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Chapter 11 - Trandoshan Prison Escape

"Ugh..." Rocket groaned as his eyes struggled to open. Everything was blurry and all he could see was the color gray. There was barely any light. All he could hear were several Wookies roaring in defiance or despair.

He soon heard someone speak, "Welcome back to the land of the living, mopface."

Rocket looked over and saw a human in his twenties, with long dark hair and a beard that was completely messy and wearing an orange jumpsuit and white vest that looked like they hadn't been washed in years and had burn marks on them. His face and his hands showed some horrible burn scars.

"What are you supposed to be?" he asked the raccoon. "You're small and fury, but you're no Ewok."

"I've been called a lot of things, buddy. Subject 89P13, rodent, vermin, raccoon, but here's what I can tell you: ain't no thing like me 'cept me."

He heard the sound of a Wookie roar, but it sounded more high pitch. He looked over to see Chewbacca and Groot in the same cage as him and the human. Chewbacca was roaring as he looked in longing at a young Wookie reaching out to him. The reunion was cut short once a reptilian alien slammed its rifle against the cage, snarling at the Wookies in a hissing language before walking away.

"Guess those are Trandoshans, " Rocket observed as he watched the lizard man push a button on a device and open the nearest door. As the raccoon looked around, he noticed that while there were mostly Wookies, there were various species as well. "And I'm guessing that Chewbacca's kid's still alive." He then looked at the human in the cage with him, Chewbacca, and Groot. "So what's your story?"

"The name's Mace Towani," the human replied. "You want to know my story? It starts when my parents, who were astrogators, brought me and my sister in exploring planets in the Moddell sector. Wanting to prove that I was a good enough pilot, I took control of the star cruiser while mom and dad weren't looking and lost control over it. crashing it on the Forest moon of Endor. The cruiser was a complete mess, and dad was more than furious with me. He ordered me to stay on the cruiser with Cindel, while he and mom searched for the transmitter we lost in the crash. I was stupid, but I was angry with my parents for scolding me, I ran off the find the transmitter on my own. Cindel followed me. She didn't wear her jacket, thus caught a cold. I had to take her back to the ship.

"Days passed, and mom and dad had not returned. And Cindel's cold was getting worse. While I was checking the perimeter, I came back to find some bear creatures called Ewoks with her. I thought they were trying to hurt her, so I fought them off, only to get tackled by them and carried to their village. Soon they helped nurse Cindel back to health. Once she was okay, we ran off one night to find mom and dad, only to be chased by a boar-wolf. It chased us underneath a tree, but the Ewoks found us and managed to kill it. We saw that it had some kind of collar, meaning it was someone, or rather something's pet. And attached to that collar was my mom's life monitor. And the lights were still on, meaning she was still alive. With the aid of Logray, the Ewoks' shaman, we found that the boar-wolf belonged to a giant monster called a Gorax that lived in the mountains. We knew that had to be where our parents were, and we knew that we had to go there to save them."

He gave a bittersweet smile. "Four of the Ewoks, Deej and his sons Weechee, Widdle, and Wicket, agreed to help us. I'll never forget how those guys were willing to risk death, and never see their family again, just to reunite us with ours. I owe those guys alot."

Chewbacca gave a grunt as he acknowledged this statement. Knowing the Ewoks himself, he was not surprised by the courage they displayed in Mace's story. He himself would have made such a sacrifice for Han.

"So we left for the mountains. And picked up a few friends. Two of them Ewoks, one being the bravest soul I ever met." He paused for a moment as he opened his hand and looked at the ivory tooth that once belonged to Chukha-Trok. "Another was a Wistie, a tiny little creature of light. Her name was Izarina."

Chewbacca tilted his head in interest. He had heard of Wisties, but they were so rare he had often dismissed them as children stories.

