Summary: She found him on the beach of Besaid when he was on the verge of dying. She sheltered him and nursed him back to health, despite not knowing who he was. What a man like him could do to repay such kindness? Become her guardian, shield her from dangers and blast Sin's head off if it tries to go near her, simple.


"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Jutsu/Power/Technique.

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'Naruto' Demonic/Dragon Thoughts.

A Fishcake Guardian

Arc 1

The summoner and the ninja

Chapter 1

Besaid Island

Yuna, apprentice summoner, daughter of the late high summoner Braska, smiled softly as she sat on the beach of the island she had come to call her hometown, watching the sun as it slowly rose above the horizon.

She woke up early that morning, perhaps earlier than usual. It's not because she was being bothered by anything, but because of the happiness and excitement she was feeling.

Last night, during a small party the villagers organized to celebrate the end of her training in the art of summoning, her teacher had announced to Yuna, her guardians and everyone that it's time for the daughter of lord Braska to head into Besaid Temple's Cloister of Trials to obtain her first Aeon, a mighty and powerful creature granted by the fayth and become a full-fledged summoner.

It's the only thing that she had wanted ever since she decided to follow her father's footsteps. Being acknowledged as a summoner meant that Yuna could start her own pilgrimage, a journey a summoner has to undertake in order to defeat Sin and bring about the Calm, an uncertain amount of time of peace which Sin was no more, for the people of Spira. Yuna knew that it was going to be a tough journey, and the Calm would never last forever, much like her father's Calm that last less than a year. She also understood she would have to sacrifice a lot on her journey to obtain the Final Aeon, but Yuna knew it'd be totally worth it.

With her guardians, her friends, at her side and the supports of the people of Spira, Yuna knew that there was nothing she couldn't overcome.

"I will do it, father." Yuna said softly, gently brushing a strand of her soft brown hair behind her ear, hoping that her father at the Farplane could hear her "I will defeat Sin."

It's not just something she would do, but something she must do.

Realising that the village of Besaid was slowly waking up, Yuna decided that it's time for her to return to her home before any of her friends could get worried. Standing up from her position, Yuna dusted her dress of the slightly wet sand before turning to pick up her black boots.

Yuna was about to leave but stopped abruptly when her eyes caught sight of something on the sea.

Her eyes became wide when she noticed it was no something, but rather someone, a man with blonde hair.

The young apprentice summoner became even more worried when she saw him holding loosely onto a wooden log, unconscious but definitely alive. He was slowly being pushed to the beach, but Yuna had no intention of waiting until that moment, so without thinking, the Summoner in training removed her clothes, leaving herself only in her underwear and jumped into the ocean before any of the villagers could stop her, or know what's going on. As she swam toward him as fast as she could, Yuna cursed herself for not noticing him sooner, but she could berate herself later, now she had to save him, she's going to use every ounce of her limited physical strength to do it.

It took her a couple of minutes to get to him, and she immediately checked his pulse to see if he was still alive like she had hoped him to. A feeling of relief washed through her when she felt his pulse, weak, but still there. However, that feeling didn't last long when she saw the something red coming from his chest.

It's blood… his blood.

He was bleeding, badly

With the amount of blood she saw, Yuna was afraid that he might be dead even before she could bring him back the island.

She knew he had to be healed and taken care of or else he's not going to last long.

Yuna didn't stop to wonder how someone could still be alive after losing enough blood to turn an entire area of blue sea water in red, or what had happened to him to leave him in such state. As soon as she was able to get behind him, Yuna wrapped her arms around his torso and removed him from the wooden log and tried her best to swim backwards while pulling him with her. It's not easy, and Yuna soon found herself struggling with his weight and the currents. Unfortunately, the winds blew quite strong that day.

Suddenly, when she was slowly losing strength and starting to feel very tired, she heard a loud call.


Hearing that voice, Yuna turned her head around and smiled in relief when she saw Wakka, one of her guardians, swimming toward her from afar. Wakka was a blitzball player, water was his domain, it didn't take him more than twenty seconds to get to her "What are you thinking ya?" he asked furiously and grabbed onto the man's shirt, keeping both of them from sinking into the water "You should have called us."

