She began shaking the Continent roughly, the castle crumbling and falling to pieces around the Zyurangers, who struggled to keep their footing as Sierra cackled in wicked delight.

Suddenly Kevin leaped down from nowhere and aimed his magma arm at them, it flaring brightly.

"LOOK OUT!" Ben called out.

The Gang ducked as a massive fireball shot out and struck the walls behind them in a huge explosion. The wall crumbled to pieces and what do you suppose they saw on the other side?


The woman laid on her side unconscious, unharmed despite all that had happened that day.

"It's Johnny's Mother!" Kurt declared.

Suddenly, Kevin flew up into the air, aiming his upper arms to shoot flaming shards of Diamond's at them as Danny erected a Ecto-Shield to repel the attack.

"Me and Ben got this Guy! You Three save, Johnny's Mother!" Danny commanded.

"Okay." Danny and Ben, the latter turning into Jetray, flew up to blast at Kevin flying around the room.

Meanwhile Raph, Kurt and Juniper hurried over to Mrs. Test's side.

"Mrs. Test! Mrs. Test!" Juniper called, helping the woman up.

"Hang in there!" Raph ordered.

Mrs. test slowly opened her green eyes as she awoke, taking in her surrounding's in bewilderment. The Group smiled, until they heard a thud outside the whole in the wall, turning they saw Kevin, looming in the doorway.

"Ahh!" Kurt yelled in alarm.

"WHAAAHH!" Kevin Cried out, as a explosion erupted from his back, falling aside to reveal Danny and Ben as the culprit's.

"Come on. We gotta get out of here!" Ben yelled, rushing over in human form to help Mrs. Test to her feet as the Castle shook even worse.

The gang hurried out of the Castle, much easier since the walls were collapsing and leading them out, but once outside among the cracking Earth and rocks rolling down the mountain.

"HOW LONG DO YOU SUPPOSE IT WILL TAKE FOR THE WEAPONS TO TAKE US HOME!?" Ben Shouted, to be heard over the rumbling of Sierra shaking the Continent.

"Well.." Danny stopped when a familiar Bull-Head landed from thin air in front of their way. "I'd say After we deal with him. June, get Mrs. Test to safety."

"Okay!" Juniper lead Mrs. Test over to a stable location.

"This is why I hate Mondays!" Mrs. Test complained, earning a brief smile from Juniper.

"BULL-E SMASH PUNY ZYURANGERS!" The Bull Monster Bellowed, charging through the Guys knocking them down. Juniper rushed to join them having gotten Mrs. Test to a safe spot. But Bull-E unleashed a energy attack from his horns, striking the Heroes with a devastating amount of force.

"Guys, let's Transform!" Danny shouted, pumping his fist ready to use their weapons.

"Alright!" Ben Called.

"Okay!" Juniper, Raph and Kurt Shouted.


Holding out their bucklers in front of themselves, the Dino-Coins glowed brightly, before they were encased in multicolored lights. Standing now in their Zyuranger Armor.

"Tyranno Ranger!" Danny's Sword morphed into a red armored version with his Dinosaur symbol on it. "Power Sword!"

"Mammoth Ranger!" Ben Called, his Axe glowed before morphing into a black and yellow armored Battle Axe. "Power Axe!"

"Tricera Ranger!" Raph twirl his lance as it flashed into a Blue and Silver Lance. "Power Lance!"

"Tiger Ranger!" Kurt spun his Daggers in his hands as they morphed into bright yellow and silver daggers. "Power Daggers!"

"Ptera Ranger!" Holdign out her White bow, it became larger and broader, white and emblazoned in pink. "Power Bow!"

Danny steps forward to finish the fancy introductions. "Dino Squadron!"

"ZYURANGERS!" They all called out at once.

"Haha! Like your weapons can hurt me!" Bull-E bragged. But Kurt and Juniper leap into the air, firing a energized arrow and throwing Daggers, hitting him in the face. Leavign smocking scorch marks and breaking off his nose ring.

"AAHHH!" Bull-E cried. Raph and Ben swung down their Lance and Axe's across his chest, destroying his shirt and 'E' to shreds. "AHH!"

"Hahh!" Danny shouted, bringing his sword down in a power strike on top of his head. Breaking off both his horns. Bull-E was sent flying through the air by the force of the strike, landing him quite a few feet away.

"Waaaahaaaaa!" Bull-E sobbed. "My Horns! My Shirt! My Nose-Ring!"

Suddenly the Legendary Weapons glowed a bright white light. Danny looked down at his sword in disbelief.

"The Legendary Weapons are speaking to me...they're asking to be joined together!" Danny stated in shock.

"huh?" The Gang looked at their weapons in surprise. But they heard stranger and were willing to give it a try.

"Howling Cannon!" Danny cried out, holding up his Sword.

The others heard and responded with a battle Cry of their own. The Group huddled into a circle, join their weapons in the center caused them to flash with electrical energy.

"POWER AXE!" Ben Shouted. Sliding the trigger up the handle, it now resembled a Cannon. Before hurling it in the air, it froze in place.

"POWER BOW!" Juniper's Bow merged into the Axe.

"POWER DAGGERS!" Kurt threw his daggers, they merged into the bow, the handles facing outward showing barrels like a gun.

