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Bold text – Akai speaking through notebook

Index-Akai's thoughts


Next Day after the last exploration of the Hunter's Nightmare. Hunter's Dream (Akai's POV)

It's been another day since the last exploration of the Hunter's Dream. Though Kuroka did not wanted to go all sexy time with me, we did at least cuddle when I returned. Probably someone told her about my falling out in the dream after discovering the true face of the Healing Church. It's fine really…I needed it after all.

For the past hours, I was busy refining and training myself with the new sword from Lady Maria. Her face…she was so at peace when she passed away and told me to finally end this nightmare…just like Ludwig saying to free the souls damned in it. The sword, Rakuyo, was unique…a weapon that has a dagger at the hilt but can also take it off to dual-wield it. The sword on my right and the dagger on my left. I was very intrigued of the uniqueness of the weapon and I trained at least this morning to have a feel of the weapon. The one thing I do want to know is…should I stab myself with it to power it up just like she did? She too was a hunter and maybe we both can use our own blood as weapons. Questions like these is some of the most enjoyable things I like about being a hunter.

As I was refining the weapon at the workshop, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, two orbs of flesh on my back and mop of black hair was on my right shoulder. "Nya, aren't you done already?" Kuroka asked as she watched me refine.

Hehe, I'm almost done, Kuroka. Just need to infuse the rock into it and the sword will be done. I replied to her as I infuse the Blood rock into the sword, making it the most powerful as it can be. I sighed before leaning against her.

You know I must go back, right?

"Nya, I know…is it almost over?" I nodded to her. "Good. Cause I want you and your mind to be out of that place. I do not want my mate to be lost by bloodlust."

Trust me. That's the last thing I want.

We stayed like that for a few minutes later before Kuroka leaving to spend some more time with Koneko. As for me? Well…let's just say a certain silent dragon wants to lay on me again and watch T.V. I swear, this girl keeps thinking I'm a bed the more times I let her do what she wishes. Why do I keep…oh yeah, one of the strongest Dragons out there? Right. "…I will come with you." Ophis bluntly stated as she continues watching T.V. I didn't even bother to ask why or refute her statement. If she wants to come, fine by me. Stronger hands are better to have on a team going into a very dangerous dimension.

Hours later, near the gravestone (General POV)

Sitting alongside Akai near the gravestone was Ophis, who was merely looking at the gravestone with interest. Another dimension through a grave is an interesting way to travel and she thought she could find a place of silence…until she saw that said dimension is filled with monsters, corrupted hunters, blood, screams, the list goes on. The exact opposite of what Ophis wanted. Several portals soon formed and out comes the high-ranking Devils, Angels and a single Fallen Angel. Governor General Azazel, the two Devil leaders, Sirzechs and Serafall, with Grayfia besides her beloved, the two Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and finally Ophis, the Ouroboros Dragon. Honestly, this team alone can basically wipe out anything if they all work together…which they would need to once they go to the Hunter's Nightmare.

"Eh, sorry for taking so long, Akai. Gearing up for a place of unknown proportions takes a LOT of time to prepare, you know?" Azazel casually said to Akai, who just merely nods to him. "To think we will go to another dimension…though the day will never come, hehe." Chuckles Sirzechs as Grayfia can't help but to agree with him.

"Yeah, well we need to go and make sure this place is all nice and friendly! Of course with recent developments…it may not. Don't worry, you got Serafall Leviathan on your team! Nothing can beat us!" Serafall winks as Michael smiles at the display. "Quite the scene, no? Human, Angel, Devil, Fallen Angel, and Dragon coming together to achieve a single goal." Said his sister, Gabriel, walking beside him. "Yes, a sight I will love to see for all of eternity." Replied the Archangel.