"I-I'm sorry." She answered honestly "b-but I can't…"

"I know I know." Wakka said hurriedly as he swam back to the beach, bringing both of them with him "I will bring both of you back to the beach, just try to hold him tight, okay?" Nodding her head gratefully while kicking her legs to help Wakka, Yuna turned her head and saw many villagers standing at the shore looking at her worriedly. Lulu and Kimahri Ronso, her other guardians were also present, and they looked very worried, maybe even more so than the villagers.

"Lady Summoner!" one of the elders of Besaid Village called out worriedly when Yuna crawled onto the beach, breathing heavily in tiredness "Are you alright?"

"Y-yes… thank you, elder."

"Yuna!" Lulu immediately rushed forward and kneeled down next to Yuna. Using a cloak she received from the tall Ronso, she quickly covered Yuna's body and asked the girl she viewed as her little sister in frustration, something quite rare for the usually stoic woman "What are you thinking you idiot girl? Have you lost your mind?"

"I-I'm so sorry." Yuna lowered her head while taking a deep breath "I… couldn't leave him o-out there… and run to find help." She turned her head back, looking at her guardian as he pulled the bleeding and unconscious man onto the shore and, as gently as he could, put him down the sand "Because it might be too late." She finished her sentence.

"But Yuna, don't forget that you are…"

"He's injured. We have to help him, Lulu." Yuna snapped her head back and said to Lulu in a hurry, cutting her off before she could start scolding her for her stupidity.

"She's right, the guy is bleeding pretty badly ya!" Wakka spoke up and lifted his black shirt off, looking at the deep cut on his chest "Dear Yevon…how's he even alive?" he asked in shock, checking his pulse, but it was quite unnecessary because he could see the man breathing, very slowly. Lulu looked at the stranger for a moment before nodding her head, helping Yuna stand up to her feet.

"Everyone, please bring him to the inn, we will see what we can do there." Kimahri stepped forward and helped Wakka, holding the man by his legs. Both of them carried the stranger to the inn of the village, with Yuna and Lulu following closely behind them.

Line Break

Cracked skull

Broken cheekbone

Bruised jaw

Many bruises around throat

Several deep cut and long gashes on chest

Six broken ribs

Extensive bruising on torso

Deep cuts on thighs and a broken shin

Broken wrist and ankles

Yuna cringed painfully as she listened to a number of damages the man had suffered as he laid motionless on the single bed in the room they had brought him to, stripped down to his boxers using a scissors to cut his soaked clothes and remove them from his body. His life was hanging by a thread, and she knew that he was seriously in need of help.

"I will heal him." The summoner said hurriedly and kneeled down to the floor next to his bed, beside her only female guardian. Tightening her hands around her rod, Yuna was about to cast healing magic on him, only to be stopped by Lulu who reached her hand out and put it on her staff "E-eh?" she made a sound of surprise and turned her head to look at her guardian.

"Yuna, we don't know who he is." Lulu stated sternly "Look at his injures. He probably got himself in a fight to be in a state like this. What if he's a bad man or…"

"It doesn't matter. We saved him, didn't we?" Yuna shook her head to Lulu "He is dying. We can't just leave him like this."

"Yuna is right Lu." Wakka said as he crossed his arms on his chest "We can't just save someone and leave them to die later, ya?" Lulu looked like she wants to argue, but decided to remain silent in the end.

Nodding her head at Lulu's silent approval, Yuna raised her staff and cast one of the most basic white spells she learnt from her trainer on him: Cure. She might not be the strongest white magic user, but she had always been the village's best healer, mainly because she wouldn't stop until the patient is fully healed and back to their feet. It helped her earn a lot of affection from the villagers, not just because she was a summoner, the daughter of a high summoner who defeated Sin years ago.

Her white spell was working its magic, as the bruising and cuts were slowly starting to heal, hissing as the mixture reached the most irritated parts. It was a satisfying process, and she took a few seconds to watch his bruises fade from his body.

After the effect of her magic wore off, some of the smaller bruises and cuts on his body had completely disappeared, but the worse injuries continued to remain despite her best effort. Gripping her magic rod tightly, Yuna cast her spell once again, but she could only make a few larger cuts disappear, and force some of them to close up.

