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Without further ado, Crossing Fate!

Tyrian trailer

A figure in a dark purple hoodie stood alone in a clearing. Medium long green hair peeked out of the shadows of the hood, which was worn over a high-collared red jacket. Dark green jeans hung over green sneakers, the left leg rolled up. On their lower left arm was a rectangular black contraption and on their back were brown straps with a slit to hold a sword. Black string hung a red jewel around their neck.

"Commander!" A voice chimed. "We've cleaned up the area here, but some Beowolves escaped and are heading your way!"

"Roger that, Momo," the figure replied. She tightened her grip on her blade, a polished katana with a trigger on the handle. Guns still made her a bit apprehensive, but in this world, it was a survival tool.

Besides, she didn't care when she was using it against the Grimm.

As if the thought had summoned them, four Beowolves leaped out of the trees, fangs poised to strike. The figure smirked as she disappeared, leaving their claws to swipe through thin air.

"I've got four Beowolves in my sight. Are they the last ones?"

"Yup! Once we get those, we'll have cleared out the area!"

"Right then. I'm engaging now." The figure clicked the link off and readied her sword. "Mission start," she whispered as her blade cut cleanly through the first Beowolf.

{Play Kido's Theme: Mekakushi Code}

The remaining Beowolves howled as she leaped back, throwing off her hood and revealing green hair in a ponytail and blood-red eyes. She dodged a Beowolf's swipe and parried with her own, backflipping away from harm. The other two Beowolves charged at her. She angled her sword backwards so that the end of the grip was facing the Beowolves and fired. The recoil fired her backwards as she flipped in midair. A Beowolf brought down its claw, but she hacked it off of it and fired, propelling her forward to impale the Beowolf.

Two down, two left, she thought, eyes analyzing the battle. She clicked the hidden button with her thumb and watched as the gears shifted, the blade splitting into three and locking into place. The nozzle of the built-in gun poked out the tip of the center blade. In her hand now was a short sai, the two blades that were branching off only slightly shorter than the main blade. The three fighters ran forward, meeting in the center of the clearing with a clash of claws and sword.

"Kido!" Her earpiece activated automatically, the voice on the other end frantic. "I spotted a Nevermore flying your way! The others are coming to your location but we're not sure if we'll be able to get there before the Nevermore!"

"Heads up; the Nevermore will be reaching you in approximately five minutes!"

"Roger that, Seto, Kano," she grunted as she slipped under one of the Beowolves and stabbed it. "Five minutes should be plenty of time for me to finish," she added, gun firing within the Beowolf's guts for good measure. "Over and out." She aimed her left arm at the remaining Beowolf, a grappling hook knife firing out and burying itself within the tree behind the Beowolf.

"Come and get me!" she taunted, switching her sai back into a katana. Her eyes burned even brighter as she activated the hook, the katana cleaving through the Beowolf. It didn't even have a chance to see her.

Standing up, Kido fixed her eyes to the sky, the red in her eyes fading to dark gray. "Now, when's the final boss going to come?" she muttered to herself.

"Commander!" She turned to see Momo waving at her as she approached, Hibiya and Hiyori in tow. "Looks like we've made it after all."

"Shintaro is all set up to snipe," Hiyori piped up. "Our job is to stop the Nevermore's flight so he can end it."

"In one shot? He's probably going to be using some Dust if he's doing that…"

"It was Ayano's idea."

"Ah. That makes sense." Ayano, for whatever reason, loved making Grimm go boom.

The caw of a Grimm drew their gazes upward to a large black bird. The Nevermore was here.

Kido squinted at the black bird. "Looks like it's not all that old. That's good. Nevermore can be troublesome."

"Well then, let's take this thing down!" Momo cheered, cracking her chain mace. Hibiya and Hiyori readied their own weapons, a long dagger with archaic runes and a jagged ring blade with two handles, respectively. The four of them raced toward the Nevermore, leaping on rock, rubble, and tree branches to gain speed.

