Warning this is a fictional story that is only meant to entertain. Readers are advised to never attempt any of the activities depicted. Readers could potentially injure or kill others or themselves. Seriously do not attempt at home. Enjoy!

It's 3:10pm and little Billy was walking home from school through the dark and dangerous streets of New York City. Normally he would take the bus home, but the school's bully Big Bobby stole his bus pass and flushed it down the toilet. With no cell phone or enough money to pay for public transportation ten-year-old Billy had to walk the scum covered streets of Manhattan alone with nothing to protect him. As he walked past liquor stores and strip clubs he shared the same streets with prostitutes and the homeless. A large bearded man staggered down the sidewalk not looking where he was going and bumped into Billy almost knocking him off balance.

"Damn it kid, what do you think you're doing? Trying to get yourself killed?" Shouted the bearded man.

Saying nothing, Billy kept walking while clenching the straps of his backpack tight. On any other day, he would be riding on the bus looking at these streets thinking nothing of the of the dangers that lurked. Now he felt that every step could be his last. Trembling all over with his legs feeling weak, he didn't dare stop to rest. He knew his mother was worried waiting at home and he wanted to get home before his angry drunk father did.

"Hey kid want to have some fun?" Said a voice coming from the alley way. Out stepped a tall lanky man with a mullet, an uneven goatee, and two eyes that looked in opposite directions.

"My Mom told me not to talk to strangers." Billy slowly took a step back, hoping for the man to give him an opportunity to run away.

"Well your mom sounds boring. I bet she never lets you eat any candy either, huh? Now if you want to have some fun then I'm your real mommy." Out from his jacket pocket the man took out a large plastic grocery bag full pills, bags of white powder, syringes, and mushrooms.

"Mama fun has some real treats for you like crack, peyote, and silly blood. This candy will make Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse come to life and be your best friend." He reached into the bag and pulled out a handful of pills and held the out offering them to little Billy.

"No, no! mister I don't want any candy." Feeling terrified, he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, but he couldn't bring himself to do so.

"Come on kid, you'll have so much fun that you'll never-"before he could finish his sentence his chest exploded in a spray of blood and guts as several bullets struck him. Everyone on the streets ran off and hid in the nearest buildings. Standing still not moving, Billy did not know what to do as he looked down at the ground where the bloody body of the drug dealer laid. This was enough to make him finally scream louder than ever before.

"Settle down kid, you're safe now." Slowly turning around, Billy saw a large man behind him holding two smoking pistols. He had large bulging muscles, black slick back hair, and a black shirt with skull on it.

"You better run home little boy, before things get messy. For I'm about to deal a whole mess of Punishment on these scum covered streets!"

Billy didn't need to be told twice before he took off running down the streets.

The Punisher bent down and picked up the self-proclaimed Mama Fun. Holding him close to his face, he spoke to him, "I know you're still alive. I purposely missed all of your vital organs even though I shot you in the chest and head. I am keeping you alive so that I could interrogate you and kill you afterwards."

Coughing up blood Momma Fun came back to life. Struggling to breath he tried to remain conscious.

Pressing one of his guns to the forehead of the dealer, The Punisher proceeded to ask him questions. "Who is your supplier? Where are they?"

Unable to think straight Momma Fun felt himself slip closer to death, but he was able to find the strength to answer, "Go down the street turn left. The crack house is the third house down on the right."

Pulling the trigger, the Punisher splattered the dealer's brains all over the side walk, "Thanks."

Inside of the crack house two dealers sat on the couch with a large pile of pills on the coffee table in front of them. One used a razor to separate the pills from the large pile into smaller piles to bag up. The other took the bags and set then on a scale to make sure each bag weighed five grams. They were momentary distracted as they heard a knock coming from the door.

"Hey Daniel, answer the damn door!" one of them yelled.

"You get the damn door!" Daniel yelled back from the kitchen.

"We're too busy bagging drugs. It's you job to answer the damn door."

Daniel walked out of the kitchen half dressed with burn scars and needle marks up and down his arms. After attaching the chain to the door, he opening it to find The Punisher on the other side.

"Who is it?" He asked.

