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Chapter XVI

Jump City

A few days has passed since Raven got out of her room after her fight with Slade and when she told the others the truth about her father. Raven was afraid to tell them the truth since she was ashamed of being the daughter of practically the devil himself. She was also afraid to tell the others the truth out of fear they will hate her. But after her talk with Isamu she realized she didn't need to worry about hiding this from her friends.

They have all been through so much and have learned much about the past of the other. She was happy that Isamu helped her begin trusting her friends with her past and began opening to them. Not about everything but enough for her to put her trust in them. It still didn't mean she completely believe they could defeat her father, but she was getting there with believing they can win.

Raven even began spending more time with the others. She spent her time with Cyborg helping him upgrade his car and she even learned how everything works. She spent time with Robin and meditating with him. She spent time with Starfire going out shopping with her, while also avoiding getting her hair and nails done, but she did go to the spa to relax.

Raven even spent time with Beast Boy, which even surprised both Titans. Raven went with Beast Boy to watch a scary movie, which ended up not being as scary for the goth Titan. However, for Beast Boy…the poor green Titan ended up passing out half an hour into the film. Raven didn't mind since she enjoyed watching the movie.

She also spent some time with Hikari, but it was mostly because Isamu wanted his sister to get to know Raven better. Since arriving, Hikari had gotten along with everyone. All except for Raven. But the two got to spend some time together and were able to form a nice little bond.

Isamu was happy that things were going well and knew this is what Raven needed. With no crime going on right now and no signs of Slade, Isamu suggested they should go to the park for some fun. Something the others had no problem with and think it will be a lot of fun. So, they all went to the park to have a good time.

Cyborg bought the barbecue grill and would work on cooking up some burgers. Hikari and Starfire volunteered to help prepare the salad for any who wanted some. Beast Boy was busy making his own tofu burgers and some lemonade. Meanwhile, Raven was sitting on the bench reading the book Isamu gave her.

All while she watched Isamu and Robin train a little in the open grassy field. To ensure the two won't cause any damage, no weapons, and nothing physical. Just basically tag. And to add a little bit more fun to the game, the loser will eat the tofu burger with Beast Boy.

Isamu had his arms crossed as he stood across the field from Robin. Robin was confident he could get a tag on Isamu since he knew he's still in his human form. If he was in his Soul Reaper form, he would have his powers. But since he's in his human form then this will make things a whole lot easier for him.

"All right, Robin. Let's see how skilled you are," said Isamu as he got ready for their game. "I'm curious to see how good you are without your tools. Assuming Batman taught you how to fight without relying on them."

Robin had a confident smile on his face as he got ready to make his move. "He taught me enough to know how to hold my own against those with powers. Even if it is a Soul Reaper."

The others watched on as the two men just stared at each other. Not making a move and not taking their eyes off each other.

"I know this is just a game, but they seem to be taking this very seriously," said Starfire who had to admit she didn't expect this to go the way it did.

"I know. You can cut the tension with a knife," said Beast Boy who was surprised at how serious both guys are taking it.

"I can't blame Robin," said Hikari as she finishes making her salad before working on the next one. "I overheard Robin talking with Cyborg about wanting to train with us, but he first wanted to see where he stands."

"Where he stands?" Starfire asked as she turns to Cyborg.

Cyborg sighed as he flips the burgers before he explains what Hikari meant. "After training with the grand master, Robin thought his skills had gotten to a point where he could hold his own against someone like Slade. Our last two fights with him showed that isn't the case. So, Robin wants to begin training with Isamu and Hikari so he can get better. But he first wants to see where he stands against one of them, so he knows what he needs to work on."

Starfire and Beast Boy both seem to understand this, while Raven knew there is more to why Robin wants to get stronger. She knew it had something to do with Robin's obsession against Slade. He has never beaten Slade one-on-one before. It has been burning inside of him, especially how Slade used him to turn on his own teammates and he couldn't stop him on his own.

Raven knew since Slade came back; Robin has been wanting to prove himself to everyone. That he can stop him, and he can lead the team to victory. But ever since Isamu and Hikari showed up, he's felt useless again. He felt like he can't beat Slade on his own and its eating him up.

That's why he is doing this. He wants to get stronger, but he wants to see how much he needs to get stronger before he is sure he can beat Slade.