"Hibiya, what do you see?" Kido asked through her earpiece.

"There's a large tree up ahead," he replied, eyes burning red from his own "Semblance". "We can use that to ascend."

"I've got an idea. Kisaragi, I'll need you to captivate the Nevermore's attention. Once you do, I'll use my power to sneak up behind the Nevermore and attack. Hibiya, Hiyori, assist Kisaragi."

"Roger that!" was the joint reply. Kido raised her grappling hook and fired, swinging from tree to tree to get to her objective faster. Meanwhile, Momo's eyes burned bright red as she switched her mace into a spiky gun staff.

"Over here, you big birdie!" she cried as she fired again and again at the Nevermore. It screeched and dove at her, but Hibiya and Hiyori were ready for it. Hibiya's dagger crackled as the runes on the blade glowed bright yellow.

"Eat Dust!" he growled as he swiped the blade. A burst of lightning shot forward and struck the Grimm, which cawed loudly and attempted to fly away.

Hiyori wasn't about to just let it go without her own attack. She flung her ring blade forward, a sawblade of death hurtling at the Grimm. It sliced through and rebounded back to her, the Nevermore screeching loudly in pain as it rose into the sky. Hiyori mecha-shifted her weapon into a javelin staff while Hibiya raised the crossbow on his left arm. The three peppered the Nevermore with Dust rounds, keeping its attention on the three of them.

Elsewhere, Kido ascended the large tree, using both her grappling hook and her sai to gain altitude. "This should do," she said to herself as she balanced on a tree branch. Looking out, she could see the Nevermore flying closer and closer towards her, its attention fixated on the rounds of bullets being fired at it. Kido activated her "Semblance", the Concealing Eyes burning red. Switching her weapon back to katana-mode, she ran down the length of the branch and leaped into the air. She fired her grappling hook at the Nevermore, allowing herself to smile when she jolted in mid-air toward the Grimm. The Nevermore cawed loudly as it affixed its gaze on her, but the cover fire from the others and Momo's "Semblance" prevented it from completely turning its attention to her. As she hurtled toward the Grimm, she raised her katana and fired its gun to increase her speed, the resulting recoil rendering her grappling hook moot. She yanked out the hook knife while she accelerated, placing both hands on her katana. With a fierce cry, she pierced through the Nevermore's wing, and with some added recoil, severed straight through. She tumbled into a roll when she hit the ground, a thunderous boom shaking the air behind her. Her eyes turned to see a brilliant explosion painting the sky behind her. She panted as she smiled, her eyes fading back to their original dark gray. Mission accomplished, she thought with satisfaction as she slung her blade over her back.

{End Mekakushi Code}

Kiwi trailer

A dark haired young man wearing a green jumpsuit walked alongside the borders of their camp, the sleeves on his arms and legs rolled up to show the white cuffs. On his head were gold-tinted goggles with black straps and parts of his bangs were pinned up with a yellow hairclip. Around his waist was a green belt and in his hand was a metal toolbox with green accents. It was currently dark, the only light coming from his blazing red eyes and the red jewel centerpiece hanging from his neck. He raised a hand to the device on his ear and switched it to autopilot, the link crackling as he did so.

"Ahem… testing, testing… can you guys hear me?"

"Loud and clear, Seto!"

"'Course I can if I'm talking to you right now!"

Seto smiled as the voices of Haruka and Takane echoed in his ear. "Let's do a great job tonight too, okay?"

"Sure thing!"

"Tch! You don't have to tell your senior that! I know!"

Seto cut off the link and continued with his patrolling. He, Haruka, and Takane were currently taking night shift, making sure that no Grimm were going to attack the others while they were sleeping. As for why his eyes were burning a bright red instead of their normal gold…

Grimm might not have any minds or souls, but they still have thoughts, impulses, and instincts that I can steal, he thought with grim satisfaction. I might not like using my power, but I have to admit that it's very effective for things like this.

