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Elsword: Rune Slayer

Aisha: Elemental Master

Rena: Grand Archer

Raven: Blade Master

Eve: Code: Empress

Chung: Tactical Trooper

Ara: Yama Raja

Elesis: Blazing Heart

Add (world 1): Lunatic Psyker

Add (world 2): Diabolic Esper

Add (world 3): Mastermind

Rose: Optimus

Sorry again for the rushed ending, hope you enjoyed the final chapter of Elsword: Multiverse (Add)

Psyker's POV:

I looked at Elsword and Aisha, it has been my world Rena dream to see those two become couple, but her dream never come true. I advert my gaze towards this Rena, I could see her delight smile, I suppose every Rena wanted Elsword and Aisha being together

I sighed, try to muster up a smile but fail miserably, thinking about my old Elgang make me felt down, especially memories about Ara, not the Yama Raja but the Sakra Devanam. Every memories about her brought pain to my heart, I lost the second person I cared the most.

I punched the tree beside me, blood gushing out from my fist. Why was I born, if all I get was pain and agony. I dropped to my knees, my arms fell to the side letting bloods trickle to the ground

"Gahhhhhhh" I cried out in pain, not physical pain, but emotional pain

I stares at the ground, lost in thought and pain.

Ara's POV:

I pouted at Eve, she lost in thought a moments ago and when I snapped her out of it, she just walk to Esper, not caring about my existence

"Why is everyone lost in thought so much today? First is Rena, now is Eve, what's going on?" I thought to myself

"It seemed that Elsword and Aisha become lover make them relived their memories with their lovers" I heard Eun answered

"I should have known" I sighed

"Don't you have a man to cared for? I remembered that you do have one" Eun chuckled

I blushed at her remarked

"What do you expect me to do with him?"

"You should confessed to him, you love the real him, you must love "him" from another world" Eun pointed out

"I actually developed quite a feeling towards Psyker, even though he tried to kill me before" I nodded

"I knew you were a playgirl Ara" I could felt Eun smirked

"HEY!" I snapped, my face flushed bright red due to both embarrassment and anger

"Don't worry the author already put this fic rated T since the beginning and beside, you change your crushed pretty quick" She broke the fourth wall

"He is still the same person, he open up more to me rather than Esper, not to mention he is quite muscular, and don't break the fourth wall" I demanded

"Wait, isn't that him, sitting beside a tree there?" Eun asked

"Is it him, but is that blood dripping from his palm?" I asked worriedly

"I'm not gonna interrupt your time with him, so I will be asleep if you need me" She said before going to sleep

I walked toward him, seeing that he is spacing out, I pouted

"Why is everybody I tried to talk to spaced out?" I tapped on his shoulder

"Psyker, are you okay?"

"It's hurt" He spoke

"Your palm? Blood is gushing out so it should hurt" I joked

He punched the bloody palm on the ground, making it bleed more

"I was just joking, didn't think you would be mad" I panicked

I quickly knelt down next to him, grabbed his palm and have a looked at it

"Why did it hurt so much?" He spoke again

"This wound is not that much of a concern Psyker" I tried to contain my giggle

"That's not it" He whispered


"That's not it!" He shouted, both his hands grab my shoulder

I first worried about his palm, but when I saw his eyes, it was nothing but pain, agony, guilt and loneliness. I then realized what happened, what hurt him isn't his wound on his hand, but the wound deep inside of his heart

"Psyker…" I bring my hand to his face, wiping a tear trickle down

"That's not it…" He looked to the ground, releasing my shoulder

"Do you want to talk about it?" I said, my hand still caressing his cheek

"You know my mother is death" I nodded

"You know my past lovers is you from my world" I nodded again

"And you know what happened to her right?"

