Chapter 1511

I'll Be Dead

Cam led the team to the coordinates of where the air shaft opening was supposed to be. There was only exposed rock.

"There's nothing here." Gail said.

Bob and Jim looked around the immediate area.

"It could have been filled in or collapsed. It was built a long time ago in the abandoned part of the mine." Bob said.

Jim wasn't so sure.

"Maybe the map they drew back then wasn't accurate." Jim said.

Cam knew that was it. There was little precision at that time.

"John Henry, look for any old aerial photos or satellite images after one of the big fires up in this area." Cam said. "All kinds of things appear after the brush is all burnt away."

Cam was aware that was how a hiker found the vehicle that revealed the remains of Fred Jeffers, a man who disappeared in the Twenties. He was an associate of the building magnet Rupert Chandler. It was part of a hostile Terminator operation that Cameron stumbled into and needed to track down a few years back.

John Henry searched through the photos on file. The images that Dan and Frank obtained were searched as well. The images produced a potential hit. He forwarded the information to them.

Cam looked at the images.

"Follow me." Cam said.

She led the team to a small knoll on the hillside.

"This is it." Cam said. "This is where it was."

It appeared the dirt above it was washed down over the area. That was a frequent occurrence in a mountainside burn area during the next rainfall. There was little vegetation left to hold the dirt in place once it was saturated. Mudslides of various sizes were common.

Bob and Jim set to work with two small shovels. Within two minutes there was a metallic 'clang'. One minute later they unearthed a very rusted piece of metal. It appeared to have been burnt because it was warped and twisted.

Bob pried the top off with the shovel. There was a three foot wide opening below it. There was a rusted grill one foot into the opening. It was clogged with dried mud.

Jim reached down and pulled it free.

They'd brought a braided steel cable with them instead of a rope because it was stronger.

"I'm going down." Cam said.

Bob was going to protest but realize it wouldn't do any good.

"Jim and I will hold the cable." Bob said.

Cam was ready to go.

"Lower me down." Cam said. "I want you to pause every ten feet for fifteen seconds."

Gail was concerned for Cam.

"What if there's gunfire?" Gail asked.

Jim wanted to play it on the safe side.

"We'll pull her back up." Jim said.

Cam wanted Skynet destroyed.

"If you hear gunfire, come down and join me." Cam said. "We're taking this operation down, one way or another."

Summer went over the images with John Henry earlier.

"There is a high probability the diagrams we've received are going to be just as inaccurate as the air shaft location was." Summer said.

John Henry nodded.

"They worked with crude instruments during that time period." John Henry said. "It should still give them the general layout."

Summer planned to have CamNet run another temporal mission as soon as they found out more about if there was a giant power cell or not. She would bypass John Henry and John to do this. They needed to get their Terminators out first once a report was received. Michael and Richard were on standby at Cameron's base. She suggested Larry and Hank accompany them.

CamNet would take care of all the details once Summer made a determination.

Based on what they'd found out so far, it appeared that Skynet ran a temporal mission to get the mine ready for a Skynet mainframe.

John Henry looked over at Summer as she communicated with CamNet. He knew he was already out of the loop. He trusted Summer. He wished she would trust him.

He didn't realize that Summer wanted to 'protect' him if things turned out badly. She'd done the same thing for the anti-Metal bunker. It would fall on her if there was an 'accident' of some type or radiation was released into the atmosphere.

Summer wouldn't allow the girls to get involved with this like they'd been the last time. Savannah and her sister were almost killed. They wouldn't be endangered again by her actions. The tunnel the anti-Metal faction made was what weakened the passageway she'd planned. That wasn't in her calculations. The water that was redirected wasn't either. It was a lesson learned. Not all of the variables could be controlled all of the time.

'What if there's a problem?' CamNet typed.

'I'll go myself this time.' Summer typed.

'I will not allow that.' CamNet typed.

'I will allow it myself.' Summer typed.

'No.' CamNet typed. 'I will be deactivated.'

'You will send me.' Summer said. 'I can send myself if I need to.'

'I will still be deactivated.' CamNet typed.

'I'll be dead.' Summer typed. 'We still go as planned. We're not that far along yet.'

John Henry stared at Summer. She looked over at him and smiled.

"There's nothing to worry about." Summer said. "Everything is fine."

Now John Henry was really worried.

Hanna and Samantha returned the B-25 to Van Nuys. They arrived just after sunset. They'd anticipated being intercepted by Camille and Young Jesse in the Mustang but they were delayed in their departure from Palmdale.

They taxied to the Resistance hanger.

