Author's Note: This world will be a mix of DC/Marvel/Image Comics.

This chapter will be based off of the X-Men Apocalypse Movie.

All my information and characters will mostly be based off of movies, unless someone wants to PM me an arc of a story line.



"Who's making all that noise?"

Due to everything shaking around him, the figure wakes up from his long sleep, wondering how long he has been under. A millennium? Maybe two? Being asleep for so long will make everyone lose track of time.

Digging through his memories, the figure regains a few memories from before he hid himself away. After losing his train of thought for a moment, because of all the shaking, he manages to remember a few faint memories of a time that has long past.

He remembers why he's here, hidden away from all prying eyes and ears. He sealed himself away for the safety of those who wanted to use his power for greed.


From what little he can remember, the figure remembers of a great war that has taken the lives of thousands. Former enemies joined together to fight a common enemy who wanted to capture the most powerful creatures on the planet, the Bijū.

The Bijū were creatures of near limitless power, capable of destroying mountains and causing natural disasters with a swipe of one of their tails. On their own, they could take on armies and destroy countries. And the world's common enemy wanted to capture the Nine Bijū and reunite them to form the most powerful and destructive creature known to man, the Ten-Tailed Demon. Where the Bijū were creatures of near unparalleled power, the Ten-Tailed Demon was unmatched by all.

The next few memories are too blurry for the figure to see through clearly. While he may not be able to fully recall everything, he does remember the death and destruction that took place after the Ten-Tailed Demon was formed. What else he can remember is that at the end of the aftermath, he was left standing with the limitless power of the Ten-Tailed Demon within his fingertips. Of course, it didn't take long for his allies to grow lustful for his power, betraying one another for a chance to steal his power for themselves.

So, instead of starting another war, he chose the only decision that didn't involve wiping out all who stood in his way. He sealed himself deep underneath the earth's crust to not only hide himself from all the world's hatred, but to also take away the power of the Ten-Tailed Demon that is sealed within his body, making his power a limitless construct of Chakra. Hence, he has not aged a day since his self-exile.

With no company and little else to do, he has spent a lot of time within his own mindscape, practicing with all the abilities he attained from sealing the Ten-Tailed Demon within his body. After years of training, he has eventually mastered his power which has grown exponentially since his self-exile.

Incapable of remembering anymore, the figure feels the earth around him shake, once more. Only this time, it's much stronger than before. He can feel something or rather, someone pulling the earth upwards and they're attempting to take him for the ride as well.

Sensing wide-scale destruction on the surface, the figure decides to confront the one who's responsible and stop them.

Opening his eyes, the figure's sparkling blue eyes glint within the darkness of the underground cavern. Soon, his blue eyes shift in both shape and colour, changing to a set of purple eyes with a ringed pattern. Along the rings in his eyes are a complete set of ten tomoes in each one, spinning to life as he flares his Chairs.

In front of the figure, space rips apart to reveal a dimensional portal that is connected to the earth's surface. Taking his first steps with no hesitation, the figure walks back into the open world. Into a new age of technological advances and wonders.

The Sage of Six Paths, Naruto Uzumaki has just woken up and unknowingly, shifts the faith of the world.

( 1983 - Cairo )

Xavier's crippled body can only lay there on the second floor of the half-destroyed house and watch as his students and friends fight against the Mutant God, Apocalypse.

They are all surrounding the Mutant God on all sides, attacking him with everything they got. Not only them, but a former member of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is attacking her former ally from the skies. From what he can recall, her name is Storm.

In fact, it's Storm's contribution thar's actually helping them to fight against the powerful being. If not for her arriving and firing bolts of lightning on Apocalypse, he would've teleported away from them.

Still, even with Scott's optic beams, Storm's lightning and Erik's metal, Apocalypse remains standing. This is mostly because of the energy dome that he has surrounded himself in, incinerating anything that makes contact with it. As of right now, it's a battle of stamina between his students and the Mutant God. Sadly, he can tell that they are starting to tire from constantly using their powers, while Apocalypse remains calm and disposed within his protective shield.

Using his Telepathy, Xavier fights Apocalypse within his mindscape and for a moment, it seems that he can actually win the battle. That is until Apocalypse shows his true power by taking full control over the mindscape. As of now, Apocalypse enlarges his body and slams his own into the tile floor of his mindscape which has taken the shape of his manor.

What can they possibly do? Apocalypse is unbeatable in both the physical and mental world. What else can they do to defeat the Mutant God?

Xavier's thoughts linger on Jean and her inner power, but he banishes away those thoughts. While it may work, having two Mutants with Godlike powers fight each other will only end in more disaster. He can calculate that the best case scenario would be that they all died and half of planet would be destroyed in the process.

As he tries to think of another plan, Xavier's eyes widen in both the physical world and his mindscape. Just now, he has felt someone break into his mindscape.


( Charles Xavier's Mindscape )

Charles isn't the only one who notices the appearance of another person entering the mindscape. His enlarged body turns to face one of the hallways that make up Charles Xavier's mind. In his large right hand is Xavier who's struggling to break of his hold, and failing.

At the end of the hallway, Apocalypse can see the person who has intruded on his business. "Who are you?"

The intruder remains silent, merely staring at the Mutant God with a calm and calculating gaze.

From Xavier's position of hanging upside down in Apocalypse's hand, all he can see of the mysterious individual is that they have spikey white hair. He would try to get a better view but he's a bit stuck at the moment.

Apocalypse shows his distaste by frowning. Taking a step forward, the floor under the Mutant's feet shatters like glass, along with the rest of the mindscape. The Mutant God takes a step back, clearly not the one responsible for the sudden change.

What use to be Xavier's Manor is now a massive sewer with ankle-deep water and a massive golden gate which makes Apocalypse's enlarged body look tiny in comparison. Whatever may lie behind those golden bars is unknown to Apocalypse who can only see darkness.

The intruder stands in front of the cage and across from Apocalypse, seemingly unaffected by the sudden change in scenery.

"What is this?" demanded Apocalypse. With a flick of his wrist, Apocalypse throws Xavier away so he can keep his full attention on the unknown intruder. While he does not know the man's identity, he admits that he is powerful. Not many can take away his control within a mindscape, especially not so easily.

