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The crew wandered through the seemingly endless jungle while fighting off dinosaurs from raptors, pterodactyls and even a T-Rex throughout the entire Christmas Eve morning.

A triceratops comes charging at them when Rose turns her arm into a twister and punches it to send it flying. Sanji sky walks right above it and kicks it to the ground head first to knock it out.

Robin looks over the unconscious dinosaur curiously. "Even the herbivores are attacking."

Nami sighs. "This feels like Little Garden all over again."

All the crewmembers who lived through the experience slowly nodded except for Luffy who's looking around the jungle eagerly until he sees a few giant long neck dinosaurs nearby.

"There are some long neck ones over there! I'm gonna go on their heads and see if we're close!" He runs over to them and jumps on their backs with Rose following.

"Wait up!" She giggles as she avoids the dinosaurs jaws and uses her wind to jump on top of one of their heads with Luffy sitting on top of another one. (Wow, this place is really cool. I doubt everyone was so excited about dinosaurs though.)

She follows Luffy's gaze to see what he's looking at but he's exploring the landscape instead of the mountain. The others watch them exploring the island and sweat drop at their behavior.

"Is Luffy really searching for the mountain or did he just want to ride a dinosaur again?" Usopp asks.

Sanji smokes his cigarette then sighs. "My bet's on the latter."

Zira nods as she flies above them then freezes when she sees a large Venus fly trap moving towards Chopper from behind. "CHOPPER BEHIND YOU!"

The reindeer turns around and drops his jaw at the sight of the giant plant. "AAAH!" He runs out of the way while Ace blasted it with a fire fist.

Chopper hyperventilates while Zira lands in front of him. "You ok?"

He nods as he starts calming down. "Y-yea, I'm ok. Thanks Ace."

Ace nods. "No problem, any idea how much longer till we're there?"

Robin uses her devil fruit abilities to sprout eyes on the tree tops then sees the mountain close by. "If we take this direction we should be there in about 15 minutes."

She points to the direction of the mountains causing the others to nod.

Franky looks up to where Rose and Luffy are and starts yelling. "OI GUYS, GET DOWN! WE'RE LEAVING!"

Rose nods as she uses her wind to bring them back to the others. The group begins to follow Robin for the mountain except for Zoro who wandered in a random direction until Usopp called out to him.

"That's the wrong way!"

Zoro jolts before catching up until everyone reached the giant white stoned mountain and have split up to search for the entrance.

Rose looks at them in confusion then runs a hand through her brown hair as she looks up at the mountain curiously. (Is everyone looking for a way to the summit? Why didn't they just ask me to fly them up there?) She starts flying up when Luffy takes her hand and pulls her down.

"Where are you going Rose?"

Rose tilts her head in confusion. "Don't we need to go to the top?"

He shakes his head. "Nope, we're going somewhere else."

She quirks an eyebrow at the statement. "Where exactly are-"

"Guys, I found it!" Sanji says from around the corner of the base.

Luffy flashes a toothy grin before rushing to where Sanji is while keeping a hold of Roses hand. "You're about to find out now! Come on!"

Rose tries her best to keep up with her captain as they reach the entrance of the cave where everyone is waiting for them.

Ace lights his hand on fire and leads the way through the tunnel. "Let's get going. We shouldn't keep them waiting."

The others nod and follow while Rose looks around the cavern in thought. (So it's something about the caves? Wait, didn't I hear something awesome about an island's cave a few-?)

She snaps out of her thoughts when she walked into Luffy's back. She takes a step back then looks around to see that they reached the end of the tunnel that leads them into a large white cavern with their only source of light being the large hole from the ceiling that leads to the summit.

The freckled girl stops looking around when she sees an orange portal on the opposite wall from them that's the same size as a door. (What the hell?!) "Luffy, what exactly is that?"

"Shishishi, you'll see. Who wants to test it out?"

Everyone looks to each other in thought.

"U-umm." They freeze when they hear Chopper speaking up and turn to see him shifting his foot nervously while staring at the ground. "If it's ok with you guys, can I see if it works?"

The others nod while Chopper walks up to the strange passage. He looks at it nervously then starts speaking up. "Dr. Hiruluk? Are you in there?"