"So after a few adventures, we made it to the lair of the Gorax. Cindel, Widdle, and Wicket were told to stay at the entrance and wait for us. It took a lot of climbing for the rest of us to get there, but we made it to the Gorax's chamber, where my parents were in a cage. Weechee distracted the Gorax long enough for us to break my parents out, but soon he came back and came after us. Chukha-Trok and Izarina distracted him, giving us time to escape. It cost Chukha-Trok his life. We managed to trip the Gorax into a deep chasm, but he managed to climb out just as Cindel and the others decided to come after us, and he reached for her. I finished him off, and I often like to think that Chukha-Trok's spirit had a part since it was his axe, by throwing said axe into the giant's shoulderblade. He lost his balance and fell into the pit for good.

"We returned to the village, gave Chukha-Trok an Ewok burial, and I said good-bye to Izarina as she left to join her friends. After celebrating the reunion of both our families, my dad went to work on fixing the star cruiser. It was nearly finished when the village was attacked by Sanyassan Marauders. They killed my mom, and as I hid long enough to reload my gun, they blew up the hut I was in. I don't know how long I was out, but I woke up to find Izarina there, and I figured she must've healed me somehow. My life monitor was destroyed," he lifted his wrist to show the broken monitor, "so I had no idea about the rest of my family. But I found my dad dead and there was no sign of Cindel. But I found the tracks of the cages holding the Ewoks, so I tracked them. Midway, I found two sets of tracks trailing off from the cage, one was a little human and the other was an Ewok's. I figured it was Wicket's. If any Ewok was going to stay by Cindel's side it was him. So I followed them to a cave, but was chased out by some dragon thing. I concluded that Cindel was killed.

"So I lived in the woods for the next few years, hunting food using skills the Ewoks taught me. No idea how long I had been wandering the woods when I stumbled across an Imperial camp. What they were doing on this moon is beyond me, but I managed to steal one of their shuttles and finally escape from the moon where I had lost so much. After that, I had been wandering around the galaxy for some time looking for work when I stumbled across these guys. They took my blaster, now they're going to take me to their world just to hunt me for sport. They're going to pick up one last group of prisoners, then it's off to Dosha."

He leaned back against the bars of his cage, thus concluding his tale.

"Well don't give up hope yet, buddy," Rocket suddenly spoke up. "If they have one last shipment to pick up, that means we still have time to break out."

Mace looked at the Raccoon skeptically. "Break out? Seriously?"

"You're talkin' to a guy who broke out of 23 prisons. This place? This is going to be child's play. You see, We actually wanted to get captured so we can break everybody out. I was pretending to listen to your tale of woe, but I was actually checking out the place. We're breaking out, buddy. But I need a few things. First of all, see that blinking red light?"

He pointed at a panel on the wall that indeed had the very light he was talking about. Everyone in the cage looked at it in acknowledgement that they saw it.

"I saw those guys enter codes to open cages. I need that panel ripped off."

As Rocket continued, the vines on Groot's fingers began to grow longer and was reaching for it.

"Next I need one of those cylinder devices they're using to open the doors. We're gonna need one to get to the bridge."

"Get to the bridge?" Mace repeated with skepticism. "We'd have to go through hundreds of Trandoshans."

"That's why once we open the cages, the first thing I go for is the weapons while you guys get the device. Also, that Trandoshan over there. I need his cybernetic eye."

Mace looked and saw one Trandoshan hissing at more prisoners while glaring with a mechanical eye.

"But to accomplish any of that, we need to get that panel and that's beyond any of our reach."

"Groot's got that covered," Rocket said, not even looking at Groot just as the tree creature's tendrils dug within the cracks surrounding the panel. "In fact, you might want to get ready now."

Groot suddenly yanked the panel off the wall, and suddenly the lights turned red as an alarm blared as all the cages were unlocked. The Trandoshans started to grow worried as their prisoners burst through the cages and started attacking their captors, not caring about the guns pointed at them.

"I am Groot?" Groot asked as he offered the now broken panel to his raccoon friend.

"No thanks," Rocket replied as he casually opened the door. "You did good, Groot. Now get the stuff."

With that, he dashed towards the armory near the prison.

