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Aaanyways, this is a new story. Now, I know what some of you guys are (probably) thinking – 'Oh my! You already have one new story started! Why do you start another one?' Well, to answer simply – because I promised.

You see, long, long time ago, I received a PM by a reader of my main and most popular (by far) story 'Issei Hyoudou, the Neko Dragon'. So, he gave me a couple of ideas (a whole lot ton) for a kickass story with pretty cool plot (In my opinion). So, the reader asked me to write this story for him, which I accepted. So, yeh, here it is!

Uh, just to avoid confusion – this story's plot and idea are NOT mine. They are owned by a reader that goes by the name 'percy zoe and artemis fan'. However, some of the ideas won't work without changing thing or two, so I'll change this and that in the story, but I'll try to stick to the plot which 'percy zoe and artemis fan' (I'll just call him PZAF for short) gave me. So, without further interruptions, let's begin the story!


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Disclaimer: I don't nor I will ever own Highschool DxD or it's characters. It belongs to Ichiei Ishibumi. The plot of this story is not mine either and neither are the OC's that are part of it. The plot belongs to PZAF.


{[Scene Start]}

Night. Beautiful dark sky. Countless stars were shining on the black sky. The beautiful full moon was hiding between small clouds calmly running around the skies. Night. Filled with nothing but silence and beauty.

Truly, nothing would usually go wrong in a beautiful and peaceful night as this one, right? Although everyone would like to say 'yes', a certain couple would beg to differ.

In a small, well-hidden hospital at the end of a town known as Kuoh, a tragedy just happened. A young recently-married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou have just lost their first newborn child.

Mrs. Hyoudou was sitting on a bed and crying her eyes out. It was the same bed in which she just gave birth to her little baby boy. As she learned that the baby have died the moment it was born, she broke down in wracking sobs.

Mr. Hyoudou wasn't in a better condition either. However, he tried to stay strong as much as he could. Tears were streaming down his eyes while he was sitting next to his wife, Mrs. Hyoudou. He was hugging her tightly in an unsuccessful attempt to calm her down.

"I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou." A doctor spoke with is head hung low. He was a middle-aged man with graying hair and facial hair and softened black eyes. His voice felt like a thousand knives stabbing into the hearts of the were-to-be-parents.

"T-This can't be happening…" Mr. Hyoudou muttered to himself. "I saw the footages… He was so full of life in Hiakri's womb! How can this happen just like that?!"

Mr. Hyouou actually had a fair point here. The footages that were took from Mrs. Hyoduou's (Hikari [Yes, I named Issei's mother the same way as in my main story. Deal with it.]) womb showed the full of life baby boy. It didn't seem to have any problem with it. It looked as healthy as a baby could. And yet, this happened. The young couple was broken down, knowing that they lost their child minutes, no, seconds after it was born.

"M-m-my *sob* l-l-little *sob* H-H-Haj-j-j-ime…" Mrs. Hyoudou said in-between her sobs. The tears were still streaming down her eyes as hard as ever. While crying she was looking at a small bed, put at the opposite end of the room. On the same bed was laying the dead newborn with its pale still body covered by a white blanket.

"I'm so… sorry honey…" Mr. Hyoudou muttered barely audible. He was in the same condition as his wife, but he had to stay strong. However, he still didn't find this fair. As it was mentioned earlier, there was nothing wrong with the baby itself nor with Mrs. Hyoudou. There were no infections nor were the baby's organs bad, nothing. The baby was completely fine.

Did Death find some sort of sick twisted amusement in ending lives that hadn't even seen their first ray of light? Took their first breath and saw the world for the first time? As it seemed like, this was the case as the baby died from unknown and unexplainable reasons.

The young couple had everything prepared for their first child's arrival – they picked the name, prepared a room for it, kindergarten, schools, everything. The harsh reality however crashed down on them.

There would be no baby coming home with them…

While the were-to-be-parents were grieving over the loss of their just-born child, the doctor picked up the bed on which the corpse of the baby was laying and left the room. Mr. and Mrs. Hyoudou gave in to the sadness. The whole world was now a darker place for them.

{[Scene Break]}

While the were-to-be-parents were still crying their eyes out in the room, the doctor was bringing the bed with the little dead boy to the examination room. Just as he was about to enter the room, a deep and spooky voice spoke to him, making him freeze in his tracks.

"Did they fall for it?" The voice asked. The doctor turned towards the directory which the voice was coming from only to be greeted by a pair of glowing red eyes. The owner of the voice was standing in the shadows and all that could be seen were his red glowing eyes.

The doctor immediately recognized the voice. He knew who it was, so as he turned towards it, he bowed at the person as a sign of respect. As he did it, he responded to the person in the shadows.

"They are crushed." The doctor responded with an evil grin. "Their faces are priceless."

"Good." The voice replied. "Hand me the baby now."

"But Sir, I still haven't made the exchange. I have to 'borrow' a dead child in order for our trick to work, and-" The doctor began, but was interrupted by the person, hiding in the shadows.

"No need for that." The person said. "My own son, this is the baby that you will be giving them for the funeral."