Rose widens her eyes at what Chopper said but before she could say anything the portal started glowing brightly to the point where everyone had to close their eyes. When the light died down everyone opened their eyes to see an old man with white hair angled like the top half of a plus sign, pink mottled pants, and a black coat over a green shirt smiling down at the surprised doctor.

Usopp looks at the old man slack jawed. "W-who is that?"

Rose looks at him utterly shocked. "That's Dr. Hiruluk!" (HOLY SHIT! THIS IS THE ISLAND THE BOOK SHOP OWNER WAS TELLING ME ABOUT?!)

Hiruluk kneels down in front of Chopper while the reindeer's still frozen in shock. "Hahaha, looks like you've grown Chopper. With you being another year older now I shouldn't be surprised. Happy Birthday."

Tears start streaming down Choppers face before he clung onto Dr. Hiruluk. "Waah! I'm so glad you're here Doctor!"

Hiruluk keeps on smiling with happy tears in his eyes as he returns the hug. "I'm glad to be here. Is it true that you're a pirate now?"

Chopper nods with a big smile on his face. "Yea, I'm a part of Luffy's crew."

He nods then turns to the crew while waving. "Thank you for taking care of Chopper."

"Not at all." Everyone responded.

Hiruluk couldn't stop smiling as he walks away from the portal with Chopper in his arms. "A bunch of people are waiting for you guys on the other side, so you should hurry up and call them over."

Everyone nodded but Rose who couldn't take her eyes off Chopper and his adoptive father as they started catching up. "Th-this is really Temporal Island?!"

Luffy nods. "Yup, I overheard you talking to the old lady in the book shop about it and I thought it would be fun to go here. We didn't tell you sooner because I wanted to surprise you with it."

Rose widens her purple eyes at this before smiling and pulling Luffy in a hug. "This is awesome! Thank you so much!"

The others grin at the sight while Nami steps up. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get everyone here."

Everyone nods as they all except Luffy and Zira walk up to the portal and one at a time called out to their loved ones causing the portal to light up to the point where the entire cave is enveloped in light. When the light faded a large group of people stood in front of them.

Nami spotted Bellemere in a flash and almost tackled her to the ground in a hug. Robin rushed over to her mother Olvia and the giant Saul while weeping. Usopp and Sanji immediately found their respective mothers and locked them in an embrace which they happily returned. Franky couldn't stop bawling when he saw Tom who was happily laughing.

Zoro looks down at the young, pale, blue haired girl in front of him and knelt down to her eye level. "Were you always this short Kuina?"

Kuina whacks him on the head in irritation. "You were shorter than me when you were young jerk!"

He rubs his head then chuckles. "Almost forgot."

She smiles before wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug. "Glad to see you've been working hard Zoro. Thanks for letting me come see you."

He widens his eyes before returning the hug. "It's good to see you too."

While the two rivals were talking Ace looks around then freezes when he sees his former captain, his best friend who's proudly wearing his pompadour hairstyle and a beautiful strawberry blonde woman who's freckles matches his own.

The woman grins as she walks up to him. "You've really grown into a strong young man Ace."

"M-mom?" Ace reached out for his mother with a trembling hand and when he touched her shoulder he immediately pulled her into a hug without uttering a word.

Rouge looks at him softly before returning the hug. (He really has been through a lot. He's not even ready to meet his dad yet…) "I'm sorry Ace, I should've been there to raise you."

Ace immediately pulls back and shakes his head. "You have nothing to apologize for. I should be the one apologizing for your death. Thank you so much for protecting me."

She softly smiles at him when Thatch wraps his arms around their shoulders "Hey now, we shouldn't be spending our time apologizing. It's the Holidays after all!"

Whitebeard nods in agreement while chuckling at his son's enthusiasm. "Gurarara, I couldn't agree more. I'm happy to see you're doing well Ace. I take it things have been nuts for you?"

Ace stares at his former crewmate and captain for a moment before smiling. "It's great to see you guys too. I can't tell you how many crazy adventures have happened since the war."

As Ace's family was connecting a blonde man with a tattoo on his face and a cowboy hat is searching for his former crewmember. "Hey Brook, where are you?"

Brook walks up behind him. "Over here Yorki-san."

