Hi guys! This is a Maximum Ride/Percy Jackson fanfic, I know this sort of plot is overused but I have my own twist to add to it. Also, I will not have the HoO characters in this too, I can't keep track of everyone like that. Last thing, I promise! I am going to use the character description for Annabeth from the movie, the dirty blond hair and blue eye thing. I usually have crazy long A/Ns, so I am going to stop here.

Max's POV

I yawned heavily as I sat up in bed. Yes, I did say bed. We (the Flock and I) had bought a house and furniture with the Max card. We were a little tired of being on the run. Anyway, I wasn't feeling the greatest. I climbed out of bed and went to the giant bathroom, just big enough to spread my wings in. I looked in the mirror at my tan and white splotched wings. As Nudge had pointed out the other day, they really set off my tan skin. Who wouldn't be perfectly tan if they were flying almost every day? They also looked good against my black… my black tattoo. On the back of my neck. I craned my head, trying to see it in the mirror with no luck. Finally, I noticed the hand mirror. Grabbing it, I turned away from the big mirror and angled it this way and that until I saw the numbers on the back of my neck. 7/16/16. That was tomorrow. I was expiring tomorrow.

Attempting to act as normal as possible, yet probably failing, I walked downstairs after putting on my only hoodie and a pair of jeans. I never dressed like that. In the summer, I was a tank top and shorts kinda girl. Otherwise I always got hot. Everyone else was already there, eating breakfast that Iggy had cooked. I just got a glass of OJ, my appetite mysteriously gone. What? You wouldn't be hungry if you found out you were dying the next day!

"Hey guys." I mumbled. A few choruses of hi's came back. I plopped down at the table and drank some of my orange juice. The rest of the meal was eaten/drunk in silence. Finally, Fang let out a huge sigh.

"Max, you can stop pretending." I cocked my head to the side, trying to decipher what he meant.

"We know you're working for the School." Angel elaborated. She wasn't using mind control, that much I could tell. So did that mean…

"Max, we want you gone. Please leave, you are putting us all in danger." Nudge said. She looked sad, but resolute.

"You've been acting suspicious all day. You never wear long pants and hoodies unless it's below freezing!" That one came from Iggy, and I expected it.

"And the Erasers and Flyboys are only attacking when you leave. Then you get back just in time to kill one or two. We fight the whole battle!" Gazzy.

"What are you saying?" I ask with confusion.

"We want you to leave, Max. We are done forever." Fang sneered, and I finally understood.

"I will, but I want to leave you with a parting gift." My eyes raked over each of them. Gazzy, my little trooper. The Nudge Channel. My baby Angel. Iggy, the best chef I'd ever tasted. And Fang… my first and only love. We'll see about that.

"You'll regret what you've done, mark my words." Now I spin, walking to the door. When I get there, I whip off the hoodie, now just in a white tank top. Then I hold up my hair and pause my movement. I hear collective gasps, and the Gasman explaining to Iggy what they see. Without turning back, I talk to them one last time.

"I'm done with you."

I flew at my top warp drive speed, flying through NYC. I had been flying like that all day long, and can you blame me? I had a hard day. I found out I was expiring tomorrow and got kicked out of my flock, all before noon. I was above the clouds, so when I slowed down a bit and looked around, I wasn't worried for the New Yorkers seeing me. No, I was more worried for my sanity. Because looming in front of me was a mountain.

Curiously, I flapped my wings, flying up to the top where I saw a large palace. I landed carefully, tucking in my wings, before walking into the palace.

"Brother, these mutated mortals are popping up everywhere! We need a minor god, to be their protector." This was an urgent voice, and I wondered if it came from someone entirely insane. A god?

"Or goddess." a female voice corrected. I liked whoever was the owner of that voice a whole lot. A lot. Hey, I'm a feminist!

"Alright, you two. We'll find a mutated mortal and make them the god or goddess. Happy?" The person's voice was rumbling and reminded me of thunder. Mumbled words of ascent were given to thunder-guy. I decided to walk right in. Why not?