Landing in the water face first, Xavier lifts his head out of the water and coughs, having swallowed some water by accident upon landing. With Apocalypse no longer holding him, Charles can now look over to see who the mysterious person is.

Immediately, he notices the man's odd sense of style, recognizing his clothing to be apart of the Japanese culture. The man adorns a white kimono that stops over his knees, showing that he's wearing black baggy pants underneath. On his collar is a design of six black magatama and unknown to Charles, there's also a design of a Rinnegan on the back of the kimono. For footwear, the man has on a pair of black sandals. Looking over the man's appearance, Charles notices how young the man looks, appearing to be in his early twenties. On each of his cheeks are three black markings, giving off the impression that he has whiskers on his face. The mysterious man's pale skin almost blends with his pure white spikey hair, but his most noticeable feature is the man's set of horns. He almost misses them since they are hidden within the man's spikey white hair.

"Is he a Mutant?"

If he is, he's no ordinary Mutant, that's for sure. With his white clothing, calm expression and his powerful presence, he appears to be what Mutantkind's version of God would be. While Charles doesn't want to believe it, the mysterious man looks to be a much better representation of a Mutant God than Apocalypse.

He can only hope that he's on their side.

"I'll only ask one last time. Who are you?" asked Apocalypse, voice full of hostility for the mysterious man.

Again, the man ignores Apocalypse's demand, although he does lift his right arm in front of himself. Pressing his middle finger against his thumb, the man snaps his fingers so loudly that the sound echoes off the walls of the sewer. The water surrounding the man ripples when he snaps his fingers, smoothing out the water across the sewer.

Almost immediately, an insane amount of bloodlust fills the entire mindscape, putting an enormous pressure on everyone's shoulders.

While he may not look it, Apocalypse is starting to strain underneath all the bloodlust in the mindscape. In all his five thousand years of life, Apocalypse has never felt so much bloodlust before. It's taking all of his strength, just so he doesn't show the strain it's putting his body and mind through. While the bloodlust is very distracting, Apocalypse doesn't fail to notice that the origin of the bloodlust isn't coming from the unknown man but rather, whatever is inside the cage.

While Apocalypse can remain on his feet, Xavier doesn't have that courtesy. The powerful Mutant falls onto his rear, shaking like a leaf while barely able to keep both his consciousness and sanity is check. "T-This bloodlust... it isn't Human or Mutant!"

Naruto frowns while he looks over the purple-skinned man in front of him, unaffected by the bloodlust. He can sense so much hatred within the giant and honestly, it makes him feel disappointed in knowing that even after sealing himself away, there are still those who want nothing more than death and destruction. Even now, he can feel the emotions of those across earth and a majority of what he's sensing are negative emotions of all sorts. "Even after my disappearance, humanity remains in turmoil" he muttered, somberly.

Hatred isn't the only thing Naruto can sense within the giant. He can sense the man's abnormal power and he's positive that it isn't Chakra. It appears similar to Yang Chakra, yet different.

Glancing over at the second occupant of the mindscape, Naruto smiles when he senses the lack of negative emotions within the man's soul. Well, other than fear, of course. It raises the man's spirits, knowing that there's still some good on the planet.

Somewhat growing use to the bloodlust, Apocalypse clenches his fists and glares at Naruto. "No matter. Your actions speak louder than any words. You are obviously against me."

The Mutant God takes a step forward and then another and another until at some stage, he's running at a pace that seems impossible for a man of his size. Once close enough, Apocalypse reels back his right fist and throws a punch straight down on Naruto.


Naruto doesn't flinch away from the attack, simply raising a hand up to catch the punch. He does it so easily and with little to no strain that it surprises both Apocalypse and Xavier. While it's hard to tell for Xavier to know how strong the punch was, he can make an estimate from the way the water disperses from both men she the punch makes contact with the stranger's hand.

Naruto tilts his head to the side as he gazes up at the giant in front of him. "I don't know why, but you remind me of someone."

Apocalypse widens his eyes when he notices that his body is starting to shrink. He tries to use his own power to stop the shrinking process, but it's no good. He remains shrinking until the Mutant returns to his proper height, now eye-level with the unknown assailant. He winces when the man's hand tightens over his own, cracking bones in the process.

"I didn't like them."

Apocalypse tries to throw a punch with his free hand but stops when Naruto twists his wrist in an angle it's not suppose to be in.

"Stop this! What are you doing to me!?" roared Apocalypse, disliking how powerless he's feeling in this man's presence. Not only are his powers failing him, but he has lost complete control over the mindscape. This has never happened to the Mutant God before and honestly, he doesn't know how to properly handle it.

Naruto stares down the Mutant God, making sure to twist the man's wrist even more so he can hear him cry. "I'm taking over."

Behind the golden bars of the gigantic cage, a large red eye with several concentric rings and ten tomoe opens from within the darkness, glaring down at Apocalypse with nothing but pure anger.

That is the last thing Apocalypse and Charles Xavier sees before the entire mindscape shatters and they're forcefully thrown out.


Charles jerks up for air and scrambles up to the nearby couch, feeling his bones shake in fear. Once he's on the couch, the Mutant frantically looks around the destroyed building for a monstrous large eye. Once he realizes that he can't see the large eye or golden cage anywhere near him, Xavier happily sighs. His happiness is soon gone when he remembers where he is and the current events taking place. From his position on the couch, it gives him the perfect view of the battlefield.

Apocalypse recovers from being forcefully thrown out of the mindscape and emits more of his power. The energy dome surrounding him quickly expands outwards, knocking aside the nearby Mutants, including Storm and Magneto in the air. The Mutant are thrown backwards into buildings and through wall, while Storm and Magneto are thrown even farther into the air. While Storm falls on top of a rooftop, Magneto recovers while in midair and rights himself.

With all the annoyances dealt with, Apocalypse places a hand on his head to ease his growing headache. Being forcefully thrown out of a mindscape has given him such a bad headache. All of a sudden, his body tenses when he feels a shift in the wind.

Slowly, the Mutant God looks up and narrows his eyes when he sees the intruder a hundred yards away, standing on top of a pile of rubble that use to be a house.