"Y-your son?" The doctor asked shocked. "I-isn't that a little bit too cruel even for you, Kokabiel-sama? I think you should reconsider-"

"I'm not asking you for opinion." The person, now known as Kokabiel said. "I'm ordering you to do it!"

"Yes, Master!" The doctor replied startled. He was not satisfied with Kokabiel's reasoning though, so he decided to test out his luck and make him talk. "W-Why your son though?" He asked.

"This does not concern you." Kokabiel replied. "What you need to do right now is swap them. My son is in deep sleep right now. I left him in the morgue. You better give him some more of the sleeping drugs. Now, hand me the baby."

"Y-Yes." The doctor replied. He then handed the dead baby with its bed to Kokabiel. The moment Kokabiel took the bed in hands, a 'Magic Circle' appeared over it. The baby immediately began moving.

"You'll be coming with me." Kokabiel said to the baby. He looked at the baby only to widen his eyes. He then turned to the doctor. "You know what, you can just kill my son. I won't need him anymore anyways."

"W-What?" The doctor said.

"This kid…" Kokabiel said while looking at the baby. "This… Hajime, I think they called him… He will be my new son. He will be the one who should have been my son!"

"M-Master…" The doctor began, only to be cut off by Kokabiel.

"Shut up!" Kokabiel yelled at the doctor, releasing some of his rage into the air. The doctor quickly got on his knees and looked down at the floor.

"Please excuse me, Master!" The doctor said in an apologetic manner. "I should have known where I stand!"

"Yes, that's right." Kokabiel replied. Just as he said that the baby that was in the bed suddenly began crying. Kokabiel pulled out a bottle of water as it seemed from his pocket and gave it to the baby, which as it seemed was named Hajime. The moment Hajime began drinking from the bottle, he immediately fell asleep.

"You better go and comfort these two as much as you can." Kokabiel said to the doctor as he heard the sobs of Mrs. Hyoudou. "I don't want them waking up my 'prize'."

"Certainly, Master!" The doctor said as he bowed to Kokabiel.

"Good. Well then, my son will be here by tomorrow… Dead." Kokabiel said as he turned around to leave. "Whatever you do, don't allow them to search for their son."

"Yes, Master!" The doctor nodded.

"Good." Moments after Kokabiel said that, a green 'Magic Circle' appeared beneath his legs. Seconds after, Kokabiel disappeared alongside the baby in a green light.

{[Scene Break]}

A 'Magic Circle' appeared just outside the hospital. The tall man, Kokabiel was still holding Hajime in his hands and was now walking towards a wooden area not too far from the hospital. He was walking slowly while eyeing the little child in his hands. He was smirking devilishly as the child was asleep and unaware of what was happening to him.

"You better be grateful." Kokabiel said. "I gave my own son for you. I wouldn't have done that, but sacrifices have to be made sometimes. Don't worry though, you're far superior than him, I know it. You will be my greatest servant yet. It's a shame, really… Your parents didn't even get to know you… I should have probably let them get to know you first… It would have been much, much more painful for them that way. I'd avoid your father though."

Kokabiel was talking to Hajime even though he was aware that Hajime couldn't understand him. Kokabiel didn't care though. He had a new servant, a new pawn in his game. While he was getting deeper and deeper into the forest, he kept on talking to Hajime, unaware of the fact that him and the child in his arms were not the only ones in that forest.

A man and a woman have been following Kokabiel secretly for quite some time now. The couple was following them since they entered the forest. They did overhear the monologue that the man has led so far and they were aware of two things: This baby was stolen from its parents and the tall man had some nasty plans for it.

The couple was unsure as of what they were supposed to do, so for now they just decided to keep following the man and see what they can find out.

The man was just walking deeper and deeper into the forest with the couple following him at a safe distance. The man then suddenly stopped and so did the couple. Kokabiel looked around, failing to notice the young couple that was following him.

"It's time." Kokabiel said to the child as he laid him on the ground. He then reached to his pocket and pulled out what looked like a metal shard. He then began making some drawing around the baby. The couple immediately understood what he was doing. They didn't want to interrupt him yet though.

As Kokabiel was ready with his activity, he went to the child while smirking evilly. "It's time to become a part of my family, little Hajime-chan." Kokabiel said to the child. As he said it however, something strange happened.

Hajime, who was sleeping deeply up until now suddenly woke up. The child that was born not 30 minutes ago stood up on its two little under-developed legs. Hajime then began walking slowly towards Kokabiel.

"W-What is…" Kokabiel couldn't do anything. He was too shocked. How was this possible? He knew that the power residing within this child was something unseen until this moment, but this? This was beyond shocking.

As Hajime was getting closer, Kokabiel began backing off from him, trying not to get close. However, as he reached a tree that was just behind him, he found out that he couldn't do anything else. Hajime kept coming closer and closer and the shock and the fear were overtaking Kokabiel. He couldn't think straight, yet alone defend himself.

Hajime was very, very close to Kokabiel. Half a meter was separating them but for Kokabiel this was nothing. His fear made him powerless. However, the thing that happened after that got him even more scared.