"So what are you saying about gods and goddesses?" I questioned, then saw who was in front of me. There were twelve ginormous thrones, each with a person who was at least twenty feet tall. I barely managed not to fall on my butt. That'd be a bit undignified.

"Who are you, mortal? And how did you get up here?" thunder-dude asked. He had a grey and black marbled beard, and wisps of lightning shot off from him. Maybe they were serious about gods.

"My name is Maximum Ride. As for how I got up here, well, I flew." I said, proudly extending my wings. They gasped.

"If you truly are Maximum Ride, then you are my daughter." thunder-dude breathed. I shrugged. It wouldn't be hard to believe that Jeb had lied. He would have easily been able to convince Dr. Martinez to do it too.

"So who are you?" I asked offhandedly.

"You know about Greek mythology, right?" he asked in response, and I nodded. Of course I did.

"I'm Zeus. This is Hera, your mother." he boomed.

"Awesome!" I exclaimed. That's really cool. "Well, hate to rain on the party, but I'm expiring tomorrow. Might cut the reunion short." Zeus looked perplexed for a second, then snapped his fingers, accidentally causing a small lightning bolt to zap the floor, leaving a tiny scorch mark in the otherwise spotless marble. He looked around, embarrassed.

"Oops, sorry." With a wave of his finger, the mark disappeared. "Anyway, Maximum, what if we made you a goddess? Then you wouldn't ever die. You'd be immortal."

"And that ugly tattoo would disappear." Hera added.

"Sounds awesome. But, can I change my name? I have some people from my past that I don't want to find me."

"Sure. What do you want it to be?" Zeus asked. I thought for a second, then nodded decisively.

"How about Ride?" Zeus nodded, then spoke several Greek words. I felt a rush of power and knowledge, finding out the full history of the gods, my powers, and things like what Camp Half-Blood is and such, and so on. When he stopped speaking, I conjured a mirror out of nowhere and looked at my reflection. My ratty chocolate brown hair was now long and full, and very soft. Best part? I didn't have to take care of it, because as a goddess I could just magic my hair back to how I want it. My awful eyes- ugh, unbarfed chocolate, really Angel?- were now a deep, sparkling green. I looked like a completely different person. When I extended my wings, they were bigger and better. Twenty feet of raw, unbridled power. They were still mainly white, but now instead of tan splotches they had occasional silver feathers.

"Come on, we'll go down to Camp Half-Blood and introduce you to everyone." Hera says, smiling at me gently. I return it. Suddenly Zeus, Hera, and I are inside Camp Half-Blood. I see a boy with black hair and sea-green eyes run up to us, yelling as he goes over his shoulder.

"Chiron! Visitors!" he yells. Finally he gets all the way up the steep hill to us, panting. "What are you doing here? Who are you?"

"Is that any way to treat Lord Zeus and I?" Hera questions icily.

"Lord Zeus! Lady Hera! Forgive me, I didn't realize it was you. Who is this?" he asks respectfully, but I catch him rolling his eyes and stifle a chuckle.

Zeus attempts to answer, but I do before he can. I speak for myself. "I'm Ride, the new goddess of mutations. Whitecoats decided to take me from Zeus and Hera and mess around with my DNA, so now I am 98% god and 2% bird." I say, extending my twenty foot wingspan. His jaw drops and he gapes. "But, if you could, around here I don't want to be known as a goddess quite yet. You can tell your closest friends, if you can trust them not to blab. But the camp in general can't know. Now, I don't think I want to see you run down this hill, it looked tiring enough on the way up."

With that, I flap my wings and take off from a stand, grabbing his arm on the way. I soar into the air, tossing the boy up and going under him so he lands on my back, sort of like a flying piggyback ride.

"I'm Percy, by the way." he shouts over the rushing wind.