Stubbornly, Yuna kept casting her spell rapidly, draining herself from her mana reserve. She was able to stop the bleeding from his more fatal injuries, but there was not much she could do after that. Even the summoner had to admit that she didn't know if she could fully heal him, as she had never dealt with such injuries before. Besaid had always been a peaceful island, and the injuries its inhabitants had got were minor, from wild animals, fiends or simply occupational accidents. It was also the first time she had seen so much blood and someone on the verge of dying, but Yuna managed to keep her calm and concentrate on healing him.

"That's enough, Yuna." Lulu decided after her summoner's eleventh attempt to cast Cure, and one attempt to cast a more advanced version of the white magic, Cura, but failed "You have reached your limit. Any more than that and you will pass out in exhaustion."


"Listen Yuna, you won't be able to do anything for him if you pass out." Lulu stated sternly, stopping Yuna from doing more harm than good to herself "And don't worry, we won't leave him like this either. You have stopped bleeding. We can use herbs and potions to speed up his healing process." A soft smile appeared on the woman face as she said comfortingly "You have done well Yuna. He's going to be alright." Hesitatingly, Yuna nodded her head absently. She wanted to do more, but for now, she decided to trust her guardian's judgment.

Line Break

The next morning, the young female summoner was out collecting plants and gathering herbs.

Once she had satisfyingly, Yuna stood up and picked up her basket, half full of leaves and flowers of all kinds, and continued on her way. She walked silently through the trees, listening to the twitters and sounds of the birds, as she walked, enjoying the tranquil, silent melancholy of nature. She halted when she came across a good spot for collecting supplies that she stumbled upon one day that she often used. With her basket slung over her arm, she began picking the spiky green leaves of aloe that she needed.

After a few moments had passed by, she moved on to another batch of plants sprouting at large brown roots at the base of a thick tree. She was careful to avoid the plentiful parts of the area that were overflowing with poisonous plants and kinds that made one dizzy, which she had encountered many times before.

When the basket was full, Yuna quickly made her way back to the village and headed straight to the inn.

"Good morning, Kimahri." Yuna greeted her Ronso guardian, who had accepted the responsibility of keeping an eye on the stranger. However, Yuna understood that it was her who was being watched over. Kimahri didn't talk much, and most of the time they didn't know what he was thinking in his head, but Yuna knew that he shared the same thought with his fellow guardians. He was there to protect her.

Yuna thought it was unnecessary, but didn't do anything to stop them. They're her guardians, and her safety was their top priority.

Seeing Yuna, the Ronso nodded his head in return, before opening the door for her.

Yuna entered the room and immediately set her sight on him, the stranger who she and her guardians saved yesterday, now lying on a bed as they had moved him to a more comfortable room, with the majority of his body being wrapped in bandages. However, his injuries were bad enough that they had to change his bandages and rub more herbs on his wounds at least two or three times a day.

Kneeling down next to his bed, Yuna could see that his breathing had become stable, which was a good new to Yuna because of yesterday, he was still on the verge of death.

Reaching her hand forward, Yuna grabbed a small the bowl on the table and selected a handful of herbs from her basket. Putting them in the bowl, Yuna began to crush them with a small pestle. The plants became wrinkly and soon, juice came out. Yuna kept doing that for five more minutes before putting the bowl away and brought out some new rolls of the bandage as well as a bowl of hot water and a clean towel.

Standing up on her knees, Yuna gently lifted his head up and reached her hand out for the small knot behind his neck before untying it. As gently as she could, Yuna unravelled the bandages that were wrapped several times around his neck and face, before using a wet towel to wipe away the worn off herbs on his left cheek. One of the more distinctive features about him, as Yuna had realised yesterday, was the whisker-like markings that lined each cheek in a horizontal pattern. It made him look like a fox, but Yuna thought it made him somewhat cute.

When his cheek was clean, Yuna's lips slightly parted way in surprise when she saw no gash there.

It was her who changed his bandages yesterday and last night. She was sure that there was a long cut all the way from his chin to his left ear there.

"Hm?" Yuna made a sound in surprise before putting her hand on his cheek, gently caressing his skin to confirm her theory and making sure that her eyes didn't fool her.