Search… Kill… Search… Kill…

Seto tensed as he heard the undeniable thoughts of a Grimm. From the sound of its thoughts he could tell that it was stronger than a simple Beowolf, though he didn't know if that was because there were multiple Grimm or just one. He was putting his bets on just one stronger Grimm.

{Play Seto's Theme: Shounen Brave}

He pressed a switch on his toolbox, which shifted apart and morphed into a spiky rectangular club-like hammer with two heads on either side. The bushes in front of him rustled and a low growl reached his ears. "I've detected signs of Grimm. Engaging now." He didn't wait for a reply, only rushing through the bushes and swinging his club. He heard the satisfying roar of a Grimm echo in the air. As he burst back out of the cover, two Ursas bellowed and followed him.

Tch! He deactivated his "Semblance" (It was wasting energy and focus anyway, he thought) and charged once again, rolling under an Ursa's swipe and thrusting the brunt of his weapon into the Grimm. A gunshot rang in the air and propelled the Ursa back. The other Ursa roared and rammed into him, sending him crashing against the bark of a tree. Spitting out blood, he flicked another switch on his weapon and felt the mechanical parts within shift into an axe-like halberd with two rectangular guards alongside the grip. He stared down the two Ursas as both battlers sized each other up.

A gunshot initiated the conflict, and Seto charged. Using the momentum of his swings he slashed and hacked away at the Ursa, his movements flowing into one seamless dance. An Ursa roared as it managed to find an opening, but just as quickly he shifted his halberd back into the club hammer and batted the claw away. The other Ursa attempted to attack him seconds later, but he twisted the other end of the club to smash it in the face. An added gunshot propelled the club back into a spin. Shifting it back into a halberd, he thrust it at the first Ursa and sank the blade in between its armor. From one of the many pockets of his jumpsuit he pulled out a crude Dust crystal, flipped open one of the boxes alongside the grip, and jammed the crystal in.

"Hope you like some fire!" he growled as he angled the weapon and pulled the trigger. The Grimm promptly blew up in a burst of flame. He spun around to face the remaining Grimm as the dead Ursa's head plopped to the ground. Pulling out a smaller piece of Dust, he flipped open the other box and repeated the process.

"Looks like I'm going to have to thank Kano later," he sighed. "If it wasn't for his… infiltration activities, we wouldn't even have Dust to help us. Not that I particularly agree with his methods… but at least he's robbing robbers?" The Ursa growled at him. "Right, right, I have to kill you before rambling on about my life and my friends." He flashed a smirk at the Grimm and aimed the tip of the halberd at it. A jet of high-pressure water shot out and pierced through the Ursa and blasted through several trees. Charging forth, he twisted his halberd into the Ursa while holding the trigger, water trailing behind the blade's path. He slashed at the Ursa once, twice, three times before uppercutting it and cleaving straight through the Ursa's stomach.

{End Shounen Brave}

Seto frowned at his halberd as the Grimm faded into the atmosphere. "That took longer than I thought. Maybe the blade's dull…?" he hummed to himself. He shrugged and clicked on a link. "I've finished up here. What's your status?"

"A pack of Beowolves came running by. None of them stood a chance against me!"

"I had to fight off an Ursa, but nothing too serious."

Seto sighed. "All this in just the first half of the watch? Guess we didn't clean up this place as well as we thought."

"Who cares? My blood's pumping for action tonight!"

"Ah… Since Takane's so pumped up I'll have to do my best as well!"

Seto smiled as his eyes burned red. "Let's hope that nothing too major pops up. Over and out." His eyes trailed up to the broken moon shining in the sky. "...We've come a long way since then, huh…?" he murmured softly. "Hard to believe… that we'd be here now…"

Slate trailer

A suspicious looking boy strolled down the dark streets of Vale, his eyes shadowed over by his hood. He wore a short-sleeved black coat colored white on the inside with three white spots on either side of his hood. Under the coat was a sleeveless beige cotton shirt, dark blue jeans, and black combat boots. Short, straw-colored hair lined his head. On both arms were metal black gauntlets attached to fingerless black gloves with rings on the backs. His communications earpiece blinked red, but he ignored it, instead turning his attention to the rundown building in front of him.

