Guest says: Neo and Ruby? For reasons?

Neo & Ruby

I suppose this takes place after Volume 2 (yes, after Neo fought Yang!) but before Volume 3. I can't figure out a better time, really haha

"So...uhh….heh.." Ruby awkwardly laughs to herself. "I didn't know.. you went to Beacon now.." The small girl looks over at the even smaller girl with mismatched hair. Neo nods in response to Ruby's awkward statement.

"Do you….uh, still hang with ..Roman?" She asked, not sure how Neo would respond.

" !~"

"So, yes then…" Ruby glared out the window. "Why? Why would you hang with that kind of person! He's been robbing dust shops and destroying so many businesses..and...its just so shady! And evil! And.. OhMyDust! You're not really a student at Beacon, are you!?"

" … -_-.." Neo nearly facepalmed, but instead kept her hands on the wheel.

"You're just pretending to be a student! Ohh, the secrets and lies! ... SECRETS! AND! LIES!" Ruby exclaims, pointing an accusing finger at the driver.


"Don't tell me to shut up! rude! You're the one lying! Rude evil-WAIT WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!?"


"I don't believe you!"

"!" She argued.

"Oobleck's class, you say?! Pfft... I say you lie!"

"Oh, dust.." Neo thought to herself, feeling frustrated. Sure, she still hung around Roman..but that doesn't mean she wasn't going to do her assignment. Neo rolled her eyes at the girl freaking out in the passenger seat and turned the radio on to some K-pop.

"I hate you." Ruby crossed her arms and looked out the passenger window, resembling a small child.


"Because! You almost killed my sister!"


"You did too!"


"Did too!"


"Don't lie to me! You so would have, if it weren't for that random person showing up to stop you!"

The rest of the car ride was spent going back and forth with each other. Despite Ruby's dismay, Neo actually did not harm the girl, nor did Neo do anything evil that day. They went to take the observational notes they needed for Oobleck and drove back to Beacon, all in one piece. (The same could not be said for Ren, who was driving with Yang that day)

Today was backwards? Maybe?

I'm sorry if this chapter wasn't as funny or interesting, I had a hard time figuring out how these two would behave in the normal Rwby universe! xD Though, I would love to write a different version where Neo and Ruby were on the same side and got along with each other. Neo is so cute I love her.

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