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{[Scene Start]}

Darkness. That's everything that he could see. Everything around him, under him, over him, everything was darkness. It was cold and endless. No matter how much he tried to run away from it or struggle to find the light, he never succeeded in doing so.

But that was not the worst part. The darkness was just the beginning.

In the middle of the endless dark void, a small house suddenly appeared. It was all grey, no other colors present.

He suddenly found himself inside the house. He knew what happens next. He knew too well.

"Ha-Hajime, run… Run as far as you ca-" the voice of a young woman was heard. He turned towards the voice only to see a young woman being impaled in the head by a glowing yellow spear. He began to tear up.

"Mother…" He quietly said as he watched the young woman fall on the floor, her lifeless body laying in a pool of her own blood. Next to her was a lifeless body of a young man that was missing his left hand and his head.

"Come with me, child." a man with long black hair and crimson eyes said as he extended his hand towards a 9 year old boy that was sitting against the nearest wall while crying his eyes out.

The boy just saw both his mother and father getting killed right in front of him. Screaming would be useless, he was too scared and shocked anyways.

"Don't worry, you'll forget about them soon enough. You don't need them anyways." the long-haired man said as he began walking towards the still crying boy.

He watched the scene with tears in his eyes. Yet, His face showed no emotion. No fear, no panic, no disgust, nothing.

He has seen this many times before anyways.

'Mom… Dad…' the thoughts of the young boy played in His head. 'Why…? Why is this happening to me?'

"Alright, I'm getting sick of this place already." the long-haired male said as he grabbed the boy by his hand. "Your new life begins now, my son!"

"No, no! Let go of me!" the boy tried to fight the man. It was futile though. The man was stronger and there was nothing that a small boy like him could do. "You killed mom and dad! I don't want to go with you!"

"You don't have much of a choice!" the man said. "Now be a good boy and get going!"

"NO!" the boy yelled out as he kicked the man in the crotch. The man put his hands over his crotch while yelling in pain. The boy quickly ran around him, heading for the destroyed door, the exit.

"I'm not letting you get away!" was all that the boy heard before he felt a sudden and enormous amount of pain in his left leg. He fell on the ground and looked at his leg. A yellow glowing spear was impaled in his leg.

The boy wanted to scream, yet he didn't. Why? Was he afraid? Did he know that it was pointless?

"You really caused me a lot of troubles, son." The long-haired man said as he began walking towards the boy. "Don't worry though. I know that it's just because of your age. Nothing a little disciplining can't fix."

The man reached for the boy's hand once more. But a sudden change in the air around him knocked him back a couple of meters.

"We meet again, you Fallen Angel scum."a deep and gruff voice that the long-haired man was familiar with was heard. The man looked towards the boy only to see him back on his two feet with bright white aura engulfing his body.

"Y-You again?!" the man almost yelled out as he took another step back.

"I think I made myself clear the last time we saw each other. This child is under my protection. But I see that you have no intention of listening to me. Only troubles await you, Fallen One." the voice that was coming from the boy said.

"Not this time!" the man created another glowing spear and threw it at the boy. The spear was stopped with a swift motion from the boy and destroyed within seconds. "Dammit, just what are you?!"

"Once I'm done with you, you will know just who I am." the boy made a stance and extended his hand towards the man, pointing at him. He pointed at him for roughly ten seconds only to sigh audibly. "I see… My host is not strong enough for my power. However, that doesn't mean I'm letting you go easy." the boy then began walking towards a nearby chest, placed near the door that he was going for earlier.

"I don't know what are you planning on doing, but it won't happen!" the man threw another spear at the boy only for the spear to get destroyed once more. "What the-"

"It's pointless, Fallen One." the boy said as he pulled out a black box wrapped in chains from the chest. "I have other means to deal with you if I can't do it with my own powers."

"Don't underestimate me!" another spear was thrown at the boy. Another spear was destroyed as it made contact with him. The aura engulfing the boy intensified knocking the man a couple of meters back once more. "Wh-What is…"

"Save it for once I'm done with you." the boy replied as the black box was finally opened. The boy then pulled out a red Desert Eagle from the box and pointed it at the man. A second Desert Eagle in a darker red color was left inside the box. "It's time, Fallen One. You've been a pain for a while now."