He turns around to Brook's voice then widens his eyes to the living afro skeleton then jumps in surprise."Whoa! You really did become a skeleton Brook!"

"Yohohoho, that's right! Surprised aren't you? You look like you're about to jump out of your skin, but it looks like I've beaten you to the punch. Yohohoho!"

Yorki blinks in surprise before laughing and patting Brook's back. "Hahahaha! Your cheesy jokes are as dumb as I remember them. Glad to see you again buddy."

The skeleton holds back from crying as he puts a hand on his shoulder. "It's good to see you too old friend."

Zira grins at the crew as she flies next to Luffy. "Our crew has had some interesting people in their lives huh?"

Luffy nods. "They sure did. Rose's folks should be around here too. Where is she anyway?"

They look around, but stop when they see Rose alone and looking around nervously for her parents then they immediately rush over to her.

"Where are your folks?!" Luffy asks.

Rose keeps looking around but there's no sign of them in the crowd causing her to quietly sigh. "I guess they couldn't show…" (Maybe since they didn't come to this world before dying they're in some sort of separate afterlife from this one...)

Zira looks at her softly before flying onto her shoulder and patting her on the head with her wing. "Sorry…"

She shakes her head with a soft grin. "Don't be, this place is still awesome. I mean really, who can say that they managed to bring back the dead on Christmas Eve? You guys want to start up the party?"

Luffy looks at Rose softly for a moment before taking off his straw hat and placing it on her head then starts walking to the portal. "I'll be right back."

Rose and Zira stare at him wide eyed before looking at each other then start rushing over to Luffy.

"Luffy, what are you going to do?!" Zira asks as she flies right in front of him causing him to stop.

"I'm gonna go call them out here. If that doesn't work then I'll break in there and bring them out."

Rose widens her eyes at this before rushing in front of him and placing her hands on his shoulders. "Wait, take it easy. Even if you did go they're probably not in there, so there's no point. You don't need to worry about it."

Luffy shakes his head as he gets her hands off his shoulders. "No way! You should see your folks too!"

Before Rose can protest a light flashed from the portal causing the couple to quiet down.

Luffy tilts his head as he looks at the man and woman who appeared behind Rose. "Who are you guys?"

The pale woman with long black hair, purple eyes, and wearing a green dress giggles. "We're just visitors here to see our cute daughter."

The pale freckled man with short scruffy brown hair, brown eyes behind a pair of glasses, and wearing a red shirt and black pants chuckles as he looks around the room dramatically. "Now if only we can find her! She surely can't be this lovely young woman in front of us now could it?!"

Rose widens her eyes at her parent's voices before slowly turning around to see them grinning at her. Tears start building up in her purple eyes as she stares at them. "Mom? D-dad?"

Her mother nods as she pulls Rose into a hug. "It's us Rose."

Her father chuckles before joining in the hug. "You have no idea how happy we are to see you."

Rose couldn't hold back anymore as she starts weeping while hugging them back. "I-I can't believe you're here. I really missed you guys…"

Her parents pull back while her dad wipes away her tears. "We missed you too. Sorry we were late, we had to convince the bosses of the afterlife back home to cross us over to this world's afterlife. Once you called us through the portal they finally caved."

Rose widens her eyes at this before grinning. "Really?! That's awesome."

Her mom nods before turning to Luffy who's been grinning at the reunion this whole time. "Now, who do we gotta thank for seeing you again?"

"Oh, right!" Rose turns to Luffy, puts his hat back on his head, and then takes his hand while Zira lands on her shoulder.

"Mom, dad, this is my captain and boyfriend Luffy, and the bird is my friend Zira. Luffy, Zira, this is my mom Teresa and my dad Joe."

Luffy waves. "Hi there."

Zira waves her wing at them. "Nice to meet you guys."

Both parents widen their eyes at the talking falcon before grinning in excitement.

Teresa looks her over with stars in her eyes. "So there are talking birds in this world?! That's awesome!"

Joe nods in agreement as he adjusts his glasses and scans the brown falcon over. "Incredible, is it because of one of these devil fruits we heard so much about?"

Zira blinks in surprise before nodding. "Yea, I ate one called the sound sound fruit. Listen to this."

