Chapter 1: Baby

Trusting others is hard if you were born in a rich, high classed family. Proper posture, proper manners, don't slouch, diet, people wanting to be your friend because of status and money. Since I was born, I was never free. It was wake up, morning routine, study, lunch, study, practice, dinner then night routine and go to bed. That was my monotonous everyday life. If you were a disappointment, every words towards you were negative. "I wonder how you are my child", "I wish I had a better child"," You are a disgrace", etc. I worked hard to get my parent's approval. A's on grades and test, studied different languages, made sure that I got high praises from the tutors. But still, nothing made them proud. I began to doubt myself. I still did everything right, but I always questioned myself, always thought my self as inferior.

But the only place I could be free was on ice. Skating was my get away. If I feel sad, I skate. If I feel happy, I skate. If I was angry, I skate. Skating helped me clear away my thoughts, helped me think rationally and plan more things on there. Skating was also a reason why my parents acknowledged me once. I won a gold in the junior skating program and they praised me. That was a first and when I was 12. I strived to always get gold, but the judges thought that my program does not have any feeling into it.

So I either got last or the second last because of that. I could make my jumps pretty well, but never feelings. That was when they started to look down on me. I began earning money that way, so it got considerably less when I went down the rank. I didn't, couldn't, find my purpose at all.

So I skate even more in tears after I got back in the 4th place. I skated around the ring that our family has. It was for me to improve my lack of skills on skating. Mother was still out on a date with her secret boyfriend, while Father was busy with his work to bother. Mother barely ever comes home anyways, so I'm the only child in this family. I've overheard some conversation. They complained that if they, as the elder, does significantly a lot worse than their younger sibling, then they will get the heirship.

The position was my only way to get acknowledgment, but it's a hard road I'm willing to take.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I forgot the first thing that will happen if you are the heir. Assassination from other relatives who wants to get the title. I was instantly dead the minute the bullet shot through my head. I didn't feel anything after that.

The only thing is that after I woke up once more, I was in the hospital and as usual, no one was near me. I could not see, I thought that while they saved me life, they couldn't treat my eyes. And that is an immediate way for me to never get the heirship.

So I was pretty surprised to hear a baby's cry and even more surprised when I realized it was me. I cried in loneliness, in frustration. But I quieted down in surprise when I heard a soothing voice. My hearing was not even good, but it was definitely soothing. I shut my mouth up in order to listen more of the voice. It was the first time I've ever heard that type of tone.

I felt like I was being lifted out, but I was confused, how can anyone lift someone like me easily? But I just lay in their arms in content. I didn't care after that. But I felt warm, I felt safe.

And that was when I realized that I became a baby to a new set of parents.


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