"The problem is, Robin has a long way to go before he is ready against someone the level of Slade," said Hikari as she looked out at the field and seem to have a serious look in her eyes. "If he wants to beat Slade, then he first needs to show my brother what he can do without his tools."

Robin begins moving his feet around the grass getting ready to make his move. Without his weapons, he'll need to rely on everything he learned over the years. From Batman and from the grand master. He kept his guard up in case Isamu makes his move first, but so far it seems like Isamu is going to wait for him to make his move.

So, if that's what he wants then he'll get it. Robin soon begins charging at his opponent and gets ready to move the moment he tries dodging him. Isamu indeed did move, but he didn't try moving out of the way. Instead he moved back, which caused Robin to keep moving forward to try grabbing him.

Robin keeps on charging at him as Isamu kept moving back, but he was moving a lot faster than Robin had anticipated. Robin tries a different approach and moves faster to try catching him. But he also got ready to try using his cape. Isamu took notice of Robin increasing his speed and moved back again, but Robin anticipated this.

Robin grabs his cape, unhooks hit from his uniform, and wraps it around Isamu's right arm. Isamu was surprised by this as Robin pulls him back and tries to tag him. The others looked on surprised by this and how quickly this game is going to end. However, just as Robin got an inch from Isamu, he vanished.

Robin almost tripped over when he saw Isamu disappeared. The others, except Hikari and Raven, looked on shocked by this. They looked around wondering where he went. But they couldn't see where he went.

"W-where did he go? Did he teleport?" Beast Boy asked as he looks around but couldn't see Isamu.

"No way, I thought he couldn't use any of his powers while he was like this," said Cyborg who recalls Hikari mentioning to them how they need to separate from their bodies to be in their soul form.

"But then, where is he?" Starfire asked as she turns to Hikari and Raven. She noticed them looking opposite from Robin. She looks at the direction they are looking at and looks surprised. "How did he get there?"

Robin looked around wondering where Isamu went and wonders if what he did was a form of teleportation.

"You know what's the first thing I'm going to teach you, Robin?" Robin turns around and is surprised to see Isamu standing on a tree branch halfway from where he's at. "I'm going to teach you how to sense your opponent through their spiritual pressure instead of looking for them with your eyes."

"H-how did you get there?" and for that matter, how didn't Robin see him there? "And I thought you said you weren't going to be in your Soul Reaper form for this game?"

Isamu chuckled a little and shook his head. "The thing is, I'm not in my Soul Reaper form. I merely used my Flash Step."

"Flash Step? Is that a Soul Reaper ability to teleport?" Robin asked. "And what do you mean you aren't in your Soul Reaper form? How can you use this ability if you aren't in it?"

"Because our masters taught us how to draw on our Soul Reaper powers even in human form," Hikari replied as the others turn to her as she explains this. "Normally, when a Soul Reaper visits the World of the Living, they are given a Gigai, which are basically artificial bodies. This allows a Soul Reaper to walk around among the rest of the people. However, our masters found a way to allow Soul Reapers to draw on their power, even inside a Gigai. We're able to draw upon 20% of our power, which allows us to hold our own in combat in case we run into trouble."

The others seemed surprised by this revelation and didn't know this was even possible. All except Raven, who knew better than to underestimate the abilities of both twins. She knew they must have some more tricks up their sleeves in case they run into any kind of trouble. Something that involves fighting a Hollow and they don't have a way to separate from their bodies to fight.

"I see, so that explains it," said Robin who should have known this game of tag wouldn't be so easy. "I guess I should have known better when I saw how calm and confident you were earlier. So, what exactly is Flash Step? You didn't deny it's not a teleportation ability. But you also didn't say it was, so what is it?"

Isamu had a small confident smile on his face as he decides to explain this ability. "Flash Step or Shunpo is a movement technique, which allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. Basically, it's the power to use bursts of speed to move so fast, it gives the illusion that the one using it is teleporting."

Robin now understood this ability and how it isn't teleportation like he thought it was. It just helps Isamu move so fast that before he realizes it he's gone. It's a neat ability that he has and one he bet has come in handy. Robin definitely knew he could use a technique like that under his belt.

"Well, that's not bad. I have to admit, I didn't think you could do something like that, Isamu," said Robin as he got ready to go again. "But even with Flash Step, I won't let that stop me."