"POWER LANCE!" Raph hurled his separated Lance, the same thing happened.

"Power Sword!" Danny called, leaping into the air he palnted the sword, blade forward, outward holding the completed Weapon. Before landing back down with the others.

"HOWLING CANNON!" Danny shouted. "FIRE!" The Others shouted.

A beam of yellow magma like energy shot out of the nozzle's serving as the blaster's, shooting through the air and striking Bull-E, RIGHT IN THE BULL'S EYE!

"RAAAGGHH!" Bull-E cried. His body crackling with yellow lightning, before collapsing and exploding into shards of ice.

"We Did it!" The Gang cheered, pulling apart their separated weapons.

"RAAAAAAAHHHHH!" A enraged distorted scream, hit the Group, almost as bad as the shaking of the continent resuming due to enormous Despair witnessing the destruction of her Bull-E.

"WE GOTTA GET JOHNNY AND HIS MOM OUT OF HERE!" Danny shouted, the others demorphing as they struggled to hurry away. The Gang reached Mrs. test who stood under an overlap of a cliff, looking upward in terror at the behemoth woman shaking the land mass she was on.

"Hurry, let's get going!" Juiper cried out to Mrs. Test, her and Kurt quickly shielding her as they rushed out under the blood red eyes of Lady Despair.

"Little Bastards!" The Sorceress snarled. "HAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Opening her mouth she blew a gust of air, much like as she did when freed from her prison but on the Continent it had much more destructive capabilities.

The Gang held up their weapons like umbrella's, clinging to each other fearful of being blown away as tree's, branches and rocks flew from all over. The gnag finally falling to their knee's in the spot where Kurt and Juniper had camped, at the feet of a Stone Johnny Test.

"It's Johnny!" Danny shouted in surprise.

"My Baby!" Mrs. Test gasped horrified, flinging her arms around the stone boys shoulders. Tears streaming down her cheek, her heart breaking at the sight of her boy like this. "My Boy, please..please, come back to me, Honey." Choked back a sobbing gasp. "Come back!"

As Mrs. Test cried, a single tear drop struck her son's shoulder it spread like a golden wave. Instantly Johnny was back to normal, looking up he smiled happy to see his mother alright.

"Mom!" Johnny Cried happily.

"Johnny!" Mrs. Test hugged him closely to her body. "Oh, honey!"

Everyone smiled, Mother and Son were finally together, they had their weapons and everything was Okay.


Except for the insane Sorceress cracking the Continent apart in her bare hands!

"Let's not waste time!" Danny shouted. "Go!" Everyone obeyed and quickly dashed off.

"HAHAHAHAAH!" Lady Despair laughed insanely, throwing the Continent away from her almost out of sight. As it went spinning through the Void, Lady Despair opened her mouth with a glowing flame blazing inside it "DIE!"

The Blazing fiery energy beam shot out of her mouth and struck the Continent Dead Center, destroying it in a fireball of energy.

On a path in the park, somewhere in the lake district, the gang suddenly appeared huddle together, expecting the worst to happen. Raph looked up and realized with a growing smile, they were back on Earth.

"We did it!" Raph cheered, laughing as he leaped up with a wave of his lances. The Gang stood up and realized Raph was right!

"Thank Goodness." Mrs. test sighed relieved. Turnign her son to face her happily. "Johnny..."

"Mom." Johnny smiled, crushing his mom into a tight hug. Both overjoyed to be back home.

"Your not hurt, right?" Danny asked Mrs. Test.

"No." Mrs. Test replied gratefully.

"Johnny, I think this goes to show you to listen to your Mom. They may nit-pick, but all they have are your best interests in mind." Danny offered to the boy.

"I will.." Johnny looked around at the group. "After this, I won't miss a Single bit of homework."

"And you get a better score on your next test?" Mrs. test asked hopefully.

"Come on, Mom. I said I'd study and finish my homework!" Johnny groan mocking, his mother lightly knocking his head for his jibe, smiling at the others.

"Thank you EVER so much for everything." Mrs. Test thanked the Zyurangers.

"Danny, Guys, I guess this is good-bye." Johnny said, slightly sad to leave his new friends.

"Good-Bye, Johnny." Danny said, shaking the boys hand hardheartedly. Before letting go as Johnny and his mother headed back to their home.

"Bye!" Juniper and Kurt waved. The Mother and Son turned to wave back, soon out of sight and leaving the Park.

Everyone was quiet, rolling their necks or sighing in a effort to relax after their whole ordeal.


The Muscles tightened and on new instinct the heroes readied their weapons as a transparent image of Lady Despair appeared in the sky before their eyes. Her appearance was normal now, as normal as she was anyway, with her Scepter back in hand.

"Don't think you've won! One Day I'll tear you miserable Rats to pieces!" Lady Despaired shouted at the heroes, hand tightly clenching into a threatening fist. "AHAHAHAAHAHA!"

The image disappeared and the Zyurangers were left alone and able to relax..but for HOW LONG?

But one thing was certain, the Heroes raised their newly acquired weapons in front of themselves as if to say, "Bring it on, Lady Despair. We'll be waiting!"

From now on the Heroes and the legendary Weapons would be inseparable and would stand up against Despair and Her Evil.

The End