Naruto's calm blue eyes look over his surroundings, noticing more people who possess the odd form of energy that isn't Chakra, although none of them hold a candle to what the blue-skinned man possesses. "Actually..." Naruto glances at the young redhead, sensing something powerful about her. Her inner power is quite impressive, but that's not what he means. He can sense something within her, marking her for something. If he can compare it to anything, it's similar to how he holds the Ten-Tailed Demon in his body. Although, she only possesses a measly piece of whatever entity that's within her. He'll have to keep an eye on her.

Apocalypse narrows his eyes on the stranger, wondering why he can't sense the man's power. Many millennium ago, Apocalypse stole the ability to sense power levels from another Mutants, giving him the perfect method to search for candidates to become his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. So, why can't he use that same power to sense the mysterious man's energy? "If not for me seeing him with my own two eyes, I would think that he doesn't exist."

Naruto turns away from the other Mutants to look over at the Mutant God who has been emitting his power to increasing levels. At first, he would've liked to end this confrontation peacefully, but from the amount of negativity he can sense within the man, he believes it to be past the point of no return. Only someone who wants nothing but death and destruction could have that much hatred in their soul.

So, Naruto appears right in front of Apocalypse, surprising the Mutant God by his speed. Apocalypse throws a punch, but it sails right through Naruto, indicating that Apocalypse just punched his afterimage. Sensing a shift in the wind behind him, Apocalypse quickly turns around, only to see the young Mutant who can shoot optic beams from his eyes. The young Mutant tenses, but Apocalypse dismisses the Mutant as no threat.

Again, the wind shifts to his right and Apocalypse turns, seeing nothing but the beastly blue-haired Mutant.

"Where are you!? Show yourself you coward and face the wrath of a God!" demanded Apocalypse, shaking the earth from the amount of power he's releasing. The nearby Mutants all fall to their knees, losing their balance from the earthquake that takes place right underneath their feet.

"Very well."

Apocalypse's eyes widen when he hears the voice speak over his shoulder. Before he can turn around, a hand clamps down on his shoulder and the next thing the Mutant Hid knows, he's sailing through dozens of buildings, separating him and the other Mutants by miles. Apocalypse loses count of the amount of buildings he goes through but he eventually does slow down enough for him to flip backwards and slide to a stop.

Grunting slightly, the God of Mutants raises to his full height while his broken muscles and bones heal themselves. As he looks through the trail of destroyed buildings, he can see the annoyance is already in front of him, having travelled miles in seconds.

Having lost his patience, Apocalypse raises both his hands up, levitating all the nearby rubble and piling it all into one big ball. Then, the ball of rubble disintegrates into acidic sand. Thrusting his hands forward, the Mutant God sends the sand towards the annoyance.

Naruto has to crane his neck up so he can see the top of the giant wave of sand. Noticing that anything that touches the wave of sand disintegrates, he decides that it's probably a good thing for him not to touch it. Just as the wave of sand is about to engulf him, it spreads apart and sails past him in a safe distance, due to Naruto taking away Apocalypse's control over the sand. The wave of sand twists around Naruto stopping just behind him, hovering over him almost like a protective mother.

Apocalypse has barely a few seconds to realise what has just happened before he has to summon his energy shield to block the wave of acidic sand. While the sand can't touch the Mutant God while he's in his shield, it does start to bury him under the deadly particles, putting more weight on him by the second.

Figuring out that the sand is increasing in weight, Apocalypse retreats by teleporting to a safe distance so he can get his bearings. The Mutant God appears on the rooftop of an intact building, miles away from where his opponent is.

"Where do you think you're going?"

That is what Apocalypse thought, but he turns around and as much as he hates, the unknown intruder is standing across from him on the exact same rooftop. Apocalypse takes a step back from the unknown. "Impossible! What kind of Mutant are you!?"

Naruto raises a brow, curious over the term, Mutant.

Apocalypse glares and aims his right hand at Naruto, firing a powerful beam of molecular energy. However, by the time the beam of energy is halfway across the rooftop, Naruto is beside Apocalypse and holding his offending limb upwards into the air. Naruto's other hand grasps Apocalypse's skull and jumps. The force in the jump is so strong that Apocalypse's body is struggling against the man's grip and the friction in the wind. Three seconds later and Naruto has jumped past the cloud, hovering in the air for a moment.

Pulling back his arm, Naruto throws the Mutant God back down to earth, watching as the Mutant falls like a falling meteor.

As the X-Men recover and wonder what has just happened, none of them notice the incoming Mutant until Apocalypse collides with the floor, causing an explosion of rubble to fly upwards into the air. Once the rubble subsides, everyone looks to see a massive crater in front of them. And in the centre of the crater is none other than Apocalypse, already healing from the damage.

Apocalypse groans as he feels his bones reset and his muscles stitch back together. Slowly, he opens his eyes to see Naruto standing over his prone body.

Naruto looks over the Mutant God in curiosity, watching as his injuries heal almost instantly. "Tell me, do all Mutants possess instant regeneration or is it just you?" It isn't like he's worried over fighting an immortal, since he knows several methods to dealing with them. However, as he watches the Mutant's injuries heal, he sees an image of a white-haired man in a black cloak with red clouds designs. He can't recall the man's name, only remembering that he once possessed immortality and had a seriously bad mouth on him.

Naruto adorns a thoughtful expression, thinking about the black cloak with red cloud designs. For some reason, he knows that the cloak has a deep meaning, but he can't remember what it is. However, he does remember the name of the organization that once used the cloak's design. "Akatsuki..."

"You..." growled Apocalypse, angered over the man's blatant disrespect, as well as his overwhelming power. How can he be losing so easily when he is the most powerful Mutant on the planet?

Pushing himself onto his feet, Apocalypse's eyes whiten as he calls forth his full power. As Apocalypse releases his full power, the earth begins to shake once more, causing everyone but Naruto to lose their footing. Naruto remains in place, using his Chakra to stick his feet to the floor. The Sage of Six Paths watches in curiosity as the earth shakes uncontrollably and dark clouds start to cover the sky. The sound of thunder echoes while lightning is visible from within the dark clouds.