"Is that so? Well, that's good to hear, because…" Isamu soon appeared behind Robin and had his arms crossed. "If you plan to train under my sister and I then you better show me what you can do if you want any chance to beat Slade."

Robin's eyes widen when he realized Isamu is behind him and tries to tag him. Isamu managed to avoid his hand and soon begins dodging his attacks. Robin begins going on the offense as he tries to get a hit on Isamu. Any small hit will count as a tag.

However, Isamu isn't making it easy on him and manages to avoid any hits. Isamu even begins leading him into the trees, while the others watch on. Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were surprised with how fast both guys are going. But they knew that Isamu was a lot faster and Robin was nowhere near close to catching him.

Raven closed her book and sets it on the table while looking on as well. She was impressed with how well Isamu was holding his own against Robin, but it didn't take long for her to notice something. She soon realized he wasn't even trying. He was holding back his true strength and seems to be toying with Robin.

Though she didn't understand why he's doing this though. "Careful, the burgers are almost getting burned," Hikari spoke up getting the attention of the others as she stood next to Cyborg. "Here, let me help."

"Oh, um s-sorry I guess I got caught up in the game," said Cyborg as he hands the spatula to Hikari.

"It's okay. I can understand, considering this must be the first-time you guys are seeing this," said Hikari as she begins getting the meat on the plate and checking to see if they are ready. "My brother and I used to do this a lot with our sensei, Ronin. We go around chasing him and try tagging him. But despite it being two-on-one we could never catch him. It was always frustrating, but it was our sensei's way of testing us and seeing how well we are doing in our training."

"It seemed to have paid off though," said Raven figuring if the two are here on their own then that means their training is complete.

"I guess so, but still no matter how strong we get we would never reach the same level as our masters," said Hikari as she begins serving herself. "Isamu and I are pretty strong, but we're nowhere near as powerful as our masters."

"Are they really that strong?" Starfire asked.

Hikari looks up at Starfire, while adding some ketchup to her burger. "Well, let me put it this way. If our masters were here fighting Slade…he would be dead in a few seconds."

The other Titans looked on a little surprised by this revelation. They knew the twins were strong, but to find out their masters were strong enough to kill someone who can't die? And in only a few seconds? That sounds impossible.

"Um Hikari, are all Soul Reapers as strong as your masters?" Beast Boy asked, who was curious about the strength of the Soul Reapers.

Hikari moves her plate away and rests her elbows on the table, while moving her hands under her chin to rest on them. "Hmm, well…I know the former Head Captain used to be as strong, until he died. But, I think there are only…four others who are as strong as our masters."

"Die? Wait, how can a Soul Reaper die if they are…souls?" Raven asked.

She actually never asked Isamu about if Soul Reapers could die or what happens to them if they get mortally wounded. Is it possible that if they die then they are erased for good?

"Oh yeah, we never told you guys about that," Hikari took out from her bag her tablet and begins drawing how this works. "When humans die, they are sent to the Soul Society and get to live there. Should a soul die there then they are reborn on Earth. However, they will have no memories of their past life. If the soul is consumed by a Hollow, but the Hollow is destroyed then they will still be reborn. But, if the soul did something horrible in their life then they will be sent to Hell."

Hikari explained all of this with her drawings, which showed the souls in the form of cute puppies and kittens. While showing the bad souls and Hollows in the form of spiders.

"Do you all understand this?" Hikari asked.

"We um got it, but…" Cyborg was unsure how to put this gently what he was thinking.

"Your drawings look like they were drawn by little kids," said Beast Boy saying what both guys were thinking.

Hikari hit both guys on the head with the sheath and sat back down on the table. "Anyone else have a problem with my drawings?"

"Um…not really," said Raven who knew better than to mock the drawings of the twins.

"Aww I think they are so cute," said Starfire as she looked at the drawings and how cute the animals looked. "They are adorable."

"Aww thank you," said Hikari who appreciates someone enjoying her art.

The two girls begin giggling and smile happily, while Raven just ignored this as she took the tablet before looking at the pictures. She then turns to Hikari before she asks her question.

"Hikari, do you think…do you think my mother and my people are in the Soul Society too?" Raven asked as she got a surprised look from Hikari. "I-I know Trigon destroyed my home and they're gone, but…do you think it's possible they are there."