The door exploded into splinters as bullets burst forth tearing apart his lungs and heart.

"Your demise." Kicking the door open, The Punisher stepped over his new victim.

The two dealers shook and trembled, scared out of their minds as The Punisher walked over to them and asked, "Now who wants to get to know me better?"

It took some searching, but after walking through the warehouse district down by docks for thirty minutes, African-American college student Maylene Lumpkin finally found the right place. She was majoring in Law and criminal justice at Manhattan University hoping to someday become a district attorney. A week ago, an overweight balding man approached her offering her an internship. He didn't tell her what kind of work it entailed or even exactly where it was at. He just promised that it would cover all of her credits, give her real work experience that would not be found anywhere else, and high level job as soon as she graduated. It was an offer that she could not refuse, but she still felt uneasy. She was discouraged by how secretive the man was. He didn't tell her the exact location, just that it was in a warehouse by the docks and that he would turn off security so that she would not be hurt. The only way that she knew that she would find the right place was that the door would have a skull painted above it.

Not knowing what to expect next she knocked on the door and was promptly welcomed in by man that she spoke to last week.

"Maylene come on in, the big guy hasn't arrived yet, but that will give me time to show you around first."

"Um, I'm sorry, what exactly do you do here?" She looked around the room that appeared to have been a reception office. There was one desk with two high-tech modified computers on it and several empty oven pizza boxes. Behind the desk was another door which she assumed led to the rest of the warehouse. "This doesn't look like any law office I've seen before."

"Oh, where are my manners? I guess I don't have to be so secretive now. Hold on, give me a minute," He quickly walked over to his computer and typed something, then walked back over to her. "We should be safe to talk now. My name is David Linus, but please call me Microchip."

"Microchip? Is this some sort of cyber security firm?"

"No, not at all. Let me ask you, what are your views on vigilante justice?"

"Well the law can be inadequate at times and people do have a right to defend their selves, but it's against the law for a reason. Not everyone has clear view of justice and when they are motivated by hatred and revenge, innocent lives-"

"Stop right there, that will be enough. However, do you think that America's current justice system is adequate today?

Maylene felt nervous, these questions caused her stomach to turn to knots, but she didn't refuse to answer. "Yes, crime is at an all-time low and on average across America and the amount of wrongful imprisonment has decreased."

"So you are satisfied with work that our state's police force is handling criminal investigations?"

"Yes, they have excelled-"

"What about in the case of you little brother?" Microchip sat back down at his desk with his elbows on it and his hands clasped together. Trying hard to maintain her breathing and stay calm Maylene started glancing at the door.

"He has nothing to do with this."

"Oh, he has everything to do with this. Do you want to sit down?" He gestured to a chair in front of his desk.

"No, I think I'll leave." Trying not to show any emotion she turned around and reach for the door knob, but was stopped.

"Hold on, if you touch that door knob one hundred thousand volts of electricity will shock you." Microchip rubbed his chin. "I should have broached the subject more gently. Please sit down."

"Are you threatening me? You can't do this to me."

"I don't mean you any harm. Please, just sit down and let me explain."

As she sat down the chair creaked and the legs were uneven.

"Listen I sympathize with you. What happened to your little brother was horrible."

"Whatever this internship is, I don't want it anymore. Please let me leave." Maylene shifted in her chair.

"I can't let you do that. You don't even know what this internship is," Microchip turned on a coffee machine on his desk and poured in some water from bottle. "We don't have to talk about what happened to your brother, but tell me how long was it until the police discovered the suspects?"

This was the final straw for Maylene. Kicking her chair back she stood up and slammed her hands onto the desk. Maintain his demeanor, Microchip didn't acknowledge her outburst.

"He was molested, damn it! Okay, they got away with it for years. My family and I thought that they were just teachers tutoring him, but instead they were raping him and beating him. For five years we just thought he kept quiet and hardly ever went outside. We had no way of telling there was something wrong. Then when the police came to our door and explained it all to us. What they did to him and few other students. We couldn't believe it was real. After two years of trials those scumbags where let free. I promised my brother that I would do everything in my ability to protect him, but I couldn't after he took his own life!"

