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And now, the Teen Titans fanfiction story

Downwrite Mean

Beast Boy counted his money for the seventh time that day, and it was only eleven in the morning.

"Only 300 more dollars to go." He said to himself.

Cyborg walked into the common room and noticed Beast Boy counting his money. The Titans had just finished breakfast, and Cyborg was about to ask if he was up for a round of video games.

"Uh, what are you countin' all that money for?" Cyborg asked. Beast Boy's face took on an uncomfortable expression.

"It's... kind of a secret." It actually wasn't that he didn't want to tell Cyborg, he just didn't want everyone to overhear him.

"Whatever. You up for a round of Ultimate Battle 5?"

"You're on, dude!"

Beast Boy loved spending the afternoons like this. He was kind of glad Cyborg didn't work on his car all afternoon. He needed someone to hang out with. Robin had put on his jetshoes and jetpack, and he and Starfire had gone out to do some "romantic flying" as they put it. And it was too hard to get Raven to hang out with him. That thought saddened him for a few seconds, but then he remembered what he was doing and his thoughts went back to the game.

They had been playing different games for a couple of hours before they heard the common room doors hiss open.

"It truly is fascinating how long you two can keep playing video games."

The unmistakeable voice of Raven floated to Beast Boy's ears. A small smile appeared on his face. He turned around and glanced at her. She had a book in her hand, and was looking around for something. A little bit of happiness washed over him, as he knew that when she had come up with a book, she was planning on reading in the common room.

But to his surprise, she turned and went back out of the common room, towards her room. He felt a wave of disappointment, and apparently his face showed it.

"Why the long face, Grass Stain?" Cyborg said to him. When he looked at Cyborg, the metallic teen had a sort of smug look on his face. That meant he knew.

"Oh, uh, I was just, uh..."

"You seem like you really wanted her to come and sit down with us."

"Well, yea..."

"You like her, don't you?"

Beast Boy was worried about this. He didn't know if his friends would approve of his crush on Raven. That went double for Raven herself.

"What? No! I mean... "

"I don't know man, you seem like you always want to hang out with her."

He saw that Cyborg still had a grin on his face. If he was going to be mad about it, he would have looked much more serious. Beast Boy figured it was safe to admit.

"W-well, what if I did? Like her, I mean."

"Just tell her, man."

"You really think she'd go for me?"

"Only one way to find out, Green Bean." Cyborg assured him, kind of. At least he didn't say that she would never go for him.

"But how am I supposed to tell her? I get all nervous and want to run everytime I think about confessing."

"That's for you to decide, man. Sometimes, the way you say it is important. Tell her in a way you think is special." Cyborg was like a big brother to the other Titans. He gave good advice.

"Is that what you're going to do with Bumblebee?" Beast Boy asked. Cyborg coughed awkwardly.

"I'm... working on it." Now it was Beast Boy's turn to laugh. Once he was done, he decided to tell Cyborg about one idea he already had for confessing.

"Well, okay, so you remember how I was counting all that money earlier?"

"Yeah. You thinking about surprising her with an expensive gift?"

"Well, something like that, I guess. I was going to use the money to pay for a song for her." Beast Boy declared. Cyborg gave him a confused look.

"Uh, what?"

"I was saving some money to pay for a song for her from Downwrite."

"From what?" Cyborg asked confused. Beast Boy was actually surprised that he knew something about the internet that Cyborg didn't. Seeing as to how Cyborg had no idea what he was talking about, Beast Boy explained what he had recently discovered.

"Downwrite. It's this thing on the internet where you can find an artist on there and request a song. You tell them what you want it to be about and stuff, and give them like 500 dollars, and then they write the song for you! Most of the time, they don't make the song public, though. So they only give you a copy of it."

Cyborg took a moment to process what Beast Boy just told him.

"Okay, so you want to pay someone to write a song about Raven for you?"

"Yeah. It'll be so cool!"

"Man, I want to see this website!" Cyborg said excitedly.

"Sure, we can. After a few more hours of video games."

Cyborg agreed and the two continued to play thier game. Not even ten minutes later, the door hissed open again, and Raven came back into the room with her book, this time with a pen, and sat down on the couch next to Beast Boy.

"I forgot my pen." She explained.

"Awesome, so you came back to hang with us, Rae?"

"Yes, I came up here just because of you. I mean, we all know how much I love watching you guys play your obnoxious video games." Sarcasm dripped from her voice. "And my name is Raven."

