done to you. You risked your life, time and again, and they never truly respected you, they never appreciated the sacrifices they forced you to make. They must pay!")

Shinji started to breathe heavily within his mask, trying to deny these words. Without a word, he climbed up the wall and back onto the roof, slinking back into the darkness.

(In an undisclosed location)

So, we have a new player, huh?" a voice spoke on the phone from the darkness, sitting behind a desk. "Wonder Girl wasn't that much of a concern, since she's chasing freaks like Cheetah and monsters from Greek mythology, but now this new individual is interfering with our business."

"Yes, I've already made the arrangements for some "specialized" assistance. You should be expecting him pretty soon Tarukane."

"I'll pay for the flight and keep it airtight, and don't worry, I'm keeping a close watch on Gendo Ikari. NERV has been hit with a lot of bad press ever since that pilot of theirs died. People are calling for his head, and they may yet just get it.

"He's already dug himself into a large hole. With certain parties watching him now, we should continue to operate with impunity."

"I know how to keep on the pressure. Blackmail is such a nasty thing. Make sure the situation is dealt with is with, Good day."

The figure hung up the phone and lit a cigar, briefly illuminating his face in the dark, showing circular glasses and blonde hair.

"The game has only just begun," he mused.

(With Wonder Girl)

Wonder Girl was standing on the tallest building in the city of Tokyo-3 as the twilight began to seep in. So far nothing was out of the ordinary. There were no signs of Cheetah, or any signs of Hade's creatures or monsters from Ares, much to her relief. Her thoughts drifted back to Spawn. Why did he help her that night? Who was he? Was he a friend or foe?

"Yen for your thoughts, kiddo?" a voiced asked her.

Turning around, Wonder Girl saw in all her Greek goddess glory, with her red hair was Athena and her Owl perched on her shoulder (A/N: think of this Athena from Justice League Action). She hastily bowed respectfully.

"Lady Athena, you honor me with your presence. What wisdom did you come to impart?" asked Wonder Girl, standing up.

"You could grow your hair out a little, add more bangs here and there, maybe throw in a couple of highlights," she said, playing with the girl's hair a bit.

"But the reason why I'm here is to inform you that I know of your little scuffle with that guy in the red cape. Mr. Tall, Dark and Spooky with the chains. And the fact that he managed to nearly best you, our champion."

"He didn't," she defended.

"Of course, but didn't you realize he wasn't trying to fight back, darling? " Athena questioned in a matter-of-fact tone.

Rei was surprised; the entire time she had been Wonder Girl, not one of her adversaries held back against her. But Spawn was…

"Of course if was, you'd probably be a thousand pieces right now. And we would be out a champion."

"Athena please, I must know who or what is he?" the girl asked, hearing small laugh.

"Well, he sort of is and isn't a creature of the underworld, but still, be wary of him, all the same," said Athena to her.


"But who knows, it could be someone from back from the dead or was thought to be dead." she sauntered away from her charge.

Before Wonder Girl could ask, the sound of multiple sirens could be heard in the city below.

"Hold on, kiddo, before you go off and save the day, just one thing. What you've been seeing, you will see again," Athena said before vanishing in a flash of light.

Rei could not help but wonder what Athena meant by that. Does she know about Shinji? Of course, she would know about Shinji, but he was dead.

Wasn't he?

She wasted no more time in thinking about it. Rei quickly flew off into action at a high speed. Wonder Girl could see up ahead, that a museum was being robbed, police and news crews began to surround the front entrance, cutting off any chance of escape. Rei peered into the glass ceiling of the building and saw bystanders in hiding, some of staff personnel, security included have been rendered unconscious.

Silently and carefully Rei moved the glass and floated. Deep inside two people, in which in she presumed were the robbers, were both female. One had long black hair, she wore a white jumpsuit with blue stripes, with white high heel boots, a with a blue striped female Kabuki mask.

The second female also had black hair, with red highlights that writhed in all directions, she wore an almost all dark red outfit: Long red gloves, thigh high boots, a leotard red fishnet stockings and black pantyhose and she wore a kabuki mask of a red Oni design.

"This was our easiest payday yet, stealing this junk." said the woman in the blue striped mask taking an old feudal era lamp and putting into her bag.