Shaking her head, Yuna turned around and picked up the bowl of herb on the ground. She brought it close to her face and took a sniff to make sure that she didn't pick anything strange, which was hardly unlikely because she was very careful with her picks. She let him use some potions too, but the herbs couldn't be that powerful, could it?

Shrugging, Yuna returned her attention back to him and removed the bandages from his left arm. Unexpectedly for Yuna, there was nothing but the healthy skin there as well. Not even a scar was left on his arm.

Did someone, a powerful magic user sneak into the inn and healed him last night when they were asleep? Yuna had to wonder. However, Yuna believed it was impossible because she was the only white mage of the village.

"Strange…" Yuna whispered as she looked at his face, with the bangs of his golden blond hair completely overshadowing his eyes "Just… who are you?" Yuna asked softly, more of curiosity than ever. She continued to remove the bandages around his chest, gently tracing the towel along the way.

To say she was surprised was an understatement.

No injury, no scar, no cut or gash or whatsoever… only healthy skin and well defined muscles.

When Yuna turned around and put the towel into the water, she suddenly heard a painful groan. Snapping her head around, Yuna's eyes widened in surprise when she saw him starting to move around, his eyes blinking rapidly.

"Impossible…" Yuna muttered, and surprisingly enough, he heard it and turned to her. His eyes were still blinking rapidly to clear his vision. Between the fast blinks, Yuna could now see his eyes for the first time, which were a set of blue orbs that were so deep and beautiful she almost thought she could get lost in them for eternity.

"Wa..wha…" He muttered and tried to stand up, wincing painfully along the way. However, before he could hurt himself more, Yuna immediately reached both of her hands out and placed them on his shoulders. As gently as she could manage, she tried to keep him on his bed, preventing him from moving.

"Stop, please stop moving around, you're still hurt," Yuna said comfortingly, but the man only turned his head toward her and gave the summoner a look of confusion.


Then suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open and entered Kimahri. The Ronso must have heard her voice and entered immediately, to make sure that the girl he had been taking care of since she was twelve was alright. When the blond haired man saw Kimahri, the result was almost instantly.

He gasped slightly and flinched in surprise at the sight of such creature. He nearly sat up, his hands rising in defence, but Yuna immediately grabbed his wrists and stood up, using her body to block the tall Ronso from his view.

"It's alright, it's alright." She said comfortingly "He's my friend. He's not going to hurt you." The man looked at her, blinking several times. At that moment when he looked into her eyes as if she was looking into her very soul, she didn't see any fear, only surprise and confusion. "It's going to be alright, please, you have nothing to worry about." She promised him softly before turning her head around to look at her guardian "Kimahri, can you leave me with him, please? I'll be alright, don't worry."

The Ronso said nothing. He only nodded his head and left the room. However, the look on his face told her that he wouldn't hesitate to rush in again.

"Argh…" Yuna immediately snapped her head back and saw him holding his right hip in pain when he heard another groan of pain.

"Please, you have to lie down." Placing his hands back to his shoulders, Yuna gently pushed him down, and much to her relief, he allowed her to do it this time "Thank you." she smiled.

"Um…" He cleared his throat, gulping heavily before opening his mouth to speak "I…"

"Do you need anything?" Yuna asked worriedly "Are you thirsty?" His eyebrow only furrowed, showing another expression of confusion.

"I… I don't understand what… you are saying." He spoke while shaking his head, but it was Yuna's turn to look at him in confusion.

Because she didn't understand what he was saying. He was speaking an entirely different language.

"You… you don't understand what I'm saying, are you?" Yuna asked worriedly. She looked around for a moment before returning her eyes to him "Tu oui cbayg Al Bhed bnesa (Do you speak Al Bhed Prime)?" She asked in Al Bhed Prime, the language of her mother's people, but when he only looked at her in confusion, she realised that he didn't understand it either.

It's going to be really hard to try communicating with him.

After taking a few seconds to decide what to do, Yuna sat down on the bed beside him and placed her hand on her chest. She patted it for a few times before pointing at her face, allowing him to know that the chest patting wasn't the main of goal of such gesture.