"You know my name. I'm Ride, and you should hang on tight!" I tell him quickly, before starting a series of flips. Then, since he seems like a tough kid that I want to freak out a bit, I decide to land with a dive. Spiraling higher and higher, we soar above the clouds. I can obviously breath water, so the wet trip through the cloud was no trouble for me. Percy is apparently a son of Poseidon, because he breathes fine too. I level out and glide in wide circles for a bit, and Percy lets a whoop of exhilaration leave his lips. That's when I drop.

Folding my wings and aiming down, we plunge through the cloud, Percy screaming bloody murder. As we fall, a crowd of kids gathers, all half-bloods. One pushes out from the crowd and yells at me.

"Percy! Percy!" she calls. I smile. She must be Percy's girlfriend. She didn't seem like she was concerned for him in a sisterly way. Preparing to open my wings, which none of the half bloods have seen yet, we hurtle closer to the ground. Finally, I open my wings, and they immediately billow with air. We shoot a few feet up, then glide down to a safe landing. Percy hurriedly climbs off my back.

"Ride, that was awesome, but you need to warn me next time." I laugh and nod. Feeling no need to put my wings away, I stretch them out, enjoying the feel of the sun on them. People gape at me in awe.

"Annabeth!" Percy says, chuckling. "Calm down. I'm okay, and that was kinda fun." She turns to me, pushing her dirty blond braid behind her shoulder. Annabeth's blue eyes glint with intelligence, and I know that this is not a kid to be on the bad side of.

"I'm Annabeth." she says cautiously, extending a hand to me. I shake it and smile at her warmly.

"Ride." She nods, then prepares to ask me a question.

"I just wanted to know- can I feel your wings? They're real, right?" I laugh at her directness.

"Yes to both." I flex the wing and move it so she can touch it. Everyone is whispering, and I catch a little bit of their words.

"flew in…"


"almost killed Percy…"

I snort at the last one. Please. It was completely under my control. A dark-haired girl wearing awful pink eyeliner pushed through the crowd.

"Please. I bet she can't fly. She probably just faked it."

"Drew, we saw it. She did fly!" said another girl.

"Lacy, shut it. I say she didn't." Drew snapped. Turning back to me, she continued talking. "Prove to me that you can fly." It's obvious this girl is a bully, so I know exactly how I can prove it. I grab her wrist before she can move and flap my powerful wings. I fly about fifty feet in the air before dropping her on purpose, then using my extra powerful superspeed to dive under her and catch Drew on my back. I descend and unceremoniously dump her off me.

"Convinced yet? Oh my god, you should really believe your friends." Thunder claps and the sky grumbles. "Oh shut up, Zeus! You know what I meant." When I am not struck down where I stand, Drew looks angry, then her face shifts to be very sweet. So does her voice.

"Hey, why don't you fly up as high as I was and then just drop?" I blink. She seems to expect me to actually do it. Delusional girl.

Drew Tanaka is a daughter of Aphrodite. She has charmspeak, which can make most people do what she wants them to, I hear. It is Hera's voice. That makes more sense.

"Drew, your charmspeak ain't gonna work on me. So nice to meet you. I'm not one of the people you can boss around. I'm an Avian-American! See ya. I got places to be." Drew looks flabbergasted. Shrugging my shoulders, I turn away and fly off.

Finally I find what I am looking for. Right next to the U-shape of cabins, there is a large tree. Concentrating all my goddess-y powers, I zap a treehouse cabin into existence. It's perfect for an Avian American. I fly in and hang out for the rest of the evening until dinner, playing X-Box.

Two years later…

I have been at Camp Half-blood for two years since the flock kicked me out, and it's been great. I became close friends with Percy and Annabeth and their friends, Thalia and Nico. I'd been dating Nico for 1.5 years of the two, and we were a happy couple. He looks kind of like Fang, but he could not be more different. Where Fang was quiet, abrupt, and very straightforward, Nico was outspoken, knew how to carry on a conversation instead of giving one or two-word sentences, and was understanding. After dating him for three months, I told him and the others about my goddess-ness and my ex-flock. They accepted me for who I was and didn't believe it was probably me any time monsters found us.