"Yes" I stop caressing his cheek and rested my hands on my knees

"I didn't felt hurt when I first got here, why now? Why the pain come back?" He put his left hand on his heart

"Psyker…You once felt pain for her before" I sighed

"I know!" He snapped

"Then why?" I grab his bloody palm, tending his wound

"I saw Elsword and Aisha, Rena and Raven, Esper and Eve, they are my friend, they fell in love, I should be happy for them, but why, kekeke, why do I felt pain whenever I saw it" He laughed, tears started to fell down

I gasped, knowing what the problem with him, he lost the two person he cared most for

"Psyker, it's fine now, I'm here for you" I smile at him

He pulled his hand away from me, standing up

"You won't understand, nobody understand" He walk away from me, he put his bloody now already bandaged hand on his face and laughed maniacally

"Psyker wait!" I stand up and grabbed his shoulder

"Hehehehehe, what can you do to help me?" He turn around with his smug grin

"I-I can help you" I looked down

"Like you help your brother? No thanks, that's the last thing I wanted on my list" He smirked

"Fine! Have it your way then, don't come and talk to me then" I snapped at him, pouting and walk away, letting a drop of tear fell from my eyes

"Ara…" He called

He must have seen the tear, I decided to ignored him

"Tch, fine" He groaned and left

I felt really sad that he still didn't trust me after all we have been through

"Baka Psyker" I said to myself

"Pissed off are we?" Eun spoke up

"I just cannot believe that he still not trust me enough" I pouted

"But you don't look that mad" She pointed out

"Because I know why he acted like that, I think the pain is driving him insane" I hugged my legs

"I thought Adds are insane?" She questioned

"They are, but this is too much, when he act differently like last time, he could have lost his mind already" I answered

"Then why are you sitting out here alone, shouldn't you be inside to comfort him or whatever" She asked again

"I'm mad at him, I won't speak with him until he said sorry to me" I huffed

Suddenly I heard an explosion coming from the inn where we should be staying at

"What was that?" My head perked up

"It's appears that your boyfriend gone berserk again" Eun exclaim

"No,no,no, I shouldn't have left him alone" I stood up and ran to the inn

I was greet by the Mastermind and the Diabolic Esper standing next to each other, glaring at Lunatic Psyker

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Mastermind snapped

"You just blow a fucking house there" Esper said, clearly mad, pointing at a now wrecked house

"kek, this is just an abandoned house, why do you care?" Psyker smirked

"We heard the explosion coming from here so we got here right away" Raven stood next to me

"What the-" Chung was about to asked but stopped when he saw the house

"Who did this?" Elesis demanded

"Psyker…" I answered, my voice shaking

"Why did you destroyed that house?" Elsword unsheathe his sword

"Why do you care? No one care anyway" He shrugged

"Psyker, you are acting weird" Aisha pouted

"Hahahaha, weird? This is weird to you? Two people I cared most in the world died in front of me, you think this is weird?" He grinned, tears forming in the corner of his eyes

"Psyker calm down, talk to us, we can help you" Rena pleaded

"She is right, we all lost someone in our life, you just need to calmed down a bit" Rose pointed out

"Hehehe…Hahahahaha, do you see them died with your own eyes? When you are so helpless that you can't even do anything to save them?" He laughed

"I brought you here so you could forget about that god forsaken world you were born in, not to unleash your rage on us" Esper glares

"If you want to go back there, I won't hesitate to do so"

"Kuahahaha, sent me back then" Psyker laughed again

Esper opened a portal

"Esper, please" I pleaded

"You better do something about this" He sighed

I nodded and he close the portal

"What? Chicken?" Psyker smirked

"Tch, be grateful to the person who saved your sorry ass" Esper pointed at me

"You don't want to talk to me, so why helping me?" He glares

"I-I was just angry that you didn't trust me enough to tell me about your pain" I sniffed

"Just…leave me alone" He glance at me before walking away

"Psyker wait!" I tried to grab him

"Give him some time Ara" Rena stopped me

"We still have a mission to do" Lu and Ciel walk toward us

"Let go then, we came here to do this right?" Elsword shouted

"So where do we have to go now?" Raven asked

"We have to go to the Burnt Forest and subdue Dryad Kenta" Ciel pointed out

"All right, we first will regroup at the inn and then we depart" Elesis commanded

