Summary: She found him on the beach of Besaid when he was on the verge of dying. She sheltered him and nursed him back to health, despite not knowing who he was. What a man like him could do to repay such kindness? Become her guardian, shield her from dangers and blast Sin's head off if it tries to go near her, simple.


Warning: This chapter is a test run.

"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Jutsu/Power/Technique.

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'Naruto' Demonic/Dragon Thoughts.

A Fishcake Guardian

Arc 2- Operation Mi'ihem

Chapter 14


Yuna, daughter of high summoner Braska, had seen many amazing, but at the same time many terrifying things in her life.

The Aeons were one of them. Yuna still remembered the feeling that she had had when she first saw an Aeon. Their appearance somewhat terrified her, but at the same time, she couldn't help but admire the sight of them. Strangely enough, it set her soul at ease, knowing such magnificent and powerful beings would one day follow her on her journey to defeat Sin when she finally became a full-fledged summoner.

Back then, after seeing the Aeons for the first time, and then Sin itself, Yuna did not know if there was ever anything that could make her feel the same way, again.

She was wrong.

"Alright, let's do this, Kurama!" Yuna, and everyone else standing on the beach heard Naruto shouted, before the nine tailed fox beast that had formed around him unleashed an earthshaking roar that caused the world itself to shake, forcing them to cover her ears, with Yuna also getting extra help from Kimahri. The normally calm and composed Ronso was just like them, wearing a look of bewilderment on his face as he watched Naruto and his fox projection charged at Sin, running on the surface of the ocean like they were running on land with surprising speed for something of its size.

The one single most dangerous threat in Spira, the creature that had terrorize their world for who knew exactly how long, seemed to have realized the danger that the incoming force possessed. For the first time, Yuna saw the beast opening its mouth, unleashing a roar before its eyes started to glow, sending out waves after waves of energy at Naruto, but his fox projection seemingly had no problem meeting them head on, tearing right through them as if they were only normal gushes of winds, before coming at Sin with a devastating punch, knocking the beast back but only slightly due to its immense size.

"He cracked the scale!" One of the Vanguard's crusaders shouted, being the only one among them who were watching the fight using a binoculars. Indeed, the area where Naruto had landed his punch had cracks formed within and around it, showing that the blond was dealing more damage to the beast than any human had ever done.

"Lady Yuna, how did you acquire such a powerful Aeon?" Seymour asked, still with blood dripping down his fancy robe from his broken nose.

"He's not an Aeon." The brunette shook her head and spoke firmly to the Guado Maester, who said nothing as he turned back to watch the battle between two titans.

Kurama and Naruto continued with their assault, throwing punches at the scales on the top of Sin's head repeatedly, not letting up for even a second until large chunks of scales and Sinspawns began to break down from it, generating shockwaves that caused the beach they were standing on to be hit by large waves. However, none of them seemed to be of their concerns, when the fox grabbed onto Sin's head, his claws breaking through the broken spots before, much to everyone's shock and amazement, began to lift the creature up above the ocean with another earthshaking roar.

"Wait, is that buildings on its body?" Wakka asked in shock, as for the first time ever, the people of Spica were able to see more of Sin's body without immediately dying to it, as Naruto lifted it even higher into the air. Overall, the beast greatly resemble a whale with dark grey scales encased its entire upper body and head, with a pair of clawed arms, as well as hind legs resembling pectoral fins and a very long tail.

However, the one thing that was most noticeable of all, which needed no binoculars to see, was the city that it was carrying on its body close to the back of its head.

"Is that?" It was Tidus who spoke up first, recognizing the overall designs of the buildings.

"Zanarkand." Auron nodded his head in confirmation, speaking in his normally low tone so no one else beside their party could hear.


Whatever they wanted to ask, died in their throat when the nine tailed fox suddenly twisted its body around, and seemingly with every ounce of strength that it had, tossed Sin into the air. To everyone's amazement, the fox then looked up and opened its mouth, at the same time Naruto putting his hands forward, before a large amount of energy began to gather before them, growing larger and larger with so much power packing behind it that the winds started to pick up as they swirled around the orb.

Seemingly waiting for Sin to reach the clouds, or simply just for the right moment, the fox then unleashed the orb that it had gathered at the whale like monster, blasting it even further into the sky before exploding violently, knocking everyone off their feet and making quite a number of Crusaders to fall back, some even rolling on the ground as they were literally launched off their feet. The explosion itself was also so great, that Yuna and her guardians had to raise their hands to cover their eyes from the blinding light.

It was only after it had ended and the group were able to lower their hands down and open their eyes that they saw Naruto and his nine tails fox projection standing before them, having used the nine gigantic tails and its own body to shield them from the heat and other shockwaves of the explosion that were caused by his attack on Sin.

"Oi! Is everyone alright?" They heard him ask, looking up to see Naruto glancing at them from over the shoulder.

"Yes, we are alright, Naruto." Yuna shouted as she stepped forward with Kimahri and the rest of her group of guardians following closely behind her "Is Sin… gone?" She asked, shouting out the question everyone was wondering in their minds while gazing at Naruto in bewilderment.