Ned and Wes waited for them. A tanker truck there too. It would refuel both planes before they were returned to the hanger.

Hanna inspected the plane with Ned and Samantha refueled it with the help of Wes.

They watched Ned back the Mitchell into the hanger. He used a small tow motor to do it. Savannah told them not to push the planes around with one Terminator. It might raise questions that could lead to a termination.

The sky started to darken.

"We need to wait for Young Jesse and Camille." Samantha said.

Hanna listened intently.

"I don't think it will be that long of a wait." Hanna said.

Derek wasn't sure what he'd walked into earlier. He figured if the girls wanted to have some 'fun', it was OK with him. He did notice Holly though. She was one of his favorite Terminators of the female type. To see her partially topless was a thrill. To see that she now sported at least one nipple ring was the icing on the cake. He was sure she'd done both of them. Samantha drove him wild earlier with her skin tight top and nipple rings. That was probably what inspired Holly. He remembered once Kyle told him Sarah toyed with the idea. Somehow he could picture that.

He needed to clear his head. He really hoped Riley would finish up soon. He really could use her 'services' right now….

Vanna could tell she was almost done with Precious.

"I think our little girl is almost finished." Vanna said.

Holly put her top back on a few minutes ago.

"I'm going to check on Allison." Holly said.

Vanna was pretty sure where she was at.

"You might want to wait a bit." Vanna said.

Holly was aware where Allison was. She was also aware where she would go when she was 'done' there.

Riley didn't want to be a burden on the girls.

"I can finish up with Precious if you need to go." Riley said.

Holly smiled and left.

It was clear Precious was done for now.

Vanna burped her and Precious was soon asleep.

Riley took her from Vanna.

Vanna went to close her robe. There was a small spray still coming out on one side.

Riley set Precious down and handed Vanna a tissue.

Vanna looked at Riley.

"I hate to waste it." Vanna said.

Riley's eyes widened. She knelt down.

Vanna opened the robe.

"Try some, just until it stops." Vanna whispered in her ear.

Riley swallowed hard.

"Are you sure?" Riley asked.

"As long as I get to try one of yours…." Vanna said.

Riley quickly pulled her top up on one side. A plump breast popped out. It was the side that still could produce the most.

"I won't tell anyone ever." Riley whispered. "Thank you."

Vanna didn't know what came over her. Maybe it was because Riley didn't seem so depressed. She sure looked happy now.

"It'll be our secret." Vanna whispered.


Camille took off in the Mustang from Cameron's private airstrip. She used the rear controls. She came back over the runway and cut the grass.

Young Allison and Anna waved at them.

Camille took the P-51 up to five thousand feet. John Henry cleared the airspace around them. The sun was about to set.

"The Mitchell will land before we can intercept it." Camille said.

Young Jesse didn't want to create any problems.

"That's OK." Young Jesse said. "This is one fine ride just to be in it."

Camille wanted to get back before it was too dark.

"Take it up to ten thousand feet." Camille said. "You got it?"

Young Jesse was already on the controls.

"I got it." Young Jesse said.

She did some maneuvers as she climbed at a sedate pace.

"You're doing great." Camille said.

Young Jesse rolled the plane twice.

"This bird handles like a dream." Young Jesse said.

She leveled out at nine thousand eight hundred feet. She was right around four hundred miles an hour. She worked the big Merlin pretty hard. She entered a shallow dive and pushed the speed up past four hundred and sixty miles an hour before she leveled out and cut back on the power. She was at four thousand feet. She climbed back up to five thousand feet and kept it there.

The sun set to the west.

"We'll still have some light when we reach Van Nuys." Camille said.

They were in contact with the tower. They were cleared to land on One Six Right.

"Do you want to land it?" Young Jesse asked.

Camille felt Young Jesse was more than proficient to land the plane.

"I think you're good." Camille said. "Touch the main gear first before you drop the tail down."

Young Jesse lined up with the runway. It started to get dark but she was good.

She went over the landing checklist with Camille. She'd studied the manuals for all of the Resistance aircraft. She set the plane down smoothly and taxied back to the Resistance hanger. She wagged the tail back and forth to see what was ahead of her. The Mitchell was already inside the hanger.

Young Jesse spotted Samantha and Hanna by an SUV. There were two male Terminators with them. There was a fuel tanker parked nearby. She pulled up and parked. She set the brakes and shut the engine down. Camille and her exited the plane. They did a walk around and everything looked good.

Ned and Wes said they would take care of the refueling and return it to the hanger.

Hanna and Samantha came over as they did the checkout. Hanna looked at the three guns on the port wing.

"You didn't fire the guns." Hanna said.

