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Jump City

It was a quiet night in the city as many of its citizens have gone to sleep or are working late for their night jobs. Things have been quiet for the last few weeks thanks to the city's heroes, the Teen Titans. They protect the city from criminals that the police can't handle and have made sure no harm comes to its people. But, other than that things have been peaceful around the city.

That was until the alarm for the city's bank goes off. 20 masked armed men come running out of the building as they begin filling the back of their truck with money. Two of them get in the car as they try hurrying up before they run into trouble. They weren't worried about the cops, but they knew if they didn't leave soon they would run into the Titans. The back of the truck began filling up with the money as they are close to finishing.

"Hurry it up! I don't want to get caught by those brats!" the leader of the robbers shouted.

"Quit complaining, we're done," said the last member of the robbers as he finishes putting up the last bit of the money. "Anyways, what's the big deal? They're just a bunch of kids."

"Your new around here so let me explain something to you. These kids are no ordinary kids," the leader of the robbers began explaining. "I heard these kids took down Slade."

"Whoa, Slade? For real?" one of the other criminals asked surprised what these kids did.

"So they took down some old guy. Big deal. I still think we can take them," said the robber as he is hit with a projectile object on the head. "What the hell was that?!"

Up near a building stood five figures with one of them holding a similar object that hit the criminal. "You should have listened to your friends, because we're going to give you five reason why criminals like you shouldn't try stealing."

"One," said a large mechanical man.

"Two," said an orange skin alien girl.

"Three," said a green humanoid boy.

"Four," said a hooded pale skin girl.

"And five," said a masked boy as all five jump near the robbers, who all backed away. "We're the Teen Titans and your all going to jail."

"Get em'!" shouted the leader as they all took out their weapons and opened fire.

"Titans, go!" Robin ordered as the Titans all charged at the criminals.

The robbers engaged the heroes, while their leader and a few others got in the vehicle and took off with it.

The first two robbers were confronted by Cyborg, but noticed their weapons were not match for his armored body. So they charged at him to overpower him, but it proved to be unaffected. Cyborg used his power to lift both men up with ease. "Man, you two need to work out some more," he replied before tossing them into a nearby trash container.

Three of the other men opened fire on the organ skin alien girl, Starfire as they try to shoot her down. "I do not wish to harm any of you. Please surrender so you may go to the jail."

But the men did not listen as they continued firing at her. Starfire seeing this decided to attack back. "Very well, but please do not move," she replied as she fires two green energy blasts from her eyes as it knocks the weapons out of the hands of the men. She then picks the three men up and dumbs them in the trash container with the other two.

"I hope when the police arrive you will have learned the error of your ways," said Starfire as she closes the lid.

Two of the men got behind a vehicle and opened fire on Beastboy, who changed into the form of a bird. They continued firing at him feeling this was going to be an easy fight for them.

"Hey, hold still kid! What's the matter? Don't you want to fight like a man?" one of the robbers replied mocking the green-skinned hero.

Beastboy flies under the car and then transforms into a T-Rex as he lets out a loud roar at the two men. The color in the men's skin turned pale as a ghost as they dropped their weapons and ran into the trash container to hide.

Beastboy turns back to normal and began laughing. "I'm sorry, were you guys saying something?"

Three of the robbers continued firing at Raven who blocked their shots with her shield. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" she chanted as she fires a blast at the men that causes their guns to transform and wrap around them.

They struggled to break free, but they couldn't get out. Raven uses her magic to lift them up and dump them in the trash container. "You all really should think of a better employment to seek."

She closes the lid as she sees the last two robbers fighting Robin hand-to-hand. However, Robin took out two staffs and easily took down the two criminals before he dumbs them with the rest of their friends.

"Good work, but we need to find where that van went. Cyborg, did you place a tracker on it?" Robin asked.

Cyborg nods as he checks on the screen in his arm to track the vehicle. "It looks like they're trying to get out of the city."

"All right, Starfire, Raven, and I will go find the van," said Robin as he turns to his two other friends. "You two wait here for the police and check to make sure no one got hurt inside."

