Torchwick and Neo

Torchwick, driving 65 MPH down a highway, takes his hands from the steering wheel to light a cigar. Neo instinctively grabs the wheel from the passenger's side, rolling her eyes.

"Thanks, bud." He nodded toward her and places his hands back on the wheel, blowing out a puff of smoke. Neo waves her hand in the air and rolls down her window to avoid choking on the smoke. Torchwick lets out a chuckle, "Right. Sorry 'bout that." he rolls down his own window to make sure the smoke doesn't go on her side.

Few silent moments later, Neo tampers with his radio. She puts on k-pop.

"What? No, we are not listening to this." Torchwick argues, shutting it off.


"I don't care, I would rather listen to nothing. In case you haven't noticed, I like the silence." He smirked. Neo turned red and turned the radio back on, this time with louder volume.

"No." He shuts it off.


"Don't give me that look."

"..?!" Neo continues to give him puppy eyes.

"Your music sucks."

"!" Neo's face is aggressive.

"HEY! LEAVE MY MOTHER OUT OF THIS!" Torchwick responds, absolutely offended.


"Alright. Fine. Play your silly music." Torchwick grumbles, and Neo happily turns back on the radio and bounces to the beat.

"! !.. ! !"

"Yeah yeah, you're welcome….." is all Torchwick could mutter, holding back a small smile while watching Neo from the corner of his eye. She was happy.

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