Here it is, he thought to himself as his eyes flashed red. To any onlookers, his appearance would've looked like he morphed into a teenage boy with dark brown hair, green eyes, black glasses, and a white cloak with a pair of fox ears perched on their head. Pushing open the door, he walked in. All activity ceased to stare at the new intruder. He pulled up a seat at the wooden bar table and held up one finger.

"R-right away, sir!" As if his words were the trigger, whispers arose from the other tables.

"Is that him?"


"What's he doing here?"

"Shiaka" smirked at the uncertainty of the other people around him. That's right. That's exactly what you should do. Fear me. Hate me. Distrust me.

The clink of a glass drew his attention back to the bartender. "Ah, one more thing," he said. His voice hardened. "I wish to talk to them."

The bartender stiffened and nodded. "As you wish, sir." The man scurried off. Only a few minutes later, he returned with a figure in a white cloak with a red wolf symbol slashed through with claw marks.


"The moon rises."

"Correct." The figure slid in the seat next to him.

"Yo," the boy said. "I heard that there's trouble brewing?"

The figure nodded as they slid a piece of paper toward him. He quickly scanned it and crumpled it into a ball. "Your reward will be 2,000,000 Lien."

"Cool." He got up and walked out the door, drink in hand. "I'll get on it straight away."

{Play Kano's Theme: Yobanashi Deceive}

The blond haired boy sighed as he walked up to the large building, red eyes burning. Wipe out everyone in this building, eh? Well, might as well get started.

He cocked his gauntlets and blasted open the door. Instantly, robotic whirring rang out from within. He stepped within the base, combat boots crunching against the rubble. "Time for all of you to be turned into scrap heap!"

Even more machine-like noises rang in his ears as he flashed a smirk. Waves of mechanical soldiers charged at him. He flicked his arms, two double-ended boomerang daggers resting in his hands. He flung both daggers at the incoming soldiers and watched as they sliced through the opposition before spinning back towards him.

"Guess what?" he called as he caught the daggers. "Both of them are also a gun!" He pointed the nozzle towards the troops and pulled back the triggers, watching as the semi-automatic boomerang gun daggers emptied their rounds into the soldiers. Once the gunfire ceased, he tossed the two deadly weapons up and slid them into his gauntlets.

Time to find the leader, he thought, gazing at the flight of stairs leading to the next path. Shrapnel coated the floor, metal corpses slumped against the ground. Not a single survivor was left, all of the robots damage irreparably.

Placing his hands in his pockets, he ascended to the next floor. As soon as he stepped out of the doorway, an alarm blared into the night. A multitude of weapons were aimed at him. Sighing, he pulled his hands back and punched forward. Two knives shot out of his gauntlets and buried themselves in the armors of two of the soldiers. The others fired their guns, but he ducked under them and flung his gauntlets apart. The knives within the soldiers swung in the air, following the gauntlets' path via string attached to the hilt. The lightweight bodies slammed into the other soldiers, breaking their line of defense and knocking guns out of their grasp. Bullets rained down and splayed all over the room. The boy ducked and rolled behind a large metal box to use as his shield while the rest of the soldiers fell victim to their own weapons. He cocked his fists back, retrieving his stringed throwing knives. As soon as the gunfire stopped, he peeked his head out to view the carnage.

Like the previous floor, shrapnel and metal corpses stained the walls.

There's no way they'll be able to repair any of those robots, he thought with grim satisfaction. He scanned the room once again before sprinting up the last flight of stairs.

As he kept climbing the steps, thoughts swam in his mind. At first he tried to keep them at bay, to focus entirely on the mission at hand, but eventually he allowed them to take over his mind.

Who would've thought that you would be working with the White Fang? Who would've thought that you would've become well-known in the underground? Who would've thought that you would be exactly like those people that took your mother's life?