She shifts her voice to make it sound like Joes. "Incredible, is it because of one of these devil fruits we heard so much about?"

Joe blinks at her impersonation of him before showing stars in his eyes. "That's one of the coolest things I've ever-"

He cuts himself off before slowly turning to Luffy with a scowl on his face. "Did Rose say you were her boyfriend?"

Luffy nods with a big grin while ignoring the tension. "Yup, we're a couple."

A dark aura starts emanating from Joe causing Teresa to whack him on the head. "Don't even think about it."

Joe rubs his head before turning to his wife. "Oh come on! You know it's my duty as a dad to make sure he's right for her."

Rose runs in front of him with big puppy dog eyes. "Please don't try punching him in the nose or any other of your tests you told me about that cause you to try beating him up."

He sweat drops at his daughter's cute plea before rubbing the back of his neck and sighing. "Fine, but I still want to have a talk with him before leaving."

Luffy nods while being unaware of the situation. "Sure."

Brook looks at the group with a grin before turning to his former captain. "Yorki-san, now that everyone's here what do you say we get this party started like old times?"

Yorki nods in agreement as he borrows Brooks guitar while the skeleton brings out his old violin. "Now you're talking Brook! Let's party like there's no tomorrow!"

As the music began to play the party began for the crew for hours. Zoro, and Whitebeard had a drinking contest causing Kuina to have to make him withdraw when he was about to pass out from trying to keep up with the yonko.

Chopper, Hiruluk, Franky and Tom were dancing the day away to the music while Nami and Bellemere were humming along and catching up.

Ace and Luffy decided to start an eating contest which Saul happily joined in causing Robin, Rouge and Olvia to giggle as they watched and talked. Thatch made sure the food from Sanji's supply was ready as he refereed the contest.

Usopp happily told his mom of all his past adventures and while they were exaggerated there was no mistaking the smile on her face as she listened to his adventures.

Sanji was making sure everyone was fed while his mother was enjoying the food and talking to her son.

Teresa and Joe were beaming with excitement when Rose demonstrated her devil fruit abilities for them by lifting them up in the air with her wind and Zira flies around them.

Rose giggles as she sets them down. "So you guys are staying in this world's afterlife?"

Joe nods. "Yup, after you came to this world we gave the higher ups in our world's afterlife such a hard time that today they agreed to let us be able to go to the afterlife of whatever world you go to. The price was that we can't go back to our old world's afterlife."

Teresa nods. "Fine by me in my opinion, this world looks like a lot more fun to watch over."

Rose nods in agreement. "You got that right. There's not a thing you guys can imagine that doesn't exist in this world. I only wish you can stay longer to see more."

Teresa chuckles as she looks around. "Don't worry about it, seeing everyone in your crew just proves how awesome this world is."

Zira giggles as she lands on Roses shoulder. "No doubt you guys are her family."

Teresa grins at the statement. "You can say that again. Thank you for being her friend."

Zira shakes her head. "Not at all! It's really fun to be around her."

Rose grins as she pets her head. "Thanks Zir- Wait, where did dad go?"

The three look around to see that he left the group then see him approaching Luffy who's laying down on his back with his stomach inflated from all the food he ate.

Rose goes to stop him but Teresa places a hand on her shoulder.

"It's ok Rose, he won't start a fight. How about we hang out with some of your crewmates while they talk?"

Rose looks at them nervously for a moment before sighing. "Alright, but if dad even thinks about punching him in the nose I'm intervening."

"Deal." The group goes off to talk to the rest of the crew while Joe walks up to Luffy.

The protective dad goes to poke Luffy's stomach to get his attention but it deflated back to its normal size before he could do anything.

Luffy happily sighs as he digests the food then sits up to see Joe looking down at him. "Oh hey. What's up?"

"I want to talk to you alone if that's alright."

He nods as he gets up and walks through the cave tunnel so they're close to the entrance and out of ear shot.

Joe crosses his arms over his chest then narrows his brown eyes at the captain. "Let's make one thing clear. I don't like that my daughter's in a relationship with someone."

Luffy was about to protest but Joe raised his hand up to stop him. "Let me finish. I might not be happy about it, but I haven't seen Rose this happy since Teresa and I were alive... What do you know about her life back in our world?"