Hikari was a little surprised by the question and wasn't sure what to say. "Honestly? I don't know…I mean, it's possible. But the Soul Society is pretty big and there's a good chance they could be there. However, it would be hard to find them if they are there."

Raven didn't expect to get a proper answer, but still wanted to believe it was possible her mother is there. "If she is…I hope she's at peace at least."

Starfire goes over to her friend and placed her hand on her shoulder for comfort. "I am sure your mother is happy to know you are alive and you are with us. And I am sure she would want you to not give up. To keep on fighting to keep your father from destroying your home. As he did with Azarath."

Raven knew Starfire is trying to comfort her, but she isn't sure if her mom really believes that. When she saw her, it looked like she had given up. Maybe it was just an illusion from Trigon to destroy shattering her confidence. But, if her mom was here then maybe she'd want her ot keep on fighting.

"Thank you, Star," said Raven who thanks her friend for being there for her.

Hikari knew that Raven will need all her friends in the world to keep believing in herself. Otherwise, she might end up giving up and help her father destroy this world. She can't let that happen. She knows they have to stop him before it's too late.

She soon turned her attention to her food and took a bite of her burger. The moment she did, her eyes widen with how good it tasted. She squealed with joy and stood up from her seat. This caused the others to jump a little since they never saw this reaction from her before.

"This tastes soooooo goooood!" Hikari goes over to Cyborg and pats him on the back. "This is the best damn burger I've ever tasted. What did you put on it?"

Cyborg begins rubbing the back of his head and laughed proudly for the praise he got. "Oh, it's nothing. I just added some of special seasoning that I learned from my momma. It's not bad huh?"

"Not bad?! I say it's amazing!" Hikari replied as she took another bite and enjoyed the taste a second time. "I've eaten every kind of food in this world whenever I traveled with my master, but I've never tasted anything as good as this. I love it so much. Your momma must be so proud."

Cyborg felt extremely proud now of his food and was laughing a little. "Aww thank you."

"Oh, come on, what's so good about eating meat?" Beast Boy then offered a tofu burger towards Hikari. "How about you try this and see how much better it is?"

Hikari glares at the tofu burger as Beast Boy felt nervous when he saw her glare. "You have five seconds to move that thing away from me before I burn it to ashes."

Beast Boy shrank a little and moves away as he begins whimpering a little. Starfire pets his head and tries to calm him down. She then sees Robin and Isamu returning to the field. She took notice of Robin appearing to be getting tired from how hard he appears to be panting.

"Robin looks tired," said Starfire as she got worried.

"He's reached his breaking point," said Raven knowing this fight won't last long.

"She's right," said Hikari as she walks over and sighed. "Robin has given it his all, but even he must know this game is over. This will end soon, unless he tries to keep pushing this. In that case, Isamu will end it."

Starfire was now worried that Robin might keep pushing this. The last time he did that he almost got killed by Slade and had to lie to the others. She just hopes he won't try pushing it and will let this go soon. She knew now it wasn't a game and it seems Robin is trying to prove something.

Robin begins panting heavily as he tried to save his stamina and use the trees to his advantage. Just like he used his environment when he climbed the mountain to train with the true master. But it seems, Isamu was doing the same thing he did. Using his environment to help him and to avoid Robin getting a tag on him.

Robin knew this wasn't how he expected things to go, but he wasn't going to give up. Isamu knew though that Robin was at his limit. He could see it and he knew he should give up. But he isn't and he knew why, especially after he talked to Raven about this.

"You are a great fighter Robin. You've learned so much from some of the best fighters in the world and you have done an amazing job leading your team. So, I can understand why beating Slade is important to you," said Isamu as he gets a surprised look from Robin. "You feel like if you beat him just once on your own in order to prove to yourself you strong enough to fight criminals like him. Criminals who are just as strong and dangerous as him. If you beat someone like Slade, then you will be able to hold your own against the very best."

Robin didn't try denying it since he figured Isamu must have known about this from Raven. She was in his head, so she knew how important it was to him to finally beat Slade on his own. How obsessed he was, how determined he is, and how he wants to prove himself to everyone. Prove that he can beat him and can protect his team, something he hasn't been able to do twice now.

"You will surpass Slade and you will beat him. You just need some help," Isamu begins approaching Robin, not worried about being tagged since he knew that wasn't on their mind right now. "I want to help you and the others. I want to help you all so you can protect yourselves and so you can protect the people of this city. And then, once we save the day together, we can put our skills to the test to see how strong you are."