"NONE SHALL ESCAPE THE WRATH OF GOD!" roared Apocalypse, raising both of his hands over his head, increasing his power tenfold. The Mutant God looks over at his enemy, feeling a little pity for him. After all, not many can witness instantaneous death. Using his full power, he'll be surprised if the country isn't split apart by the aftermath. Now, Apocalypse drops his arms down so he can unleash his full power.

Only for a hand to grasp his face, cracking his skull from the amount of force being used.

"So much hatred in one soul."

Between the gaps of his assailant's fingers, Apocalypse can barely make out the man's facial expression. What he can make out is his blue eyes changing shape and colour. What use to be a pair of sparkling blue eyes that are as blue as the ocean, are now a pair of powerful purple eyes with concentric rings and ten tomoe.

If he could, Apocalypse would widen his eyes in horror, recognizing those eyes as the same one from behind the golden cage. Even now, he can sense the almighty power within those eyes, dwarfing his own power.

Ignoring how Apocalypse's blue skin has gone a lot paler, Naruto summons forth the power of the Human Path.

As much as he tries, Apocalypse can't get out of his enemies hold. He tries to summon any of his many abilities and yet, they all fail him. He can't even teleport himself away, leaving him at the mercy of his enemy. All of a sudden, the Mutant feels something amiss with his body. For some reason, he almost feels... free.

Disliking with what's happening to him, Apocalypse tries to lift his hand to grasp his enemy's arm, only for him to realise that he can't feel his arm. In fact, he can't really feel much of anything. His arms, legs, chest and even face all grow numb, leaving him feeling like an empty husk. By the time he tries to pull away, it's already too late.

With a strong pull, Naruto rips out the soul of Apocalypse.

The surrounding X-Men can only watch the event take place, all feeling a mixture of awe, disbelief, horror and a little bit of fear. They all just witnessed an unknown man beat Apocalypse around like a rag doll and pull out what looks to be an ethereal version of the Mutant God. While they aren't sure what the white-haired man did, it's enough to finally put down the Mutant God, shown by how the man let's go of Apocalypse's face, dropping the Mutant onto his stomach with no sign of life.

Slowly, Naruto starts to absorb the Mutant's soul, including his memories. Once he absorption is complete, Naruto stands in silence as he watches all of Apocalypse's memories. He sees everything through the Mutant's eyes, watching Apocalypse's birth, his rough adolescent life, his discovery of his Mutant powers, his rise to power and even when Apocalypse's followers eventually betrayed him.

Not only does Naruto learn about Apocalypse's life story, he learns about the world and what has happened to it since his disappearance. In his mind is every little piece of information that has passed for the last two thousand years, giving the Sage of Six Paths an understanding of earth's history.

And he isn't happy with what he learns.

While history only dates back past two thousand years, most of it is filled with nothing but death and misery with humanity right in the centre of it all. Apparently, Chakra and the knowledge of it has faded throughout history, meaning that humans can no longer use it to cause death and destruction across the planet. Unfortunately, they have found new weapons to replace Chakra and the Bijū. Now, they use weapons and bombs to take away the lives of their fellow man.

And for what?




"It appears to me that it will take more than my disappearance to make true peace come true" thought Naruto, glaring at nothing. While he may not notice, his glare has many of the surrounding Mutants flinch or tense up. "Maybe it's about time I take a more straightforward approach." Before he leaves, Naruto glances at the corpse of Apocalypse. "He could prove to be useful."

Violet flames erupts behind Apocalypse's corpse, startling many of the viewing Mutants. Their surprise only increases when a large, white head pops out of the violet flames. The head is as large as a two-storey house and has a set of Rinnegan as its eyes. It's closed mouth unzips itself and opens wide before three hand-like tentacles reach out of it and grabs Apocalypse's body.

Naruto doesn't bat an eyelash as the King of Hell devours Apocalypse's corpse. Once its cargo is secure, the King of Hell retreats back into the violet flames before said flames disperse.

Naruto's attention is taken away when he hears the sound of a cocking gun behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he sees that one of the Mutants is now standing with him in the crater, aiming a handgun at him. If not for Apocalypse's memories, he wouldn't even know that the object she's holding is a weapon in the first place. From Apocalypse's memories, the Mutant who's threatening him with a gun has the ability to change her appearance, no matter the gender. While useless in a fight, it can be quite useful for assassination and recon missions. He knows, seeing as the ability is standard procedure back in his time.

He had sensed her move the instant she took her first step, but he didn't stop her. While it may appear arrogant, he admits that she is of little threat to him, especially when compared to the other surrounding Mutants. While she may not look it, she's actually terrified of him. With the ability to sense emotions, he can tell what someone is actually feeling, even if they're trying to hide their emotions behind a fake mask.

The blue-skinned Mutant isn't the only one who's terrified of him. He can sense the emotions of the other Mutants and they're feeling the exact same fearful emotion as their comrade, especially the crippled Mutant.

It isn't like he can blame them for being scared of him. From what he can recall from Apocalypse's memories, all of them were fighting the Mutant God together and failing to deal a scratch on him. Actually, the Mutant across from him is the only one who actually managed to do any lethal damage to Apocalypse, doing so by hiding behind the face of one of his allies before slicing his throat wide open. While that plan would've worked on most people, it didn't work on Apocalypse. The fatal wound only stunned the fake God for a second before it regenerated.

Hence, he left out the middle man and pulled out the man's soul, leaving the immortal body intact. Immortality does absolute squat when the body is lacking a soul.

"Who are you?" demanded Raven, glaring at the unknown individual.

"Stop it Raven!" yelled Xavier from the edge of the crater. His arms are currently wrapped over Scott's and Jean's shoulders, allowing him to move without the use of his wheelchair. He shouts at Raven, wanting her to get away from the obviously dangerous man. At this point, he's not even sure if the white-haired indivual is Human or a Mutant. No Mutant or Human could have defeated the likes of Apocalypse so easily.

Xavier attempts to take over Raven's mind so he can force her out of there, but he widend his eyes in shock when he feels something blocking his Telepathy.