He abruptly cut off that train of thought as he stood in front of a lone metal door. "Final floor," he whispered to himself, feeling absolutely ridiculous for comparing this to a game. He grasped the handle and turned the knob.

Only to dive to the side as an explosion erupted behind him. He rolled and popped his head up to glance at the new obstacle. A large bulky robot was perched between him, the desk, and two people cowering against the wall.

"...Great, just great," he groaned as he dodged yet another explosion. He unsheathed his boomerang daggers and flung them at the robot before punching one of his throwing knives straight at it.

Remember, your objective is to kill the mechanic, that man cowering against the wall, he reminded himself as he dived under yet another explosion. He flung himself to the side and punched behind him. A shotgun rang out and propelled him into orbit, swinging him around the robot and against the walls. He caught a dagger spinning his way that nearly sliced his head off. He aimed the dagger and let the semi-automatic gun within take care of the rest, peppering the robot with multiple bullets. His eyes widened as a giant metal fist came his way, interrupting his swing and slamming him into the wall.

"...Shit, that's leaving a mark," he coughed as he pulled himself out. His eyes fixated on the man staring at him with wide eyes.

This is your chance. Before anyone could blink, he thrust his free fist at the man, a knife hurtling out and piercing through the man's neck. He was dead before he could even blink.

A scream pierced the air as the woman cowering next to the man scrambled away into the corner. The boy grimaced as he turned his gaze back to the robot. He retrieved both throwing knives and picked up his dagger.

I'm going to need both daggers if I want to beat this thing. Unfortunately for him, the other dagger was behind the robot. He thrust forward one of his knives into the area in front and punched his other hand to the side, throwing him into a wide arc following the knife. He cocked his fist back and landed in a skid, retrieving both the dagger and the knife as he slid to a stop behind the robot. Before it could turn around, he propelled himself forward and pierced both of his daggers within the robot. He grit his teeth and pulled the trigger, knuckles whitening as he held on for dear life. The robot flailed as round upon rounds of bullets were fired straight into it, shredding it apart from the inside out. Sensing an explosion, the boy released the triggers and leapt away. Seconds later, the harsh screech of metal rang out and the robot blew up.

Panting, the boy turned his gaze to the woman, who flinched and shrank even smaller within herself. Retrieving his daggers, he walked up to her. As he drew near, he caught the sight of a small bundle of cloth cradled within her arms.

"Please!" the woman pleaded, voice desperate. "Spare my child! Do whatever you want with me, but spare my child!"

His eyes softened as he stared down at the small bundle. "It is not a mercy to spare the child," he muttered to the woman. "It's the worst curse of all." His heart braced himself for what he had to do next as he pointed his dagger at the two of them. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "But I cannot leave any survivors." With that, he pulled the trigger and ended both of their lives.

{End Yobanashi Deceive}

"Shiaka" stepped out into the cool night of Mistral, the light of the broken moon shining down on him.

Sis would probably be furious with me… if she found out that I was using Kenjirou's appearance as an alias for this kind of underground work… a younger, fox-eared, green-eyed Kenjirou wearing a white cloak, but it's still Kenjirou's appearance nonetheless… He sighed as he gazed upward at the moon. "How did it come to this…?" he murmured. His mind flashed back to the blood pooling from the woman and the child.

"Shuuya Kano."

Kano stiffened and turned around, coming face to face with a boy in a green jumpsuit. "Seto…"

"Don't." He held up a hand. "Don't say anything." His bright red eyes were pleading. "...Why? Why did you start doing… doing that kind of work?"

I don't know, Kano thought. I don't know…

But you do know, a voice whispered. You do, you do, you just don't want to admit it, don't want to say that you know the snake too well to realize that he's most definitely coming back someday…

"Why didn't you just read my mind earlier, huh?!" Kano screamed at him while hating himself for the outburst at the same time. "Maybe then… maybe then…!"

Maybe then you wouldn't be a monster? What a joke.

