Chapter 6: Hunting the Meta.

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Arriving at thewind-power facility, mechanical factory of some sort.

Look, there's our cycle. The Meta must be here. agent Washington said pointing at one of the motorcycles.

Yeah because, no one else in the Military would have a standard issue motorcycle, just like that. Church replied to agent Washington.

Also, the piles of dead bodies might have been a clue. Caboose said looking at all the dead bodies.

I mean this guy is such a Savage. Double D said with disgrace.

man I mean this guy is really some killer. Eddy said.

it's almost like some kind of superhuman Soldier. Ed said.

what? agent Washington said confused.

I mean the Meta is is some kind of super soldier. Ed replied obviously too agent Washington.

dude, you have really have to so many comic books. Church said to Ed.

believe me comic books as what I really love. Ed said the idiotic.

that is something. Caboose said idiotic.

your mind at let's get going before the Meta gets repowered up again. agent Washington said worried.

of course we are on a mission. Johnny said.

Caboose, Church, agent Washington, Ed, Double D, Eddy, Johnny and Rolf, agent South entered the facility.

you know it does feel a little bit quiet. agent Washington said with caution.

yeah very quiet. Church said with with caution.

Rolf smells in ambush. Rolf said with suspicious.

all of you stay here I do not want any of you not to mess this up. agent Washington said to them.

alright. Church replied.

And no screw ups this time. agent Washington said to them.

okay okay are we going or what? Church said to agent Washington.

Agent Washington, perhaps it would be best if I assisted you in battle rather than helping Caboose. Delta asked agent Washington.

so what you want me to do wash? agent South said to agent Washington.

you stay with the rest of them. agent Washington replied to South.

No. agent Washington reply to Delta.

hello Delta! Ed said to Delta.

it's good to see you too. Delta said logically to Ed.

We only have one chance at this before it gets back to full power. I can't take any chances that you guys are gonna botch this. Delta said logically.

Statistically speaking, a Freelancer would be much better trained to use my- before Delta could finish his sentence agent Washington interrupted him.

I said no. Now get going. agent Washington ordered Delta.

they entered the building together, seperate from Washington.

Pst, hey, Delta! Church whisper to Delta.

Yes. How may I be of assistance? Delta asked Church.

they move inside the building, up and down stairs, past bodies, etc.

Hey, can I ask you a couple questions about this Freelancer program? Church asking for questions from Delta.

Certainly, I will answer what I am capable of answering. Delta replied logically.

This Alpha thing, wh- why doesn't Washington want you to tell us about it? church asked curiously to Delta.

I believe Agent Washington is uncomfortable discussing our program in any fashion. He was one of the many failures during the implantation process. Delta replied logically.

it's because of wash does not want explain no one what the alpha was. agent South said.

so he wants to forget about his own mistakes. Eddy said.

well mostly something like that. agent South said to Eddy.

One of the failures- how many were there?

Several. The Director felt time was limited, and escalated the pace of experiments. I would classify Agent South as another such "failure." Delta said logically.

don't you dare talk about magent agent South said in venomous voice.

you know I'm going to stay behind Ed just in case if things get any messy. Eddy said in fear.

Ay yeah, but she didn't even get an A.I. Church said to Delta.

agent South hit Church on the head.

Ow! I didn't mean literally. Church replied to agent South.

next time say something about me like that again and I will break your skull! agent South said with rage to Church.

Precisely. Delta said logically.

I still can't believe she killed her own brother. Church said lowering his voice.

... Eddy stood silent.

you know that is very disturbing. Johnny said.

killing your own sibling for an A.I. Double D said in shock.

I did not even kill my brother. agent South said annesley.

I I wouldn't kill my own brother for anything. Eddy said.

Other experiments like the Dakotas were common towards the end. For instance, Agent Carolina was implanted with two A.I.s at one time. Delta said logically.

Two of them? That would drive me nuts. Church replied to Delta.

Indeed. She only functioned for a short time, and not very well while she did. Having three minds at one time proved far too... taxing. Undoubtedly. Agent Maine's power symptoms are only a small indication of what must be happening inside his helmet. Delta said logically.

Oh great, powerful and crazy. What a winning combo. Church said.

I was going to say something else. Eddy said.

like what? Church asked Eddy.

A mad, psychotic lunatic! Eddy said to Church.

you took the words right out of my mouth. agent South said.

They reach the mechanical room in the initial fade in, and the Meta is there on a lower level.

Warning. Enemy target detected. Delta said with caution.

I see it yep, there it is. Caboose said.

Eddy! all look! that's the Meta! Ed yelled loudly.

Eddy covered Ed's mouth.

ssshh! are you trying to get us killed! Eddy whispering to Ed.

Sorry. Ed whispered back to Eddy.