"Sis, you are the leader or I'm the leader?" Elsword pouted

"Oh sorry, old habit die hard" Elesis giggle

"Haizz, you heard her, we go back to the inn, get our stuff, regroup at the inn entrance after 10 minutes" Elsword sighed

"What about Psyker" I asked worriedly

"Just give him time Ara, we can do this without him" Mastermind patted my back

"Mastermind let's go" Rose shouted cheerfully

"Coming" He shouted back

"Psyker…" I mumbled

"Are you going Ara?" Rena asked

"Yes" I replied

"Then hurry up, we only have 10 minutes to prepare" She exclaimed

"All right, coming" I catch up with Rena and we both walk back to the inn

Psyker's POV:

"Tch, this damn people, know nothing about pain" I kicked a rock

"You are trespassing this forest, leave now or suffer the consequences" I heard a warning

I looked up and see two dryad blocking my way

"What if I refuse to leave?" I smirked, activating Dynamo

"Then died" They said simply

"Let see who died first" I said in a dark tone

*a minute later* (Yeah…sorry, they are too weak)

"Kukuku, I thought you dryads were strong" I grin

"Y-you w-will d-die" The dryad was in a near death state

"Oh please, worried about yourself first" I smirked and shot a pulse bullet through the monster head, ending it life

"What is waiting for me inside, hope it could distract me from this pain" I grin darkly, advance into the Burnt Forest

*10 minutes later* (The dungeon run part, imagine it :D)

"All of this pigs and dryads can't do shit about me" I laughed, punched the mother pigs continuously in the head, turning from a pig to a pulp

"You shall stop here human" A voiced shouted from afar

I walk past the dead pig, and saw a giant dryad

"And who might you be?" I smirked

"I am Dryad Kenta, the leader of the forest's tree spirits, and you shall not harm this forest no more" She declared

"I want to see you try" I activated Dynamo mode

"I'll beat you until you're just an inch away from death" I grinned

She raised her bow at me when I charged at her

Ara's POV:

"Why don't he just open up more" I sighed

"He shouldn't suffer this much at his age right now, it definitely causes his emotion to go wild" Eun stated

"I thought so too, but I never know that it would be this dangerous" I sighed again

"Ara, are you ready?" Aisha called out

"I'm here" I opened the door and stepped out

"Great, let's go" Aisha chirped

We walked to the inn entrance and was greeted by everyone, except Psyker

"All right, we are set, let us go to the Burnt Forest" Elsword declared

"Too late for that" We heard a voice from the other side of the inn door

"Who's there?" Eve questioned the voice

The door opened, revealing a bloody Psyker, burnt mark, scratch all over his body and face, his shirt was torn in half, revealing his abs

"What happened to you?" Lu asked

He just grin before collapsing face first at the inn entrance

"Psyker!" I cried out, flip him so he lie on his back

"He is dehydrated, wounded and exhausted, we need to get medical treatment for him now" Eve analyzed

"Ara and I will take care of him, you guys go to the burnt forest" Rena declared

"If what he said was true then Dryad Kenta is weaken right now, we must questioned her about the demons before she ran away" Raven commanded

"Be careful guys" I exclaimed before they left

"Can you carry him to his room Ara? I'll go get the med kit" Rena asked

"Yeah I can" I said, dragging him to his room

"That's not carrying, but it's just fine" Rena said before she went to find the med kit

I managed to drag him into his room and placed him on his bed

"Phew, he is not as heavy as I thought" I spoke to myself

I looked at him worriedly

"Will he be alright with all those wounds?" I thought

"I think what you meant is "look at those muscles" " Eun teased

I blushed

"N-No, that is not what I meant, I do worried about him" I stuttered

"Then why are you stuttering? If you do worried about him then why do you have to be so embarrassed?"She pointed out

