Welcome everybody to the new story of my fanfic career, BloodDevil. Now I know that I have an unfinished story about Vandel in Awakening, but this story keeps gnawing through my mind while reading some of the Highschool DxD stories.

So, I decided to make a story featuring the crossover of both Bloodborne and DxD since I love both. Now into the bio for the hunter.

Name: Akai Tsuki (Red Moon)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Great One (After slaying the Moon Presence)

Weapons: Right hand (Ethereal Blade and Rakuyo), Left hand (Ivory)

Appearance: Messy shoulder length Blood Red hair covers his left eye. He has a pale face with Crimson Red eyes (though is difficult to see his face given he always have the face mask on). Athletic but not a body builder.

Weapons: Ethereal Blade; Similar to Gehrman's Burial Blade only black and red. Ivory; As powerful as the Evelyn only in the color black.

Personality: Given that he rarely shows emotions and is often silent, his personality is unknown. He does a slight sadistic nature when it comes to killing monsters. However, he is kind and extremely helpful when it comes to allies/friends. Even if it means giving his life to save one.

Past: Like the other palebloods, Akai travelled through the savage streets of Yharnam to end the night of the hunt. He has seen horrifying monsters and unspeakable trails of death which scarred him for life. After many trails (and deaths but that is for us players), Akai confronted and defeated both Gerhman and Moon Presence, ending the nightmare and made a half-god.

Likes: Anyone who WONT try to kill him, killing monsters, quiet places.

Dislikes: Betrayal, Beasts, other hostile hunters