Realising that she was trying to tell him her name, he nodded his understanding. "Yuna?" Nodding her head with a beautiful smile, Yuna then held her hand out in a questioning manner. It didn't take him long to realise she was asking for his name in return.

"Naruto…" He introduced "Naruto Uzumaki."

"Naruto Uzumaki?" Yuna repeated before smiling "Nice to meet you, Naruto Uzumaki."

Once again, Naruto didn't understand what she was saying after speaking his name out loud, but he said nothing. Instead, his eyes began to drift across the room, before noticing the old and new bandages on the table beside his bed and the smells of herbs on his body and her hands. Looking at Yuna, he couldn't help but wonder if she had been taking care of him.

As he took a few seconds to look at the young woman, he must admit… she was very beautiful. Not the kind of beauty that would make someone lust over, but the natural kind that would make men like him sit down and stare for days. Yuna had shoulder-length brown hair and had heterochromia: her left eye was blue, while the right was green, which made her beauty appear rather exotic. She wore a purple pleated, flower-patterned dress; black boots; a black spaghetti-string camisole under a white sash that wraps around her neck and over her chest; and a yellow patterned obi with a chōchō musubi knot and a decorative obidome to clinch the cords. She finished her outfit with two separate, kimono-like sleeves.

She also had a silver pendant wore around her neck, and a blue-beaded earring on her right ear, hidden by a lock of her hair, woven into blue beads with gold rings around the larger, middle bead.

"Is… Is there anything on my face?" Her voice brought him out of his musing. The nervousness in her voice made Naruto realise that he had been staring at her for some time now, and she was a little uncomfortable with that. Taking his eyes away from her, Naruto could only laugh it off.

Yuna then stood up and walked away, leaving Naruto alone on his bed.

However, currently, this young woman wasn't his main concern.

What he cared about, at the moment, was where he was.

One moment he was fighting Sasuke at the valley of the end, the two of them engaged in the middle of the battlefield with their respective techniques, the next, however, he was wrapped in a flash of light and moved away from the valley. The next instant, he was dropped into the middle of nowhere.

He lost his conscious and couldn't remember anything else after that. The reason he passed out was probably because of a number of damages his received from Sasuke. That bastard with a duck-ass hair cut really didn't hold anything back, to the point his healing factor couldn't keep up with the battle's pace.

It was quite unfortunate that he didn't have a healing factor like his, so Naruto had taken a lot of pleasure in beating the shit out of him, knowing that (without Sakura) it would take month for the Uchiha to heal instead of day like him.

Speaking of injuries, Naruto quickly ran a swift analysis on his body. From what he could tell, his external injuries had already been taken care of, but he couldn't say the same for internal, which was the reason it hurt so much every time he tried to move around.

It would probably take him some more time to fully get back on his two feet.

He couldn't sense any ill intention from Yuna, or that giant, lion-like man. So for the meantime, he guessed he could just stay on his new bed and rest for the time being.

"Here you go." Yuna returned to him with a call and a large of water in her hand "Water." She stated, hoping that it was obvious enough for him to understand.

"Water," Naruto repeated in Yuna's language. Obviously enough, that word was 'water' in his language "I… I can do it myself." Naruto sat up, raising a hand to stop Yuna from helping him before accepting the cup from her hand with a smile "Thank you." He lowered his head gratefully, making Yuna smile.

However, before Naruto could finish his cup of water, Yuna suddenly heard a scream from outside.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked in confusion, but Yuna had already left the room, following right after Kimahri who had also heard the scream.

Line Break

"Wakka, what's going on?" When Luna ran out of the inn, she caught sight of Wakka and quickly caught up to him. He was holding his trademark weapon, a white blitzball with blue patterns in his hand.

"The children are being attacked by plant fiends." Wakka said in a hurry as he pointed his hand to the outskirt of the nearby forest "Lu is already there, but we have to help her protect the kids." It didn't take them long to get there, and truth to his words, Lulu was standing protectively in front of the children of Besaid, shielding them from a group of plant fiends while casting fire spells, their major weakness, to burn them away . However, she was having a hard time dodging and protecting the children behind her from seeds that were fired by the fiends at extreme speed. The Ragora was a plant type fiend that was weak against fire, but its ability, Seed Cannon could even knock a grown man out cold.