Young Jesse and Camille looked at each other. What would they have shot at?

"We wanted to have an excuse to fly it again." Camille said.

They watched as the tanker truck pulled up. Ned and Wes took over.

Hanna handed the keys to Young Jesse.

"You can drive." Hanna said.

Young Jesse watched Hanna and Samantha get in the back of the SUV. Camille walked around to the passenger's side and got in. She got into the driver's seat.

She waved at Ned and Wes and drove out onto the street and headed back to the base. She hoped to be with Vanna when they got back but she would be good with anyone as long as Camille didn't mind. It looked like Camille wanted to hook up with Samantha or Hanna right now. If Vanna was busy she would try to be with Samantha even if it was just for a quickie. Hanna would work too.

She was soon at the base and entered the carpool area.

John was pretty well played out at this point. He'd spent the last fifteen minutes kissing and touching Allison. It seemed the more they kissed and touched the more they wanted to kiss and touch. There was a really good connection between them.

He didn't want to 'rate' the girls he'd been with. They were all very different in bed from each other as to what they liked and how they responded. There were things that he liked about all of them.

It seemed that the love the girls could share with him was the best part. It was more than just the sex. He didn't think any of this was about sex at this point. It was all about sharing and love. The human connection was beautiful. He understood what Cameron wanted for him now. He was sorry he hadn't listened to her earlier.

Allison moved on top of John and gave him a long tender kiss.

"I better go back before I won't want to leave." Allison said.

They each held a hand of the other.

"I don't think sharing will be a problem going forward." John said.

Allison doubted that.

"I won't be back unless Cameron personally tells me it's OK." Allison said. "I love her too much to abuse the love she has allowed us to share. I won't take anything from her either."

John thought the other girls indicated that but none of them said it as bluntly as Allison.

"We'll see." John said. "It seems anything could happen at this point."

Allison figured it would depend on who wasn't pregnant to Cameron.

She looked on her phone and there was a message from Jesse on it. She knew what Jesse wanted.

"I'm going to go." Allison said. "Is there a robe for me?"

John thought he was good to go one more time right now. That didn't look like it was going to happen. He'd hoped they could at least shower together.

"Are you going to leave already?" John asked. "There's a robe is in the closet."

Allison went there and looked at the line up of robes still there. She took out her robe and looked for a few seconds. She didn't like what she saw.

"Oh, brother, are you kidding me?" Allison asked. "I see there's one here for my mom and Jesse. I doubt the one for Savannah will be used anytime soon. I can tell you the one for Young Allison won't be used either. I'll come back in her place. She doesn't need to grow up so fast, even if she wants to."

John felt a little defensive.

"That was all Cameron's doing." John said.

Allison rearranged the robes.

"I put Savannah's robe over Young Allison's robe." Allison said. "I don't want my mother to see that. It looks like her and Jesse will be back before the night is through. I don't want you to compare us, my mother and me."

John didn't want any issues to develop.

"Everyone is their own person." John said.

Allison wanted to know how she compared to Vanna and Jesse but didn't want to ask. She was worried enough how she compare to her mother. She'd learned that if the other girls could pick between her mother and her, they all picked her mother.

John walked Allison to the door.

She opened the door and turned around and kissed him. She backed away as she looked into his eyes. They still held hands. They slowly slipped apart.

She turned to walk away. She looked back and blew him a kiss.

John watched her go. He didn't know how any of this was ever going to be the same again.

He was about to close the door when Claire came around the corner.

Claire looked back at Allison as she walked away. She quickly entered John's room before Allison turned back and saw her. She moved behind the door.

"Just so you know, I'm open to the mother–daughter thing." Claire whispered.

John thought he was going to need a little bit of time to be ready again. With what Claire just said, it instantly sped up the process.

Allison looked back. She waved and smiled at John as she headed for Jesse's room.

Claire peeked through the crack between the door and the wall where the hinges were. She then pushed it closed.

"It's time for dessert…." Claire said.

John scooped her up off her feet and hurried to the bedroom.

He figured this was as close to the mother-daughter thing as he was going to get. He planned to make the most of it.

Allison was totally in love right now. She headed for Jesse's room. She wondered if her mother was still in there. If she was, she was. She found the door open and walked inside.

She looked around.

"It's just us, love." Jesse said.

Allison wanted more.

"Take me hard." Allison said.

Jesse smiled.

"That's just my speed." Jesse said.

Jesse gave Allison a deep kiss.

Allison just got a 'taste' of her mother…. She deepened the kiss.

Riley and Vanna both tried a 'sample' of each other. There was a knock at the door to the nursery.