"You got it," said Beastboy as he and Cyborg went to check for any people inside the bank.

Robin activates a button from his belt as his motorcycle arrived. He got on it and puts on his helmet. "Let's go get that van."


The van drove down the street, passing several red lights, and nearly crashing into other vehicles. They weren't planning on slowing down, especially now that they got a chance to escape the Teen Titans.

"I can't believe we got away! This is awesome!" said one of the robbers.

"Yeah this is the first time anyone got away from those brats" said another robber.

"Shame the others didn't make it," said the boss of the group as he begins counting the money. "Oh well, more money for us."

While the robbers in the back were celebrating the other two in the front were keeping an eye out for the Titans and the cops.

"Hey, make sure to keep an eye out for those brats or the cops," said the driver who was still nervous as they drove past more red lights. "I don't want to get pinch now that we got this far."

"I hear ya," said the passenger as he held his gun close to him. "I want to get through this job and retire so I can live off somewhere those brats can't find me."

"Sounds like a plan," said the driver as he rubs his right shoulder a little. "Last time I got caught by those brats, one of them dislocated my shoulder. There's no way I'm going back after being locked up for so long."

Just as they turn the corner, something is tossed to the hood of the van causing it to stop in a screeching halt. The driver and passenger rub their heads as they look up to see what happened. Something appears to have hit them, as smoke began leaving the hood of the van. Both men get out to see what happened and find a katana sword pierced through the engine.

"Is that a sword?" the passenger asked.

"Sure looks that way," said the driver as he sees the vehicle is done. "Damn it! We need to get the others and get out of here before those brats catch up."

"How do we know they didn't already?" the passenger asked getting nervous that those kids are nearby.

The driver grabs the hilt of the sword and tries pulling it out. "Because those brats don't use swords. Now go get the others and tell them what happened."

The passenger nods as he heads to the back and opens it to find the men rubbing their heads from the abrupt stop. "We got a problem. The engine is destroyed."

"Great, that's the last thing we needed," said the leader as he begins putting the money in the bag. "Grab as much as you can boys and let's get out of here."

Just as the men were getting their money, they hear something coming from the alley. They take out their weapons and aimed them in the alley. The noise got louder and louder as the men got nervous about what it is. It got closer and closer as the men began backing away. Finally out from the shadows, turned out to be a small white fur dog.

The men sighed in relief with what they saw as the dog began barking at them. This of course was beginning to make the leader mad.

"Hey kid. Take care of the mutt, will you? We'll get the cash," the leader ordered as his men begin getting the money.

"Sure, no problem," said the passenger as he begins approaching the dog with his gun pointing at him. "All right, snoopy. Time for you to get going or I'm putting you down."

The dog continued to bark as the man approached it. Just he's about to shoot the dog, something appeared from behind and grabbed him. The passenger yelled as he is lifted up into the air. The men turned around and see he's disappeared.

"Hey kid! Where are you?" the leader of the group asked as they hear another yell coming from the front of the car. They run over to the driver, only to find he's gone too. "Everyone, get the money and let's get out of here! Those Titan brats are here!"

The leader ordered as his men run to get the money, only for the light posts around them are getting taken out. The light nearby also begins getting taken out until there is only darkness. Two of the robbers turn around when they hear something and are taken down. This caused the other robbers to open fire, as the leader takes cover to grab the money.

More men begin getting taken out as the leader rushes to get the money, not caring what happens to the others. He finally gets as much as he needs as the screaming and gunshots ceased. He slowly gets out of the vehicle, with his gun shaking in his hand. By this point he realizes this couldn't be the Titans.

This wasn't something they would do, but it felt like something the Batman would do. Still, he doubts the bat would be here since he has his own city filled with freaks to deal with.

"Who are you?!" the leader shouted as he hears a noise nearby and opened fire, only to see nothing there. "Where are you?! Show yourself or are you scared?! Come on out!"

"Okay," said a dark figure as he appears from on top of the van and kicks the man in the face knocking him out. "Here I am."

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