A/N: I don't know why I chose this one, but it is a beautiful song, and couldn't help but write to it. Even if the song is depressing. The song is 'Pieces' by Red.


He didn't know what was going on. Why he kept running, kept staying away. He guessed it was because he didn't want to be broken again, didn't want to be exposed to it again.

His phone rang, looking at he contact, he didn't answer. Better to make the break clean, he didn't want this to hurt even more than t had to. And it had to, he may be a Sun, be he definitely acted like a Cloud. Never wanting to be tied down by anyone. Never wanting, fearing, the bonds that would later come back to harm him.

(He couldn't take this for much longer. A traitorous part of him whispered. He quickly shoved it down.)

Tsuna was, to say the least, upset. No one had seen head nor hide of his former tutor since they had broken the curse. And Tsuna worried. His calls were never answered, his spy's could never find the man, and worst of all, everything that he could have used to help him in his search was all but sterilized. No clues remaining. Nothing to lead him to a place. His hope was failing.

(He was breaking, dear God! Help. Help. Please, help. Tsuna shoved that part down, the part that needed the sadistic hitman, into the farthest part of his mind and locked it there. He couldn't think of that now.)

It had been years. Years since Reborn had seen either of his students. (He was still angry at himself for running the moment he could after feeling the beginnings of Harmonization.) And the hitman hated it. Hated it with his entire being. And that frightened him. He shouldn't be hating something that he had to be able to do all his life. Cutting connections should have been easy. But it wasn't. (Should doesn't mean would after all.) Reborn looked at the building that he was staying in for the time being, hating the fact that he hadn't seen him in a while. Reborn knew he was doing well, word spread fast about things like that, but that didn't stop him from worrying. It never did. The hitman sighed.

(Nothing was making sense. He couldn't do this anymore. He was breaking. Breaking. Breaking.)

Tsuna didn't know what to think anymore. They had confirmed that his onetime tutor was still alive, they had commissioned him for a job through a line of contacts that couldn't be traced back to Vongola by even Mammon, so Reborn definitely couldn't. All Tsuna could do now was wait (Hope) and see if the hitman would return.

(He couldn't wait much longer. There were cracks already. Cracks. Cracks in the glass, so fine you could barely see them. But they were still there, weakening the structure completely. Only the best could see them, but the best wasn't here to fix the cracks, he wasn't there. Never there. Not anymore. Anymore. Anymore.)

Reborn had heated rumors, it was hard not to when you were as good as he was. Many rumors. But the worst ones, the worst ones were of Tsuna. The one he still thought of as his, even after all these years. Even after Tsuna has likely moved on, moved on from the hitman. (No! Don't think like that. You don't know! Don't know! Don't know.) Found someone else. (STOP!) Reborn didn't care. Didn't want to care.

(But you do. You do. You do. You do.)

Tsuna was getting sloppy. Many could see it. But not, it seemed, the one who actually mattered. The cracks were growing, and his guardians were doing everything they could to slow it down. They had tried giving him less work, that only gave him time to think. Thinking was bad. Thinking spread he cracks. They stoped being good. Then they tried drowning him in work. He had gone to the doctor and was forcibly told to take a vacation. The cracks only grew.

(Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help. Help.)

Reborn heard more rumors. Worse than the last ones. The Decimo was getting bad. Bad in everything he did. Rumors said he was dying. Reborn ignored them.

(But rumors must start with the truth. Right?)

It had almost been nine years by the time Reborn heard what had happened. The mafia was running rampant with the news. Decimo was in critical condition. Rumors said he wouldn't make it. A bullet wound dangerously close to the heart. (No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No!) Reborn panicked. He was supposed to be over it! He wasn't supposed to still be feeling this way! There wasn't supposed to be panic at the thought of (his) Tsuna dying. And besides, (his) Tsuna had Shamal. Shamal would take care of him.

He still found himself running when he heard the news, wanting (hoping, needing) to get to (his) Tsuna. To stop him from leaving.

(Stop denying what you feel. You know what you feel. Stay with him. Stay. Stay. Stay.)

Tsuna was dying. That much he was certain of. That much he could tell. He couldn't care less. There was nothing. He had tried, tried, tried. He couldn't keep going like this, hurting, hurting, hurting. Breaking, broken glass. He couldn't. But he needed to. His family needed him. But he didn't. He wasn't there. Never there anymore. Never there for Tsuna. He couldn't keep going. Too much pain. Too much. Too much. Too much. He had to let go. That's what Kyoya had said, right? Just let go? He could let go, and this is where he was. He had to let go. Go. Go. Go. Let go.

(He wouldn't care. Would he? Why would he? Why care for someone who was dying? Let go. Let go. Let go. Let go.)

By the time Reborn arrived, everyone was in panic. (His) Tsuna was dying. Dying. Dying. Nothing Shamal could do, so the doctor said. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. (No. No. No. No. No. NO!) Reborn pushed his way through.