He was still standing in the middle of the grey house, watching the whole scene play in front of him. He knew what happens next. After all, he experienced this once before. Eight years ago.

With the barrel of the gun still pointed towards the long-haired man's head, all that was left for the boy to do was to pull the trigger. Just before he did this though, the darkness around the house and the house itself began to disappear.

White glowing cracks were appearing all over the dark void and the house. The scene in front of Him also suddenly disappeared. In less than a second, the darkness was gone and the void was no more.

{[Scene Break]}


The sound of his alarm going off pulled him out of his dreamland, if it could be called such. Reaching out to turn it off, he rubbed his eyes to get rid of the sleep. He then looked towards the alarm clock that was placed on the bedside cabinet right next to his bed. It said 7:00 AM, Wednesday.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes once more. He removed the blanket that was covering his body as he sat up on his bed.

'That dream again…' he thought to himself. The darkness and the gray house were burned into his memory. The scene with the little boy about to shoot the man was still fresh in his mind. 'Just how many times will I have to go through this?'

It wasn't the first time he dreamed this, and he knew better than everybody that it wouldn't be the last either.

He swung his feet across the bed until they could reach the ground and stood up. He began walking towards the bathroom that was connected to his room through a single door.

Entering the bathroom he immediately took his boxers off which were all that he had on currently. Entering the shower, he turned the knobs and got under the now running water.

'This nightmare keeps repeating over and over… No matter what I do, I just can't make it stop…' he thought to himself while rubbing his body with a bar of soap. 'I just want it to end…'

Not long after, he turned the knobs again and the water stopped running. He got out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he walked towards a nearby mirror cabinet. He looked at himself in the mirror.

He had black hair, reaching all the way down to upper back. He had grey eyes with his left eye being covered by a long bang of his black hair. He had bags visible under his eyes due to the lack of sleep. No facial hair was present on his face.

He silently sighed as he reached for his toothbrush and paste as he began to brush his teeth.

Another school day was ahead of him and just like all the other days, he wasn't sure if he was ready.

{[Scene Break]}

Ten minutes later, he was all dressed and ready to go. He was wearing the standard uniform of his school. A black blazer with white outlines, white dress shirt with black highlights, black dress pants and brown dress shoes. His long hair was tied into a short ponytail, no longer covering his left eye.

He was making his way towards the Meeting Room, a special room in the building he was living in. As he neared the room, he heard two feminine voices. He knew who the owners of the voices were. After all, he was living with them.

Opening the door towards the room he let out a silent yawn before greeting the two girls that were sitting and chatting.

"Good morning Buchou, Akeno-san." he said as he entered the room.

"Ara ara, good morning, Hajime-kun. Ufufufu~" one of the girls replied. The girl in question had long black hair tied into a long ponytail reaching all the way to her calves. She had purple eyes with long eyelashes. She also had a buxom body.

The name of this girl was Akeno Himejima, one of the most beautiful girls in the school that He was attending.

"Good morning, Hajime. I hope you slept well." replied the other girl. She had long crimson hair with blue-green eyes and buxom body. Her name was Rias Gremory. The most beautiful girl in his school, who also happened to be his Master.

"Not really, but I can't really complain." he, Hajime replied. He then proceeded to take a seat on the nearby couch. "I still got some rest, so that's a plus. Could have been much worse."

"Well, I don't know what the issues with your sleeping schedule are, but I hope that you'll be able to solve the problem. I want you in your top condition after all." the red haired girl, Rias, said.

"Understood, Buchou." Hajime replied with a nod of his head. He then proceeded to look around the room. "Buchou, where are the rest? They'll be late for school."

"They were summoned by regular clients, so they'll be just a bit late." Rias replied. "I hope they're done with their work as fast as possible though."

"Why?" Hajime asked. "Is something wrong?"

"Yes, there is something urgent that we should take care of immediately." Rias replied. "A Stray Devil is on the loose apparently and it's a dangerous one by all means. It is on a much higher level than the ones we've been fighting so far so it's important to deal with it as fast as possible."

"Sounds serious." Hajime said. "So, when do we get to teach it a lesson?"