As tears streamed out of her eyes, she grabbed her chair and sat back down. For two minutes, she buried head into her hands sobbed. Microchip showed no sympathy as he poured two cups of coffee, one for himself, the other for Maylene.

"What happened after that?" He offered her the cup of coffee.

"What are you talking about?" She took the coffee, but didn't take a sip. She was too shaken to drink.

"You know what I'm talking about. What happened to the teachers?"

"They were killed by…" realizing what was going on she looked up and felt the knots in her stomach come undone, but she was not relieved. "It all makes sense now, the secretiveness, the skull on the door, and all the questions. You work for him don't you. The Punisher. You want me to intern for a murderer."

"Well I wouldn't put it that way, but yes."

"You picked me, because of my brother, didn't you? Because I witnessed the justice system fail. So, what just because I lost my brother to some bad men you think that I would want to take the law into my own hands and go after other criminal organizations. Well I have news for you I study Criminal Justice for reasons other than revenge."

Microchip smiled walked over to a door behind the desk.

"Good, let me show you the rest of the place." He led her to the larger part of warehouse. There was still some remnants of when it was used for storage for a business, like large shelves and a forklift, but now it resembled more of military base. The was a target range, a small gym, an armory locked behind a chain link cage, and small cot with a bulletin board nearby. Microchip drew her attention to the bulletin board which had photos pinned on it. These were photos of murderers, leaders criminal organizations, and America's most wanted.

"He used to be like you once. He too trusted in justice system, but that all changed a long time ago."

"Yeah, I read the profile the Daily Bugle ran on him. He decided to become a vigilantly after his family was killed in a mob shooting," replied Maylene.

"That is true. The death of his family lead to him taking out New York's major crime families, but I believe that the motivation came from the injustices that he witnessed in Vietnam."

"Vietnam?" She was very confused by this new information. "But he doesn't look like he's more than forty in the photos I've seen of him."

"You'll be surprised what dying and coming back to life a few times does to your skin," a booming voice said from behind Maylene. She felt paralyzed, but managed to slowly turned around and stood face to face with a large man wearing a skull t-shirt and large backpack on his back

Microchip introduced the man. "Maylene, I would like you to meet Frank Castle."

"The Punisher," the name slipped out of her mouth.

"Micro, are you bring home strays now? You know how I feel about outsiders," He glared at his friend.

"I hired her as an intern. I figured we could use some help with tracking targets and she can help you with cleaning and maintain the guns." Microchip pleaded with Punisher as he walked over to the armory. He dropped the backpack on the ground with a thunk.

"Whoa, I haven't agreed to anything yet," she started to feel a bit panicky wondering what she has gotten herself into.

"Have you found anyplace better to intern yet?" asked Microchip.

"No, but you can't expect me to do this. It's illegal, I'ld be aiding a known criminal."

"What are you going to learn at any law office?" stepped to her to be only a few inches away and looked down upon her. "An internship isn't real on the job training or anything. It's just getting coffee and filing papers. A big fucking waste of time. Here you will actually make a different and learn what justice really means. Change never starts behind a desk or in an office. Real change happens on the streets face to face with the criminals that are bring down your justice system. Now tell me, do you want to make a change or do you want continue with your pitiful existence?"

Maylene felt like she was backed up into a corner. She was frightened, but her mind was filled with uncertainty. She agreed with the things that Microchip was saying, but she knew that assisting these men was illegal and if caught it would mean life in prison.

"Well, will you help us or not?" Microchip was growing impatient.

"Do I actually have a choice?"

"You always have a choice, but make sure that you're making the right one."

With a deep sigh Maylene answered him. "Okay, I'll do it."

"Good your room will behind the armory."

"What? I have dorm room on campus." Again she wondered what she was doing.

"I know, that will be paid for. I you can visit from time to time so that you can keep up appearances of a normal college student, but I'm going to need you to spend all of you free time here. You can just tell your dormmate that you have a boyfriend of something."

"Yeah, but—"

"Are you done with introductions yet?" The Punisher interrupted. "I need you set up the interrogation room."