Raven ignores Xavier, preferring to get the answer to her question. "I'll ask one last time. Who the hell are you?" she demanded, louder than before.

Naruto looks over the Mutant for a moment before he glances over to the rest of the Mutants. From their stances, they are ready to step in and fight him if he attempts something against the blue-skinned redhead. Not like they're in good condition to fight him anyway. While they hide it well, they are all exhausted from fighting Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen. Besides, he doesn't want to fight them anyway. He can sense the good in all their souls so that puts them in his good books.

As he looks over the several Mutants, his blue eyes linger on the redhead for a second longer than anyone else.

Space rips apart behind Naruto as he summons a dimensional portal to transport him away. He turns around and walks towards it, ignoring everyone else around him.

Of course, the rip of space catches Raven off guard and she fires a bullet at the Sage of Six Paths. The bullet never hits its mark, seemingly disappearing in midair.

Naruto stops when he's only a single step away from the portal. He looks over his shoulder at Raven and offers a playful smirk, opening his right hand and dropping a lone bullet. Afterwards, he walks into the portal which closes behind him, leaving a group of befuddled and confused Mutants.

( Six Months Later - Xavier's Mansion )

"Never pegged her as a teacher" chuckled Magneto or rather, Erik Lensherr. No longer is he in his Magneto gear and is instead wearing common civilian clothing. He adorns a simple light blue blazer, a black shirt, a pair of simple blue jeans and brown shoes.

"True. But who else can teach the children on how to protect themselves?" asked Charles Xavier, humorously from his wheelchair.

Both men are currently underneath the recently reconstructed mansion, watching as the newest recruits for the X-Men train under the watchful eye of their new instructor, Raven. They are all wearing the uniforms that signify them as members of the X-Men.

After spending a few minutes watching Scott practice with his new visor and Pietro blurring around the training facility, Eric decides to get straight down to business. "Find anything on our mysterious savior yet?"

Xavier's proud smile drops as the Mutant sighs in frustration. "No, sadly. I've yet to discover any information on the man. Neither the FBI files or Cerebro were of any help. From what I've gathered, the man doesn't exist."

Erik frowns, clearly not happy with the lack of progress. "How is that possible? Cerebro was designed to find any Mutant on the planet." It sorta hurts the Mutant's pride, seeing as Cerebro is both his and Charles's proudest creation.

"As hard as you might believe, it's quite possible that the man isn't even a Mutant" answered Charles.

Erik folds his arms across his chest. "You don't actually think that would've mattered, do you?"

Xavier closes his eyes and shakes his head. Honestly, even if the mysterious stranger isn't a Mutant, Cerebro should've been capable to find the high energy levels of the man who managed to kill the Mutant God. Yet, Cerebro can't find any trace of the man. With no files, no name and no way to find him, it's like they're searching for a ghost.

"Dark times are coming, Charles" warned Erik, watching as Raven barks orders at the X-Men recruits. "We may not be able to see them now, but dark clouds are coming and I fear we won't be prepared when the time comes."

"And here I thought I was the psychic" joked Charles, trying to make light of the situation. From the tension in the air, it's obvious that he's choice of humour isn't appreciated. "At the very least we know he isn't hostile towards us._

"For now."

"What do you mean by that?"

Erik shrugs his shoulders. "As you said, we have no information on the stranger. We don't know who he is or where he comes from. All we have on him is his appearance and the fact that he killed the most powerful Mutant on the planet."

Xavier nods in agreement. "True. However, he didn't show hostility towards us in the aftermath. It isn't like he couldn't have killed us after defeating Apocalypse."

Eric turns and looks down at his friend's broken body. "I won't pretend that I know all the answers. All I'm saying is that we should be careful and prepare for the worst. What's to stop him from coming to your school and causing havoc?" he asked, waving a hand towards the open doorway where the X-Men trainees are practicing with their powers.

Charles swerves his wheelchair to face Eric, glaring up at Magneto with cold steel in his eyes. "Then he will be sorry that he came here to cause trouble for my students."

Eric smirks over his friend's reply, enjoying the man's overprotectiveness for the younger Mutants. "I'm just saying Charles. He's a powerful unknown that must not be overlooked."

Charles turns his chair to face the open doorway. While he doesn't verbally respond, the Mutant does nod to show he agrees with Magneto. He watches as Storm practices with his lightning manipulation, biting his bottom lip. "Do you have to go?"

Eric smiles, deciding to quit talking about the unknown stranger for now. He pats his friend on the shoulder. "You know I can't stay here. Not for long anyway." The truth is, he is still on the world's most wanted list for his assassination attempt on the U.S. President on national television. The last thing Charles needs is for the U.S. Government to come knocking on his door.

"Where will you go?"

Eric gives on last glance to the X-Men recruits, eying Pietro for a moment. Looking away, he turns and presses the button to call the elevator. "You're psychic, Charles. You'll know where I am" answered Eric, smirking in good nature.

Xavier watches his students train, never once taking his eyes off of them. "Goodbye, old friend."

Eric nods and smiles. "Goodbye, professor." With their goodbye said, Eric enters the elevator and heads back up to the surface.

Charles continued to watch as his students train under Raven, but his mind is thinking about different matters. He thinks back to his experience with the unknown man from six months ago. The man who has not only saved their lives, but the lives of every Human and Mutant on the planet and nobody else will ever know.

For a moment, a memory of that sewer flashes before Xavier's eyes, making him gasp and hold his hands together to stop them from shaking. "That eye..."

He has only caught a glimpse of the eye for only a short moment, yet it still made quite an expression on him. Whatever is behind that cage, it's massive, powerful and very, very angry.

As Xavier controls the shaking of his arms, he looks back to his students, hoping that whatever dangers come in the future, they'll be ready.

( Years Later - Gotham City )

Many years have passed since the incident with Apocalypse and the world has eventually recovered from the destruction caused by both Apocalypse and Magneto. Buildings have been rebuilt, bodies have been buried and the world governments have taken back control of their countries. In the end, the planet seems to have been brought to a state of peace.

"Peace is only a temporary solution" thought Naruto, staring down at a warehouse as he hovers in the air.

Over the years, Naruto has watched on as events pass by him, without ever aging. He has witnessed babies take their first breaths into life, as well as the elderly take their last on their death beds.