"You get the eye, I'll get the door opener," Mace said with a loud voice over the alarm to Chewbacca as they watched Rocket scamper away. The Wookie growled in compliance. But there was one thing that was his highest priority.

He saw Lumpawaroo pummeling one of the jailers, but was the young Wookie too focused to notice a Trandoshan aiming his blaster rifle at him. Chewbacca rushed to his son's aid and slapped the gun out of the lizard-man's arm. He took the time to admired the convenience as he noticed the would-be assaulter on his son had just the thing he needed to get before yanking the cybernetic eye. The Trandoshan yelled in pain from the painful removal and the sparks emitted from the torn circuitry, then the yelling grew louder as the Wookie threw him towards a cage, and silenced from the impact of the metal bars.

Mace had been dodging several flying Trandoshans as well as prisoners shot dead while looking for one of those devices. He stopped as one of the jailors was thrown in front of him. The lizard creature shook off the pain of the impact before looking in Mace's direction. He was hoping to find a dead one to take the device from, but now the human was left with no option.

Not wanting to wait for the Trandoshan to get over his stunned state, Mace yanked the rifle from his slimy hands. "I'll take this!" he shouted before firing a laser beam into the lizard's head. Then he dug into the dead Trandoshan's pocket and found the device he was looking for. "And this."

Rocket had made it to the armory and was looking for his gun when he heard a combination of shouting and hissing coming from the hallway outside the prison. Seven Trandoshans were rushing over to see what the commotion was about. Rocket just grabbed the nearest projectile weapon, which was Chewbacca's bowcaster, and fired at the squad. The quarrel it launched blew up the whole squad, but sent the raccoon flying backwards back into the prison.


The fighting paused as everyone watched the little furry creature screaming at the top of his lungs as he, still clutching the bowcaster, flew over them and crashed into a stack of crates.

Groot, Chewbacca, Mace, and Lumpawarroo rushed over to check on Rocket, who managed to crawl out of the crates that buried him, and had a dazed look as he examined the bowcaster in his front paws.

"Wow. I've gotta get me one of these."

The group of five rushed down the hallway. Rocket, Mace, Chewbacca, and Lumpawaroo fired their weapons at any of the remaining Trandoshan grunts as Rocket used the device clutched in his other hand to open any doors in front of them. All that was left was the door to the bridge, which had only two guards. Groot took care of them by stretching out his arms and gripping their heads before smashing them together. Rocket then opened the door to the cockpit and both he and Mace fired their guns at the pilot and copilot. The raccoon put away his gun as he dashed towards the computer console and began fiddling with it.

"Alright! Our buddies behind us can deal with any remaining grunts, but we're turning around. You and your friends are going home, Chewie."

Lumpawarroo let out a loud, and excited roar before hugging his father, who hugged back with a smile on his face. Mace smiled bitter sweetly as he witnessed the happy reunion, as it made him think about how happy he was to have his family back when he and the Ewoks saved his parents from the Gorax, and how much he missed them.

"Hey wait a minute," the human suddenly spoke up as he looked at Rocket. "What's the eye for?"

"Huh?" Rocket was suddenly confused. It took him a while to know what he was talking about. "OH! That. I didn't really need it."

Mace and the two Wookies looked at him with an expression that was a combination of shock, agitation, and slight anger. They risked their lives to get this item, only to find they wasted their time over a joke?

"WHAT?!" Mace shouted as the Wookies growled in the same tone, obviously saying the same thing.

"What did he look like without it? Was it an empty socket or were there a lot of wires attached to his skull?" Rocket asked, not getting the looks they shared meant that they wanted to strangle him at that moment. Groot just kept his blank stare.

I don't know if Whisties really have healing powers, they probably don't, but I like to think that Mace and Izarina had a strong friendship and if anyone would want to save him, she would. In the stories outside of the main movies, the Forest Moon of Endor does seem to have a sort of mysticism about it, and when magic is involved, the limit is your imagination.

I really hope you enjoyed this chapter. I look forward to your reviews and hope you look forward to the next chapter.