"I-It was because you mentioned about it" I snapped, still blushing

"Why is your face so red Ara?" Rena stepped into the room

"Err-Um-I-I was tired of dragging him" I managed to lie

"What a bad lie" Eun chuckled

"You are a bad liar, you know that?" Rena sighed

"Why would my face be red, according to you" I pouted

"Because of Psyker muscles?" She giggle

I blushed harder, unable to think of a comeback at that remark

"Silent means I'm right, don't worry hun, most girls like muscular man" She smile

"But I don't like him, I just like the muscles" I lied again

"I already know your affection towards Psyker, no need to lie about that" She laughed

"Wha-" I was surprised

"It is as clear as daylight hun" She chuckled, advance toward the wounded Psyker

I was too embrassed, I didn't spoke a word when Rena bandaged Psyker

"All done, he just need to rest and he will be fine" Rena clapped her hands together

I look at Psyker, he look kinda like a mummy but a bit less bandages, I giggle

"You take care of him Ara, I will see if the gang are back" She stood up and left the room

"All right, I'll take good care of him" I nodded

"Don't get all lovey-dovey in here" She teased

"N-No, I-I won't take advantages of him" I blushed for who know how many

"No need to be shy dear, I will make sure no one interrupt" She smile before walked out, closing the door

"She is right Ara, you could have a taste of his muscles" Eun chuckled

"N-No I won't do it, stop persuading me" I yelled

"I'm not persuading you, it just that you are skipping a pretty good opportunity here" She pointed out

"You do have a point, but what if he woke up and saw me?" I did a thinking pose

"Then I will replaced you when he woke up" Eun suggested

"But what am I supposed to do first?" I asked

"You could lick his abs first" She giggled

I blushed hard, I lowered my head, stuck my tongue out, my tongue was about an inch away

"What are you doing Ara?" I heard Psyker voice

I looked immediately sit up, he was blushing at how close I was

"Er-um-It's nothing, are you feeling better now?" I smile, my face was red

"Yeah, I'm good now, but what did you just do?" He raised a brow

"I-I was-erm-uh-it was-uhm" I tried to find an excuse

"Ara, answer me clearly and honestly" Psyker grabbed my shoulder and stare deeply into my eyes, his cheeks is tint with pink

"I was mesmerized be your muscles and I want to taste it" I answered, blushing a bit

"Why would you…Nevermind" He sighed, blushed harder than before

"Sorry…" I lowered my head

"That's is fine, I guess" He looked away

"Are you still sick?" I was surprised at his sentence

"Nevermind" He shook his head, stepping out of his bed

"Wait, your wounds is not fully healed yet" I panicked

"It's fine, it took more than this to put me down" He grin

I watched as he stood up, stretching his body before putting his clothes on

"I need some fresh air, want to come?" He asked me

"Yes! I know a perfect place" I answered cheerfully

I ran to him, grab his arm and dragged him out of the inn, passing Rena, who was cooking dinner

"Where are you going?" She called out to us

"Psyker wanted some fresh air, so we will be out for a bit" I answered, still dragging Psyker

"Be back early, it's almost dinner" Rena shouted

"We won't be long" I shouted back before I dragged Psyker outside, closing the door

"Where are we going?" He raised a brow, his cheeks is tint with pink, making him kinda cute

"We are going to a fountain, and it's a good place to watch the volcano from a safe distance" I smiled, which made him looked away, I can tell that he is blushing

"Psyker, are you still feeling not well, your face is red" I teased him, my smile turn into a giggle

"Tch…Just lead the damn way" He snapped

"Yeah, yeah"I giggled again

"We are almost there though" I exclaimed

"It is not that far?" He questioned

"Yeah, I was pretty surprised that it was near" I pointed out

"Huh, I've never seen it before" He tapped his index finger on his chin

"Here it is" I let his arm go and ran toward the fountain

"This place actually looked quite nice" He complimented

"I know right? Aisha didn't think that this place was that good" I exclaimed

I sat on the edge of the fountain

"Sit here Psyker, the view is great" I smile, motioning him to sit next to me

"Calm down a bit, we have a lot of time to see the view" He chuckled at my impatience