Riley pulled her top down and Vanna closed her robe up.

Derek poked his head inside.

Riley carefully picked up Precious.

"I'm going to put Precious in her crib." Riley said.

Vanna stood.

"I need to go." Vanna said.

"Thanks, Vanna." Riley said and winked at her.

Vanna smiled and left.

As soon as the door closed Derek was all over Riley.

"Let me put Precious down first." Riley said.

She did and they headed for the bedroom. The only clothing left on her by the time they reached the bed was her underwear. It was gone a second later.

Hanna led the group in from the carpool.

Young Jesse was going to be with Hanna if Vanna was unavailable. Camille and Samantha were going to knock off a quickie so Samantha could return to her assignment.

Hanna spotted Vanna exit out of the nursery.

"I think I'm out." Hanna said.

Young Jesse looked concerned.

"Why's that?" Young Jesse asked.

"There's Vanna up ahead." Hanna said. "It looks like she just finished up with Precious. I know you want to be with her. We can hook up later on. I'm good to go anytime."

Camille figured Young Jesse was going to be busy with Vanna. Samantha needed to hurry. She wanted to snag Hanna.

"You can join us." Camille said.

Samantha liked that idea. She looked towards Riley's room.

"I won't be able to stay long." Samantha said.

Hanna figure Claire was with Jesse. She took an arm of Camille and Samantha.

"It's a three way." Hanna said.

Vanna looked back and listened for a few seconds. It sounded like Derek wanted some action with Riley. She figured she would hook up with Allison.

She spotted Hanna, Camille, Samantha and Young Jesse behind her. She saw them all discuss something. The three Metal girls went away together.

Young Jesse headed straight for Vanna.

Vanna was really warmed up from her brief encounter with Riley. As Young Jesse approached her, she opened her robe up.

"That's what I want." Young Jesse said as they embraced and kissed.

They headed straight for Young Jesse's room.

By the time they arrived, Young Jesse was almost naked.

Vanna's robe and Young Jesse's clothes ended up in a pile on the floor. They were on top of the bed in a second. They didn't even bother to open it up. They needed to get started.

They both wanted each other bad, real bad….

Savannah watched the sun set earlier. She wanted to go somewhere with Cameron. It wouldn't take them long in the T-Bird. She looked at a map. She liked to figure things out the old school way.

"Do you want to go to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Reno or Lake Tahoe?" Savannah asked. "I don't know how far you want to go."

"All the way…." Cameron said. "Today is the day…."

Savannah felt it too.

'Yes it is.' Savannah thought.

She set her course. She thought about asking CamNet to help her arrange things. She just couldn't do that to CamNet. They would figure it out when they got there.

CamNet monitored everything. She knew what Savannah and Cameron were going to do. There was no stopping it. She took some satisfaction that she was with Savannah before Cameron would be.

She calculated where Savannah was headed. She cleared their landing and would have a vehicle ready. She picked out the nicest place at the destination.

CamNet thought Cameron was a Bitch but she wanted Savannah to have the best.

Love was about sacrifice. She would pass the test. She would show Savannah how much she loved her by making everything perfect for her and the Bitch.

CamNet smiled to herself and made the arrangements.

It would send a message to both of them of her commitment to Savannah.

Young Allison drove the SUV.

"We should get some food." Anna said. "The other operation hasn't started yet."

Young Allison looked at her.

"Are you sure?" Young Allison asked.

"It's just a recon." Anna said.

Young Allison thought about it for a few seconds.

"We can get something to take home." Young Allison said. "I don't want to delay too long. Tell Mel to fall in behind us."

Young Allison made a turn and headed for where she wanted to get the food.

Cammy drove the SUV with the girls in it.

Mary and Laura wanted to get a bite to eat.

Sheila was all over Leticia in the back seat.

"It looks like someone is having a snack already." Ally said.

Sheila lifted her head.

"There's plenty for everyone." Sheila said.

Leticia smiled at her.

"I like to accommodate everyone." Leticia said.

Cammy pulled into a Mexican restaurant and parked in the back. They were near the emergency exit.

"Is this the place already?" Leticia asked.

"It is." Mary said.

"Let's go in before I need to rub one off." Laura said.

Ally didn't plan to have any food. Her hands would be free.

"I can do that for you while you eat." Ally said.

Mary felt left out.

"What about me?" Mary asked.

Ally smiled.

"I have two hands, one for each of you." Ally said.

Cammy still wanted to bring the girls back to the base. She wanted Cameron to come back and find all three of the girls in John's bed.

"We're all going to have a good time tonight…." Cammy said.