He unzipped the backpack and an unconscious body fell out.

It wasn't enough to tie him to a chair, draping a bloody apron on him, and strapping his head tight so he couldn't move it, but The Punisher also decided to go all out with surgical equipment, large butcher knives, OxyContin, gummy worms, and gray food coloring.

"Wakey, wakey," The Punisher slapped his new prisoner on the cheek with a butcher knife.

Feeling very groggy with a very painful splitting head ache he slowly noticed the ropes across his body and the apron covering the lower half of his body. What bothered him the most was his inability to turn his head and see what was going on. "What… ack, where am I?"

"Thomas? I'm going to assume that is your name," he could hear The Punisher behind him. "That's the name on your ID, but it looks fake."

"I can't, I can't…" Freighted and confused Thomas was unable to form a sentence.

"Did you ever study Anatomy in high school," The Punisher leaned in front of Thomas with a surgical mask covering his mouth. "Again I'm assuming that you went to high school. Well fun fact, even though the brain detects pain across the body there are no pain receptors in it."

He couldn't tell if he was smiling with the mask covering his mouth, but there appeared to be a smile with how the mask stretched with his cheeks poking out.

"What are you doing?" Thomas got no answers, The Punisher just disappeared from his view and he heard the clatter of steel medical instruments.

"The internet is an interesting place. You can learn how to do anything on it. How to cook methamphetamine, build a dirty bomb, and even how to preform brain surgery."

"Please, what do you want?" His heart rate increased as he began to panic.

"What's this I hear about a new drug? Silly Blood is it?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"You know about your motor cortex, right? It's part of your brain located in rear portion of your frontal lube. It's what controls your leg movement," The Punisher said as he loudly cut into the gummy worms slicing them into pieces, before he silently dipped them into the gray food coloring.

"Stop! What are you doing to me?"

The Punisher shoved a spoon into his face. He fought to keep his mouth shut, but the spoon slipped between his lips and he felt the slimy chewy bits in his mouth. It made him gag and he spat it back out.

"Try moving your big toe. Can you do that? Wiggle your big toe for me."

He tried to move his legs, but the entire lower half of his body felt numb. He felt no movement or pain below his legs, "Stop! Stop it, Silly Blood, it's a new drug that causes vivid hallucinations. It makes addicts see shit like cartoon characters and please, please stop!"

"Where do they make it?"

"I'm not sure. An abandon warehouse somewhere."

"Have you ever heard about the Hippocampus? It is what stores you short term memories. Like what did you eat last night. What was the last conversation you had with your friends."

The sounds of knife slices became louder as he cut more pieces of gummy worms.

"Please, please, stop, that is all I know. Try the industrial part of town. They just bring it to me to sell. I never see where is made, man. Please stop chopping up my brain!" Tears streamed from his eyes and sweat poured from his forehead.

"That will be enough," The Punisher released the strap around Thomas' head and threw the bag of remaining gummy worms in his face.

It didn't take long for him to put two and two together. "What the fuck? Was this a joke all along? Just fucking candy?"

Taking off the surgical mask The Punisher gave him a cold hard stare. "I did what I had to, to make you talk."

"Wait, hold on I still can't feel my legs. What did you do to my legs?" Thomas began to panic again.

With a swift grab The Punisher remove the apron to reveal the bloody stumps where Thomas' legs once were.

"You chop off my fucking legs! Why did you do that? Fuck, you didn't have to do that! Why? Fuck, fuck, FUCK!

As she was taking guns out of The Punisher's backpack and placing them back in their proper places in the armory Maylene heard loud screams coming from the interrogation room.

Franticly she turned to Microchip and said, "My God, is he killing that guy in there?"

"Yeah, probably," he shrugged it off. "How are you with a mop?"

"A mop? When I agreed to this you promised me that I would get an education that I wouldn't find anywhere else. What am I supposed to learn from mopping?"

"That justice is messy."

The screams suddenly stopped and soon after The Punisher walked in. He turned to Microchip and said, "I'm going for a walk. I won't be back until late tonight."

"I'll leave diner in the refrigerator," replied Microchip.

