Can I have some fries with that? Oh umm hello! This place takes story on...wait let me switch that around...ok this story takes place on a little island in the middle of Nowhere called Keikoe
Island. It was inhabitated by absolutley nobody! That is, until THEY came...

"Hurry up now...Dun wanna be late!" said Numbah 1 as the rest paddled along with soup ladels.
"Im tirrrrrred!" yawned Numbah 4.
"Don't complain. We wouldn't be here in the first place if SOMEBODY hadn't told us about this KND convention where Numbahs from all over the world meet. And then SHE drew up her own map and we wouldn't have gotten lost in the first place!"

-Every pair of eyes goes to Numbah 3-

"Are there gonna be cuddly bunnies at the convention?" she asked.
"Numbah 3..." started Numbah one.
"And cute wittle lions?"
"NUMBAH 3!" Numbah one bellowed. "Shut up!"

She did.

This is a very short story but will they make it? DUN, DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN!