Dragged by his parents to the Farbanti General Hospital, 7-year old James Suh was curious of why he is here. After a few turns left and one turn right, his mother opened the door of a room with an old man lying on a bed. James instantly knew who he was: his grandfather. As soon as James saw his most beloved person of his family, he released himself from his parents' grasp and ran to the bed. "Grandpa! Grandpa! I missed you so much!" He cheered with glee.

"...I missed you more than anything you can imagine, my special grandson." His grandfather replied weakly.

"Grandpa, are you sleepy? Oh, what is that on your hand?" James asked, noticing an envelope with a purple paraffin seal.

"...It's my gift for you, my jewel. Take it." James snatched it from his hand and attempted to break the seal. "No, no, don't open it yet. Have patience, my boy"

"wh...why? But grandpa, I want to see what's inside!" James pouted, hopping.

"Now, listen carefully." Grandfather continued. James climbed on the bed, but his father carried him down. "There will be a time when you will be exhausted by the dread of modern life. You spirit will be consumed by the void of monotony. When that happens, my boy, you are ready to open your gift." Grandfather said weakly. James, not knowing what he meant, simply nodded.

"I will, grandpa."

"Now, let me rest..."

The rest of the night passed by with many tears. James, not being able to comprehend the situation, constantly shook his lifeless grandfather crying a flood of tears. His parents had to tear him off of him. At midnight, the doctors took the body away for cremation. When James's family walked out of the hospital gate, a group of black figures with green eyes attacked the family and swiftly took the crying child away, leaving the seven corpses filled with bullet holes on their pools of blood.