Robin gave a small confident smile and knew Isamu is right. He now saw what he needed to see and knows what he needs to do to get stronger. "Thank you, Isamu. I appreciate it…I guess this means you win our game?"

Isamu begins rubbing the back of his head and sighed. "Yeah, but don't worry. I won't make you eat the tofu burger."

Starfire sighed in relief when she saw the game appeared to have ended. It also seems like they have ended it on good terms. Cyborg and Beast Boy were both glad that things ended well since they didn't want Robin to get upset that he couldn't win. Since, well they know he doesn't take losing well. Raven on the other hand knew Isamu would end it this way, since she knew from the beginning Robin had no chance of tagging him.

So, she knew he would end this in a peaceful solution. She walks over to Hikari as they watch the two boys walk back towards them.

"I really appreciate it what you two have done for us," said Raven as she speaks to Hikari without facing her. "I know before I was worried about my father, Slade, and unsure if we can stop the world to end. But, since you two arrived I guess I'm feeling a little bit…hopeful."

"I'm glad to hear that," said Hikari as she replied without facing Raven either. "I know my brother has taken a liking to you and would be sad if you gave up. I promise we'll do what we can to help you and your friends prepare for the inevitable return of Slade. But the rest will be up to you. I just hope by then you'll be ready for whatever they try throwing at us."

Raven knows that her father will be aware of Isamu, his sister, and the Soul Reapers. She figures he's probably coming up with a plan to destroy them and break her. For the sake of her friends? She has to try fighting and not give in…for them.

"Plus, I know my brother would feel so sad to lose the girl he likes a lot to her evil dad," said Hikari as she got a shocked reaction from Raven, causing her to giggle.

"W-what are you talking about?" Raven asked as she puts her hood up to hide her blushing.

"Oh nothing. Just that my brother seems to have a crush on you. He thinks your so beautiful, amazing, and your someone he enjoys spending more time with than anyone else. I guess you can say he's head over heels for you," said Hikari as she turns to Raven and smiles.

Raven looks away and couldn't believe what she is hearing. She knew Isamu did like him, but the way Hikari was describing this. It was…well a lot for her to take in. She wasn't sure what to say or what to think about this since she has tried to keep these feelings to herself, especially after what happened with Malchior.

"I-I don't know about that. Your brother really is nice, and he doesn't seem to mind what I am, but…I don't think it would ever work," said Raven who doubts this would even be possible. "I'm a monster. I'm someone who is destined to destroy all life on this world. Isamu is a Soul Reaper. He fights monsters like me and would never want to be with someone like me."

"Your wrong," said Hikari as she spoke up against what Raven said. "My brother may be a Soul Reaper, but it doesn't mean he doesn't think the world of you. He knows you aren't a monster. You are a beautiful woman who deserves a chance to find happiness and have a family of your own," she then turns around and prepares to leave before placing her hand on her shoulder. "Everyone deserves a chance at happiness. He believes you deserve it and wouldn't mind being the one making you happy."

She soon walks off to join the others, while Raven just stood there with so much information going through her mind. Did she really deserve a chance to be happy? Did she really deserve to be with someone who truly likes her for who she is a not what she is? She looks up at Isamu and sees him smiling and laughing with her friend.

Seeing him smile and laugh filled her with so much happiness. She really wanted to believe this, even though a small part of her was worried it would end in a disaster. But, if Hikari is right…shouldn't it be worth taking a chance? Shouldn't she give it a chance to see if it can work?

Isamu has risked so much to try proving she deserves a chance to prove herself. Her friends have given her a chance as well, even after finding out who her father is. They are all willing to fight for her and give her a chance to find happiness. So, she should do her part and fight for her chance to be happy.

Maybe even finally…finally let her guard down and open her heart one more time. And hope this time it will be for real.

Unknown location

Outside Jump City, there's an abandoned bar out by the side of the road. It was once home to different biker gangs that would come around, rest, have a good time, and then go on the road. However, it was shut down after a group of bikers had stayed there for a drink and ended up all being killed. Poisoned by the bartender, who swore he had no idea what happened.