Why was death so painful? Why couldn't he have just been kill immediately? Tsuna wanted to know. He wasn't here after all. There was no reason for things now. Nothing.

Faintly, Tsuna could feel someone grab his hand. He couldn't see, even though he knew that his eyes were open. Couldn't hear, even though he knew nothing was blocking them.

Something surged through him. Something familiar. Something missed so much, so deeply. Deeply. Deeply. Deeply.

And he lived.

Reborn couldn't step away, couldn't leave. Not again. Not again. Not again. Look what had happened the first time? He couldn't leave his Tsuna again. Never again. Never again. Never again.

Reborn continued to feed his brunet his Flames.

Tsuna blearily opened his eyes. For the first time in a while, he could see. Then he closed them again. He tried to move. Something stopped him. Something big, and heavy.

Warm hands rubbed soothing circles into his flesh, occasionally moving to check his pulse. Never leaving his body. Never leaving. Never leaving. Never leaving. There was a deep purr, felt more than heard, that came from the body above him. The one drawing circles. Barely awake, Tsuna didn't move. His breathing and heart beat didn't change. The next time that the hands went to check his pulse, they tightened, as if never letting go. There was a deep growl that replaced the purr that came before. "Mine." And Tsuna felt lips press against his neck, kissing but not leaving marks. Never leaving marks. Tsuna felt disappointed. "Mine." The voice growled again, and this time Tsuna thought it familiar. The lips went back to kissing his neck. Slowly, tentatively, making their way up to his own.

Barely brushing them, lighter than a feather, the voice said once more "Mine." Before diving down towards his lips, capturing them in a kiss. Tsuna's lips were closed, and almost instinctively, opened his mouth. There was a pause, before a slick muscle look the offering for what it was, the owner of the familiar voice (Familiar Flames) mapped out the smaller man's mouth, then played with his tung, causing the one underneath to moan.

The man above paused. As if not expecting such a reaction. But Tsuna, Tsuna wanted more. Needed more. But the other didn't give him more.

Instead, he drew back. Hesitant. Hesitant. Hesitant. Wanting to stay, but needing to leave. Tsuna panicked. (No! Not again!)

The man was grabbed. Tsuna reopened his eyes. Reborn's black abysmal eyes met Tsuna's amber ones. Reborn saw panic. Panic. Panic. Panic. And he couldn't leave. Not again. Not again. Not again.

Instead, he came closer. Lifting the smaller man up until he was sitting on Reborn's lap, never breaking eye contact.

Reborn bent down, nuzzling the brunet' collar bone with his nose and lips. Then bit down. Hard. Tsuna gasped.

Not a dream then.

Reborn growled into the bite. "Mine." And bit down harder, drawing blood. Licking he wound as if to apologize. The hitman then lifted his head to kiss the brunet again. This time leaving him breathless. There was another growl of 'Mine.' Before Tsuna was dazedly being undressed. To absorbed in the touches, kisses, licks, and bits to notice when he was fully naked. To absorbed in the pleasure to realize what was going on. (Not that he would have minded either way) The hitman gently put his fingers to Tsuna's mouth, and the brunet grabbed the hand while putting the digits in his mouth. Eyes half lidded, checks flushed, licking Reborn's fingers as if they were candy. The hitman's eyes dilated. He almost couldn't help himself, it had been years. But he had to. As far as he knew, Tsuna was a virgin. Still innocent by those standards. But. But. But. Reborn couldn't keep his eyes off of the younger man.

Pulling his fingers back from the warm mouth and agile tung, the hitman slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Inserted one of his fingers. The muscles clenched. Sucking Reborn's fingers in. So tight. Tight. Tight. Reborn held himself back. Slowly moving his fingers, searching. Searching. Searching.

A moan. A loud one. Reborn smirked. "Found it." He hummed to himself. Moving his fingers in again, pressing. Tsuna moaned again. Reborn pulled his fingers out, releasing his pants, and slowly, slowly, slowly, entering the younger male. Muscles clenched, a body tensed. Reborn's control was slipping. Nine years. Nine long years. Finally. Finally. Finally. What he wanted. What he needed. Right here.

Reborn thrust. Aiming. Tsuna cried out. 'Found it.' Reborn hummed to himself once more, thrusting again. Hiring again. Tsuna moaned and writhed. Reborn moved faster and faster. Hitting over and over again. Tsuna clenched, moaning and writhing. Calling Reborn's name as if it were the only thing that mattered. (Maybe it was.) Not long after, the small brunet felt his release. A few thrusts later, Reborn finally claimed what should have been his long ago.

Pulling out, Reborn but his Tsuna's neck once more. "Mine." The hitman stated. Looking into the brunet's eyes. Daring him to argue. He didn't. "Yours." Was the only reply the hitman got before the small brunet fell back asleep. Satisfied, Reborn joined him.

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