"When night falls would be the perfect time, but the sooner we're done with it, the better." Rias replied.

"Understood. I shall prepare then." Hajime replied as he stood up from the couch he was previously sitting on. "Should I scout the area? Maybe it's attacking people now. Or threatening them somehow."

"I guess it will be for the best if you do so." Rias replied with a sigh. "But be careful please."

"I will, don't worry." Hajime said with a nod. "Well then, I'll be off." With that, Hajime left the room leaving Rias and Akeno alone.

"I'm sure he had that nightmare again…" Rias said with a sigh. "He just cannot overcome it, can he?"

"Can you blame him? Such a shock is way too much for a nine year old boy." Akeno replied with a sad smile. "At least admire that he's forcing himself to look happy."

"I don't want him to force it though. I want him to truly be happy." Rias replied.

"Don't worry about it, Rias. He'll find his happiness soon enough." Akeno said.

"I hope you're right." Rias replied as she stood up from her chair. "Well then, let's go. We don't want to be late now, do we?"

"Of course not." Akeno replied as her and Rias began making their way towards school.

{[Scene Break]}

Classes passed without anything eventful happening. Hajime was once again yelled at by his teacher for not paying attention, but other things were on his mind. He couldn't help it. He didn't want to either.

With classes and school done, Hajime returned to the building he was currently living in. The said building was actually called 'Old School Building' by the other students. It was a small structure on the school grounds that used to be abandoned before Rias transformed it into her own club building.

At least that's what it looked like on the surface. Rias, Akeno, Hajime and the rest that were in Rias' club were not exactly 'normal'. They all kept an important secret. A secret that people shouldn't learn. Ever.

Navigating through the big halls of the building, Hajime finally found himself standing in front of a large double door. He opened it and entered. Beneath the door was the 'Meeting room', a special room in which Rias and the rest were meeting in order to discuss their daily activities.

The room itself was fairly simple. It wasn't too big, but it wasn't small either. It consisted of a desk, two sofas, a table placed between the two sofas and a large chair behind the desk. A window was placed behind the chair and the desk, letting the light from the outside lit the room dimly.

Upon entering, Hajime immediately noticed that the whole 'Team' was there. Rias was sitting on her favorite chair behind a desk that was placed in front of the wall that was opposite of the double door. Akeno was standing right next to her and was giggling to herself.

The two sofas were being occupied by two other people.

A tall, handsome blonde boy with blue eyes was sitting on the first sofa. He was wearing the standard school uniform, just like Hajime's. The name of the boy in question was Kiba Yuuto.

The other sofa was being occupied by a short, petite girl with white hair. Her white hair was reaching down to her lower back, with two long bangs on the front side of her face that were reaching all the way to her flat-looking chest. She also had big, beautiful hazel eyes.
The name of this girl was Koneko Toujou, the school's 'Mascot'.

"Welcome back, Hajime." Rias greeted him after he entered the room.

"Hello Buchou, Akeno-san." Hajime greeted them back. He then turned towards Kiba and Koneko. "Good afternoon to you, Yuuto-san, Koneko-chan."

Kiba returned Hajime's greeting with a smile, while Koneko merely nodded without even looking at him. Hajime was used to it anyways. She is known to be mostly stoic and cold. Although she did talk to him and he was able to tell that she was a good person.

"Now then, we're all here, we can start our meeting." Rias said as she leaned into her chair. "As I told you, there seems to be a Stray Devil that's loose somewhere around the city. It's a vital threat for the people living in the town and even ourselves."

"Such a high level?" Kiba asked. "Shouldn't somebody of higher rank kill it?"

"Sadly, it's not that strong for somebody else to get involved. It's on us, so we'll have to deal with it. I want all of you to make preparations." Rias explained. "We'll be going tonight. Me and Akeno already sent out our Familiars to look around the town for it."

"Have you heard from them yet?" Hajime asked as he went to sit next to Koneko on the couch.

"Not yet, but I'm positive they'll return soon." Rias replied. "While we wait for them, I want you all to take some rest. I'll need you in your best condition."

"Yes, Buchou!" all of them said in unison.