He has also watched as Villians wreck havoc across the planet while the Heroes fail to protect the lives of innocents, due to their incompetence.

Even after his sacrifice, Naruto has discovered that the planet remains to be the cornerstone of where evil lurks in every shadow. Across the planet, people continue to kill, rape and steal with smiles on their wretched faces. What's worse, evil has grown so out of control that it has given birth to those who have been labeled, Super Villians. They are labeled as such, because of them possessing either inhuman powers or special skills that make them a threat so large that regular police officers can't handle them.

That's where the Heroes step in.

And where Naruto's disappointment continues.

At first, Naruto is delighted to know that there are people out there who go out of their way to protect the innocent and fight the Villians of the world. His delight soon fades when he takes a closer look in what the so-called Heroes are actually doing.

While the people believe that the Heroes, such as the Justice League, are making a difference, Naruto sees the idiotic truth. The truth is, all the Heroes are doing is continuing the cycle of death and destruction.

A Villian would go out of there way to take the lives of innocents for greedy and selfish reasons while the Heroes would swoop in and defeat said Villain, supposedly avenging the people who have lost their lives. Yet, each of the Heroes make the same mistake by allowing the Villians to live and to be taken away by the authorities and put into prison. By doing so, many of the Villains would soon find themselves back out on the streets, courtesy of a very good lawyer, bribery or by a forceful escape. Once they're back out on the streets, they continue their killing spree and so, the circle of death and destruction continues.

While the Heroes may think they're actually doing good by keeping the moral high ground and not killing, all they're really doing is adding to the body count. By not ending the pathetic lives of the Villains, they're as accountable to the lives lost as the Villains.

If the Justice League won't spill the necessary blood, he will have to do it himself. After all, the Villains can't take away innocent lives if they're dead.

However, even with his Godlike powers, Naruto knows that it'll take more than him to actually spread his influence. That's why he will reform a long lost group that once brought fear and terror to the planet during his own time.

The Akatsuki.

And what better way to spread fear to the criminal underworld than by killing one of the biggest Villains.

Tonight, the Clown Prince of Crime dies.

From his position in the air, Naruto can count four of Joker's goons on the rooftop of the warehouse, all handling an assault rifle each and keeping watch for anyone who might want to bring the Joker to justice. In other words, they are looking out for Batman.

Many times, Naruto has watched Batman take down men like the four goons in half a minute.

For the likes of Naruto, it took him half a second to kill all four men.

While invisible to the naked eye, a thin, but powerful bolt of lightning bounces off the skulls of each of the four men, frying their brains and killing them instantly while Naruto calmly floats down to the rooftop. Slowly, he walks to an open window on the roof and jumps through it, landing on a overhanging catwalk and doing so without making any sound whatsoever.

The first thing the Sage of Six Paths notices is how annoyingly colorful the room is. Colours ranging from the brightest of colours has been painted across the walls with no actual pattern to it. To add to the warehouse's bright colours, colorful toys litter the floor, ranging from tiny robots to seven foot teddy bears.

The innocence of the toys are lost to him when he sees the few boxes of weaponry beside them, as well as the pacing and obviously angry Joker.

Glancing around the warehouse, Naruto sees that the Joker has five hired goons at his disposal with each one dressed as oddly as the room itself. Where one is dressed like a teddy bear, another can be found dressed in a cheap costume of Batman.

"That stupidly idiotic woman!" yelled the Joker, kicking aside a nearby teddy bear. Wisely, the goons remains quiet and pray that their boss doesn't ease his stress on them. The last time someone smart mouthed the Joker, he ended up in a barrel of acid and shipped off to who knows where.

"That bitch just couldn't stop herself from getting caught. Again! She best pray that she rots in her cell before I get my hands on her" growled the Joker while making clenching motions with his hands.

Just under twenty-four hours, he and Harley have been cruising around the streets of Gotham for a joyride, causing a few bits of mayhem at the same time. And as per usual, Batman shows up to ruin their fun. With his own great sense of humour, Joker found it funny to drive the car into the nearby canal to get Batman off his trail. That's just before Harley started bitching about not being able to swim. Now, she's back in Arkham and he's one woman down for his next bank job.

One of Joker's more braver goons steps forward. "Should I make a few calls and get her out, boss?"

"Don't you fucking think about it!" raved the Joker, disturbing the goon by getting into his personal space. Quickly, Joker's glare change to a smirk when he notices his goon's nervousness. "What's wrong with you? Never danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

Before the goon can make up an excuse, a kunai quickly finds itself lodged into his skull. Joker merely blinks as his goon drops dead in front of him. Glancing down, he sees his goon lay on the floor, dead and bleeding from the skull.

He actually finds the sight humorous.

Reeling his head back, joker laughs as the rest of his goons lift their assault rifles to the catwalk, expecting the see Batman, but Joker knows better. With all his years dealing with Batman, he knows that the last thing the masked vigilante will do is kill someone, no matter how annoying they are. He's living proof!

No! There's someone else hiding in the shadows of his hideout.

Someone new.

Someone fun!

Spotting a shade of white, Joker looks up at the catwalk and grins so widely that it actually looks deformed. "Who's this? A new player in our little game of cat and mouse? And you aren't even wearing a mask" he laughed, pointing at Naruto as if he's the funniest man he has ever met.

Naruto stares down at the green-haired man, feeling so much negativity within him that it's making him feel sick. For a moment, an image of a man with long black hair and wearing red armour shadows over Joker's person before it vanishes, making Naruto frown. While curious, he ignores it for now so he can accomplish tonight's goal.

After doing his research on the Clown Prince of Crime, Naruto found himself somewhat surprised to know that the Joker doesn't have any superpowers of his own. How many Villains can brag about being one of the best and not have the help of powers? What the Joker lacks in super human abilities, he makes up for it with his ruthlessness, unpredictability and clever weaponry. Even with no powers for his own, thousands of lives have been lost by the Joker's hands, each either being a man, woman or child. For every person he causes pain and suffering,, the Joker merely laughs.

Tonight, Naruto will finally accomplish the inevitable.