He buried his head in his hands and crumbled to the ground, his illusion falling to pieces around him. Six words echoed back to him. I'll always be the same monster. His mind drifted back to the time he spoke with Takane- at that time Ene- about the story of his life. That time when Ene passed on those words to Momo under the guise of a simple song. Those times when he continuously lied to the entire gang, over and over and over again.

"Ha…" His mouth curved into a smile. A chuckle forced its way out of his lips as he stared at the sky. "I really am a worthless fool, aren't I?!"

"You're not."

Kano froze as Seto's arms wrapped around him. "Do you remember what I told you, back then? You and I, we're brothers. We might be in a whole different world, but that still holds true." He fixed his blood-red eyes straight into Kano's own yellow. "I care about you, Kano. Don't do this to yourself."

Kano gritted his teeth as he leaned into his brother. "...If you really care about me, you won't say a thing."


"No! Not one word! You of all people should understand, Kousuke!" He heaved a breath and stood up. "I'm in too deep. I've already built so many lies around myself that trying to change it would only make things worse. Just like before. Right now, there's no helping me. But if you tell the others… they'll only make things more complicated. I don't want them to be in danger because of my stupid mistake. This is to protect them, to make sure that they'll never get hurt by that snake again." To make sure that all of us won't get hurt by that bastard like last time. Like how I was. "Please Kousuke, I'm begging you."

Seto frowned as his eyes faded back to gold. "...Alright. I swear I won't tell the others anything about this. But… you have to promise that you'll remember that we're all here for you, if you ever need us. Don't go around thinking that you're worthless. You're not. You're my brother, Shuuya. You don't have to go at this all on your own. Shintaro, for one, would probably appreciate what you're doing, even if he doesn't quite agree with your methods. After what happened back then…"

"...Don't worry, I promise. I might tell even Shintaro someday- that information glutton," Kano chuckled as he turned his back, eyes burning red. "You should go back now. I've still got some business to clean up before we leave Mistral. Besides, someone like you… shouldn't be hanging around these parts." His boots thumped against the floor, not bothering to check if Seto had returned to the others yet. "Someone like you… shouldn't need to do these kinds of things to keep their family safe," he whispered softly as a white cloak covered his body and he morphed back into his alias of "Shiaka". "However… it looks like this "deceiver" will still have to lie to their own family to protect them." With that, he was swallowed up by the shadows of the streets, the broken moon continuing to shine down the city of Mistral.

Mauvelous trailer

"B-but I really am seventeen!" A young girl squeaked as she stood in front of the officer. She had pink eyes with pale, cream-colored long hair that reached her ankles. The sleeves of her dress were cuffed with white above her elbows, and the dress itself was blue with white frills. On top of the dress was a white apron, with a white hoodie over that. In her hair was a pink headband with two large bows on either side. Hung around her neck was a black string necklace with a red jewel centerpiece. Tied around her wrists were white bands of cloth. A backpack and her weapon was slung over her back, a thin pink bow without a bowstring.

"Kid," the guard sighed. "For the last time, I can't let you in. You look far too young to be attending a combat school like this."

Marry felt tears in her eyes as she looked down. What am I supposed to do? I really am seventeen… technically I'm older… but the guard won't let me through! What would Kido and Seto do in this situation…?

As if the thought had summoned her, Kido came running up to her. "Marry? What are you still doing here? I thought you came here with Seto and the others?"

"I-I did," Marry stammered. "But this guard says I'm not old enough…"

"Did you tell him how old you were?"

"He didn't believe me…"

Kido merely sighed and shook her head. "She really is seventeen," she repeated. "She's always looked young for her age. It doesn't help matters that she looks short for her age too."

"Kiiido!" Marry whined. Kido chuckled and looked at the guard.

"At any rate, we both have to get going. If you still don't believe her, well, the results on the application should prove whether or not she's allowed to go to Beacon."

