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[Yuuri's POV]

Yu-chan and Takeshi were both stressed out with their triplets always crying and needing attention. If one cried, the other two cried. But there were some heart-warming moments that made everything worth it. They couldn't leave the triplets alone and kept hovering around the house when I told them to go out on a date to take a break and let Mari-neesan, Tou-san, Kaa-san and I take care of them. They were still worried.

I brought the triplets to my room as Yutopia was still open, Nee-san, Tou-san and Kaa-san let me take a break to care for the triplets. I kept them on my bed and shielded them with pillows and blankets. They kept squirming around but were still bright and happy. I cooed and tickled the relentlessly, taking pictures at every opportunity and posted them on instagram, mostly to reassure Yu-chan and Takeshi.

Though the hard thing was that I had to handle all three of them, but I only had two hands. So I let Vicchan help me with one of the three while I was working with the other two. She would help distract one of the three by her relentless licking and pushing her head to one of their faces. They all kept squealing each time she did that. Vicchan is also smart, she kept on watching me before trying to copy what I do the best she can. When I fed two of the three, she would help with the last one by putting the bottle in her mouth and tilt it so they could drink it. She was like an older sister or something to them.

The girls really liked Vicchan so I made sure that she was always within sight. I looked at the note that Yu-chan and Takeshi left me and looked back at my phone to look at the time. It was their nap time soon. I was confused about what to do. I can't rock nor pat them all together.

"Vicchan, I have a mission for you" It was adorable to see her sit up straight, looking at me in full concentration.

[Third POV]

Vicchan had a mission to complete. She was going to do it! She bolted down all the way out of Yuuri's door, and to where her target is. She was out on the veranda, doing that smelly thing,-putting a stick in her mouth and bad smoke comes out when she takes out the stick- that Yuuri said was bad but why does she do it anyways? She barked at her, running around to get her attention.

"Huh? Oh, Vicchan. What do you want?" Her Target, Mari, asked, bending down to pet Vicchan. Vicchan pulled on her pants with her teeth, which then made Mari realize that Yuuri may or may not want her for something. "Okay, Okay. I'll come with you." Mari said, making Vicchan cease in her action and run all the way to Yuuri's room.

Mari softly knocked on the door to get Yuuri's attention. Yuuri looked up and looked at his sister in relief.

"Good, you're here. Can you help me cradle them to sleep?" Yuuri asked, looking a bit harried. Mari nodded and picked up one of the triplets, rocking her arms back and forth. Yuuri picked the two others and started humming a tune softly, making the triplets yawn and close their eyes. Mari looked at her brother, wondering since when did he know how to take care of babies before thinking about it. He's always been near the Nishigoris, so of course he would help research in how to take care of babies.

He always was loyal to a fault and has a gentle soul, only putting up a mask in front of the others. (Who are the others? Anyone other than his sister?) She sometimes wished that Yuuri would show his feelings more often

[Yuuri's POV]

When they were fully asleep, I placed them back on the bed and walked out of the room with Mari and Vicchan after putting the baby monitor near them. As I got nearer to the 'living room', I took out my phone and turned it on. When I checked it, I sweat dropped. There were 202 messages and 24 missed calls from Yu-chan and Takeshi all together and the number kept increasing. I sighed and texted them back.

-Stop worrying, they're fine.-

But then, they kept on saying they can't help but be worried about their babies. So, I had to resort to this

-You don't trust me?-

Which made them quickly assure that they trust me with every inch of their lives.

-If you trust me, you wouldn't need a lot of messages and missed calls just to check up on the kids-

They reluctantly backed down after more persuasion. Thank god.

When they got back, it was when the triplets were still awake. The girls seemed joyed to see them, opening and closing their pudgy hands towards their parents. It looked so adorable to see the family cuddle each other. They kept on thanking me, which made me put on my persona again and ordered them to cease their gratefulness and just go home. They listened, but laughed because of my persona.

I leaned against the door frame and smiled at the family. One day, I would like to have a nice family like that too.


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