Yang and Ren

"Aw, don't fret homeboy!" Yang smiled widely, smacking Ren on the shoulder as they made their way towards the car. He stumbled slightly. "You'll see Nora again soon...we'll be back with those notes in no time! Faster than everyone else...you'll see!"

"Yang. You do realize that Nora and I are-"

"You guys aren't together-together, I get it! After the millionth time! But, shucks.. I know I wanna see Blake again soon, even though we aren't together-together." The blonde winked at Ren. He let out an exasperated sigh. Why must people always do this?

Unfortunately, Oobleck paired up his students into groups of two, and made sure that one of the students had a drivers license before sending them out on the road to their destination. This made for some….. Odd pairs. Neither Nora nor Ren had their licenses, so the two friends could not be paired together. Jaune didn't have one either, but Pyrrha did. Jaune's luck: he was not partnered with Pyrrha, actually. Instead, he was partnered up with Blake. Both Blake and Yang had licenses, so they could not be partnered together. Weiss did not have a license, but Oobleck partnered her up with Pyrrha because….Weiss. She has been trying to befriend Pyrrha since the beginning of the school year.

When Ren snapped out of it, he realized that the two were speeding 58 miles per hour...on a regular road. A school zone, actually. "Yang," Ren hissed "What if children run across the street and you hit them because of your recklessness?"

"That ain't my fault." Yang chuckled.

"Your speeding means you wouldn't be able to stop on time. You hit kid, fault yours." He explains.

"No, Ren. It's the parents fault for not watching their kids!" Yang exclaimed. Ren shook his head and closed his eyes, something he did often to calm himself whenever Nora had similarly reckless behavior. Though, to be honest, Nora actually listened to him sometimes. Yang, on the other hand.…

"Why are we driving on the grass, Yang?"

"Because it's quicker."

"Please tell me why you are in such a rush?"

"...no.." A bashful Yang shrugged off his question.

"..." Ren recognized that look anywhere. Even though Yang had a small blush on her face, she also had an evil smirk on her lips and determination in her eyes. "It's not nothing. Tell me."

"Ummmm….." She hesitated. "I can't."

Ren's eyebrows went up. "Why not?"

"Because..I was told not toooo…..."

Unsure if he should press harder, he simply looked at her for a few moments longer. When she refused to elaborate, Ren decided not to care about it anymore, and went back to reading on his scroll.

"Okay, well, here's the thing!" Yang blurted. Ren slightly jumped, and his gaze returned in the direction of Yang. "I...sorta, kinda, made a bet….. But you never heard this from me! Got it!?"

Suddenly, Ren's serious face became even more serious. A bet? Oh no. Something about this doesn't feel rig-

"I'm racing!" Yang admitted.

Don't say it. Thought Ren.


"..with Nora!" She completed.

"Son of a-"

Aaaand that's how Ren didn't make it back to Beacon in one piece ;) Hahaha.

Just to clarify... Does Nora have her license? No. Was she racing Yang? Yes.

xD Thanks for reading!~