Without acknowledging her, The Punisher walked past Maylene into the Armory. He grabbed couple of submachine guns, a lot of ammo, and two fist-fulls of knives.

"Hey, where are you going?" asked Maylene.

"Like I said, I'm going for a walk," said The Punisher.

"Why? What are you going to do?"

"Play that Poke Mon Go. I hear that a Charmander was spotted in the park nearby."

"Yeah, nice joke. If you're catching Poke Mons then why would you need all of the guns."

"Them millennials are vicious," he walked past her and out the building. Maylene was left feeling humiliated. Microchip approached her with a mop, bucket, and a large black plastic bag.

"Here you go, get to work," he held out the tools to her. "If you wait too long the blood will soak in and leave a bad stain in the concrete and tell me when you're done so that I can dispose of the body."

A candy factory being used as a drug factory seemed too obvious, but it sure did appear that way. Hiding in plain sight maybe an effective strategy when no one is paying attention, but not when a trained eye notices that the factory has been receiving shipments of hundreds pounds of illegal substances several times a day. After finding the place The Punisher took a few hours to stake out the place. He thought that it could be a trap for Police officers, the D.E.A., or himself. It wasn't long until he saw a truck load of substances, chemicals, and other ingredients used for making drugs that it was more than any sane drug cartel would risk too lose. These guys must have been very stupid or cocky to establish a factory such as this. They however didn't spare any consideration on security.

There was no way that he was going to make a stealth entrance with four snipers posted around the place. It was a fortress with a thick blast resistant brick wall all around. The only way in was a gate with explosives set to go off if anyone tapered with it in anyway. The only way to shut down this factory was to do it loud and that is exactly how The Punisher likes it.

With four well trained shots he took out the snipers each with one shot between the eyes. Then with a bazooka from a mile away he blew apart the gate causing the other explosives to go off with an explosion big enough to be seen across town.

The loud boom was more than enough to startle everyone inside the factory. Some were cooking and packaging drugs and guards were holding guns making sure they were continuing their work, but at this moment they forgot what their jobs where. They were all prepared for such an invent, but none of them expected it to actually happen. They dropped what they were doing a stood frozen for a moment not knowing what to do, then a high-pitched voice spoke over the loud speaker, "We are under attack! This could be cops, some cape wearing dork, or Godzilla. Whatever is going on, everyone grab a weapon and kill whatever comes through the gate!"

Some had guns, others guarded themselves with chairs, bars, and knives. Several guards with guns ran out to the front. Armed with assault rifles, pistols, and shot guns they aimed at the inferno at the front gate. They waited for a moment, then with a loud roar a black armored van plowed through the flames. A barrage of bullets pelted the van. The guards quickly unloaded their weapons at it, but not one pierced it's armored hide as it drove around the building to the loading bay and stopped. One guard came out with a grenade launcher that would be enough to break through any armor plating, but before he could pull the trigger a large plume of white smoke dispensed from under the van. The smoke enveloped the guards causing them chough, vomit, and loss conscious.

Once the coast was clear The Punisher exited the van from the back fully armed with a gas mask on. He did for a moment consider taking out the guards that were out, but it would be a waste of bullets. The gas did the work for him.

With a big bang He made his entrance into the factory into a storage room. He shot up every guard that raise a gun at him, some were dead before they could even aim. None fired a shot, but there was not a pause of gun shots coming from The Punisher for at least sixty minutes. He took cover behind a forklift as he reloaded his guns. At this moment room was still, no one was alive in there, but The Punisher. It was silent, but that peacefulness was interrupted by the loud speaker, "Everyone kill that fucker! It's one man, he can't stop all of you! The first one kill him will get all the drugs they want, One hundred thousand dollars, and big fat kiss on the mouth from me. Now get to gutting!"

She had to see him in action. As soon as Maylene was alone she snuck out the back the of the warehouse to follow The Punisher. He wasn't easy to follow. As soon as they entered the industrial district he seemed to have vanished, but after hours of waiting finally she saw explosions and heard gun fire, it was easy to tell when he was at that moment.