Since then, the bar was abandoned due to the bartender claiming he saw four glowing red eyes staring at him before he blacked out. The next thing he knew, he was standing over the bodies of the dead bikers. It is said that every time someone showed up to the bar and go inside, they are never seen from again. This was enough to frighten anyone brave enough to inside.

However, a black Lamborghini soon drove up to the abandoned bar as any animals nearby begin taking off out of fear. A man with pale skin, short black hair, has some sunglasses on, and is wearing a business suit soon emerged from the car. He fixes his tie before looking up at the bar and gave a disgusted look. He lets out a small sigh before he heads inside.

As he walks in, the sound of the wooden floor creaking can be heard echoing around the bar. The chairs all covered in dust, spider webs, and empty beer bottles. The man walks over to the bar where he sees some of the dirty bar stools. The man took out a napkin and begins moving the seats away before he looks around at the place.

Suddenly, a freshly new beer bottle appeared in front of him by another man. A much heavier man with no hair, pointy ears, blue t-shirt, and red shorts. He is seen with a towel over his left shoulder as he cleans a cup with another towel. He looks up at the nicely dressed man removing the sunglasses he had on showing four glowing red eyes.

"Hello there, brother. Fancy meeting you here," spoke the heavy man as he smiles at the other.

The nicely dressed man didn't seem shocked by the glowing red eyes. Instead he took the beer bottle in hand, took a small sip from it, sets it down, and removes his sunglasses revealing his own four glowing red eyes.

"Hello back, brother," the nicely dressed man replied as he puts the sunglasses away before looking up and down at the heavy man. "I can guess what sin you are, but what name did our bastard of a father give you?"

"Jim," the heavy man replied revealing his real name. "Which are you?"

The nicely dressed man stood back and shows off his clothing. "You can figure out what I am, but you can call me James. I have to presume if you're here than the others are here too?"

Jim nods in response as he motions behind him. James turns around and sees four other men sitting in the chairs behind the men.

One appeared to be wearing a blue jumpsuit, with short black hair, and pointy ears. The other was a tall black skin man with big muscular body, little hair, and looked pissed. The third was a skinny bastard with medium size black hair, pale skin, had some clothing, but no shoes. While the last one was also skinny as hell, with long black hair, pale skin, and looked lazy as hell.

"So, what's all your names?" James asked as he took notice all four of the men had four glowing red eyes.

The one with the jumpsuit steps forward and speaks up. "The name is Jacob. The big muscular dumbass is Jared, the other is Jesse, and the lazy fucker is Jack. I also bet you can tell which sins we are?"

James looks at Jacob and seem to have gotten the idea of which one he is. "I'd rather we focus on why we're here. If we're here, then that means our bastard of a father is getting out soon."

"Yes, we can feel it," said Jacob who can sense their father's freedom is nearing. "Soon he will arise, and we will help him take control of this world."

"Provided your little sister does as she is told," the six men all turn to the source of the voice. Out from the shadows came Slade, with his arms behind his back. "So, you are all the spawn of Trigon the Terrible."

Slade turned to each of the men and could tell who is who. He walks over to the bar and turns towards Jim then James. "You're Gluttony, while the other is Greed."

He then turns to the other four then points to Jacob, Jared, Jesse, and Jack. "Lust, Wrath, Envy, and Sloth. Six of the seven deadly sins. I didn't think Trigon had other children other than Raven, but it seems I was mistake."

"And who the hell are you?" Jared asked getting a little angry by the arrival of this human.

"Who am I? I'm the one your father has put in charge to make sure he is free from his imprisonment. I'm also the one who send for you six to come here and do as I say. Understand?" Slade asked.

"No one tells me what to do!" Jared charges at Slade and throws a punch.

But Slade easily dodged it and fires a fire blast at Jared sending him flying through the wall to the outside. The others all stood up and saw what happened before turning to Slade.

Jacob seemed rather impressed as he clapped his hand. "So, I take it you're the one our father has chosen to be his horseman of the apocalypse. Your pretty strong, but not strong enough to deal with whatever is going on."

Slade turns to Jacob and replied to his comment. "I assure you that I am capable of doing my job. I delivered the message, the girl has accepted her destiny, and her friends are no match for me."

"Then why are we here?" Jack asked while groaning loudly. "If you're so strong and you got all that stuff done then why are we here?"

"He's right," said James as he pours himself a new drink. "I was busy running my little business when you called. So, it better be freaking good."