"Don't know. I will…" Before Naruto could finish, a blast of concentrated purple energy was then shot down from the cloud above him, causing Naruto to immediately twirl around with his nine tailed fox and use the tails to block it. Still, the blast was strong enough to send the nine tailed fox crashing into the land of Mi'ihen Highroad, though they were able to flip over the beach to avoid crushing any poor crusaders.

"Naruto!" Yuna shouted worriedly, before she turned back to the sea to see Sin emerging from the cloud above, widening her eyes in shock when she saw the beast floating in the air with feathery wings that were purple at the tips protruding from its back. There was also an energy field around its body, though it looked like it had been severely damaged by the explosion that Naruto's attack had unleashed, and Sin itself was missing several limbs, its tail and a good chunk of its body.

"That thing can fly?!" They heard Naruto shout in shock, almost dramatically before seeing him landing in front of them and pointing his hand at Sin while looking at them accusingly. His nine tailed fox had disappeared, but his energy cloak had not, giving him an almost otherworldly appearance as he stood before them "Why didn't anyone tell me that that thing can fly?"

"We don't know, alright?" It was Lulu who answered him, sounding almost frustrated due to how casual and dramatic he looked despite the situation they were in "Just… get it back down if you can't fight it in the air. We can wonder how it can fly later." She spoke to him hurriedly, before grabbing her forehead and shaking her head in defeat. That display of godly power just now had made her almost forget the Naruto she had come to know the past few weeks.

"Oh, alright then."

Naruto said as he turned back before taking off and launching himself into the air, with Kurama once again forming around him. Maybe Sin could fly, but it was nowhere near as fast as the two of them, and so it wasn't able to move its body out of the way to dodge when they flew past it before lashing the tails out to grab onto its body and pulling themselves toward it.

"No more flying for you." With that said, Kurama tore the wings off of its back, causing the gigantic monster, for the first time ever, to roar out in pain as its body started to slowly fall down the ocean below with Naruto and Kurama standing on its back, preventing it from regenerating.

Seeing what was coming, Citra ran forward and summoned Shiva, who had been waiting just for that to use her power and create a great wall of ice on the beach of Mi'ihen highroad. The moment that Sin came in contact with the water surface, a giant tsunami was created, but Shiva wall of ice was able to block it, though it could do nothing against the earthquake that was caused by Sin's body slamming into the bottom of the ocean, as Naruto and Kurama made sure that its stomach, where it was least concealed in scale, received the full impact of the slam.

"Oi! Bastard! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US!?" One of the crusaders shouted when the earthquake ended and the wall of ice was lowered, before the rest of the Vanguard followed his example and threw angry shouts at Naruto, who put his hands together in front of his face before bowing his head low apologetically, while Kurama swatted away and crushed the Sinspawns trying to attack him with his tails.


"Forget it! You better kill that thing right now to make it up to us! Go! You can do it!" The same crusader shouted, before the whole group, Yevonite and Al Bhed, started cheering for him. It was Tidus and Wakka who soon followed them, and the three women of their group soon followed, with Lulu smiling hopefully for the first time in a very long time.

"Alright!" Naruto grinned, before Kurama got down from Sin's back and lifted the beast up by its head, and grabbed its jaw with both hands to forcefully pull its mouth open. "Let's hit it even harder this time, Kurama!"

Dodging a blast that Sin tried to shoot him with by moving his head back, Kurama began to gather his energy for another Bijuudama alongside Naruto again, but this time the two of them gathered even more energy than they had previous done, before gnawing it, holding it in his mouth for a second before unleashing the full blast of Bijuu chakra down the whale like monster's throat, with the blast itself then came out of its gut and drilled into the ocean floor with another shockwave.

Sin continued to roar agonizingly as the blast destroyed its innards before the nine tailed fox lifted its head, causing the blast to go up with him and splitting Sin right in the middle. With that, Kurama ended the attack and dropped the now dead monster down, which, much to everyone's surprise, began to disperse into multicolored Pyreflies.

"He… he did it." Luzzu of the Crusader spoke breathlessly before he cried out in victory, as loud as his throat allowed him to as tears streamed down his cheeks "HE KILLED SIN! NARUTO KILLED SIN!" It was at that moment the rest of the Crusaders finally processed the information, and they cheered and celebrated with each other with cries and shouts of happiness as many got on their knees and bowed their heads low.

Yuna could feel a tear of happiness falling down her eyes as she watched Sin slowly disappearing, falling to her knees before Kimahri could catch her. Naruto had really done it. He had really killed Sin.

But why did he only look happy for a single second?

Only Lulu, Auron, Kimahri, Citra and Shiva herself saw it, when Naruto suddenly snapped his head back to Sin when he sensed an abnormal, but familiar feeling, and saw two glowing, rainbow colored orbs of Pyreflies, which were far larger than any he had seen so far, flying out of the monster's disintegrated body and disappeared before he could try to grab it with Kurama's hand.

End of Chapter 14

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