She drove her sedan up to the gate that was engulfed with flames and used a tire iron to break open the release nut on a nearby fire hydrant. She didn't have a hose, but she didn't need one. It was close enough to the gate that when the fountain of water sprayed all over the entrance it was enough to extinguish the fire.

She proceeded with caution, but saw no one conscious or alive outside. The knock out gas had already evaporated into the air and all the guards where still lying passed out on the ground. She grabbed a pistol off one the bodies for protection. She never fired a real gun before and hoped that she would never have to. Afraid of being killed she decided not to enter the building, but to instead only watch from the windows. From there she could see all of the men inside leaving their work areas and running to the back of the building where all of the gun fire could be heard coming from and where she was sure that she would find The Punisher.

From behind the large roll up door dividing the storage room and the rest of the factory, The Punisher could hear men gather. He knew that they would outnumber and out gun him. Also, that if he waited around for them to attack first, then he will surely end up dead. He needed a plan and fast.

With a loud creaking noise the door slowly began to move up. Time was up The Punisher needed to act fast. Lucky for him the keys to the fork lift were in the ignition. After starting it up, he raised the fork up his eye leave. It blocked his view, but it also provided a bit protection for his face and would decapitate anyone who came too close. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a machine gun he plowed into the halfway raised door. Many of the guards scattered as the door broke apart causing several large pieces of metal to fall onto the guards and the fork lift. However the fork lift was strong enough to move through the broken door with no problem.

Several of the guards hid behind boxes and steel tables and fired their guns at The Punisher. With his line of sight blocked and one hand on the steering wheel he could not do better than shoot wildly at them. Once they ducked down, he grabbed a grenade off of his belt and threw it at them blowing them to smithereens.

The fork lift was a good sturdy machine, but with all of the bullets hitting it, it was not going to last much longer. Smoke started to seep out of the engine and the wheels moved slower. With the fork lift almost useless The Punisher abandoned it, ran, and hid behind some large metal shelves. Now that he was no longer preoccupied with driving, it was easier for him to aim his gun and kill more guards and factory workers, but he was running low on bullets.

"You losers are pathetic!" Yelled the loud speaker. "He's one man. Get you heads out of you asses and kill him already!"

The guards and factory workers were getting more desperate, moving closer and shooting more wildly. The Punisher didn't mind, it only made them more easy targets for him, but with a clicking noise he was out of bullets.

Watching from outside the window, Maylene saw him pull the trigger and for the first time not kill someone. She was afraid and wanted to help him, but didn't know what to do. She stood there paralyzed in fear, but little did she know that he didn't need her help.

"Shit, I'm out of ammo," The Punisher dropped his guns and dug his hands into his pouches. "It's a good thing I have all of these knives."

Out he pull two fist full of knives and yelled loudly, "It's Punishment!"

At this moment, there was fifteen men left in the factory and The Punisher was about to kill them all in fifteen seconds. It was a bloodbath, The Punisher called upon all of the hatred that he had been keeping on reserve and channeled it into energy like a shot of adrenaline. He saw everything in slow motion and could anticipate every movement of the men before it was made.

The closest guard and first victim was carrying a M-16 machine gun, had two-hundred fifty pounds of muscle, and only ten percent body fat, but none of that was enough protection as The Punisher swiftly ran head first at him and sliced his belly open causing his guts to fall out on the ground. As he fell onto his knees, The Punisher turned the knife upward and sliced his head open from chin to forehead.

Second was standing behind a metal table firing two pistols. Running at him with no hesitation, The Punisher ducked down out the line of fire. Then when he reached the table he shot up and stuck a knife into the bottom of his chin with the tip of the blade piercing his tongue and touching the roof of his mouth. In agonizing pain, he dropped his gun and felt like screaming, but his mouth was paralyzed. The Punisher grabbed the back of his head and slammed it onto the metal table sending the blade though his brain.

Third was also behind the table and already begging for mercy, but The Punisher shows no mercy. So he took two knives and stuck them into either side of his neck and twisted them around causing his head to pop off like cork out of champagne bottle with fountain of blood spraying out.