{[Scene Break]}

In a dark room, being dimly illuminated by the screen of a desktop computer, a white-haired boy was sitting. The boy was typing on his keyboard, seemingly researching various spots through the city for reasons unknown.

The boy glanced at the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen. It read 9:30 PM. He smirked slightly, he already knew what this meant.

*Ring Ring* his phone's ringing suddenly sounded through the room. He was quick to pick it up and talk to the person at the other end of the line.

"Hello there." he greeted as he picked up the phone. "It's time, isn't it?"

:You already know what to do, don't you?: a masculine voice asked.

"Of course I do." the boy nodded. "Trace down the stray one, kill it and escape the place before I piss off the Devils that are going to kill it. Simple enough."

:I hope you realize that the Governor's expectations are high as ever.: the man said. :Do not disappoint us.:

"You already know I never do that." the boy said. "Well, it was nice talking to you, but I already have a signal. The Stray Devil has been located. Talk to you later."

With that, the boy hung up the phone and stood up from the chair, situated in front of his computer. He walked to his dresser and opened it, before pulling out a set of clothes that he was keeping for situations, such as this one.

He stripped down to his boxers and quickly put on the clothes he pulled out from the dresser. When he was done, he began walking towards the door, getting ready to leave his house. Before he exited through the door, he picked up a mask that was laying on a small table, put right beside the door.

"Well then, Stray Devil, I hope you're ready for some fun." the boy said to himself as he began running towards the location of the Stray Devil.

{[Scene Break]}

Standing in front of an abandoned warehouse, situated at the edge of the city, were Rias, Akeno, Hajime, Koneko and Kiba.

The warehouse was, by Rias' words, used as a lair for the Stray Devil in which it hides during the night, when not on a killing spree.

"This is the place." Rias said while looking at the warehouse. She turned towards Hajime and the rest. "Hajime, Yuuto, Koneko, are the three of you ready?"

"All prepped, Buchou." Kiba nodded as a sheathed sword attached to a belt appeared around his waist.

"…I'll crush them." The short white haired girl, Koneko, replied.

Hajime didn't reply instantly as he was busy loading a pair of red Desert Eagles with bullets. The Desert Eagles themselves looked quite normal, albeit being in an unnatural red color, with one of them being in a darker shade of red than the other one.

Once he was done loading them, he turned towards Rias and spoke.

"We shall punish it for its crimes." Hajime said, before walking up to Kiba and Koneko, who were getting ready to go into the warehouse. "Well then, let's go."

The three of them began walking towards the warehouse's door. The second they stepped in, a low feminine voice was heard.

"I can smell something disgusting, but I can also smell something delicious." the feminine voice said. "Is it sweet? Or is it sour?"

"As if we'd let you find out." Hajime said. "Stop hiding in the shadows and show yourself already."

"Mmmm, I think you would be rather sweet." the Stray Devil said as it revealed itself. It was topless woman with a floating upper body. Her chest was completely exposed to Hajime and the rest. The rest of her body was hidden in the shadows.

"Save it, I ain't flattered." Hajime said as he aimed one of the Desert Eagles at the Devil. "Just stay there like a nice little Stray Devil and I might just consider dealing with you quickly."

The Devil did not reply. Instead, it walked out of the shadows, revealing its full form to Hajime, Koneko and Kiba. Its upper part of the body was of a beautiful naked woman, but the lower part was of a four-legged beast, reminiscent of a centaur. It was armed with two long swords, holding one in each of its hands.

"Ew." Hajime said. "I was expecting something ugly, but that's a bit over the top."

"Be sassy all you want, you little bitch." the Stray Devil said. "I won't hesitate in decorating this place with your corpses!"

The Devil lunged at them, but its attack failed as all the three of them managed to evade its attack in time.

Kiba began running towards the Devil, using his sword to slash its hands and sever them from its body. The severed hands fell on the floor alongside the long swords while the Devil was yelling in pain.

The trio didn't give the Devil a chance to counter-attack however, as Koneko ran to it and lifted it, using her two hands.

"…Fly." she mumbled and threw the Devil into a nearby wall, as a loud crashing sound was heard and smoke arose from the place where the Devil collided with the wall.

The Devil seemed disoriented, which meant that it was Hajime's turn. He aimed with his pistols and began shooting a barrage of bullets at it, hitting it various of places.

