"Supreme Chancellor, Senator Organa has arrived for his scheduled appointment concerning the new security act". The Vice Chair of the Galactic Republic, Mas Amedda, stepped to the side of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's desk in his public office at the apex of the Senate.

"Ah…I had forgotten. Well, ignorance was bliss". Palpatine, alone with the Chagrian, was able to openly show his disdain for the Alderanian do-gooder.

Amedda turned to head back to the office portico. "And the other matter?" the Dark Lord of the Sith called lightly to his back.

"Taken care of my lord. The problem has been moved to a busy space lane near the Rimma Trade Route with pieces of the ship she had been traveling in. once found we are ready to guide the Judicial Department to her killers" Amedda said in hushed tones that spoke more to his competence rather than any fear of being overheard.

Palpatine drummed his fingers lightly. "Very good". He no longer needed to ask Amedda if there was any chance Reenu Kerevi could be connected back to him. He knew the answer.

"Shall I show in the Senator" the horned alien said with a flourish of his arm towards the waiting room.

"By all means" Palpatine said standing and adjusting his tunic slightly.

The door opened with a whoosh and the tall, dark leader of the diplomacy delegation entered, cloak swirling behind him. "Senator Organa" the Supreme Chancellor cried with lightness and enthusiasm that Organa would never suspect were anything but genuine.

1 week later

"We would like to begin tonight with a piece of news that is tragically close to home. Beloved RHN reporter and anchor Mira Lendix was found dead in the Mytaranor Sector. Judicial Department investigation is still ongoing but they have authorized us to report that Mira appeared to have been targeted by slavers who fired on her chartered ship after fleeing. According to a longtime friend Mira died doing what she loved; chasing a story. And while we may never know what this particular story was, we know with Mira on the trail it would not have stayed hidden long. She will be sorely missed. On to the Clone Wars; the Republic Defense Command is claiming victory at Argonar, and the Supreme Chancellor is due to visit the front line in the coming weeks…"