"Yeah but I wonder, where could the little Super Girl be? I was hoping to get a shot at her." said the woman in the red mask with a matching bag on her shoulder.

"Be careful what you wish for." a voice echoed from above.

The source of the voice came down from the ceiling, revealing herself to be Wonder Girl posing in a stereotypical superhero fashion.

"Ah Wonder Girl, we meet at last. I'm called Shiroi Dorobo.(Japanese for White Thief)" she introduced twirling her knives

"And I am Yusa and I'm gonna be the one that takes you out!" she declared her hair suddenly flaring to life much to Wonder Girl's surprise.

'I regret not bringing my sword today.' thought Rei

The pair wasted no time in lunging at the girl believing they had the advantage since it was two on one.

However for an Amazon numbers meant nothing. Rei blocked a knife strike from Shiroi then punched her in the stomach with her left hand, then grabbed her then tossed her into a glass casing.


Then ducked a sharp nail strike from Yusa, the Amazon kicked her in the chest. Yusa willed her hair to snatch Wonder Girl by the wrist. Wonder Girl, turned it around by grabbing and pulling her hair.

"AHH!" Yusa screamed in pain then felt herself being lifted from the ground and swung around and around

"AHH! put me down!"

"As you wish." said Rei letting her go

Yusa was sent flying into a wall full of art paintings. Her partner got back to her feet, and attempted to attack Rei from behind only to get a back elbow to the shoulder then Rei connected with a right cross taking her down. Rei then took out her lasso of truth and wrapped it around Shiroi making it light up.

"What is your real name?" asked Wonder Girl

An odd feeling over came the masked woman her eyes glazed over and replied;

"My name is Kintoki Yuna." she said

"And the name of your partner?"

"Her name is-"



Wonder Girl was suddenly hit from behind with potted planted courtesy of Yusa then blinded her with soil from the plant.

"Argh!" Rei shouted getting dirt in her eyes

Yusa took the chance to untie her partner while Wonder Girl was temporarily blinded

"Time for an exit." Yusa urged with her partner agreeing taking out a smoke ball

"We'll meet again Wonder Girl!" stated Yusa

Shiroi tossed a smoke ball down creating smoke screen. It only lasted a few seconds, the smoke cleared and the pair disappeared. Wonder Girl looked up to see that they were gone. Rei cursed herself for her carelessness, the police and paramedics came inside casing the area and tending to the innocent. Wonder Girl was about to fly away until a voice caught her attention.

"Wait!" a voice called

Wonder Girl looked to see, a young Asain woman in her mid to late twenties, with short black hair in a short bob.

"Yes," he answered

"Thank you, those two would have killed us once they've finished picking the place clean," she said

"I am happy to help, but they got away." Wonder Girl said

"True, but don't think of it as a failure, we're alive and that's what matters. You'll catch them next time."

"Thank you, Ms..."

"I'm Lisa Wu, I'm a freelance reporter," she said

"Well Ms. Wu, thank you for your kind words. Take care now."

With that Wonder Girl flew out the way she came, with Lisa watching her fly away

"I hope we meet again, real soon," she said before departing

End Chapter

End Notes: First off, I wanna apologize for my inconsistency. I know I've said this, I've said that. But new ideas continue to come at me changing everything, and when I said that there was going to be the "The one you lost, may not be the one you found." line from Arrow S1, I realized I wanted this to be different from my other stories, I didn't want Shinji to go back just yet. He goes back then what? He's a secret superhero on the slide while working for NERV like in my stories and in Superwomen of Eva? (There needs to be Supermen of Eva where's that at?) Yeah, no thanks y'all deserve better. So I'm gonna ask you guys what you want to see for the next Hellspawn and the Amazon chapter? Again I'm sorry for my inconsistencies. Also, Asuka may seem like she didn't care about Shinji's supposed "death", you know she doesn't wear her emotions on her sleeve, don't worry she'll feel bad. Toji's sister is completely healed so there will be no need for Toji to join NERV and get caught up in the 13th angel disaster. Not sure what I'm going to do with the 13th angel, but I'm open to ideas. Much thanks to my man TOAT for beta-ing. Read and review and be cool.