"Watch out, Lu!" Wakka alerted the black mage before throwing his blitzball at the Ragora that was aiming its cannon at her, knocking it bad before being burned away by Lulu's Fire spell.

Bringing out his spear, Kimahri joined in the fight, slashing the nearest Ragora before stabbing the tip into it, lifting it into the air and throwing it back to the forest. With a feral cry, Kimahri stretched his arms horizontally and used his special ability, Lancet, causing energy orbs to be released from one of the fiends' body before being absorbed by the blue Ronso. The Ragora twisted around painfully and fell flat on the ground before dispersing into colourful orbs of light.

"Stand back Yuna." Lulu said when she saw Yuna stepping forward "Let's us guardians handle them." Nodding her head, Yuna turned her attention to the group of children, leaving the horde of fiends to her three guardians, who stepped forward and engaged them.

"Everyone, this way." She said loudly and gestured the kids to run in her direction. Most of them did, however, the last two were too scared to move an inch of their body. Without any choice, Yuna ran to their side and kneeled down on one knee in front of them, flashing them an encouraging smile before saying.

"You have to move alright. Everything is going to be alright. We will protect you."

The boy and girl nodded their heads, but before they could run away…

"Watch out!" she heard Wakka's cry and turned her head around to see one of the Ragora firing its seed at her and the children after aiming at the small gap between Lulu and Wakka. Instinctively, Yuna turned her body around and wrapped her arms around the two children, using her own body to shield them away from the incoming attack.

She shut her eyes tightly and braced herself for the pain, but the attack had never come.

"God fucking dammit!" Yuna snapped her eyes open when he heard that painful cry. Despite not knowing that what he was saying, from the tone, she could tell that it was a curse. Turning around, Yuna dropped her jaw in shock when she saw the familiar figure of Naruto Uzumaki, kneeling on the ground with his back facing her and his hand holding his rib.

"Naruto Uzumaki?"

"He…" She looked at Wakka and saw him stuttering "He caught it?!" he exclaimed in shock.

It was at that moment Yuna realised that Naruto had caught the large seed with his bare hand.

Line Break

With the children out of the battlefield, it didn't take Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri long to take care of the remaining of the horde. It was quite strange for them to see the fiends grouping together like that, but no one was harmed in the attack and that's the only thing that was matter to them.


"House," Naruto repeated the word and looked at the picture of a house in the book Yuna was holding. It was something she borrowed from a female teacher of the village to teach Naruto how to speak the basic words of their language. From what everyone could see, it seemed Yuna was enjoying it a lot.

"Fire." She pointed her hand to the fire in front of them. Naruto nodded his head and repeated the word without any trouble.

Most of his bones had mended back to normal. It was a painful process, but he could move freely in the end. By tomorrow's morning, he would be back to his shape.

As he sat there, enjoying Yuna's company. Naruto couldn't stop himself from glancing at her three friends, who were sitting not too far away from them but two of them were keeping their eyes on Naruto cautiously as if they believed he was about to pull out a weapon from his pocket and kill the young woman before they could stop him. At least, as an act of friendliness, they had introduced their name to him.

Wakka was a tall and muscular man, with tan skin, brown eyes, and long reddish-orange hair styled into a coif and girded with a blue headscarf. He wore what appeared to be a uniform because he had seen some other men in the village wearing similar outfits. It consisted of a yellow vest top cut away at the stomach, a yellow shoulder pad on his left shoulder, blue and yellow baggy trousers gathered above the ankle, brown wristbands with a blue and yellow armguard over the left arm, and open sandals. He wore a dolphin necklace and had a silver stud earring on his left ear. He was the only one that wasn't looking at Naruto.

Kimahri Ronso was a tall and muscular leonine, with blue fur, white hair and beard, a long tail and a broken horn on his forehead. His ears were pierced, and his hair was held back in a ponytail and braided on the sides. He wore leather straps that hold in place his arm guards and his chest piece that had a skull motif. He wore ankle guards and a sash tied around his waist with a red belt. His shoulder guards had tufts of white feathers or fur. He didn't talk much, but the fact that he once heard him calling Yuna by her name, Kimahri did know how to speak human language.