The guard sighed as he drew his weapon. "I'm still not convinced. What you said does hold weight, though. We'll hold an entrance test. This way, we won't have any doubts."

Kido nodded and patted Marry's shoulder. "Good luck and don't worry. You're plenty strong enough to make it." She smiled encouragingly and walked on through the doorway. The guard gestured to Marry.

"Follow me. We have a small arena up ahead that we can use to test your validity."

{Play Marry's Theme: Imagination Forest}

"Do you understand the rules?" A gathering of eight soldiers and one small mech were facing Marry, who was holding her bow in her hand. Her face was that of pure concentration as she stared down the group.

"Of course."

"Good. Then let's begin!" The group systematically raised their sword and charged straight at her.

Marry pulled back the string as her eyes flashed red. An arrow flared into existence. She pointed it at the charging group and fired, the arrow blasting through their formation. However, the mech managed to evade and swung its sword at her. She ducked under and flung her bow up, hearing the clang of metal against metal. She rolled to the side and fired her bow once again.

The mech batted away the aura projectile as the other soldiers regrouped and charged. Marry hastily stepped back, her bow shifting and morphing into a thin lance. She parried the first soldier's strike and glared straight into his eyes, who stiffened and froze. She spun past their deadlock and thrust out her hand, an aura burst firing out and meeting the next soldier.

Leaping back, she shifted her weapon into a bow once again and fired straight into the sky, which exploded and rained down on the ground. The mech managed to evade most of the shots, though, leaving Marry frantically dodging and blocking its blows.

What do I do, what do I do? she thought in a panic. She fired a point blank shot at the mech, sending it flying away. Almost immediately, the other soldiers were upon her, although some of them were sprawled out on the ground.

Awakening Eyes, she thought as she slammed down her fist into the ground. An aura shockwave shot out around her, sending the other soldiers flying back. She stepped back as she aimed her bow.

I have to finish this up if I want to make it to the exam in time! With that thought in mind, she narrowed her eyes as three arrows were nocked at once. Favoring Eyes. The streams of aura pierced through the soldiers' clothes and pinned them against the surrounding trees. That only left the mech facing against her.

Marry fired her bow as the mech charged, almost skating across the floor as it dodged her arrows and spun into an axe kick. She shrieked as her weapon was knocked away from her and skid across the floor. Turning, she caught a faceful of metal as the mech slammed its foot into her. She tumbled into a tree before picking herself up, the mech staring her down as she regained her senses. Her bow was too far away for her to run to it in time. She looked back at the mech and took a deep, calming breath.

...Captivating Eyes.

Almost instantaneously, the mech raised its weapon and charged straight at her. Keeping her eyes on the mech, she merely lifted her arm as the bow on the ground flew into her outstretched hand.

Retaining Eyes. Focusing Eyes. And…! She spun her bow and yanked on the string. Favoring Eyes!

The mech was blasted into pieces as a pink arrow tore clean through, blowing apart the surroundings and wracking the air with powerful winds. The soldiers were forced to brace themselves as the arrow blasted across the arena before fizzling out. As the effects of the aura arrow ceased, Marry smiled happily as she huffed for breath.

"I did it!"

The other soldiers were gaping at the spectacle before Marry's voice brought them back to their senses. "Great job," one of them called. The others merely exchanged surprised yet warm looks as Marry stood there with a sense of accomplishment and elation.

{End Imagination Forest}

"Well, looks like you've done it. I've got to say, I didn't really believe George when he first told me that you were actually seventeen." It was a new guard who was chatting with Marry as he led her back to the application area. "You only look fourteen!"

At this, Marry's eyes widened.

"Ah- um, sorry if that offended you…"

"That's a whole three year increase!" she cheered as she beamed. The guard blinked before smiling.

"Someone thought you were eleven? I can't really see that after your show of strength, but I can understand. You really do look young for your age."

Marry puffed up her cheeks. "I didn't ask to look young."

The guard gave a hearty laugh as he patted her on the back. "Well, we're here. Great job on the battle and good luck on getting into Beacon!"