Luffy tilts his head in thought. "I know she doesn't like the place, but she doesn't talk about why she didn't like it all that much. Most of the times that I ask her about that world she'd only tell me the good stuff like her street performing and her time spent with you guys."

Joe smiles at that. "She always hated showing her pain and weakness to others. It's true that when her mother and I were alive we did our best to make sure she lived a good childhood before we found a way to travel to other worlds."

His smile starts to fade as he continues. "However, from when we died to when she left New York to come here that wasn't the case. When she was 10 she was sent to live with a family who bullied her constantly for 7 years until the night she left that world. Even on Christmas every year they would shut her out from their holiday plans to make her feel alone..."

Luffy widens his eyes at this then looks down while hiding the anger in his eyes behind his bangs and keeping quiet.

Joe notices his anger then looks at him with a serious expression on his face. "The only reason I'm telling you this is because I want to request a favor from you."

Luffy starts calming down then matches his facial expression. "What is it?"

"If for whatever reason you two find yourselves in that world and see her foster dad Rick, I want you to beat him to a pulp in my place."

Luffy nods as he clenches his fists. "You didn't have to ask for that. If I ever see that guy I'm gonna kick his ass for hurting Rose!"

Joe starts grinning at the honest answer. "Good, as long as you do that then I'm ok with you two being together. However…"

He takes his glasses off and gives him a glare that would make a normal person tremble. "If you ever break my baby's heart or hurt her in any way I'll haunt you to the point where you'll wish you were never born."

Luffy nods while ignoring his glare and starts grinning. "Got it."

Joe blinks in surprise at his relaxed response then chuckles as he puts his glasses back on. "Hehe, you're alright Luffy. Let's head back to the party."

The rubber man nods as the two head back inside to see the dead starting to look transparent so they started saying their goodbyes.

Chopper tears up as he hugs Dr. Hiruluk. "Can't I just call you from the portal again when you go back?"

Hiruluk shakes his head as he hugs Chopper back. "Sorry Chopper, the portal is a one-time deal per person until the next time the island comes out of hiding. I'm really glad you brought me out to see the man you became in person."

Chopper sniffles before letting go. "Thank you Doctor. I'm happy I got to see you too."

He grins as he walks into the portal and waves. "Give my regards to Kureha."

"I will." Chopper waves back as he sees the walk through the portal.

Nami weeps as she hugs Bellemere then walks her to the portal. "I wish you could stay longer Bellemere."

The pink haired woman softly grins. "It's alright, I'm glad I got to see you gain. You better send some of those pictures of us to Genzo and Nojiko."

"Don't worry, I will. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." Bellemere grins as she heads through the portal along with Usopp and Sanji's moms.

Franky holds back from tearing as Tom pats his shoulder. "I'm proud of how far you've gone with your dream ship Franky."

He nods as he wipes his tears and fives him a thumbs up. "Thanks Tom, I'll be sure to make my ship as SUPER as you would've kept it!"

Tom laughs at this as he hugs his former pupil. "I'm sure you would."

He lets go then walks towards the portal while giving Franky an easygoing grin. "And remember what I've taught you Franky. Whatever you do, do it with a 'don'! Tahahaha!"

Franky grins as he listens to his teachers laughter as he goes through the portal then starts weeping as he joins the others.

Robin hugs Olvia goodbye while Saul grins down at them.

"Glad to see you're not alone anymore Robin." Saul says while Robin nods.

"As long as I have the crew I'm ok."

Olvia grins at this as she pulls back from the hug. "I'm happy to hear that. Good luck with the Poneglyphs."

She kisses her daughters cheek before heading to the portal with Saul.

Robin grins at that while Brook sees Yorki off.

"Once the adventure with my new crew ends I'll be sure to find Laboon and give him everyone's regards Yorki-san."

He nods as he hands Brook the guitar back. "Thanks, I'll tell the other Rumbar Pirates that you're doing alright."

Brook nods as he sees his former captain walk through the portal.

Zoro grins down at Kuina as he sees her heading to the portal.

"Could you say hi to my dad for me Zoro?" Kuina asks.

Zoro nods. "The next time I see him I'll let him know."

Kuina nods as she lifts her fist up for Zoro. "Be sure to become the best swordsman for the both of us."

