This is my first story ever, please be gentle with the critics, in this story will be mainly focused on Add because he is my favourite character in Elsword, and there will be some connection with the other Elsword world. And the pairing will be [Els x Ai], [Rena x Raven], [Chung x Elesis], and [Add x Ara x Eve] ( explain later)


Elsword (world 1) – Lord Knight

Aisha (world 1) – Void Princess

Rena (world 1) – Night Watcher

Raven (world 1) – Veteran Commander

Eve (world 1) – Code: Battle Seraph

Chung (world 1) – Iron Paladin

Elesis (world 1) – Grand Master

Ara (world 1) – Sakra Devanam

Add(world 1) – Lunatic Psyker

I won't write about Lu/Ciel and Rose now because in this first chapter (will make more chapter if you want me to do so) is the Elgang in Sander. Now let's the story begin.

Add's POV:

I was too late, they are all deaths, if only that damn Prince and Queen was here then they wouldn't have died like this.

"TCH" was all the sound that escaped from my lips.

They are all fools thinking that they could take on true Karis on their own. And that stupid decision cost them their damn lives.

The leader of this group died holding hand with that witch, we all know that they love each other but they won't admit it and now it's too late.

I laugh madly, knowing that the person that let Elsword died was her. I told her that she could obtain more power if she practices using elements, but she put her fucking trust on a bat instead of her comrade.

And of course that bat seals away it power in the middle of the fight and that musclebrain took the blow for her. But she still died, how irony is that?

"Kuhahahaha, even the leader of the red knights die just here, she must have lost her calmness when the musclebrain died, ahahahaha".

I laugh maniacally, thinking that she makes a fatal mistake.

And when I look at Raven and the elf, she is lying on top of Raven and they were both stabbed by a scythe.

"That damn idiot, I fucking told him to stop using the arm when he felt pain inside of his chest, but he won't listen, they are all fools".

But all of this wouldn't have happened if Ara didn't put all of her trust into his demon brother. That trust at the wrong person cost us her life and my heart was broken.

When Chung was gonna delivered the final blow, she blocks it and try to talk Aren out of it, but the demon that once her brother stabbed her right through her heart. Chung then killed Aren and left the gang to find his father on his own.

After we left the Halls of Water, I buried Ara under the tree where she confessed her love to me. The thought of that makes a tear trickle down from my eyes, she was a clumsy one, but she is very kind and beautiful.

I only joined the gang because of Eve. So at first we dislike each other, but she started to talk to me when the gang discovered about one another past. She opens up more to me, and I found us had a lot of things in common.

Before we reach Hamel, she confessed to me under the flamboyant and I accepted her feelings. We kissed the first time there, and her grave is there too. I buried her there for us to always remember the most beautiful time of our lives. She was the only one that when I spent time with her, I've never felt more sane in my entire life. She was my queen and I was her king.

Speaking of the Queen, that damn Nasod terminate her emotions so when she saw them died, she simply just left with the boost from the CBS powers.

"Kukuku, she told us that she terminate her emotions for us, but when they died she just left, kuhahaha".

I laugh at the thought of that, and the thought of how weak they are when I solo kill True Karis.

But I still gave all of them a proper burial because some of them would still be alive if I wasn't that fed up with Ara death, I always visit her grave whenever I had time. And even when the gang go into the Behemoth to confront Karis, I still knelt in front of Ara grave and cry.

When I go after the gang, I was just too late. I never consider them my friends or family or comrades, I was simply joining them for Eve code. But they are the only one apart from my mother care about me, especially Ara, she was perfect in every way, I would never think she would love a maniac like me.

I buried the Elgang next to Ara under the tree. After I've finished burying them, I started thinking about what will I do without them now, without Ara…

For the first time in my entire life, I got nothing to do now and for the future, I could go after Eve for her code, but that would be pointless now, because I have developed my own code and I don't even know where did she go.

Elrois still have a ton of demons all over the country, I thought of helping them fend off, but without the gang then I will come with them soon after.

Everything in this world is now fighting against me, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". I can't do anything but laugh at the that thought. After all, the world started to fight against me ever since I was born. I started punching all the other trees around me while laughing maniacally.

Then I suddenly saw a dark purple portal appears in front of me, and an arm drags me into the portal. I closed my eyes and let the portal takes me away.

When I open my eyes, I found myself lying under the flamboyant and next to me was empty, there are no graves there.

"Add", I heard someone call me. I look up only to see a man grinning with white hair like mine but a bit messy, he is wearing a black armor, he has black sclera and he even has dynamos.

"Who are you?" was the last thing I spoke before I fainted there.

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