The last, but not least, was a beautiful woman with black hair and matching colour eyes. Her hair was braided in cornrows that led into a bun and long braids, except for her long forelock, which completely covered her left eye. The braids were tied into a knot with four ornamented pins, and four bead-tipped braids falling from it. She wore many accessories: a necklace of purple round beads, a small one of white beads, and another of red and blue beads, rings and many earrings. She used purple makeup and nail polish.

For clothing, which was a stark contrast to the other residents of the island, she dressed in a low-cut dark-gray and black dress that displays her large and generous cleavage, with two crossed belts on the upper part of each sleeve. The décolletage was trimmed in fur, and the hem and sleeves had ornate lace edges. The lower front of her gown was made of a collection of interlaced belts. She also wore a corset and lace-trimmed stockings.

With red eyes and black hair, she reminded him of an Uchiha… but of course, she was no Uchiha.

She was the one who had shown him a very… magical ability that morning. Lulu was the one that took out the majority of the Ragora, as they were called, with her fire ability. Naruto didn't see her go through any hand seals or feel her harness chakra. She simply raised her hand above her head, her body flashed with light and when she brought her hand down, the plant monster exploded, releasing a large amount of fire. Even without entering Sennin Modo, Naruto could tell there was a difference in the spiritual energy she had harnessed to use her fire ability. Clearly, said energy was very different from chakra.

Naruto sighed. It seemed he would be left in the dark until he was able to learn to speak Yuna's language frequently. With his clones, it shouldn't be a problem.

"Naruto Uzumaki… Naruto Uzumaki." Yuna called while looking at his face with curiosity.

Deep in thought, Naruto didn't realise he had spaced out and sank deep in his own thoughts.

"Ahem… sorry." He cleared his throat and spoke apologetically before gesturing his hand to Yuna's book "Please continue."

End of Chapter 1

Yagami's note: Alright alright, I know what you're all thinking everyone. For fuck sake, Yagami, why the hell are you writing a new story instead of finishing your current stories. The truth is, after finishing the gameplay of Final Fantasy X, the ideas for this story have been bugging me for the past few days now.

Final Fantasy X is truly an amazing experience. I have always been a fan of the series, but after my first and official gameplay of said game, I couldn't stop myself from writing this story. There's just… so many opportunities, you see. The ending is just so sad and I truly, truly want to see how someone like Naruto can make the change for the plot of FFX.

This story should be a long work in progress, given just how long FFX is. As you can read in this chapter, it takes place at the beginning of Final Fantasy X, a few days before Yuna acquire Valefor and the end of the Shinobi War, during Naruto and Sasuke's final battle at the valley of the end. How did he end up there at Spira and found by Yuna? It will be revealed in the future chapters.

Also, HOLY SHIT! This might be the first and only single pairing Fanfiction I have ever written. No Harem! Naruto/Yuna can be the only pairing for this story, but I don't mind making it harem if you guys request me to.

This story will be separated in Arcs, this arc should last for three or four chapters as most.

Now, it leaves me with only one question: Should I bring Tidus into this story? Of course, with Naruto here, I have no intention of getting him romantically involved with Yuna (To tell you the truth, I found his character a little bit annoying, and his voice acting is simply legendary of annoying. However, his romance moments with Yuna are simply too great to be overshadowed by the guy). However, Tidus' back-story simply involve a lot in the plot, which I have no intention of changing (most, anyway).

That's all for the time being. I hope you've enjoyed the chapter. The main focus point of this story will be Naruto and Yuna's interactions because you see, Sin is no longer a big deal with Naruto in his full power there. Let's just hope that I'm not going to make the romance cheesy… but it would still be a better romance than Twilight anyway XD (Just kidding!)

READ and REVIEW everyone! (The Engulfing Silence was able to make Naruto and Final Fantasy VII section colorful, I believe I can do the same with Naruto and Final Fantasy X section with you guys here with me)

Ja ne

P/S: Should I play Final Fantasy X-2? Because a lot of my fans have warned me from playing said game because it would ruin FFX. However, I want to see how the story goes, truly.