He nods with a grin as he gently bumps fists with her. "Count on it."

She walks through the portal while Ace hugs his mother one last time.

Rouge grins as she pulls back. "I understand that you're not ready to see him yet, but I hope that when the time comes that you'll give him a chance."

He looks at her nervously for a moment for he knew who she was talking about then slowly nods. "I'll try to for you. I love you."

She kisses his cheek then heads to the portal. "I love you too. Merry Christmas."

Ace grins as he waves. "Merry Christmas."

She goes through the portal while Thatch chuckles. "Never thought you were so affectionate Ace."

Ace whacks him on the head. "Shut up!"

Thatch chuckles as he pats Ace's back. "Relax, I'm just teasing."

Ace grumbles while Whitebeard chuckles. "Gurarara, just like old times. Ace, will you tell my sons that we're doing well when you find them."

Ace nods. "No problem. As soon as I find the other Whitebeards I'll let them know."

Whitebeard nods as he and Thatch head to the portal.

Thatch gives Ace a as large teasing grin as he waves at him. "Thanks for bringing us out today fireball."

Before Ace can retaliate he quickly jumps into the portal with his captain. Ace chuckles then joins the others while Rose is hugging her parents goodbye.

Rose did her best to keep a smile on her face as she kept up her hug. "Thank you guys for being here and for everything."

Teresa grins as she pulls back and looks at the half black, half red crystal around her daughters neck that she gave her. "We should be thanking you for protecting that crystal and proving that our findings were true. If you ever want to travel to another world again you know how to use the crystal to do it right?"

Rose nods as she grins down at the crystal. "Yup, but I'm gonna stay here for a while."

Joe grins at this as he pulls back. "Glad to hear that. We'll be sure to watch over you. Love you."

"Love you guys too." Rose keeps a smile as she watches them leaving.

Joe turns to the crew who are waiting for her. (Glad to see she's found people that make her want to stay.)

He looks at Luffy and smirks to himself. (Now I wish I could go back to our world's afterlife if they go to New York, so I can see him beat Rick up. Oh well, Luffy doing all this proves he's good enough for her.)

Teresa grins as she waves to the others. "Thanks for taking care of Rose. Luffy, if we get called back again I wanna see some grandkids!"

Joe looks at her in utter shock before glaring at Luffy. "DON'T YOU DARE-"

Before he can finish Teresa pushed him into the portal then followed him in leaving her daughter a blushing mess while the rest of the crew was laughing at Teresa's statement, except for Luffy who was laughing at how Joe was pushed into the portal.

Zira was the first to recover as she flies onto Roses shoulder. "Your parents are great Rose."

Rose sighs as she calms herself down then chuckles. "Yea, they're as funny as I remember them." She turns to the others. "Did you guys have as much fun as I did?"

Everyone nods while Franky held a camera in his hand. "You bet, and the pictures I took of everyone will be a SUPER awesome way to remember it."

Nami grins as she looks at the hole in the ceiling to see that the sun is setting then looks at her log pose. "We should head back. The log pose is ready, so we can get off the island."

The others nod as they leave the cave, and defeat every creature they come across before reaching the Sunny and leaving Temporal Island as soon as the sun sets.

After dinner most of the crewmembers went to bed while Rose laid on her back on the lawn deck to star gaze. (Man, today was awesome! That was so worth nobody telling me about where we were heading.)

"Whatcha doing Rose?"

Rose snaps out of her thoughts to see Luffy towering over her with a curious look on his face.

"Hey Luffy, I was just relaxing while looking over the constellations. Wanna join me?"

Luffy nods as he lays down on his back next to her.

Rose turns her head to him. "Hey, what did you and my dad talk about?"

He scowls while hiding his eyes behind his hat. "He told me about your Christmases with your foster family."

She jolts at that. (Damnit dad, he didn't need to know that…) She sighs as she sits up and runs a hand through her hair. "He did huh?"

He nods as he lifts his hat up to look at her. "Yea, he wants me to kick Ricks ass for him if we wind up in your world."

Rose blinks in surprise before giggling. "Hahaha, knowing you, you would want to even without him asking you to."

"You got that right! You still should've told me though!"