Four through Eight where all firing machine guns, but where too far away to run too. So, The Punisher threw a knife at one of the guard's hands was holding the gun, causing his hand to tense up squeezing the trigger uncontrollably. As he twisted his body in pain he shot out four of his friends, before The Punisher took him out with another knife thrown between his eyes.

Ninth was smart and hid behind a shelf for cover, but across from him was fire extinguisher mounted on a wall. The Punisher threw a knife at it causing the extinguisher to erupt spraying retardant at the guard. He covered his face and hunched over leaving himself open for The Punisher to come up behind him and stab him with three knives along his spinal column. Then he grabbed him by the front of his head and slammed him back first into the wall.

Tenth was ballsy and came charging at The Punisher with a knife. He grabbed him by his knife carrying arm with one hand on his wrist and the other on his elbow. He lifted his elbow up and pressed down on his wrist breaking it and causing a bone to splinter and poke out of his arm. The Punisher pulled out the bone splinter and stuck it into his eye.

He took the eleventh by his scalp and bent him backwards. With a knife in hand he stabbed him twenty times in the belly causing his intestates to burst out of his belly like streamers from a party popper.

Twelfth was firing two submachine guns screaming like Rambo as he shot at The Punisher as he took cover behind a concrete pillar. Even after he unloaded both of his clips he continued to scream. The Punisher shoved a knife into his big mouth, made him swallow it, and then rapidly punched him three dozen times in the belly causing the blade to tear apart his insides.

Thirteenth was running for the door when The Punisher threw a knife into his back right between the shoulder blades. He fell forward onto the wall. He was still as The Punisher threw for more knives pinning his hands and feet to the wall. Then he walked and grabbed the knife in his back and pulled in down slicing all the way through his back and down his butt crack emptying his bowels onto the ground.

The Punisher picked up the fourteenth and slammed him on his back onto a metal table. Then like a surgeon he sliced a Y on his chest and peeled back the skin to expose his rib cage. With twelve well trained stabs he broke each of his ribs and took them out exposing his still beating heart. The Punisher reached in and pulled out to show it to him before he sliced off each of the arteries attached to the heart. Then he threw it on the ground and stomped on it three times.

Dropping the knives on the ground The Punisher took a deep breath regaining his calm. He slowly took in a few more breaths and slowed his heart rate down. He was about to congratulate himself on a job well down, but wait he missed one.

Fifteen crept up behind him, slapped a palm full of pills over his mouth, and forced him to swallow them. "Let's see you kill me now with fifty doses of silly blood pumping through your veins! HAHAHAHA!"

Reaching behind himself The Punisher grabbed the guard's head pressed his thumbs into his eyes. The guard let out a blood curdling scream. He continued to press and squeeze until blood poured out every hole in his head.

Whatever was in the pills began to take effect. He felt queasy like he was about to vomit. His head was spinning and everything became blurry. Slowly he regain focus, but he could not believe what he was seeing. The cartoon characters from his childhood had come to life. The beloved animated animals that he used to watch on the television were each holding weapons and ready to attack him. Daffy Duck held two machetes ready to chop. Betty Boop had revolver cocked and loaded. Goofy held a lead pipe ready to swing like a baseball bat. Scooby Doo Stood on his hind legs and held a tommy gun in his paws.

"No, no this can't be real. Why is this happening?" Staggered backwards holding his head The Punisher could not escape the hallucinations as they closed in on him.

"Oh, it's real alright, bozoo," Daffy Duck swung the machetes in a threatening manner. "It's vigilante season."

Picking up a machine gun off a dead guard, The Punisher used it to defend himself. He unloaded several shots at the cartoon characters, but the bullets flew right through them. Terror swept over him as he realized that he could no longer trust his own eyes. After dozens of years of torturing and killing mobsters, murders, and warlords, The Punisher feared that he would fall to least threatening creatures that he has ever seen.

Maylene was astonished as she watched him shoot wildly with no targets. A few stray bullets barely missed her by inches. No longer could she stand back and watch. Until this moment he had been entirely self-reliant, but now it was up to her to do something or else he could go permanently insane.

