Deus Ex Prototype Crossover Challenge

I had a rather brilliant idea for a crossover, but I've got too many stories and ideas at the moment to do anything with this unless I want it languishing for a couple of years. So I decided to let someone else try their hand at this idea.

Plot Summary:

One is a stoic former SWAT now Chief of Security obsessed with hacking, looting, talking, and crawling through ventilations thanks to the enhancements he never asked for. The other is a snarky bioweapon prick with a love for pissing people off, killing, killing people with their spines, and killing them after pissing them off. Together, they fight crime. And avoid the urge to kill each other.

Longer Summary:

It's pretty much a story about Adam Jensen and Alex Mercer working together while getting on each other's nerves. Adam is professional and stoic like in the games, speccing his augs in hacking, social enhancer, SMART vision… the things you would choose if you were playing a non-lethal/pacifist playthrough. He's not against using lethal force, just feels that he shouldn't kill indiscriminately. He also likes to act rather professional on a mission, and tends to help out those in need.

Alex isn't like what he is in the games. Instead of being cold, he's got a bit of attitude. He likes to make remarks about people, push their buttons, and basically act like a colossal prick. He's actually willing to go out of his way to mock certain people (namely Adam). He's going to act like that asshole friend who scares you in a creepy house, or pretend that your girlfriend's on the phone when you're talking to that girl you like. He will have all his abilities, with room to expand. And he's fond of violence being his go-to answer.

The story should start at the beginning of Human Revolution, just after Adam gets sent in to deal with Purity First. You can choose to have Alex join in during or after the mission. But his motive for following Adam is that he's interested in his augments and how he could generate organic versions of them. He can't make his own versions of every augment, meaning that each have strengths and weaknesses. Alex can't talk to someone without pissing them off, and Jensen is less effective in large fights.

So that should cover most things. Anything I'm not specific about you can do with as you will. PM me if you have any questions. Can't wait to see what people come up with.