She sighs as she looks down at him softly. "Sorry, it wouldn't have made much of a difference though. The bad times like those are behind me now thanks to you and the crew."

Luffy blinks in surprise before grinning and pulling her down into a hug. "Good, but if we ever do go to that world I'm kicking your foster dads ass."

Rose chuckles as she hugs him back. "Alright, was there anything else that my dad told you?"

"Yea, he told me that if I ever hurt you he'll haunt me."

She giggles at the threat. "That's my dad for you. Don't worry about it, he can't haunt you."

He chuckles as he flashes a toothy grin. "I'm not worried, your dad was pretty funny. Your mom was nice too."

She nods. "Yea, they're great." She kisses his cheek before showing off a big smile. "You were right too, that surprise was awesome. Thank you so much for bringing me there."

Luffy grins as he holds her close. "No problem, it was great seeing all those people come from the dead too."

She chuckles when she feels her eye lids getting heavier as she lays her head next to his. "Yea, that was awesome. Did you see the look on Zoro's face when Whitebeard was kicking his ass in the drinking contest?! That was hilarious."

He nods as he looks up at the sky. "Yea, and the way Brook and his old captain were playing was awesome. Hey Rose, why were you blushing when your mom mentioned grandkids?"

When he didn't get a response he turned his head to see that she fell asleep on him causing him to chuckle. He gets out of the embrace then picks her up bridal style to bring her to the girl's quarters. As soon as he lays her on the bed he scoots next to her and wraps his arms around her waist then kisses her cheek before falling asleep.

Snow was falling gently on New York City Central Park's snow covered landscape on Christmas morning. In the nearly empty park an 8 year old Rose was laughing happily as she and her parents were throwing snowballs at each other.

Teresa giggles as she chases her daughter with snowballs. Rose throws them back at her while running away from her only to collide with her dad who picked her up with one arm to pull her away from her mother's line of fire then used his other hand to put a snowball on top of his daughters head.

Teresa ran towards them and tackled Joe to the ground with Rose still in his arms then rolls off him onto her back while all three of them were laughing.

Rose was the first to recover as she rolled off her dad and onto the snow. She relaxes on her back then turns her head to her parents. "Hey guys, when we get out of this world can we go to a place that snows all the time?"

Teresa chuckles at the request. "That sounds like fun. Of course, your dad and I still have ways to go until we figure out how to use the Timore comets power to leave this world."

"That's ok, I know you guys can do it."

Joe chuckles as he sits up and cleans his glasses. "Glad to know you have so much faith in us."

She nods as she sits up. "Yea, if anyone can do it it's you guys."

Teresa sits up and ruffles her daughters hair. "Thank you, I want you to know one thing though."

Rose tilts her head in confusion. "What is it?"

"Since no one has ever travelled to other worlds before there is a chance that we could get separated. If something like that happens we want you to find friends that you can trust."

Joe nods in agreement. "You don't need to worry about finding us since knowing you, you won't keep quiet for long so we can easily find you. We still want you to find friends though, ones that you can rely on and make you want to stay in whatever world you're in. Alright?"

Rose nods before looking at them nervously. "I will, but you're sure that we won't be separated right?"

Teresa looks at her softly before pulling her into a hug. "I hope not, but if anything happens to us just remember what we taught you and you'll be ok."

Joe softy grins as he joins in the hug. "As long as you have friends that make you want to stay with them then we won't have to worry about you no matter where you are."

Rose nods as she returns the hug. "Ok."


In the blink of an eye Rose turned into her 19 year old self then pulled out of her parents hug to turn around and see Luffy calling out to her on top of a hill while the crew was waiting for her beside him.

Rose grins as she waves at him. "I'M COMING! Hey dad, mom, do you guys want to come with-"

She cuts herself off when she turns around to see that her parents disappeared. She looks around to search for them but there was no trace of them. She frantically searches until she stops to see Luffy and the others still waiting for her. ("As long as you have friends that make you want to stay with them then we won't have to worry about you no matter where you are.")

Rose grins at what her dad told her while gently holding the rhombus shaped crystal that's hanging around her neck. "Merry Christmas mom and dad." She runs off to join the others on top of the hill then began enjoying the white Christmas together.