He had the urge to try to move closer to her, but he resisted. The other day, she was sitting next to him and he moved closer to her. She told him to back away, but he refused, like he was trying to annoy her. But then she kept smacking him in the head and ruffling his hair while he was playing his video games and making him lose.

So today he simply sat and enjoyed her company from afar. Well not from afar but still not as close as he wanted to be.

Two hours later, Robin and Starfire came back, the latter gushing about what a good time she had. Robin simply smiled with his arm around her. Afterwards they ate dinner and then sat around the television to watch some random things. Luckily, they didn't have any crime alerts that night. Beast Boy enjoyed the evening with his team.

Once they separated for the night, Beast Boy and Cyborg went to the garage. That way they wouldn't wake their friends up. Cyborg had a slightly more advanced laptop in there than the one Beast Boy had, and had discovered Downwrite on. The green Titan pulled up the website.

"Wow. This is awesome! How did you find this, BB?"

"I was bored one day when you went to work on the T-Car, and I started thinking about Raven. I started googling 'write a song for my crush' and I ended up finding this." He explained.

The two of them poked around the site for a while. They found a few songs that were put on the site as samples. They listened to a couple, and they were all just as good as a regular song.

"So why did you need 500 dollars when you can get her an acoustic track for half the price?"

"Huh?" Beast Boy hadn't even seen that there were some acoustic tracks that were cheaper. He considered that for a moment but decided against it.

"Nah. If this is going to work, I need something top of the line."

"Yea, but acoustic music is usually more romantic."

Beast Boy thought Cyborg had a good point. As he was considering his decision, he saw something on the site that caught him completely off guard.

"Whoa, Cy, look at this!" He moved the mouse over to what he was talking about. "Someone already wrote a song about her!"

He saw a song, apparently by an artist called BigSpence2016, called "Everything". The description said it was about Raven from the Teen Titans.

"Aw man, Cy. Someone beat me to the punch! What do I do now?"

"Have whatever artist you choose write a better one." Cyborg said. Well, he supposed that could work.

"We might as well listen to it if we want to know how to order a better song, right?"

"Yea, BB. Hit it."

Beast Boy clicked on the play button and the song began. He noticed it had an instantly catchy beat. He was already worried about not being able to top this song. The lyrics just started off describing her physically. Long purple cloak, ashen skin, "jewel thing on her head". It talked about her dark power.

Huh? He thought he misheard the lyrics. The song just said she was all the city ever wanted, right? Because it sounded strangely like it said "You are what the city never wanted". Then he listened closely to the lyrics.

Take your dark power and leave this place


You're not

welcome here

You haunt the streets

You're not

welcome here

Your prescence creeps

You ruin everything

From then on, the lyrics were clearly malicious. The second verse picked up after that, and it said she frightened children and that parents had to shield their eyes from her. The whole song was incredibly mean. Beast Boy listened in stunned silence until the song was over.

He was shocked. He looked at what it said about the song on the page. The note from BigSpence2016 said he was nervous about the song, but someone paid a lot of money for it. He also apologized if it offended anyone.

Beast Boy scrolled to the comments section. He figured the song would be getting torn apart. But to his horror, many comments praised the song.

"Dude, people actually like this!" He exclaimed.

Sure, there was one comment saying how mean the song was, but a great many more were telling the artist that he didn't have to apologize for the song, and that they understood exactly how the person who requested it felt. Why would somebody do this?

"Man, I hope Raven never hears this." Cyborg said.

Beast Boy turned to look at him, but saw something out of the corner of his eye, towards the door leading out of the garage, that wasn't there before. He turned his face fully in that direction and saw exactly what he was afraid of.

"Raven..." Raven was indeed standing in the garage behind them.

"I heard some noise and I came to see what was going on... and I heard that song."

Beast Boy felt horrible. He didn't have anything to do with why it was there, but just the fact that he played it and she heard it made him feel somewhat responsible.

"People really hate me that much?" She asked, but in a hurt sort of voice.

"Raven, I'm so sorry-"

"It's not your fault Beast Boy, I just need to be alone right now." She was walking, practically running, to her room as she said that.

"Wait!" Beast Boy shouted after her, but she was already gone.

He and Cyborg both glanced at each other.

"What do I do now, Cy?"

"I don't know, BB." Cyborg replied dejectedly.

What could he do now?

Author's Notes: Okay, so that's part one of the story. I discovered Downwrite a while back and I figured I'd make a story based around it. If you don't know about Downwrite, it's just what I said in the story. I wanted to request a song from there, but I don't have hundreds of dollars lying around, lol! Anyway, how will Beast Boy cheer her up? Let me know what you guys think, reviews are appreciated!