"Thank you, Mr. Guard!" Marry called as she walked through the entrance. Said guard chuckled to himself as he watched her.

"She acts young too," he smiled to himself as he returned to his duties. "Hard to believe that she's such a proficient fighter…"

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Now, about the characters:

Kido's "Semblance" is pretty self explanatory. Concealing Eyes, invisibility powers, effect broken with contact, yada yada yada. Her Semblance is pretty much the same as her normal eye power. Her weapon's probably the simplest (but she does mention that she doesn't like flashy clothing somewhere... at least, according to the wiki).

Seto is a whole lot more willing to use the Stealing Eyes because he knows that using them would mean that they're more likely to survive against Grimm and criminals (if you didn't see in Kano's trailer, they were in Mistral for a period of time, and if you saw the World of Remnant vid for Mistral, you'll know that Mistral's pretty well known for its black market and what not). Needless to say, Seto's "Semblance" is pretty much the same. Some things I added were that when the area of effect increases, the potency decreases, going from their deepest secrets, to specific thoughts, to what the target is thinking of, to instincts and/or strong desires.

Kano... Kano's "Semblance" is the same as well. As for the trailer itself... well, I'll just say that it's important to the story later on. (It miiight have been a bit out of character tho -v-;). As for his weapons... do you think I went overboard? (I'm pretty sure I might've gone overboard. My only excuse? Kano likes versatility). His weapon is basically Gambol Shroud and Ember Celica combined, along with boomerang gun daggers.

Marry's "Semblance" is a bit more complicated. I based hers off of her Combining Eyes, i.e. being able to use all the other eye abilities to a certain degree. Out of all of the Kagepro chars, she is by far the most proficient with aura and Dust manipulation, what with her Semblance being so versatile. Since her Semblance is pretty much the other char's semblances plus her Locking Eyes, she's pretty much a spellcasting powerhouse lolol.

Ayano is bomb crazy. Why not? I imagine that she has a secret love for explosions (which was definitely not helped by Grimm being soulless monsters, the fact that there's so many ways to blow evil monsters up, or the superhero movies that she was likely fond of). Too bad her weapon isn't some sort of crazy bomb machine, but she lets Shintaro blow stuff up whenever she can get him to ;)

About the "trailers":

Marry's was by far the hardest. Since she's mostly a support character, it's kinda hard to show her fighting alone. She can hold her ground on her own if it comes to it though. Kano's was probably second hardest simply because of the backstory and character moments I had to shove in there (read: couldn't resist shoving in there). While I absolutely adore Kano's character, it can be hard sometimes to get it right (speaking of, did I get it right? Or did I totally bomb it?).

Timeline wise, Seto's trailer comes sometime before Kano's which comes sometime before Marry's. Kido's trailer can technically happen at anytime, but I like to think that it happened sometime before Seto's, when they were still on the road but they've grown accustomed to their weapons and the new world.

About their weapons and other miscellaneous things...:

Marry flat out refuses to use guns. End of story. The others are semi-reluctant at varying degrees, but all of them have come to terms with it (in order to least to most reluctant, it'll probably be something like... Takane, Shintaro, Kano, insert other chars, Hiyori, Hibiya, and maaaybe Seto? ditto). More on why in the first/backstory chapter.

Kido the ninja. Hwa cha!

Shintaro and Takane's weapons are... pretty obvious. Same with Kido. Heck, they're pretty much the only ones who actually have confirmed preferences for weapons (the shooting game in the anime).

As for who made the weapons? Well, when you have someone who virtually did all the physical work for the gang, a nearly certified genius, and a crazy gamer who is also somehow able to have crazy skill when it comes to real life guns? Yeah, weapons aren't exactly going to be all that difficult. As for how they got the materials? One word: Kano. (I mean, it is mentioned that he did a lot of the pilfering for the gang when it came to supplies...).

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tl;dr: Should I do a trailer for team ASTH? And please give weapon name suggestions!