With him firing the machine gun in all directions, she needed to act quickly and find a way to subdue him. After entering the factory, she disconnected the fuel tank off the back of the fork lift and rolled it towards The Punisher. She was careful not to roll it too close to him, then shot the tank to cause a blast that wouldn't kill him, but instead knock him unconscious.

She wasn't a doctor, but she knew that what she was doing could protentional kill him, but the circumstances where direr and risks had to be made. After running over to him she began preforming CPR. She had never performed it on a real human, only a test dummy in a class. This was the moment of truth, she pressed on his chest twenty five times and blew air into his mouth. It didn't work the first time so she pressed on his chest twenty more times and he regain conscious. Now wasn't a moment to rejoice for she still had to get the drugs out of her system. The next thing she did, she knew was more dangerous than exploding a gas tank near him, as she sat him up and shoved her fingers down his throat to induce vomiting. It could cause something to climb out of his stomach and get logged in his throat causing him to choke to death or the sudden burst of energy after being unconscious could cause his heart to skip a beat and stop. Those were just a few of the many complications that could occur, but she had to take her chances and pray that he his regular exorcise and low carb diet would be enough to keep him healthy enough to survive this.

With loud gargling noise The Punisher began to vomit. His stomach contents spewed forth. Most of it appeared to be liquid making it clear to see the pills as they fell on the ground. After a few more coughs, he turned to Maylene and said, "What the hell are you doing here?

"I just saved your ass," she answered. "A 'thank you' is in order."

"This place is dangerous. You should leave."

"Um, remember how I said I saved your life? You were tripping pretty hard on some drugs. If it wasn't for me, you would be dead. You're welcome."

The Punisher didn't reply as he stood up and wiped the vomit off his mouth. Then proceeded to walk away.

"Well done Mister Punisher, I thought I may have lost you for a moment there," a high-pitched voice spoke over the loud speaker. "I must commend you on killing all of my gun toting thugs and drug making slaves."

Looking a to the security camera, The Punisher asked, "Who are you?"

"What's that I can't hear you. These cameras don't have any microphones. Let me guess, you want know who I am. Why don't you come to the main office so that we can meet face to face?"

He turned to walk to the office, but Maylene stopped him. "Wait it might be a trap."

"For me there is no such thing."

"Oh… Kay, you may want to lighten up sometimes."

Together they entered the main office. Inside was large desk with several monitors and microphone on it. Behind it was leather swivel chair. Dramatically the chair spun around to reveal a four feet tall cartoon clown with purple hair and wide grin on his face.

"Oh shit, the drugs are still in my system," said The Punisher.

"Greetings, bet you never suspected that I was behind all of this massive drug operation. For it is I Slapstick."

"Um, I don't think he's a hallucination. I see and hear him too," said Maylene.

"Nope, this is all fake. Let's go," He turned and began to walk away and she followed.

"Wait don't walk away. I created a deadly drug and sold it to children. I commanded a hundred men to kill you. What are you going to do about that? Aren't you going to finish the job?" Slapstick ran out in front of The Punisher and got down on his knees and begun begging.

"Nope you're not real," he ignored him and continued to walk away.

"Come on, kill me! I'm a cartoon clown come to life. Everyone points and laugh at me. I can't shop at stores, everyone thinks that I'm not real or some sort of joke. I have no penis! I tried to kill myself, but cartoon physics make me invincible. But you are the Punisher you always find a way to kill your mark. Please kill me!" Slapstick grabbed his legs and began crying.

"I don't care if you are real or not, but I'm not going to kill you. It would be a waste of my time. If you are truly invincible then keep trying to kill yourself, you've got an eternity to figure out how to do it."

Maylene turned to Slapstick and said, "Wait stop trying to kill yourself. It won't fix anything. Like he said 'you can live for eternity', that means that every day you can try again at making your life right and better the world."

"You're right strange girl that I've never met before," Slapstick suddenly felt overwhelm with confidence. "I could rob banks and cops will never stop me, I could make a shit ton of drugs and make lots of money. I could create millions of plans to kill you Punisher and then nothing could stop my criminal activities! Hahahahahaha!

The Punisher payed no attention as he walked out the factory. Maylene followed and they left together.

To Be Continued…