Slade turns to the brothers knowing they weren't pleased to be summoned here. Not even Jared who restrained himself from charging at Slade.

"It appears the Soul Society has decided to stick their nose in our business," said Slade as he explains what happened to the brothers.

How there are two Soul Reapers who were sent to protect Raven. How the Soul Society is aware of Trigon's return and appear to be trying to stop him from getting freed. How the weapons the Soul Reaper he fought actually harmed him. So, that's why Trigon called for his sons to come here and what they need to do.

"So, these Soul Reapers are basically supernaturally powerful warriors that fights monsters," said Jared as he sums up what Slade told them. "They don't sound that tough."

"Don't underestimate them," said Slade as he turns to each of the boys. "I made that mistake and it nearly cost me everything. These Soul Reapers are extremely powerful and unlike the Titans, they won't hesitate to kill you."

"Heroes that actually kill?" Jacob asked as he begins to laugh. "How interesting. I never thought people like that would exist."

"Well they do and that's why you are here. I understand you all each have your own special abilities and I've been told how strong you all are," Slade knew that these boys were as powerful as him or maybe more if they know how to fight right. "So, your father has decided you all will work with me to help me destroy these Soul Reapers. After that, we'll focus on breaking your sister. Force her to submit until she realizes she has no choice but to do as we way. Any problem with that?"

The brothers all looked at each other surprised with this request. They didn't really know that much about the Soul Reapers or what they can do before they arrived. But they feel that they shouldn't be that much of a problem. At least for some of them believe this since they don't think much of the Soul Reapers thanks to the little information, they have of them.

"I'm not worried about these Soul Reapers," Said Jim as he sets the cup he was cleaning down. "I bet I can kill these Soul Reapers before the day is over."

"Yeah right," said Jacob as he stood up from his seat. "These Soul Reapers don't sound like that much of a threat. I'm going to go and kill them myself," he then turns towards Jack. "How about it? Want to join in on the fun?"

Jack sighed as he shrugs his shoulders. "I guess so."

"I would advise against that," said Slade as he spoke against what these boys are up to. "Your father wants you six to go attack them together. Use the number you all have against the two of them."

"You think we need help killing some weak humans?" Jacob asked who sounded insulted. "You forget who you are talking to. We're the sons of Trigon. No one, human or whatever these Soul Reapers are can beat us."

Slade knew these boys need to be taught a lesson. It is clear they won't do as he tells them until they learn what happens when they underestimate their opponents. Trigon did warn him this would happen. So, he decided to do something about it.

"Very well. If you three are confident you can defeat them then I'll take you to them," Slade then turns to the other four. "Any of you want to join in?"

Before the others could reply, James speaks up first. "I'll stay. Mostly because I'd rather see what these Soul Reapers can do before we make any sort of move," he took a sip of his drink and turns to his three brothers. "Should you idiots fail though, then we'll know what we're up against."

"Tch as if we'll lose," said Jim replied as he walks from behind the bar counter. "Let's get going."

"Very well, follow me boys. To Jump City," said Slade as he leads them out of the bar.

Slade knew these boys were strong, but he doubts they would stand much of a chance against these Soul Reapers. Even he had trouble against the boy on his own. Still, if they die then Trigon won't give a damn. It will just show him how weak they are and how they are worthless.

It may seem cruel for a father to say such a thing about their children, but he knew Trigon was a demon after all. Demons don't really give much of a shit about their own kin, especially those that are too weak. Still, if these idiots end up being killed then it might benefit him. He could tell these fools have never had to fight against anyone stronger than them thanks to their abilities.

So, the way he sees it, if these three idiots fall before the Soul Reapers, then the other three will have to do what he says. Without questioning him or underestimating their enemies.

Slade knew either way this is going to make things a whole lot more interesting. If all goes well then, I will get back everything that was taken from me. Soon, my servitude to this demon and his bastard family will come to an end very soon.

That's the end of the chapter and looks like there is trouble coming for our heroes. This doesn't look good, huh? Also, for those who don't know who these guys are at the end let me explain. They are the stepbrothers of Raven and are also half-demon kids like her.

Trigon got busy, huh? Each are the six of the seven deadly sins and yes, they are canon. Not in animation, but in the comics. Each one has their own unique abilities, which will be on full display soon.

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