Rose is smiling in her sleep from the happy dream while holding onto Luffy who's waking up in the brink of dawn. He gently pulls away from the embrace, gets off the bed, and then stops at the door before yelling. "WAKE UP GUYS! IT'S CHRISTMAS!"

Zira, Rose, Nami and Robin jump awake in shock from the yelling, but before anyone can yell at Luffy he ran out of the room to wake up the guys.

Rose grins in excitement as she runs out of the room with Zira to join him while Nami sighs.

"Did he have to yell?"

Robin giggles as she gets up. "Can't expect anything else from Luffy. Let's get going."

Nami nods as the two get dressed and join the others at the Christmas tree to see most of the guys half asleep except for Luffy and Chopper who were waiting for them along with Rose and Zira.

As soon as everyone was settled the crew began exchanging gifts in accordance with their secret Santa and thanking each other for the gifts.

Brook attached the new guitar strings that he got from Ace on his guitar and started playing Christmas songs throughout the morning.

Chopper gave Zira a small yellow scarf that matched her eyes which she wore with pride. Robin happily looked over the new archeology book she got from Franky then gave Chopper his new medical book causing him to hug her while she giggles. Usopp was testing out his new goggles that he got from Zira while Franky was grinning in excitement of the tools he got from Brook. Ace softly grinned at the black fire proof gloves he got from Zoro that have brass knuckles attached to them.

Sanji stares at the 'kiss the cook' apron that Nami gave him with tears in his eyes. "T-thank you so much Nami-san! I'll be sure to treasure it forever! I hope you enjoyed my gift."

Nami stares at the beautiful gold heart shape necklace with beli in her eyes before putting it on. "I love it Sanji, can I also have some coffee?"

"Yes Nami-swaan!" He rushes to the kitchen while Zoro sweat drops.

"He's whipped." He shakes his head before enjoying his bottle of high quality sake that he got from Usopp.

Rose hugs the supernatural book Luffy gave her with a huge smile on her face. (Wow, so Luffy was the guy that bought it! I bet the owner was in on it too.)

She giggles as she keeps the book in her arms then sees Luffy unwrapping his present from her. When he opened the box he showed stars in his eyes when he saw a necklace shaped like a thin upside down triangle with the left half of the gem black and the right side a shade of dark red just as how Roses necklace is colored.

He lifts up the silver chain holding it up then quickly puts it around his neck. "This is awesome! It's the same crystal you have Rose?"

She nods as she places the book down then walks up to him and looks at his crystal. "Yup, after you become king of the pirates we can use the crystals to travel to other worlds with the comet's power if you want to."

Luffy nods as he pulls her into a hug. "Yea, Let's do it!"

Rose lightly blushes before returning the hug before the crew starts snickering.

The couple looks at the others in confusion when Ace points up. Rose looks up and turns red when she sees Robins hand sprouting from the mast and holding mistletoe right above them.

Luffy looks at the holiday plant in confusion. "What's that?"

Rose scratches the back of her head sheepishly. "It-it's mistletoe."

Luffy tilts his head in confusion. "What do we do with it?"

"Close your eyes."

Luffy complies to the request until he felt Roses lips touching his. He immediately kisses back while the pair ignores the cheers of their crewmates. Once Luffy pulls back he takes the mistletoe from Robin's hand while smiling from ear to ear. "I'm keeping this."

Everyone laughs at the statement while Rose keeps a blush on her freckled face. "It only works on Christmas!"

"Really? Great!" He lifts the mistletoe above them then kisses her on the lips before running to the kitchen.

Sanji immediately runs after him. "Don't you dare steal the food you shitty captain!"

Some of the others rushed to the kitchen while the girls giggled at Luffy's kiss and Rose was stuck in a trance.

Robin pats Rose on the shoulder while keeping her grin up. "Looks like you'll have a good Christmas Rose. Let's head to the kitchen before Luffy eats everything."

Rose snapped out of it before softly grinning. "Yea, we should get going. Merry Christmas guys."

The girls grinned while Zira lands on her shoulder. "Merry Christmas Rose."

The group joined the rest of the crew for breakfast and continued celebrating the entire day while Rose was attacked with mistletoe kisses from Luffy throughout the day, and she wouldn't have it any other way.