"But the view is great, you should see it" I pouted

"All right, all right" He sighed and sat next to me

Psyker's POV:

I can't help but smile at Ara features, I guess all Ara is the same, the same cute, innocent face, the same rosy pink cheeks, the slim and *coughsexycough*, I choked

"Are you all right?" She asked with concern

"I'm fine, now what do you wanted to show me?" I changed the subject

"Look at the volcano, it still burning, but it won't explode until the fire priestess said so" She said cheerfully

I watched her telling about the history of it and about the priestess, her voice is so angelic, her smile make her facial features even more beautiful.

I didn't notice that I was leaning on to her, my face closing in with her cheek and I kissed her on the cheek for a split second before pulling away

Her cheeks heated up from the contact and she advert her gaze to me

"D-Did y-you just…k-k-k-k" She was stuttering hard due to extreme embarrassment

"No, I was trying to see the view you are blocking" I chuckled at her reaction

"You!...Baka Psyker" She pouted, not buying my lie

"Fine, fine, just show me where is the beautiful thing you speak of " I laughed

She smile, shaking off the blush on her cheeks and held my hand, I was confused

"Over there, see?" She said, slightly annoyed

"Yeah, I see that now, but why are you holding my hand?" I looked at our hand

"Just to make sure that you don't do anything funny with me" She pouted

"All right, all right" I grinned

"Let's go back, I'm sure that the gang are back already" She stood up and pulled me

"You don't have to pull me you know" I pointed out

"You have a problem?" She faced me and asked

"No ma'am" I joked

"Good" She stood on her tip toes and patted my head

"So fluffy" She complimented

"Let just go back before Rena start imagine stuffs" I sighed, blushing a bit

"Okay" She giggle and continue to drag me

"Such innocent…" I muttered

"Huh?" She perked her head

"Nothing, just thinking about my future" I lied

"Don't worry, I will always be here for you no matter what happen" She reassured me

"Can we talk tonight in my room?" I asked

"Sure! But in my room" She smile

"Fine" I sighed

We stopped in front of the inn, heard some talking inside, we guessed that the gang are back

"I should say sorry to Esper" I sighed again

"You said sorry?" She looked at me, surprised

"I'm much more mature than my younger self, but my emotions is still too hard to control" I clenched my fist in anger and frustration

"I have said before and I will said it again" I adverted my gaze to her, staring into her amber orbs

"I will always be here for you, no matter what" She smiles, closing the space between us

My instinct didn't kicked in when she closing in her face, I should push her but I closing in with her instead, our lips was an inch away

"Look like you two have a good time" We heard the door opened and a teasing voice

"Ekkkk! Rena! It's not like what you see" Ara pushed me away, sending me tumbling

"Oy, what the hell was that" I snapped

"Sorry! Sorry!" She helped me up

"Come, you guys could continue after dinner" Rena giggles, motioning us to come in

"It's not what you think it is" Ara pouted, her face was beet red

"Let's go Ara, I will see you in your room tonight" I chuckled before going inside

Ara's POV:

"I almost kiss him" I said to myself

"And you will kiss him tonight" Eun spoken up

"How are you so sure?" I questioned her

"It just a guess, but most likely will" She laughed

"Sorry about what happened this morning, I couldn't contain my emotions" I heard Psyker voice from the kitchen

"Look like he is saying sorry" Eun pointed out

"I will support him if thing went wrong" I nodded to myself before going to the kitchen

I went into the kitchen

"It's fine, we all go to that stage before, you just need time" Esper sighed

"I thought Adds supposed to be insane, why are they so calm?" Elsword pointed out

"You want us to be insane?" The Adds snapped at the same time, grinning madly at Elsword

"Nevermind, sorry I asked" Elsword panicked and avoided eyes contact with the Adds