The Devil's screams rang through the warehouse, but Hajime was still quite not done. He kept shooting and shooting until the Devil was put right below the warehouse's glass ceiling. It was still yelling in pain with holes all over its body, resulted from the bullets that Hajime shot.

"Now, Akeno-san!" Kiba yelled out at Akeno, that was standing alongside Rias outside of the warehouse. "Blast it with a thunder through the ceiling!"

There was no response however. Not even an action taken.

"What's going on, Kiba?!" Hajime asked as he kept shooting at the Devil. "Why isn't this thing fried yet?!"

"Akeno-san isn't-" Kiba tried to explain, before the glass ceiling was suddenly smashed into pieces.

Another loud scream came from the Devil as a single dagger was stabbing it in its neck.

"W-What the…?" Hajime mumbled to himself as his bullets ran out. "A… dagger?"

Hajime, Koneko and Kiba all looked towards the smashed glass ceiling, only to see a person standing there, all the while looking at the Devil. They couldn't see the person's face, nor his clothes as he was shrouded in the darkness of the night.

"Well good evening, Stray Devil." the person standing on the roof said. "I see that you're a bit occupied at the moment."

Saying this, the person jumped down from the roof and landed right on top of the Stray Devil. In one swift motion, he grabbed his dagger, pulled it out of the Stray Devil's neck, jumped off the Stray Devil and landed not too far away from Hajime, Koneko and Kiba.

"You! YOU!" the Stray Devil kept yelling as it kept writhing in pain. "I will kill you!"

"Try it then." the person smirked as he span the dagger in his hand. "With a wound like this, I doubt you'd get far."

Hajime, Kiba and Koneko all looked towards the person that jumped down from the roof as they finally had an opportunity to see who that was.

The person they were currently looking at was about 5'7-5'8. By his voice they assumed that he was about as old as they were. His face wasn't visible entirely since his eyes were being hidden by a mask, leaving his forehead, hair, cheeks, mouth and chin exposed.

His hair was white and spiky. The frontal part of his hair was falling over his face, with his bangs reaching all the way down to his chin. His frontal part of the hair was parted exactly in its center, allowing them to clearly see the mask covering his eyes. The rear of his hair was a bit longer and was pointing backwards, as if standing on its own. By observing it, they assumed that the rear of his hair would reach his shoulders if it wasn't pointing backwards in the way it did.

His clothes consisted of a black ankle-length tailcoat completed with a hoodie, a gray high-necked waistcoat with gold accents, black jogger-style pants, black boots, and a pair of black gloves. As for his mask, it was a black and white, birdlike domino mask.

Albeit a bit confused by the weird outfit the boy was wearing, they were mostly surprised that somebody appeared and attacked the Stray Devil. However, that wouldn't be the only surprise they were going to get today.

The Devil lunged at the boy, trying its hardest to either stomp him or smash him using its weight. The boy simply moved from side to side, evading the Devil's attacks with ease, all the while spinning the dagger in his hand.

"You can try all you want, you're not tough enough to hurt me." the boy said as he dodged yet another blow. "I, however…" he said quietly as he ran to the Stray Devil and punched it. "…am a different story."

Although the punch didn't seem that strong, the Stray Devil definitely felt it, as it began staggering due to the impact. The boy didn't waste a second and began repeatedly punching the Stray Devil over and over again.

"A-Amazing…" Kiba stuttered while observing the fight before him.

The boy jumped in front of the Stray Devil, as he began spinning and kicking it. The Devil was still staggering and struggling to remain on its feet. The boy pulled out his dagger once more and began hacking and slashing until the Devil finally fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

The boy put his dagger away as he walked towards the Devil, standing in front of him with his hands in his pockets.

"…Curse… you…" the Stray Devil managed to choke out while observing the boy from the ground.

"Don't be mad at me, you brought it on yourself." the boy said, as he slowly began reaching for something inside his tailcoat. "Don't worry though, it's all over now. Rest up."

"You son of a-" the Stray Devil couldn't finish its last words, as another bullet pierced its head. This time however, it knew that it was the end for sure.