With the team ready, Akai points his hand forward at the gravestone and transported the party back into the Hunter's Nightmare…

Hunter's Nightmare, Astral Clocktower

In like an instant, the party of nine arrived at the Astral Clocktower, where Akai faced its lone guardian, Maria. "Wow…it's much bigger here than it was from the screen back in the Underworld." Sirzechs commented as the party looked around the place. Akai glanced over the fallen chair Maria was sitting and gazed at the clock…feeling like it is beckoning him to do something. Trusting his instincts, he took out a small clock symbol (A/N: Forgot what it is, please tell me what it was as I haven't played the game for a long time.) and held it above his head towards the giant clock. What followed surprised him and alerted the others, as the clock moved in a clockwise motion until an opening was created, a blinding white light illuminated of what is beyond.

"Well, that worked, whatever you did." Azazel said as he flew towards the opening. The rest followed with Akai being the last one there and as the party cautiously enters through the opening towards the white light, they were met with something very different than what they expect.

Instead of like another facility or a bigger city to explore, they met a very gloomy, gray colored, run down fishing village. Heck, they can feel the absolute feeling of nothing but sadness and solitude throughout the area. "Anyone else feels like we just entered a pity party?" Azazel asked, in a not so joking tone. "No…you are not the only one." Michael answered as he cannot feel anything holy of this place. Nor demonic or evil…just sadness. What the hell happened to this place? Is what everyone thought with Akai being the one who is the most curious. He did read a document about hunters going into a village and slaying its residents for some brain matter the Church could use.

This…this must be it… Is what Akai thought as he and the rest of the group continue onto their journey. Literally five steps from the Clocktower did the group spotted a lone, walking thing that just have sadness painted all around his body. When it got closer, it could hear it mumbling some strange and cryptic things. A curse to the wretches, he said. From the wrath of Mother Kos. And more along the lines of a sad orphan child…

What brought Akai in alert was Kos' curse. He is…of a faithful believer to the Old One since she's a peaceful being living near the oceans, if that's what he recalls from the old books about her. So, it is quite the surprise for him to hear that she made a curse to the people who wronged this village…this only angers him that the sheer thought of the Healing Church and the Scholars only come here to defile this place for the sake of their "research."

He wasted no time marching ahead of the others into the village. "Yo Akai, wait up!" Azazael called out to the hunter as the rest of the party ventures into the Fishing Hamlet.

Well…there is one thing the Fishing Hamlet can tell you…it is a shitheap. It is a lot more cleaner and/or nicer place to live in the past but…now it's nothing but rotted houses, barnacles growing and infesting every house on sight…and the villagers? Nothing more but violent fish people attacking ANY outsiders here.


Dealing the final blow with a swift cut through the neck to decapitate his opponent, Akai collected the blood echoes (idk how really, they just get sucked inside of you like souls…) before regrouping with the others. The party decided to be spilt up and survey the town to get a better view of the village. And needless to say, the place is really an inhabitable place beside the residents who are living here currently. Nothing but barnacles, rotting houses, dead remains of fish and other sea creatures, it's like a watery hell here…and this is just from the entrance of the village. Akai has a feeling they have a long way to go.

Rejoining with the others by the old well (after killing a shadow skull summoner sitting in front of it) Akai gestures what they have found. Gabriel spoke up first. "Nothing but despair and death everyone. My brother and I searched around the Southern area of this village…we just only found decayed bodies and ransacked homes." Michael nodded with her. "Indeed…it brings me great sorrow of what happened to these people."

Azazel spoke up next, a grim look on his face. "Yeah and that's not half of it. I spotted about a dozen more of those sea creatures taken residents here. And we got some big guys wandering around aimlessly. They look like giant sharks…heh, sharks being on land will be the worst thing to come to life for humans." Sirzechs and Grayfia remained quiet as their search were just as horrible and disturbing as the rest of the village.

"…This place is so quiet…and yet sad? That's what I'm feeling from here…" Ophis said in a monotone yet concern tone. She doesn't usually feel emotions since they could be as noisy as "Baka Red" but…this village is pitiful…empty…has nothing of worth in it. Azazel sratched the back of his head in Azazel scratched the back of his head in frustration, "You know, I thought that Holy Swords Project was bad but this? This is nothing compare to that!"

"Right…a never-ending nightmare, endless chaos, a curse from a divine being? All for what exactly…" Sirzech spoke in an anger yet curious tone. Despite having information from the Research Hall of what the Healing Church were trying to accomplish, they were still in the dark of one thing…why? Why do they want to become an Old One so bad? Just to be a God? Is that it?