"All right, settle down, eat up before the food get cold" Rena exclaimed

"Wait, is this the food you cook yourself Rena?" Chung questioned

"Yeah, so?" Rena asked back

"I thought the inn should serves us food, why do you have to cook?" Chung said

"He does have a point" Mastermind nodded

"I told the chef to rest a bit so I can cook personally" Rena smiles

"Why would you go through all of that?" I asked, sitting next to Aisha

"I was bored, usually at that time I was cooking, so I wanted to do it like the usual" Rena exclaimed

"Let's eat!" Elesis shouted and begin to eat

*After dinner* (Laziness got the better of me :P)

I walked back to my room, lock the door and went into the shower.

"You are hoping too much Ara" Eun spoken up

"What am I hoping for?" I asked

"For his confession" Eun answered

"You could say it like that" I smile

"Just don't come and cry to me if he didn't confess" Eun sighed

"It will be fine, I will confess first then" I giggle

I finished my shower, wrapping a towel around my body and step out and saw Psyker sitting on my bed, staring at me with widened eyes, red face and his nose is bleeding

"Wow" He didn't looked away

I was surprised by his appearance then I realized that I was still half naked, I backed up, hid myself behind the bathroom door, blushing hard

"H-How d-did y-you g-get i-in h-here" I stuttered

"Your window was opened" He looked away, hiding his blushing face and wiping his nose clean

"L-Looked away until I finished dressing up!" I scowled him

"Alright, alright" He chuckled

I took my clothes from my wardrobe, dressing up quickly and wrap a towel around my hair before calling out to him

"I'm done" I called out to him, his face is still slightly red

"Why don't you dry your hair first before we talk" He suggest

"I will dry it when we talk, but you have to answered why did you go through the window, why not wait for me to open the door?" I questioned him

"Because you locked the door when you are the one who said to meet you in your room, so I looked for another entrance and your window was the perfect place" He shrugged

"You need to respect other people privacy too, you know" I pouted

"Fine, fine, I didn't come here just to break into your room, I come here to talk" He sighed

"What do you want to talk about?" I took the towel down and dry my hair with it

"You" He adverted his gaze toward me

"Eh? What about me?" I stop drying my hair and stares at him with widened eyes

"You are the cause of my pain from all along" He stood up, staring down at me

"Why?" I stood up too, facing him but sadly I was shorter than him

"Because whenever I looked at you, my heart hurt like it was on fire" He grinned insanely

"But the pain was gone when I realized" His grin turned into a smile

"Wha-Ekkkk!" he pushed me to my bed, and then pinned me down

"I love you with all of my heart" His smile went brighter, blushing

"I love you too Psyker, but do you have to be this aggressive?" I giggle

"Yes, I'm gonna study every inches of your body" He grins again

"B-But this is a rated T fic" I broke the fourth wall, try to struggled out of his grasp but to no avail, my face was burning

"Don't worry, the author will change it to rated M fic" He kissed my neck, earning a moan from me

"No I won't" A voice spoken up

"Tsk, fine" He stop kissing my neck and sit on the edge of the bed, pouting

I smile at his reaction, it's rare for him to pout, I sat up

"We could continue after this fic is finished" I hugged him from behind, kissing his right cheek

"You promised?" He turn to his right, our lips is only inches away from touching

"Yes, but I need to complete what you abandoned before" I tilted my head a bit, kissing him on his lips

He kissed back, it was the best feeling in my life

"Have you kiss anyone before?" Psyker broke the kiss and asked

"No, why?" I was scared that he hate that kiss

"Because you are a really good kisser" He complimented

"T-Thanks" I didn't expect him to said that, so I was pretty embarrass

"I will be going back to my room now" He stood up

"Why not sleep here?" I asked in confusion

"We have spent a lot of time together, I need to bury some memories alone, good night Ara" He planted a quick peck on my cheek before leaving the room

I touched my cheek and smile to myself

"Baka Psyker" I muttered before resume drying my hair, thinking about Psyker and our futures

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