"Rest in peace, freak of nature." the boy said while spinning a white Desert Eagle in his hand that he seemingly pull out of his tailcoat.

The Stray Devil's scream filled the warehouse one last time. A bright light filled the warehouse, causing Kiba, Koneko and Hajime to shielded their eyes.

After the light died down, the Stray Devil was nothing but a pile of ash and everyone that remained was them and the weirdly dressed boy.

"He killed it with… light?" Kiba muttered out once more as he took a step forward.

"…A priest?" Koneko quietly said.

"A priest?" the boy turned towards the trio as he put his gun away. "I'm afraid not, not even close to one."

Just as he said that, Rias and Akeno ran inside the warehouse while looking around for Hajime, Kiba and Koneko. Upon seeing them, they ran up to them.

"Are the three of you okay?!" Rias asked, evidently concerned.

"We're okay, Buchou." Kiba nodded and smiled at Rias. "The Stray Devil is gone now, too."

"What happened? Why didn't Akeno-san attack when we gave her the signal?" Hajime asked as he looked towards Akeno.

"Ara, ara, I was going to, but before I could I was pushed away by something." Akeno replied. "We saw it go inside the warehouse, but we were unable to move for some reason."

"Yeah, well, I would hate to fight 'The Priestess of Thunder'." the boy said as he shrugged. "It wouldn't be fair."

"And who might you be?" Rias asked as she turned towards the boy. "I saw you breaking through the roof."

"Yeah, I was the one that defeated the Devil." the boy said. "Apparently it was a dangerous one so I had to put it to sleep."

"What gives you the right to do that though?" Rias asked as she began walking towards the boy. "The Stray Devils in the area are our responsibility. After all, this is a territory controlled by Gremory."

"Gremory, right." the boy replied unimpressed. "Well, I'm aware of that, but orders are orders."

"And who gave you the orders?" Rias asked once more.

"I'm unauthorized to give you this information." the boy replied. "Sorry, can't tell you."

"Just who are you?" Rias narrowed her eyes. "You can't be a human, no human would've dealt with a Stary Devil this quickly."

"You'd be surprised." the boy replied as he turned away from Rias and began walking towards the exit. "In any case, my work here is done, so I'll be taking my leave."

"Wait, we're not done talking!" Rias yelled out to him.

"Nope, we are, heiress of the Gremory." the boy said. "Though, I'm certain that we'll see each other again."

"Hey, don't ignore our Master like that!" Hajime yelled out as he aimed at the boy and fired at him.

Faster than anyone could see, the boy unsheathed his dagger once more and deflected Hajime's bullet without even turning around to face him.

"I don't have time for chit-chat." the boy sighed. "Besides, I'm not an enemy of yours."

"If you're not an enemy, then why don't you show yourself?!" Hajime yelled out.

"As I said, I'm unauthorized to do this." the boy shook his head as he kept walking towards the exit of the warehouse.

"Then tell us your name at least!" Rias yelled out. The boy stopped walking and looked at Rias over his shoulder.

"Call me 'Dark'." the boy said and began walking again. "We'll surely meet again, Rias Gremory."

The boy finally exited through the warehouse's door. Rias and the rest ran to it the moment they couldn't see him anymore, but upon getting to it, the boy was already gone, as if he had vanished.

"Just who was that?" Hajime asked as he put his Desert Eagles into their holsters. "This guy defeated the damn Stray one so quickly…"

"He was also using light in order to finish it off…" Kiba added. "Yet, he didn't attack us, so I doubt he was a priest."

"What do you think, Buchou?" Akeno asked as she looked at Rias.

"Whoever that was, they took care of the Stray one, so he did our job for us." Rias sighed.

"He said that we will meet again. What do you think does that mean?" Hajime wondered.

"Maybe he has also targeted Stray Devils for some reason?" Kiba suggested.

"Whatever his reason is, it's useless to think about it right now. It's pretty late." Rias said. "Let's get home and get some rest. We'll think it through tomorrow."

"Yes, Buchou." Akeno and the rest all nodded in agreement.

With that, Rias and her group all began walking towards their homes. Albeit a bit tired, all of them were tormented by a single thought:

'Just who the hell is 'Dark'?'

{[Scene End]}

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