"This child is under my protection." Hajime, the just-born baby said in a deep and gruff voice. The baby that was blind yet has now opened its eyes. They were completely black, darker even from the void. "Fallen Angel Kokabiel, if you want to live, leave this child immediately and never cross paths with him again."

"W-Who are you?!" Kokabiel yelled in shock and fear.

"My name is irrelevant." 'Hajime' said. "Listen to me, Fallen Angel. Leave at once and I may consider letting you live, stay here and die."

"Y-You little…" Kokabiel yelled as he summoned a light spear in his right hand and aimed it at the child. As he did it however, his arm suddenly became numb. The light spear disappeared as well. That was not all though. A white 'Magic Circle' appeared under him as well. "W-What are you…"

"As I said, Fallen Angel, you should not play these games with me." Hajime said as in his little under-developed hands two little white magical orbs were shining. "I lack the power to deal with you right now, but this will change very, very soon." As Hajime said that, Kokabiel disappeared in a bright white light, being taken away by the 'Magic Circle' below him.

As Kokabiel disappeared Hajime fell on the hard ground. His eyes closed again and the voice that was so bravely protecting him from Kokabiel disappeared. The child began crying as much as it could.

The young couple were still shocked after what they saw, but the sound of Hajime crying got them worried so they hurried to the baby to check on him. The young woman picked the little Hajime off the ground and held him near her chest.

"W-Was this real?" The young woman asked while she held Hajime.

"Yes." The man replied as he was observing the now calm Hajime. "There is definitely something special about this baby. I wonder… Is that 'presence' that was in him just a second ago still… here."

"I don't know." The woman said. Hajime was now completely calm. He was no longer crying and he was peacefully laying in the hands of the young woman. The man created a 'Magic Circle' over the little Hajime in an attempt to check if the 'presence' was still there. After a minute he spoke.

"I… I can't sense it." The young man said. "The 'presence'… I can't sense it."

"Is that a good thing?" The young woman asked.

"I don't know." The man replied as the 'Magic Circle' disappeared. "Let's just hope this little guy is alright."

"He seems alright to me." The woman said as she looked at him. A small smile appeared on her face. While it looked like a smile of happiness, it was one of sadness. The man that was with her knew that so he went over to her and hugged her.

"I'm sorry, darling." The man said to the woman. "But you heard what the doctor said. You can't have kids. I know, it's hard to live with that, but there's nothing we can do."

"I know that, I just…" The woman said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "I just wish that I was holding our child in my hands right now, Katsu."

"I know, Etsuko." The man who was now named Katsu replied. "I wish so as well." He said as a tear rolled down his cheek as well.

"Nevertheless, we should return this child to his parents." The woman, now named Etsuko said.

"Return it?" Katsu asked. "How will we return it? We have no idea where did this baby even came from."

"But we have to find a way!" Etsuko replied. "His parents are probably worried right now!"

"Even so, we can't do anything." Katsu said. "What do you expect? To put 'Found Baby' posters all over the city? You just saw what was this man trying to do, right? What if someone like that man comes and takes the baby from us while stating that it's his?"

"But…" Etsuko replied barely audible while still holding Hajime in her arms. Katsu continued his train of thoughts though.

"There are a lot of freaks out there. What if we give it to a murderer by a mistake?" Katsu said as his breathing got faster. He stopped talking and took a deep breath to calm down. He then looked at the sleeping child in Etsuko's arms.

"Don't you see it?" Katsu asked Etsuko. "Fate has given us this child. It's not a coincidence that we stumbled upon the kidnapper. It was fate Etsuko, it was fate."

"I guess…" Etsuko said as she looked at Hajime with a sad smile. "But even if we take him, how will we take care of him?"

"We will find a way." Katsu replied. "Parent classes, school, personal tutors… I don't mind spending my time learning how to raise a child. As long as it is our child."

"You're right." Etsuko said. "We can't leave him here. He'll die if we do. But taking him… I still think that is-"

"No, Etsuko, it's not." Katsu interrupted Etsuko as he already knew what was she going to say. "A bad thing would be if we leave it here. Think of it this way: We have no idea where he came from, we have no idea who his parents are and we know that freaks like that man are after him for some reason."

"If anything, leaving him here would be wrong." Katsu said. "So at the very least, just like I told you, fate got us to him so we should do what fate wants us to do."

"Yes, you're right." Etsuko replied while staring at the sleeping child in her arms. A happy smile appeared on her face. One of pure happiness and joy. She then began whispering to the sleeping child. "Did you hear that, little one? We will take care of you now."

"Indeed." Katsu said as he hugged Etsuko from behind. Taking yet another glance at the child, he couldn't help but smile. "We're going to be a very, very happy family." He said and buried his head into the crook of Etsuko's neck.

As it seemed, Etsuko and Katsu just got themselves a child. Their dream, the thing that they wanted the most from this world was coming true. Peaceful days with their just-adopted child awaited them.

Or that's what they thought…

For little they knew, that one of the Executors, one of the greatest beings that has ever walked on Earth…

Would be born very soon.

{[Scene End]}

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