Akai merely shook his head as he too shares those thoughts about what the Church really trying to accomplish here. Then again…it probably doesn't matter anymore to his since he is now a living proof of having a certain type of insight will gain you access to Godhood. However, while the party was thinking, they have some unexpected visitors coming behind Grayfia and Sirzech. Michael and Gabriel noticed this first and called out, "Grayfia! Lord Sirzech! Watch out behind you!" The two Devils heard him and took flight just in time to dodge a literal anchor sliding under them. The party were on the defensive while Azazel chuckles nervously; "So about those sharks? Yeah…these are the one."

Standing before them was not one, not two, but three of the enormous shark men things lining up besides one another. One on left has no weapons and has some barnacles around its torso and back, one on the right has a large harpoon and it too has barnacles around its body, but the one in the center carries a large anchor and have an immense number of barnacles and toughen shells all over its body. It's safe to assume the center is like the leader of the group. Said leader roared while pointing its anchor at the group, the left shark started charging at Michael and Gabriel, arms swinging. The one on the right jumped up and brought its harpoon down at Azazel, had he not swiftly equipped his armor and blocked the attack with his spear. Grayfia and Sirzech firing magics and delivering kicks and punches to support him.

That leaves the leader with Akai and Ophis. The two merely nodded to each other as they don't to say anything to each other to take this thing down. Ophis summons a moderate sized dark serpent before it viscously attacks the shark leader's face. The leader grabbed the snake by the throat and tried to straggle it but was cut in the legs but Akai's twin blades that is the Rakuyo. He had to swiftly rolled to his right when the shark leader slammed its anchor at him, creating a large impact on the ground and leave a large crater there. I should uh…avoid getting hit by that. Is what Akai thought as the serpent slithers around the shark leader and bit its right shoulder.

The shark leader roars in anger before it grabs the snake by its head and flung it to the ground hard! The snake screeched in pain before its throat was stepped and crushed by the shark's foot, making it disintegrate and return to Ophis' body. "My…that's unexpected. Tougher than they look." Ophis said in a curious tone. Not many creatures can stand up to one her snakes, let alone defeat it. This intrigues her as she summons two more of the same snakes to attack the leader's left shoulder and left leg.

The shark leader roars as it charges towards Ophis and her snakes but was brought onto his knees as Akai slashed both back of its knees with his Burial Blade before switching weapons and stabbed the shark's back with the Moonlight Sword! Heh, who said I had to use only one weapon in a fight?

This gave the snakes an opening to bite the shark's left shoulder, with one of them changing targets and bit on the shark's face! The shark swings its anchor around in a wild rage, clipping Akai by his left shoulder so he had to heal through it with a blood vial before blindly charging at Ophis. Big mistake…

"Bye bye!" Ophis said in a childlike tone before forming a dark orb and fired it at the shark's chest. The orb merely obliterated its chest before the shark planted face first onto the watery ground, dead. Akai sighs in relief as he looks around to see Gabriel and Michael pin their shark down with divine spears and swords with Michael finishing off with a sword through the head. With Azazel, Grayfia and Sirzechs, the Queen Maid froze the shark's legs before Sirzechs destroys them both with a kick infused with the Power of Destruction. Then, Azazel came up form above with a finishing blow through the shark's head. With that, the party was able to clear out the area…for now.

"Damn…things are tough all right!" Azazel said as he looks at his armor. While he himself is fine, his armor has taken a few crack and broken areas here and there. The shark's strength is terrifying and swinging a heavy harpoon with said strength…is going to cause some damage.

"At least we are all right…" Gabriel said, as she smiles to the party. Akai glances at the shark monsters…when did these things live in this village? Before the curse? After? Were they living in the ocean and only now wanted to live here in the surface world because of the Church and the Scholar's wrong doings? In any case…these questions shall be saved for another day. We should get moving…we still have a long way to go. Akai wrote to the group as he leads them onwards through the Fishing Hamlet, hoping to end this Nightmare and learn the truth of it.


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