I flew down from the treehouse as the conch shell blew, speeding with my superspeed to the breakfast, picking up Nico on the way. He knew if he wanted a ride to breakfast, he had to be waiting outside the Hades cabin when the shell blew. I grabbed his arms and soared upwards a bit, dropping him off at his table once we arrived and flying to my table. Technically I was goddess of all mutations, but a recent development in the science world is dropping all other mutations and only making more Avian-Americans.

I was still the only winged friend at the camp, but word on the grapevine was that a group was making there way towards here. It'd be nice to have some other Avian-Americans in the group.

"Hey, Ride! I thought you were picking me up today! I was extra lazy and everything!" Percy called. I grinned.

"I went by, but you weren't outside. I can't be bothered to go haul your ass out of bed. Nico was waiting outside, so I grabbed him. I've told you this before, Perce!" I called back.

"It's not hard, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth added, standing next to me. Percy threw his arms up, outnumbered.

"Fine, but you're picking me up tomorrow. That, or take me flying after training today!" I nodded, pretending to accept his terms. Looking outside the pavilion, I saw we still had some time until everyone else arrived.

"Or how about now!" I smirked, grabbing him and dragging him straight up, much like when we first met. I threw him up high so I didn't have his weight for a second, in which time I sped up and gained plenty of height before catching him. Magicking a giant soft pillow with a trampoline under it on one of the tables, I pulled him up through the clouds before dropping him. I sped down and landed softly before he even passed all the way through the cloud again. He screams his head off before landing with a whoomp! on the pillow. When he sits up a bit, I make the pillow and tramp disappear.

Percy stands up, rubbing his backside where he landed on the table when the pillow and trampoline disappeared. Right after I got rid of them, people began to arrive at the pavilion for breakfast. I jog over to Nico and share a sweet good-morning kiss with him before sitting at my table. Once everyone is seated, Mr D appears.

"Before we eat, I'd like to introduce some new campers. They have wings, so they will be in Roth's cabin." he says lazily, gesturing towards me.

"It's Ride, Mr D." I correct. He waves a hand, ignoring my correction. Five figures come out from behind him, and when a shaft of sunlight passes over their faces, I gasp.

"Ride, Roth, whatever your name is. Come get these campers and get them some food." I am frozen in place. When I don't move, Nico comes up and puts his arm around my shoulders.

"What's the matter, Ride? Who are they?" he asks. I instinctively relax, leaning on his chest.

"It's them. The flock." I whisper. His arm around me tightens. When the flock shows no recognition of me, I calm down. Finally I get my feet to work and I go up to them, disguising my identity further by adding some highlights to my windswept hair.

Acting as normal as possible, I introduce myself to them. "I'm Ride. What are your names?" I say icily, mentally scolding myself for my tone. As far as they know, we've never met.






They say their names quietly. "Hey, do you guys have wings?" Okay, so I already know the answer to the question, but I'm basically setting them up to ask about my wings, and I can't wait to see their reactions. My wings have grown in the two years, and now they are 22 feet long total, with several large patches of silver.

They extend their wings proudly. They haven't grown much at all.

"What about your wings? Do you have any?" Fang asks with a smirk, clearly expecting mine to be smaller than theirs are. I take a step back and look around to make sure I have enough space. I do.

"Oh, I've got wings, all right." I smirk right back at him, not extending them.

"Well, prove it then." All right. Apparently two years has not given Angel a better sense of when it is good to be bossy and when it isn't. But I make a mock salute to her before whipping mine out. They openly gape at my giant wingspan.

"Convinced?" I ask, and Fang finally manages to close his mouth.

"Um, yeah."

So what do you think? I know exactly where this story is going, but I want opinions on what should happen before they find out she is a goddess and she is Max. Also, should I have Drew try to seduce Fang? That's an idea I'm playing around with and I want to know what you think about it. Until next update!

Fly on,