Tonight, he will avenge the deceased and kill the Joker.

"I'm not sure you understand, kiddo but you're playing with the big boys now" said the Joker, reaching into his purple coat and pulling out a revolver with an extra long barrel. "So why don't you scurry on off, eh?" With a laugh, he fires his revolver at Naruto.

Without so much as blinking, Naruto catches the bullet in between his fingers, surprising the goons from his inhuman feat. Joker merely smirks at the sight.

Aiming, Naruto flicks the bullet straight towards one of the goons. In super sonic speeds, the bullet rips through the goon's skull, but it doesn't end there. With a small bit of Chakra manipulation, Naruto controls the trajectory of the bullet after it jumps out of the goon's skull and controls it to pierce through the skulls of the other goons. The goons soon collapse dead with a smoking hole in their heads.

Joker chuckles, seemingly unaffected by Naruto's efficiency to killing his men. "Well, aren't you a big ball of excitement" he laughed. "And here I thought Batman was the big boss in Gotham." Shrugging his shoulders, Jokers makes a run for a pile of crates.

Jumping off of the catwalk, Naruto seems to glide to the floor, watching as the Joker makes a run for the crates. He allows the Villain to do so, knowing that he can kill the insane clown anytime he wants. Following after him, Naruto slowly walks towards the crates, only to stop halfway when he hears the sound of an engine turn on. He raises a brow when the crates shatter as a bright purple car drives through them, bearing the Joker's sick smile on the front of the vehicle's hood.

Within the car, Joker laughs as he steers the car towards Naruto, intending to run him over. Yet, Naruto remains in place, staring at the incoming car with a blank expression.

All of a sudden, the Joker jerks forwards and bangs his forehead against the steering wheel when his car suddenly stops. "What the hell is the big idea!?" yelled the Joker, shaking his fist with one hand while using the other to rub his sore head. He stops what's he's doing when he sees that Naruto is standing in front of his car, holding it back with one hand. Literally, Naruto's fingers have dug into the car's hood, bending metal with the greatest ease.

Never once flinching, Naruto uses his one hand to lift the vehicle over his head, carrying the car as if it weighs nothing. With a simple flick of the wrist, the car ends up flying towards one of the warehouse's walls, performing several flips while in midair before crashing into the wall.

As the ruined car starts to emit smoke, the car's driver door is kicked open and a wounded, if not alive Joker crawls out of the wreckage. "I-I'm one f-for jokes b-but t-this isn't f-funny" muttered Joker with a dry laugh, before wincing from the deep cut in his hip.

The Joker stops crawling when he sees a pair of feet in sandals in front of his face. "You're still here?" he deadpanned.

Naruto doesn't reply, preferring to grab the Joker roughly by his neck and hoist him up with his feet dangling in the air. Activating his Rinne-Sharingan, Naruto summons the King of Hell behind him, much to the surprise of the Joker. The King of Hell opens his mouth wide open and a tentacle-like appendage shoots out and grabs the Joker's tongue. No sooner does the appendage grab the Joker's tongue that it starts to pull at it. The Joker must've found something funny about it because he starts to laugh, even as the King of Hell painfully pulls at his tongue.

Not long after, the Joker's insane laughter goes silent once the King of Hell pulls out his tongue, ending the life of the Clown Prince of Crime.

"Now that is done and over with."

Turning away from the sight of the King of Hell devouring the Joker's corpse, Naruto walks towards one of the warehouse's undamaged walls to mark the start of change.


Batman hums to himself as he looks over the odd symbol that has been etched into one of the walls in the warehouse. "A cloud? Could be a symbol or someone sending a message. I'll have Barbara look into it" he thought, taking pictures of the large cloud symbol with the hidden camera in his mask.

Behind him, Bruce can hear the police and medical personal talk with each other with some wondering what happened. Just from a glance of the decorations, Bruce can make an experienced guess that the warehouse was recently used as a hideout for the Joker. Nobody else, but the Joker has the disturbing sense of humour to fill a warehouse with colorful toys and dangerous weapons.

"However, it's obvious someone else knew about this as well."

He has already recognized the corpses to be former goons of the Joker. That isn't too odd, due to the Joker having the tendency to kill a few of his own men when bored, but what's odd is that the men were killed in strange ways. One of the five was killed from a knife that cut through his skull with the mysterious weapon missing and the rest were killed by a single bullet through the skull. He would suspect the perpetrator to be Jason or maybe even Deadshot, but that doesn't explain the four dead men on the roof who have their brains dripping out of their ears.

Glancing to the right, Bruce sees the Joker's car which has been thrown into the wall. From the cracks covering the wall and the damage done to the vehicle, it's obvious that the one responsible is someone who possesses super human strength or has technology which grants them enhanced strength. He doesn't miss the fingertip dents in the hood of the destroyed vehicle, meaning that the perpetrator caught the vehicle from there.

It's painfully obvious from the crime scene that the Joker was attacked in his own hideout.

Having already taken a blood sample from the blood at the crime scene, Batman frowns in thought. What really has Batman curious is who could have attacked the Joker. Not a lot of people are brave enough to actually attack the Clown Prince of Crime. Whoever does so tend to regret it almost immediately, but from the wreckage, dead bodies and blood stains, whoever did this is sending a message.

They aren't afraid.

With another hum, Batman turns and heads back to inform the League with what happened. While there, he can inform Barbara about the cloud symbol so she can start her search on it, as well as look over the blood sample he found.


"There you are."

On top of one of Gotham's many skyscrapers, one of the city's most well known characters can be found.

Red Hood tilts his sniper rifle slightly to the left so he can keep his scope on his target who goes by the name, Big Daddy. Obviously, he could've searched for the crime boss's real name, but that would only cost him money and time. To be honest, him knowing the man's real name wouldn't change his fate.

Big Daddy is known in the underworld as an upstart crime boss who is starting to lead the underground slave trade. He is the reason why young women have been taken away from their families and friends, so they can be drugged up and sold innto sexual slavery for whoever has the wealth and lack of morals to do so. Of course, being in such a business quickly gained him the attention of the former Boy Wonder who is currently watching Big Daddy walk through the hallway of a skyscraper's thirtieth floor, directly across from the rooftop he's currently standing on.