Wash is set up on the other side of the room on the same level as Church and Caboose and The Eds, Johnny and Rolf.

I hope he gives us some kind of- Before Church could say ananything.

NOW! agent Washington yelled.

Wash throws a plasma grenade down and it explodes.

Signal. Church said finish his sentence.

(firing) Move up! agent Washington said.

A totally awesome battle between Wash and the Meta ensues in which the corpses get hit more than they do, Wash gets the first blow, but the Meta gets the last before leaving the room.

Don't just stand there, after it! agent Washington ordered them.

Church throws a grenade and hits nothing.

that was the worst throw ever. Eddy said.

If I may, I recommend that Caboose and I flank to the right and attempt to surpri-. Before Delta could say anything Church introduced him.

Just do it! Church ordered Delta.

Caboose and Ed runs off to the side and Church and Wash, Double D and Johnny come up to a balcony, watching the Meta run from the building, Eddy and Rolf ran to the other side.

There, use your rifle.

My rifle?

Church fires and hits the windmill blade.

Dammit! Church yelled angrily.

You missed!? Church yelled at Church.

sorry, I'm not really good with the sniper rifle. Church replied to Double D.

I mean how can you not be good with a long-range weapon!? Double D yelled angrily to Church.

The bullet ricochets 8 times (with Church and Wash both following the ricochets with their heads) before finally going through the Meta's calf.

I got it, yes! Did you see that what a shot! I'm awesome! Church said to agent Washington.

It only counts if you call it! agent Washington replied to Church.

Oh bullshit dude! Church yelled back to agent Washington.

Johnny, Double D, What do you think about that? Church asked them.

I'm going to say what agent to say what agent Washington said. Double D said to Church running to get with agent Washington.

I say if you got a call that shot, then let's put it to vote. Johnny said.

Now, that's just stupid. Church said.

They arrive at a blood pool.

Look, there. Come on. Quietly. agent Washington said pointing to a drop of blood.

Tejano music gradually approaches from a distance, getting louder.

Okay. Church replied.

Hey, do you hear something? agent Washington said to Church.

it sounds like music? Double D said.

yeah it sounds like music. Church agreed with Double D.

what kind of music? Johnny said to Double D.

sounds like a Mexican music. Double D replied.

wait..what? agent Washington said confused.

oh no! Church said worried.

Yahaha, woohoo! Grif sad driving the jeep.

The Reds come charging over the hill in a Warthog.

Ah! Sarge said.

Crap, what're they doing here? Church said in shock.

what Sam Hill is going on? Double D said confused.

who the heck are they? Johnny said confused.

Yeah, suck it Blues! Simmons said.

It's Red Army! There's nothin's gonna stop us now! Sarge said.

The immediately run in to a windmill blade and are stopped.

Aw shit wall! Aw fuck this! Grif yelled.

Dammit! Grif you broke the radio. Sarge yelled at Grif.

Good! Grif yelled back at Sarge.

you know I almost feel bad for them. Double D said.

oh how would you know. Church said to Double D.

but still who the heck are those guys? Johnny said.

They're the Reds from our canyon. Church said to Johnny.

Double-fuck, windmill blade! Grif said.

Look Wash, I don't know how they found us, or why they're here, but we don't have anything to worry about. Church said.

The Warthog starts being raised up by the windmill blade.

umm church.. Double D said.

Seriously. Not a thing. These guys are idiots. They can't do anything right. Church said ignoring Double D.

so we should definitely get going. Johnny said worried.

The gun on the back of the Warthog cocks, Simmons starts firing it at them.

Yeah, take it Blue! Suck it! Yeah, that's right! Simmons said.

Double D, Johnny, Church and agent Washington Run for Cover.

Let's go! Assholes! Simmons said.

Wait a minute, where's Caboose? Where's Delta? agent Washington said.

and where is Ed. Double D said.

Ed and Caboose's lifeless body as the Meta comes upon it. Delta appears, surrounded by other captured A.I., who welcome Delta.

two Jeeps pulled up to the windmill facility.

don't tell me that those are more Reds. Church said worried.

out of the car four teenager, two other soldiers came out of the other car.

those are aren't Reds. agent Washington said.

what's up a double dweeb. a familiar teenager said to Double D.

Kevin, is that you? Double D said in shock.

Hey Kevin, Hey Nat, hey Alex, hey AJ. Johnny said to all of them.

the other two soldiers walked up to them.

hello Washington it's been awhile. the soldier said in Black armor and red stripes.

have we met before? agent Washington said to Unknown Soldier.

I'm Agent Ace and this my partner. I said to Washington.

I don't know what to say. Washington said confused.

well I do trust me on this. I replied to Washington.

To Be Continued.

A/N: Kevin and Johnny and the others we'll meet red team in the next chapter.