The Next morning Danny, Ben and Raph were shown running down a desolate stretch of road, the sun beating down hotly on them as if they didn't nearly freeze solid the previous night.

"Odd...They aren't attacking us at all today."

Of course by "They" Raph meant Lady Despair and Her Heartless.

"Do they think we won't make it in time?" Danny wondered out loud. "Or are they awaiting a chance to strike?"

"At any rate, we should hurry." Ben advised. The others nodded and rushed forward down the path further. Until they stopped in stunned, frustration.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" Ben yelled, clutching his hair in abject horror. For there in front of them was the site of their campsite from the night before.

"We've been going around in Circles!?" Raph gaped.

"Our eyes our being decieved." Danny warned them. "Remember Yensid said the land was rich with psychic energy, so energies are of course gonna be a problem."

"But how...!?" Raph turned and kicked a stone through the air. But instead of soaring out of sight it hit something invisible and fell back.

The others noticed this and walked to where the stone landed, before walking on forward only to fall back when colliding with something invisible.

"What is this!?" Ben yelped, pressing his hands flat against nothing. But definitely feeling Something.

"An invisible wall?" Raph offered as explanation.

"Alright, let's break though." Danny pulled back, raising his fist charged with green energy.

Ben and Raph nodded, Ben twisting his dial slamming it down to transform into a large brown skinned reptilian Dinosaur being. Humongasaur was his name and the Dino-Alien raised his fist as Raph raised his Sai's.

"Ready?" Danny asked.

"Ready!" The Two Shouted.

All three slammed into the wall at once, Danny's energized fist, Raph's sai's and Humongasaur's super sized fist broke right through the wall. The Boys stumbled through and landed in a barren forest.

"We made it through!" Danny cheered.

"Ah!" Ben cried out, pointing up at the nearby mountain.

THERE was the Castle they were searching for, containing the Legendary Weapons they were searching for all this time!

"Finally!" Raph sighed relieved.

"Let's Hurry and get those Weapons and get out of here!" Ben suggested, the others whole heartily agreed with the suggestion and rushed off.

"Come on, June." Kurt panted. Running alongside Juniper as they rushed through the forest.

"Kurt, Wait!" Juniper pulled him back. "There's something not right about that sky!"

Juniper's reason was sound as lightning flashed in the sky, blue as the sky on Earth, btu it struck down at the ground beneath them sending stone pillars over into their path.

"This is that, Witch Despair's, doing I know it!" Kurt hissed, the static charge from the lightning fuzzing up his fur.

"Aww Man! Now we gotta go through lightning!?" Juniper groused.

"It's obviously one of those Spells Lady Despair cast on the island. But we have to get through it to get to the weapons." Kurt grabbed June's hand and started running across the field of stone and scorched earth. "COME ON!"

The Two rushed across the field as lightning struck around them exploding in fiery sparks. But the Two kept going until they nearly hit the side of a cliff.

"Darn it! A Dead end!" Kurt gasped.

"I WISH you hadn't said THAT!" Juniper winced at Kurt's choice of words.

But as luck would have it, a bolt of lightning struck the wall breaking it down to reveal an entrance.

"Wow! Talk about a Plot Device!" Juniper wowed.

"Come on!" Kurt said. The two frantically opened the door and jumped through it just as Two bolts of lightning struck where they were just standing.


The Two crashed right in the way of Ben, Danny and Raph who startled seeing them appear out of nowhere.

"June! Kurt!" Danny exclaimed in surprise.

"Oh, Thank Heavens!" Juniper exhaled breathlessly, rushing forward to crush Danny in a tight hug. "I thought we'd NEVER find you guys!"

"June...Urrk...Chocking me!" Danny croaked, squeezed to tightly by June. Who released him with a apology.

"Hey, where's Johnny?" Raph asked, not seeing the little guy around.

"He's gone...turned to stone." Juniepr explained downcast.

This struck the three Heroes Deeply, but they soon bucked up.

"We have to Hurry." Danny patted June on the shoulder. "We only have an hour left. But maybe if we get the weapons, the curse can be lifted off of Johnny!"

The gang then rushed off, following the pass into a deep cave in the side of the mountain the Castle stood upon.

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