Jason narrows his eyes as he watches the large man who is wearing an expensive looking white suit that's straining from his large stomach. As expected of someone in his line of work, Big Daddy has four muscular men in black suits surrounding him on all sides, protecting their employer from any threat that may get in their way. Sadly for them, they can't protect their boss from Red Hood.

After making sure that his aim is right and that the wind is light, Red Hood pulls the trigger and watched as his bullet pierces through the glass window pane before drilling a lovely hole through the temple of Big Daddy's skull.

"Nice shot."

Without even turning to see who that voice belongs to, Red Hood drops his sniper rifle and rolls away, already firing at the direction of the voice with his duel pistols. Foul bullets are shot and none of them manage to hit its intended target.

"Heart, lungs and brain. Impressive accuracy. If I was anyone else, I'd be dead instantly" said Naruto, smiling as the bullets hover in front of him, harmlessly. A second later, the four bullets drop to the floor, surprising Red Hood.

While caught off guard, Jason isn't known to quit so easily. Narrowing his eyes, he empties the rest of the clips in his pistols with each shot stopping in front of Naruto, hovering in the air.

"Enough of that." Without so much as a twitch, Naruto uses Magnet Release to pull Jason's guns out of his hands. As they float beside Naruto, the weapons crush themselves into two separate balls of useless metal before dropping to the floor.

This does little to discourage Red Hood who pulls out a large combat knife from the back of his pants and charges at Naruto. Thrusting the knife to Naruto's stomach, Jason finds himself even more surprised when the knife bends inwards before it can stab into flesh. Somersaulting away, Jason looks over his ruined knife and scowls under his mask. His knife has been specifically made by him to cut through Batman's wires, which can hold back the likes of Bane. Now it's a useless pile of metal. Trowing away his knife, Red Hood gets into a fighting stance.

"Whatever he's doing, it's related to metals" he thought, believing that is why his bullets and knife was ineffective against the man. Running towards him, Jason swings his leg high and aims for the man's temple. However, his limb is stopped by an unknown force before it can make contact. "What!? So his powers aren't metal based?"

Taking a step back, Red Hood throws a punch, only for him to be repelled backwards by an invisible force. Groggily, he stands back up and glares at the white-haired man who hasn't moved from his spot once. "Who the hell are you? Another member of the League?"

Naruto shakes his head. "No. Just someone who's looking for hopeful recruits."

"And I'm one of the lucky chosen ones, I take it?" said Jason, sarcastically.

"Correct" nodded Naruto. Naruto turns and walks to the edge of the building and Jason watches every step the unknown man makes. He notes how silent the man's footsteps are, lacking any sound. Calmly, Naruto stares out at Gotham City, sensing so much negativity within it. "Don't you want to clean the streets?" he asked, frowning at the large negativity source that calls itself Gotham. "End all crime in the city?"

"I don't know what rock you crawled yourself out of, but I'm already cleaning up the streets" stated Jason, folding his arms across his chest.

Naruto allows a small, but sad smile to stretch across his lips. "You are trying and I commend you for doing so. However, nothing you do will end the constant crime and death in Gotham." Naruto tilt his head backwards to avoid the throwing knife Jason just threw at him.

"And what? You think that what I'm doing is wrong? That we should just lock up the scum of the earth? Only for them to get out of prison and kill again? That doesn't work!" roared Jason in rage.

At one point in time, Jason actually thought the system worked. That was a time where he wasn't the infamous Red Hood and instead, Robin. As Robin, he worked with Bruce to take down the many criminals and Villains that litter the streets of Gotham and in his naivety, he allowed them to walk away, alive. It's only after his death by the Joker's hand that he realizes the truth in the system. And the truth is that the system doesn't work. After all, if Bruce just killed off the Joker before he became such a household name, he wouldn't have lost his own life.

Naruto faces Red Hood and smiles. "And I agree." Naruto doesn't need to see under Jason's mask to know that he's looking at him, quizzically. "You have taken over most of the gangs in Gotham so you can control crime on the inside. Whoever doesn't follow your orders, you kill without question. You kill Villains and criminals whenever you get the chance. I like that."

Jason narrows his eyes. "Then I take it you aren't with the Justice League." He says it as more of a statement than a question. Every member of the Justice League is as naive as he use to be and so, they wouldn't talk about killing the scum of earth so easily.

Naruto smirks in amusement. "If I was a member of the League, would I not try to stop you. After all, I did just see you kill a man" he said, looking over at the skyscraper where Big Daddy's corpse remains.

"True" muttered Jason in agreement. While he isn't willing to get violent, Jason makes sure to keep his guard up around the man. Something that Naruto inwardly applauds him for. "But how do I know you aren't just talking big?"

"How about I just show you?"

Before Jason can ask what he means by that, Naruto's Rinne-Sharingan eyes blare to life. Violet flames erupt behind him as the King of Hell rises from the fire. Red Hood takes a step back, ready to jump of the building if he sees any act of aggression. Naruto steps to the side as the King of Hell spits out a large object from of its mouth. Said object slides in front of Jason who looks down at it and widens his eyes in awe at the sight.

Lying by his feet, dead as a doorbell is none other than the Joker!

"No way..." gasped Jason in disbelief before he looks back up at Naruto. The man who has somehow managed to do what he has constantly failed at and killed the Joker. "Who in the hell are you?"

"Just a simple man who wants to change the world for the better."

"Simple my ass" thought Jason. No simple man could kill the likes of the Joker. "This group of yours... what is it called?"


"Not a name I would pick out but whatever" shrugged Red Hood. "And there are others?"

"Who share our ideology? No." Naruto looks back out to face the city. Batman may think he's doing the city a favour, but all he's doing is putting fuel into the fire. Families are destroyed every day because he refuses to kill those who are responsible. Now with the Joker dead, he can no longer continue his reign of death in Gotham, forever saving the lives of his future victims. And he's just a stepping stone. "But I can convince them otherwise."

Red Hood slowly nods and takes a spot beside Naruto, folding his arms across his chest. "So... when do we start?"

Overhead the unsuspecting city, the Akatsuki have been reformed.